sis screaming!!!!

Warning: swearing

Their screams had started suddenly and we’re only getting loader. Ludwig and Antonio dropped the gardening tools they were holding and raced inside to the kitchen where the noise was coming from.
“ What is going on in here?”
“ Romano are you okay? What happened?”
But their questions were ignored as Lovino and Feliciano continued to yell loudly in Italian at each other while making exaggerated hand motions. Both look like they were seconds away from commiting murder.
“ENOUGH,” Ludwig shouted causing everyone else to jump and quieted down. “What are you to screaming about?”
“Si, it sounded like you to were being killed.”
Lovi rolled his eyes while Feli looked slightly apologetic.
“ Nothing, you bastards, we were just bickering over which spices to use for the pasta we’re making.”

frailwaves replied to your post: frailwaves replied to your post: [[ ♪ Hauyn and…

u could always multitask by having youtube on a window and tumblr on tge other tho……….. ur sis is r00d ( iM SCREAMING. IM SCARED TO CHECK)

[[ unfortunately my sis does not multitask. instead she watches her minecraft roleplay videos on fullscreen and tries to hide them from us when we try to see what she’s doing. :’) she doesnt even like to play video games with me anymore because she’d rather watch stupid minecraft videos on youtube. :’) sHE’S VERY ROOD!!!! >:((( (YOU HAVE TA. IT’S ABOUT YOUR FAV GODDESS) ]]

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I do associate pink with you, either a magenta very intense kind of pink or pastel pink. I know is your favorite color and I don't like pink that much myself but now seeing it makes me think of you and that makes me smile. Also, orange, like this sunset kind of orange? Yeah something like that. Orange is a warm color and you're such a warm and kind person, sunny and funny and positive, a true summer child ♥

this is so lovely???!! im so blushy right now aaaa u always know how to make me smile and i wanna squish u !!!!!! love you <3

send me a colour that you associate me with

Someone save me! These monsters are going to kill me!” Said monsters were, in fact, her little sisters… all eight of them, piling on top of Claudia with every intent on wrestling her into submission.

“There’s no one to hear your screams big sis!”

“The big, scary Demon Knight will be slain by her own blood!”

“Sorry big sis… but this is war.”

Demons, every last one of you!” All eight girls were holding Claudia up by a limb, two girls for each limb, and they were mercilessly stretching her out. It was the purest form of torture. This was the reason she never liked coming home on her off days. The little devils known as her sisters would break her with no mercy. Nothing compared to this humiliation, not her training, not her battle, not even fighting actual demons could reduce her the whiny, pathetic state her sisters could put her in. “Someooooone! Anyooooone!

INFP and INFJ Want to Dye Their Hair
  • Si: Um, no they don't. Plus, you like your hair. You feel good in this hair. There's no need for change because we've been fine without any ch-
  • Ne: Mmmm YESSS IT'S GONNA BE 80 DifFErenT shAdEs of COLORSSSS
  • Si: *screams*
  • Te: *searches online for nearest store* *checks prices*
  • Fi: Muhahaaa yes, Te, you go, Te!
  • Te: I'm glad we can finally agree on something
  • Si: *passes out*
  • ---------------------------
  • Ti: ew
  • Fe: That is only acceptable if we do it with friends
  • Ni: Wait.
  • Ni: Guys, hold on
  • Se: Oh my gosh where is that crazy Nicki Minaj album that I've been dying to shout from the top of my lungs all da- AGHHH I'M GONNA DYE MY HAIR PINK LIKE NICKI! NO I'M GONNA BE NICKI!!!! ! $/@&#&@/×
  • Ni: Wait! We're going to regret this. How about we express ourselves in a less permanent way? Maybe just purple on a part of the hair? Like the tips so we can cut it off if we don't like it, or-
  • Ti: You'll get fat
  • Fe: *cries*

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Hi Charity! I remember in a past post you said that mediocrity is death for Ne-doms. Well, I'm a ENFP (7w6) and I'm in full "I will never be good enough in anything" mode. Like, I feel like I will be a person with nothing special for all of my life. So I was wandering if you could delve more into the topic, as I always find your posts about Ne and ENFPs super useful (and relatable :P). Love your blog!

