sis's beautiful art


。*゚✲*☆ Bulma 。*゚✲*☆

I’m a lucky puppy and got to work on a really sweet collab of a happy bouncy summery Bulma with @xbloodmilkx980!! She drew the gorgeous line art and I got to colour them all in!! 

 I love your art so much and this was lots of fun!!!


anonymous asked:

What was your first impression of Ravioli?

There’s an idiom we have in German, going “Aussen hui, innen pfui”. I think that’s all I need to say about him tbh.

sebas-tial  asked:

I love the way??? That you?? Draw seb??? Like??? It's si beautiful I love your art style so much I hope we're able to see more of it in the future!!! You're really good seriously and I'm in love with your dad au it's so heartwarming!!

O h my god , , , ,this is the nicest ask thank you so much really im 😂😭💞💞 thanks for all the support !

this is quite possibly my favorite picture of tyler seguin and patrick kane. i have no clue what they or doing or why they are doing it but wow I love this picture

(for @tinyteuvo and @kanerily)