Effects of Developing Inferior Fe #1

Some time ago, I would have emphasised that I feel most comfortable expressing myself through text, because it allowed me to think of the perfect words, and the easiest way to structure my thoughts to communicate the most effectively.

As I’ve developed Fe, use it regularly (or, enough, that is) and continue to apply it, I notice that I would rather explain my thoughts and speak to someone in person, so I can understand how they are receiving my information, by looking at their face, and listening to their tone of voice.

I feel slightly impaired by speaking through text because I cannot as easily convey my tone of voice, or move my hands, body, and face in ways to further express myself and ideas to another person.

By doing these things and gauging how they react, I can determine whether or not I need to keep talking to help them understand me more fully, or if I’m able to bypass the rest of my thoughts, and stop talking after a certain point, because the other person already understands what I intend to communicate by my means of expression.

It saves words on my end, and makes communication easier, whereas through text, I feel as though I have to elaborate on every point of my thoughts, because I have no way of knowing that they do not understand, unless they explicitly say so, which, often times, I find that people usually tell me that they are confused in less direct ways, which can be hard to interpret or pick up on, without them being present.

Any thoughts from other Fe-users?