Following this post, now imagine, while Lailah’s cheering the humans and Edna’s bossing them, Zaveid go to find Mikleo, of course imediatly spot him on the park’s balcony holding the celestial record in one hand and watching people below.

- Zaveid trying to joke and cheer him up.

- Zaveid talking about Mikleo’s progress and how proud Sorey probably is.

- Mikleo telling Zaveid it’s going to rain so he should head back first.

- Zaveid putting the hat on Mikleo’s head saying he doesn’t mind rain as he sees a single tear rolling down Mikleo’s cheek.

- Rain falling a few second later, the two of them silently staying here while humans rush in their home.

Di quella volta che salvai il tumblr

Questa è la storia di come tempo fa mia sorella minacciò l’armoniosa esistenza del tumblr ed io strenuamente lo difesi con la mia ardente vita. L’antefatto è che lei ha scritto questo suo libro di fantascienza e sta ancora cercando come pubblicarlo, meh, e questo è il racconto di come andò:

Sorella malvagia – Ma tu hai tumblr?

Salvifico eroe – Meh. E quindi?

Sorella malvagia – Sai stavo pensando d’aprirmi anch’io un blog e dire che sono la sorella di Giuseppe, così…

Grande e salvifico eroe - … ti sputano in un occhio…

Sorella malvagia – No, cretino… così, da farmi pubblicità fra i tuoi follower, quando pubblico il libro…

Cretino e salvifico eroe -  Mh. Allora forse non hai capito come funziona. Tumblr è una famiglia. Non puoi arrivare così, manco fossi sulla piazza del mercato, approfittando dei miei poveri follower per appioppargli un prodotto, dai. Con tutto il rispetto, sappi che se lo fai io ti farò pubblicità contro.

(sconfitta si ritira tra le tenebre… ma tornerà, un giorno, tornerà…)

Y'a des couples qui font des choses mignonnes à 2 et y'a nous qui allons à la BU en tête à tête pour parler de prolapsus rectal et de traitements des cancers. Et c'est cool.

Update for *CERTAIN*™ returning followers;) (Hi Taylor😘)

So, there is some shit going down in my life for those just returning to Tumblr. 👋🏼

1) I just had my 21st birthday party the other week, and it was lovely…so lovely…even if it did terrify me and I ended up living ‘The Moment I Knew’.
(The one that meant the most to me was the one who didn’t show…. or even reply to his invite. #twat 😞💄👗

2) I’m a final year Film student now and I’m writing my dissertation on fandom. #gulp 😱

3) I still play guitar… and I still write sad songs. 🎹

4) I say a prayer everyday that I’ll be able to get a job in film when I graduate…… (ahahahahaha sob)🎬

 #I’m not okay #im such an emotional wreck about this already. #thank you, Swift my doughnut, for bringing Jen into my life❤️ #shes taking me to Disney and Universal and everything😍

6) I still have trust issues. I still just don’t understand boys. I am currently living in a state of slight disillusionment / low-key heartbreak… but I’m going to be okay…. I hope. 👌🏼

7) My cerebral palsy seems to be getting more painful in the day to day, so please cross your fingers for me that I won’t get told I need joint replacements sooner than the doctors had told me (which was originally said to be when I’m 30…). Yeah. 
(Please be kind to people who are struggling today…because you never know what pain they might be masking).

However - to end on a positive not - do painful feet stop me from raving to The 1975 for my sixth concert on Friday? You can bet not. (I’ll be a mess the day after but Matty Is Worth The Pain™). 🎉💃🏻

So, yeah. That’s me so far. I’M 21 TODAY!!!!???????!!! WHAT?!?!?! How did I get so frighteningly old?!
Merry Christmas, y'all. I’m off to make more Grinch-Meredith™ memes because what else does one day at Christmas? 🌲🌲🌲🌲 Merry Chrimbo!

P.S. Welcome back, T. @taylorswift <3 
I know you know, especially after that time I posted a drunken text post about how my love for you even surpassed my love for doughnuts (😂😅) …..but, just know how much I love you so much. I’ve missed you these last 8 months, but mostly I’m so glad you got the break you deserved. ❤️❤️❤️

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