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Can you describe how each function reacts to meeting a new person?

Fe: does this person have potential? Do I like how they treat others?

Fi: is this person being honest with me? Is something about them ‘off’?

Te: how hard working is this person? Are their statements accurate?

Ti: how does this person work? Are they consistent?

Se: *notices everything about their appearance*

Si: You remind me of Taylor Swift. Same smile. And you smell good.

Ne: Does this person excite my imagination? Are they open minded?

Ni: What future potential does this person have? What are they not saying?

- ENFP Mod

(Not meant to be taken too literally or seriously. Just for fun.)

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Alright so me and my sis have been arguing for the past hour on how you do artificial lighting, like the wonderful creation you made with levi on his phone, I've been telling her it's a filter but she's like no she drew it, who is right????

Your sister is right haha I drew the shadow and the light with large soft brush then change the blending mode.


the single mom au:

I’m planning it! Don’t you see, sis? One of these days, when I finish working on it, I will release it, and I’ll change the damn world, and there’ll be people inspired by my work ! And, it’ll be a chain reaction of people like it, and the world will fuckin change, and I’ll be the source!

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Que es eso de que Eleanor es muy amiga de Harry y Louis ? Leí por ahí que Eleanor se había encontrado con Harry en Francia por que eran muy amigos ¿como saben eso?

Ay nope.

Salió una conversación de omegle de una persona con un extraño, un ‘fan’, donde intercambiaban teorías sobre la situación de 1D actual. Para resumir: decía cosas que ya eran sabidas en el fandom, y la persona (you) actuaba como si todo fuese algo nuevo. En un momento el extraño dijo que Eleanor y Harry eran buenos amigos y que cuando ella estuvo en Francia se vieron. Plz.

Una cosa, presten atención al modo en que escriben las personas. 


INFPs in Ilvermorny Houses

INFP Horned Serpent

  • Lives in the library and their own heads
  • Tends to immerse self in fictional worlds/friends
  • Sometimes feels lonely as a result 
  • Loves the most random topics
  • Starts bouncing up and down when talking about somehting exciting
  • Uses information for a lot of self-exploration

INFP Wampus

  • Might actually be good with physical stuff
  • Use Fi to fight for their beliefs, themselves, and their friends
  • Uses Te to fight people who don’t agree with them
  • Tendency to be cold or detached
  • Daydreams about better worlds

INFP Thunderbird

  • Are always looking for ‘something more’
  • Love self-exploration and exploration of concepts and idea
  • Ne. Everywhere. Can’t hide from it.
  • Terrible procrastinators because of it
  • Often labeled ‘the dreamers’ 
  • A lot of wanderlust and internal angst 

INFP Pukwudgie

  • Philosophers, always adding to and changing their worldview  
  • More focused with Ne, using ideas for a purpose
  • The shy one in the corner who lowkey knows all your secrets
  • Would die/kill/do both for their friends 
  • Very good with their Si
  • Cinnamon rolls

Thank you to the (several) people who requested this, special shoutout to @milkyway-fawn! And thanks for being so patient. :) 

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“hoy hindi na ako nakipagkita sayo mukha kasing ayaw ng syota mo. so eto remembrance matagal ko ng gustong gawin to yung picture-an ka ng stolen kasi bagay naman talaga haha. naks naks, thank you pala! lalo na si kams mamimiss ko pasabi kay tita bawi na lang ako next time baka bumalik kami dyan. basta ingat u at stay strong sa inyo! nandito lang ako palagi para sayo.” - Cha.

naiyak talaga ko sa message niyang yan wan ko ba kung bakit eh nagpapaalam lang naman siya na babalik na siya ng rome tas babalik naman daw siya dun o kami yung pupunta dun kasi may balak naman talaga kami ni mom hays siguro mamimiss ko lang yang bruhang yan :–(

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If you're "androgynous" you dont need top surgery. That si for FTM, TRANSMEN, who actually NEED top surgery to live. not as some cosmetic because it actually, I don't know, alleviates gender dysphoria you know something you don't have. Whats sad about this whole thing is that you literally have to lie to your therapist and surgeon to get this surgery. because if you told them "I want it to be more androgynous", they wouldn't even touch you with any knife. Stop being a liar

I think that’s this is a fairly accusatory statement, especially coming from an anonymous source.. It’s hard to feel that this is out of basic concern and more as a road to attack someone whom you don’t know. If you did know me in real life, although I think it’s highly unlikely that you do, as you’d understand that GID is something I experience and which I’ve been clinically diagnosed with (or I wouldn’t be getting hormones in Australia). You would know that I do in fact suffer a lot of gender dysphoria, particularly with my chest. My clinical psychologist has described it to me that a person can experience extreme gender dysphoria around aspects of their bodies but not so much with others, for example trans men or women who opt for top surgery but not bottom and vice versa. Although, It’s fairly common unfortunately that people feel the need to dictate and try to control the autonomy that other people have over their own bodies/identity.