(Gif: Kenzi from Lost Girl. ENFP.)

Mediocrity is death because mediocrity means… normal. Nothing unusual to see here. Ne prides itself on its ideas. It defines itself by perspectives and ideas. If Ne cannot be unique, cannot bring a different perspective, cannot find some way to distinguish itself from everyone else, it is mediocre. Mainstream. God help me! I cannot have that!! If I have nothing to say, why speak at all? If I can spark no change, no thoughts, no challenge to others, I’d rather be silent than mainstream… or mediocre… or uninspired.

Just because people say nothing to you, does not mean you are ordinary.

Almost all the time, I scream into a void and no one answers me. My ideas are ignored. My thoughts go out to people who absorb them and give nothing back. I get zero feedback or discussion, 98% of the time. And I don’t like it. But that doesn’t mean people aren’t listening. They are just not responding – to me. That does not mean my ideas have no value, or other people are not bandying them about in conversation among their friends, or that I’m boring.

If you feel like people are ignoring your ideas (and that means you’re mediocre) – they aren’t. That’s not the reason for their silence. There are many reasons.

But let’s talk about Ne and unrealistic expectations of reality for a minute.

Inferior Si-detachment from reality makes ENFPs unaware of the actual impact they have on people. They tend to take their Ne for granted and may not feel “connected” to their audience enough to realize the true impact it has. Since Ne’s have such a low boredom threshold, you are bored with yourself / your life / your interests long before anyone else is bored with you. And you are way harder on yourself for BEING “mediocre” or “not-special” than you need to be.

The purpose of Ne, and what it excels at, is to see beyond what exists to the object in a more idealized state. To see a better version of… this person, this idea, this situation; to re-interpret it either to improve on it, or lament it does not live up to its potential. Since Ne is naturally inclined to this, it focuses on itself, and thinks: wow, I could be doing better. I could be making way more of a difference in the world! I could be AMAZING.

Ne isn’t realistic. It’s idealistic. So your expectations about what it takes to be “good enough” or “special enough” are… abstract.

When you have abstract goals, there’s no way to achieve them.

How special is special enough? What does special MEAN to you? What are some tangible things that “special” can be, that you can achieve?

What IS “good enough”? What does that look like? How do you measure success? By what standard? How do you measure self-worth? By… what? Books you sell? Friends you have? People who listen to you?

I have an unreasonable Ne-goal of “perfection.” I want my creativity perfect. Except… perfection does not exist. Why? Because everyone’s IDEA of what perfect looks like is different. “Perfect” is an abstract concept that just means “something you have not attained yet, even though you don’t know what the hell it even is!” Perfect means: without flaw.

Well, what’s a flaw? What constitutes a flaw? What I think is a flaw, someone else might not think is a flaw, so which one of us is right?

As an Enneagram 7, it’s possible your inferior Si is craving for you to slow down and become truly good at a specific thing. This hunger you have to be unique might be inferior Si screaming, “Do you EVER stick with anything long enough to get amazing at it?!” Ne-doms tend to try everything and “master nothing,” because they do not take the time (a thousand hours) to truly master a craft.

Slow down. Take more time with something you love. MASTER IT. That’s why Si is for. It’s what it does. Let it engage and help you learn the building blocks and skills necessary to use your natural talents for whatever it is you want to do.

Ne makes you funny. Deep. Quirky. What do you want to DO with it? What do you have TO SAY? HOW can you say it in a Ne-way?

Another thing: it’s okay to BE Ne. The very fact that you are, that you have this incredible gift and ability to see the world in idealistic or funny ways, to inspire others to attain greatness, to change your mind (often) makes you special. Look around. How many other people are you? No one.

- ENFP Mod

DannyMay Day Seven: Language/Weather

…He wanted to go out. Why would Mommy be so mean. It’s not gonna hurt him. She knows that. He knows that. He just wants to play outside. All the other boys and girls get to play so why can’t he?

He grumpily stared out the window.

