sis screaming!!!!

I´m so fucking dead (;ω;)....

Seriously…. a lot of people notice me today…. 

My sis and I were screaming like crazies hehe -specially me (/ω\) -…. 

Thank you so much…

thestarryskiesofpalaven  asked:

A joke, perhaps? *clears throat* A magician is performing in the street... they're doing quite a good job with the show, considering the crowd! A bit into the show, the magician notices that 4 people in the crowd (an English person, a French person, an Italian person, and a German person) are struggling to see them. They move a bit on the stage to try and give everyone a clear view; then they ask the 4: "Can you see me now?"... The 4 people answer enthusiastically: "Yes!"; "Oui!"; "Si!"; "Ja!"

SCREAMS this is so cute, I love it. Now I’m trying to imagine what those words sound like at the same time. Thank you friend (’:

sam-flynns-wife  asked:

I was trying to tell nick to imagine him walking around base in an "I am not daredevil" shirt but the convo got derailed again after my orginal derailment with the dd daredevil stuff lmao in my defense I was v tired when it happened

rip sis I’m screaming

the-calvaree  asked:

Tell me the truth, did you or did you not scream when my girl Maggie put that weak ass piss baby on the bitch?? And then she wants to end that mic drop with Maggie Rhee??? I was screaming

sis i used to be meh about Maggie…..but she is putting everyone’s ass on a platter and baking it to a gatdamn crisp. I’m stanning her now. She better do it!

  • Me: (screaming)
  • Sis: Can you hurry up and write your porn?
  • Me: It's not easy, ok! I've been working on this for days!
  • Sis: You need the experience.
  • Me: YEAH I D-
  • Me: (realises she's talking about actual sex)
  • Me: Well that would help actually. But writing is hard.

  { Inkling doodle } Blackwatch Gabriel Reyes/ Reaper _________[ Overwatch ]
  The fanart is not complete… without some cool ass edgy *death*lord :v 

A Monsterrific Buffet

One of the scariest things when you’re just a few days old like I am is catching up on everything the other monsters already know. Luckily, my ghoulfirends are here to help. My favourite subject : food. A good thing Clawdeen and Draculaura took me to this restaurant with a monsterrific buffet where you can taste about any dish. Here are the specialties I likes best (gorelicious!) and worst (clawful):

Macaroni and Screams - gorelicious and zen at the same time!

Crizza - dreadfully tasty and so many choices!

Ice Scream - gorelicious and goreliciouser! If I had started with it, I wouldn’t have tried anything else!

Brussel Sprouts : clawful! I’ll never have them again, That’s for sure!

Shivers and Onions - scarily clawful! Draculaura and Clawdeen had warned me.

Cucumber salad with scream - Gorelicious! Si light and refreshing. I’d love to try it at home, but I need to learn how to cook irst.

Scarrots - gorelicious! Nice crunchy orange taste! Yummy…

Monster High Figurine Collection Booklet -  Issue number 3 : Frankie Stein (Part 3) Close up of the middle picture and a quick translation of the diary entry.