John Lewis spent 15 years fighting for the museum — now the dream is realized
The civil rights legend recalls what it took to win the legislative battle for the museum.

Happy Opening Day to the National Museum of African American History and Culture! ( @nmaahc )

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Hello Springy. I hope you are better now…please cheer up. :) Your drawings from the moment the blog started have been the highlight of my low-life. Your OCs are terrifically vibrant and awesome. Your art does bring a smile to my face. And Moonlight Wishes is a beautiful story. Maybe when I have time (away from writing my story), I might write a thing or two about it.

I felt like drawing both you and Mana’s Mangles with mine (which is designed for my personal AU) because I just wanted to cheer both of you guys up…and I still love your designs up till now. Your Mangle is the most adorable Mangle I’ve ever seen! :3 (Also I used Nightmare Mangle as the basis for my designing, that’s why she looks way too mature than she actually is) Smile! ;3

Hope you like it! :3


O-Omg.. ;///////; Thank you so much <3 this is so cute! Im very happy you like our gijinkas and ocs ^u^/ Mangles look adorable here! Mana lookie!