(I had a 5cm lump in my chest tissue. It had doubled in size since my last ultrasound thing I had in 2008 the doctor recommended I see a specialist, that specialist recommended I get it removed. I had the surgery in less than a few months, she then referred me to her colleague because she thought I fell into the category of people who qualified for top surgery. Therefore, I have seen a clinical psychologist, a gp, a specialist surgeon and not to forget the gender specialist I saw only last year, all of who recommended that this was a viable and reasonable solution for someone such as myself. That is discrediting my own personal experience with gender dysphoria and body dysmorphia, which really should be the biggest, most important piece of this puzzle.)

It sounds like you’re expressing anger at someone you don’t know and for people who you’ve assumed responsibility for. Yes, I’m sure there’s others out there whom need this surgery more than I do. I’m sure there are others worse off. I’m also sure that I still qualify and that my gender identity is really none of your concern

I did tag my photos with androgynous and sometimes I still do. Not that I need to explain myself to you, it just may help others. I do identity as a transgender person, but I also feel fluidity in my gender expression and don’t consider myself to be a man in societies expectations of what that means and is. I don’t act in the ways society deem men to act in, well in someways I do and in someways I don’t. I’ve also used androgynous because I’m so frequently misgendered that I still don’t feel safe identifying as a man or in men’s spaces, mainly out of fear that I’ll be accused of not being that (a man).

Next time you choose to attack someone over how they are, their lives, their choices, perhaps you consider thinking for a moment about first asking that person before accusing them. It could also be an idea to not attempt to dictate what you think people are and what they are not.

A lot of transgender people identify as non-binary, and a lot of non-binary people that do not identify as a transgender opt to get and are eligible for top surgery. Please do not minimise and invalidate other people’s identities in my inbox again. Thank you, have a nice day :)
Truth or Dare-Pietro Maximoff Imagine

Requested by @mylittlefandomfanfictions. Thanks sweetie. Hope you  like it. Si eu te iubesc!

“Pietro Maximoff fic? He’s been denying his feelings for the reader for a very long time but the others notice the way he looks at her so the come up with a plan to get him to confess? Then maybe a little time skip and they’ve been together for a few months? Lots of fluff but ending with smut?? Thank you doll! Te iubesc ❤️❤️❤️❤️ “

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Warnings: Angst, Smut

Words: 1,886

A/N: Well, I kinda skipped the time skip, but still hope you like it doll. English isn’t my first language so you might find some grammar mistakes. Enjoy!

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You were currently stood outside with Clint. You were both shooting arrows, as usually. After joining the Avengers, you and Clint befriended really quick. He was always willing to train with you and he soon enough gained your trust.

“Shooting from one hundred feet? What do you think, Y/N? Can you handle it” Clint challenged, full aware that you could do it.

“Bet your ass I can” You said, lifting your bow and pulling at the string. Suddenly, you felt a strange breeze behind you and a palm on your lower back. You lost control for a brief moment and the arrow flew directly at Clint, who fortunately caught it with ease. 

“Told you you couldn’t do it, Y/N.” He said, a smirk plastered on his face. “Oh, and hi Pietro.” He said, nodding to the man behind you.

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Dejo esto por si alguien pregunta por mi ausencia lo cual lo dudo(?): ando de vaca con la family en Mendoza. Me fui el sábado en la mañana & no sé cuándo regrese a mi capitale; según mi mamá entre lunes & martes, pero conociéndola nos iremos el miércoles y ya si le da flojera, el jueves(?) mom i don’t understand you(?)



She went to the Mr. Robot offsite event, had a blast. The line had been long the entire convention bc they can only let 10 people inside at once. There’s a VR thing (Elliot and Shayla go on a date to Coney Island, get high - it was written by Sam Esmail) and recreations of the Mr. Robot computer shop and Elliot’s room in s2

You get a free t-shirt for going, they asked if she was a fan of the show, she said “yes”, (because she is), and they asked if she wanted one for a friend “so naturally (she) said yes” They apparently had a ton of shirts. I’m laughing imagining the narration like “Hello, Friend. I got you a t-shirt.”


Dear you,
Nakauwi na si papaaaa dapat tulog na ako ngayon kingina pero muntanga ako dito sa sala, feeling dance instr. Hahahaha lagot ako pag nakita niyang gising pa mehh 😂😂😂 good night na nga, nakuha ko pang dumaldal e, pwe. Hahaha mwa. Pahinga ka na.