It had been raining all day. Not too hard but enough to make big puddles. He wanted to go splash in them so bad. But Mommy said he couldn’t go. She said she was too busy to watch him and he was too little to go out all alone. He wasn’t too little! He was three and a half! That’s almost a big kid!

Jazz could go out by herself. It wasn’t fair. Just cuz Jazz was two years older. He pouts and crosses his little arms. Mommy and Daddy are always too busy when he wants to play. He looks over his shoulder at the couch where Jazz is sitting. She’s reading a book with big words in them. He pouts some more and plops down on the floor.

He can tell that Jazz is looking at him. Good! Cuz he’s gonna be mad forever until he can go play in the rain. He hears Jazz close the book.

“Danny, you ok?”

“I wanna play outside”

“Danny, Mommy said no”

“But I wanna go! It’s not fair!”

Jazz sighs. He turns to look at her. She puts her book down and walks down to the lab. Fine! He’ll just sit here all alone and be mad. He glares at the window. Watching as the rain made little drops on the glass. He sighs sadly, tracing shapes in the foggy window for what feels like hours.

“Danny! Danny!”

Jazz yells all happy. He remembers to be mad and puts on his best angry face. He turns around. Jazz is wearing her raincoat and boots. He feels so betrayed. She’s gonna go play in the backyard without him…oh…wait. Jazz grinning from ear to ear pulls out from behind her back Danny’s raincoat and boots. He gasps.

“Mommy said that if I go with you and we stay in the backyard then you can play in the rain.”

Danny smiles so hard his face hurts. He bounces up and runs over to Jazz and hugs her real tight. He has to get on his tippy-toes just to reach her waist.

“Jazzy, you’re the best big sis ever!”

Screaming thank you at her he lets go and dashes down to the lab. Mommy and Daddy turn to look at him and he hugs them one by one yelling thank you and I love you.

Running back up he finds Jazz giggling. He grins at her and puts on his rain gear in record time. His first time playing in the rain is finally going to happen! He grabs her hand and starts pulling.

“C'mon Jazzy! Hurry!”

“Ok, ok, slow down Danny”

He’s bouncing with anticipation. He can’t reach the doorknob so Jazz has to open the door for him. It feels like an eternity before the door is finally open he dashes out the door and down the stairs, forgetting that they’re wet and slippery. He flipped over the stairs and landed face first in the grass. Jazz screeches.


He slowly gets up on his hands and knees. Already wet and covered in mud. Jazz crouches beside him scrambling asking if it hurts, checking him all over. He slowly looks up at her and she stops all actions. His eyes are sparkling.


Jazz sighs as he starts giggling. He gets up and jumps into a big puddle. The resulting splash is out of this world. It was the single most amazing moment of his entire life. The sun came out and shone upon him. Rays of heavenly light touching his skin. He can almost hear a choir of angels singing. He faintly hears Jazz trying-and failing-not to laugh.

He spent the whole day splashing around. He even got Jazz to play with him. They were jumping in puddles, dancing around, playing tag, you name it. By the time the sun was setting they were super tired. Happy but tired. Mommy caught them coming back in. She snorts.

“Did you two have fun today?”

“Yeah! It was great! Jazzy played with me too!”

“I can see that”

Mommy looks at them. They’re all covered in mud and soaked to the bone. But he wouldn’t change a thing. His first time playing in the rain and it was awesome. He smiles up at mommy feeling like the king of the world. She picks him up and grabs Jazz’s hand.

“Ok you two, now it’s bath time”


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What do you think about me (Puerto Rican x white, looks the white part very much) dating a black man? I've never pretended I didn't have privilege for the way I look, but it's aknowledged and I am the staunchest supporter for any community being put down or struggling. But I've heard some woman (black, in particular) say that I'm "stealing" their men and black men and white woman shouldn't date. What's your opinion?

IM SCREAMING😂 Sis, i LITERALLY laughed at this message for a good 5-10 minutes
I can’t even form a proper reply to this cause I’m still laughing lmaooo

you need to get tf out my inbox with this nonsense ass ask.