sis screaming!!!!

eliavah replied to your photoset“freaking crazy ass editing practice of @rinsnotreallyhere you can add…”

thi sis so cute
do u have a flickr

thANK YOU also not yet ;~ ; lol I suck at just diving into stuff but I’ll get to it soon. also yes! let me photograph ur ass sometime pls


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158724308384; I can't imagine that online-fanbrats have a large impact on the Television Academy's choice regarding the media they're nominating

It wouldn’t surprise me if it were the case. I mean since the start Jasiri has been the fan favorite among hyenaboos. And they’ve been practically screaming about Si Si Ni Sawa since the beginning as well. Even if it’s a rewrite of We Are One. Honestly I’m hoping the other song gets the Daytime Emmy. 

So I’m downstairs talking to my mom and I hear my little sis scream from upstairs (which is pretty normal - she is very loud), but I went upstairs to see what was going on, and she RAN OUT OF HER ROOM YELLING

Apparently she took a drink of her water which had a plastic straw in it, and she SUCKED UP A SPIDER THAT WAS SITTING IN THE STRAW

She’s rinsing out her mouth right now and making extremely displeased noises right now

Okay, so I really like barbs (particularly Gold Barbs), and apparently I talk about them a lot to my sister.

So, the other day, my sister was watching TV, and I was in the kitchen making something. All the sudden, my sis starts screaming “A SEA BARB, A SEA BARB, A SEA BARB!”

And I’m like “wtf, I know what saltwater barbs are.”

But the fact that she just started screaming “sea barb,” because she knew I liked barbs, made me laugh. XDDD

She also, apparently she forgot the term for “saltwater,” hence the “sea barb.”


Why did everyone who knew my ex is Nigerian laughing at me and saying that I should’ve expected him to break my heart?????? My aunt was joking that me and her friend should form a club. IM SCREAMING. Sis, don’t make me drag you for marrying a Caribbean man.


  { Inkling doodle } Blackwatch Gabriel Reyes/ Reaper _________[ Overwatch ]
  The fanart is not complete… without some cool ass edgy *death*lord :v 

Moments That Made Me Happy In 2x03

~Alicia sassing Strand
~Alicia sassing her mom
~Alicia sassing her would be step dad
~Alicia sassing her would be step brother
~Alicia sassing the world
~Alicia and Ofelia’s relationship
~Nick clarifying the world is fucked
~Daniel sassing Chris is spanish to himself
~Alicia kicking walker ass
~Alicia’s top swishing around
~Nick and Alicia dressing eachother up
~Nick and Ofelia’s relationship
~The Clark sibling hug
~Alicia worrying about her bro
~Nick saving his sis
~Screaming sassy teenager heda- I mean Alicia
~Nick educating Daniel on drugs