SCANDAL; On “7 Pia” (Interview on “Sisters”)

The single, “Sisters”, which will release on 9th September as well, displays the band’s current mode and disposition towards music. A follow up from “Stamp!”, its energetic ensemble comes with a pop breakdown. Its sound producer is Tamai Kenji and it is mixed by Tom Lord-Alge. Inspired by a movie which RINA likes, it’ll be displayed in a danceable, open fashion.

RINA says, “I was shocked by the Czech film, ‘Daisies’. Even within the cold Second World-War, the girls were having fun, being happy in all liveliness. I think it is, as girls, how they countered against the world. The times now are very peaceful, but I thought it’ll be nice to be able to live even more freely. This isn’t simply an encouragement song solely for girls, but also how we view the world that has few girl bands, as we’re one ourselves. We also wanted to link it with how we’ll like to compete in the band scene.”

With cuteness as their female weapon, and them cherishing humour, MAMI thinks this, as she write the song, “As these lyrics are muffled with power of all sorts, we’ve let it all out at once during the hook (of the tune).” HARUNA says, “The demo that the two of them sent us was thrilling. The expression in the lyrics, ‘Living out one’s life well’, I think it’s something that only girls can do. There’s definitely also trickiness, but even though so, to live and move ahead strongly, I think it’s something that can only belong to the girls. That’s why I feel this (song) can only be sung right now.”

In the coupling tune that TOMOMI has produced, titled “LIFE IS A JOURNEY”, was again, a song that was born from the girls’ experiences from the world tour. TOMOMI remarks, “This was relative to ‘Stamp!’s’ period. I couldn’t write songs at all as I was going about on the world tour. After the end of the tour, instantly once I got past my troubles, I thought I could probably write and so I wrote.” RINA says, “To see a band that is changing, it’s also interesting for us.”

Scans by 2xCantarian-san @ G+, translations by fyscandalband. Translated only information regarding the “Sisters” single, excludes write-ups on “Stamp!” and the arena tour.

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Also big sister Mattie Skyping with Carm while she's off at uni because Carm is having problems with math or something. Or senior Mattie showing freshman Carm the school on her first day of high school and sitting with Her at lunch because she's so nervous :3

big sister mattie being one of the cool, popular, and downright terrifying seniors

big sister mattie making time to hang out with her little sister, even though she’s a freshman and doesn’t have many friends

and if anyone’s mean to carmilla

mattie destroys them


(cheesy title alert) this is kind of a sequel to heart electric. tracklist: married to the music - shinee / top girl - girl’s day / rise as one - max of tvxq / me gustas tu - gfriend / cushion - sonamoo / chameleon - hellovenus / good time - sistar / just right - got7 / i do - apink / under the sky - gfriend / i’m ill - hellovenus / i feel you - wonder girls / vibrato - stellar / devil - super junior / round n round - sonamoo / savior - shinee / timing - girl’s day / one thing - aoa / one black night - wonder girls / remember - apink.

electric nights // L I S T E N