sis this is for you have fun;______;

buying one direction tickets like
  • Dad:I still can't believe you're spending this much money on concert tickets. I wouldn't spend this much money to go see the Pope!!
  • Me:…yeah, well neither would I. The Pope would be a lot less fun to watch.
People are a good distraction...

You were right UC! Last week my big sis was here - on the wkend my bro popped in for a visit. At my lowest points, people are the best distraction.

I think I’ve made it pretty clear that chemo week sucks like nothing else and this is the time where having people around that you like is a necessity.

My sis is awesome - she came, she cooked, she looked after the kids, she looked after me. She’s a very generous and fun person and always great to have around. My bro came also - he’s funny, caring, we had a little bday celebration for him and for the first time he said I looked sick! I think he’s been waiting to see it 😉

And it’s very true. I did look sick, I was sick, he caught me during a bad period which I don’t think is ending - I’ll come back to that at another time.

I have two friends o/s that are keeping in touch throughout this and one awesome one here who touches base often and shares photos of her kids and all the shenanigans she gets up to (which is plenty) for my entertainment. Otherwise it’s family and a big one at that. I’m the most fortunate person to be a part of my family - they are all very special. My siblings, however, well they are something else - it’s pretty hard to explain what kind of people they are for fear of understating it. They have to double up as my friends and they do a good job of it, especially during times like this.

Someone said to me, you learn who your true friends are when life turns to shit. Hopefully you learn who your true friends are well before that happens and they remain your true friends for life. Got mine in the bag thanks and they are some of the best 😊

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Scott: "I can hear the bells..." Fritz: "So can I, Scott. Now, come on, It's almost time for the pizzeria to open and I wanna go home. It's already half past si-" Scott: "Well, don'tcha ya hear them chime?" Fritz: "No, I'm Fully aware that you can hear the bells. Now let's go already!" Scott: "Can't you feel my heartbeat keeping perfect time? And all because she..." Fritz: "Alright. Uh..have fun with that. I'll see you later." (Scott and Fritz need to leave the pizzeria, Scott sings about Paige)

AWW YEAH LIKE FRITZ IS JUST LIKE, “I know you’re happy you just got married by several animatronics are coming for your ass right now.”

The Scoop: ENTJ and ENFP Friends

entj-girl says: “Ok I’ve recently discovered two of my very closest girlfriends are ENFPs. Why is this? Why did we click and get along so well?”

I was also confused for a long time as to why ENTJs click with ENFPs. But if you look at the cognitive functions it actually makes a lot of sense. 

ENTJ: Te>Ni>Se>Fi
ENFP: Ne>Fi>Te>Si

When two personality types share their Feeling and Thinking functions like this it creates a kind of synergy and understanding that you don’t get when those functions are mixed. 

ENFPs are already super sensitive, empathetic people, and having the Fi/Te in common with the ENTJ probably helps them to get over the occasional abrasiveness of the ENTJ. Plus, ENFPs lead with Ne (extroverted intuition) which is very exciting and fun for the ENTJs, who are always on the hunt for new projects. 

this morning
  • Mom gives me coffee and says ita my birthday
  • Me:*jumping on my sisters bed while she's trying to sleep* IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!
  • me:*drinking coffee on my brothers bed* HAVE YOU SOMETHING TO SAY TO ME??
  • Bro:No? Oh yes, get off my bed!
  • Me:C'MON!!!
  • Me:*Jumping/dancing in front of my mirror* HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! WEEH!
  • sis:I'm tired!
  • sis:You're the freaking oldest! Your going to high school and you're jumping in front of mirror singing birthday song from alice in the wonderland and just say happy ANTI-unbirthday? SERIOUSLY?!
  • Me:...hmm...YES~~~ HAPPY ANTI-unbirthday to mee!!!!
  • Me:*laying on bed* I need more coffee... And cake, coffee and cake that's my breakfast!
[FANCAFE] 150522 Kim Sihyoung


아프리카 티비 로엔채널 생방송 다들
사수 하셨나요?
오늘 첫방송이고 재밌게 해보려고 했는데
말도 너무 많았던 것 같고 스토리아랑 더욱
소통을 못해줬던게 아쉽네요
앞으로 있을 활동에서 더욱 멋진 모습 보여드릴테니 기대해 주시고
아프리카 티비도 연구 많이 해서 재밌게


Did you all watch the LOEN channel AfreecaTV live broadcast?
Today was the first broadcast and even though it was fun,
It feels like I have a lot to say and we couldn’t talk more with STORIA so that was regretful
Since we’ll continue to show cooler images in the upcoming promotions, please anticipate them and I’ll research AfreecaTV a lot and use it well~!!!
Thank you

trans cr: his-torybegins
please take out with full credits

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"Probably could have phrased that better." Skylar mused. "He's not badly hurt, just screwed up his shoulder while working out. The pain killers just have him loopy and flirting with literally anything that catches his attention. Wanna help find him?"

“Si,” Furia answered immediately. With a grin she could not help but ask, “Have you checked the bookstore?”

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HI:D so i have just recently gotten back into league after a 2 yr hiatus (I know right?) My favourite character is quinn i used to play her adc but now i am starting top, my sister is trying to start talon, she is used to melee like riven but seems to be having a hard time with an assassin like talon, any tips? I have been laning top with her in bot games Quinn and Talon but i think we might be better soloing a lane what do you think? (Im asking you this just cause you seem to know things)

Hey! ; v ;
Ahh Talon is a lot of fun to play, and I’m glad to hear your sis is trying him. He’s not too hard to play, you just have to be careful when playing him because he has no proper escape and if he gets cc’d he goes down hard. He’s pretty different from Riven, since he doesn’t have the health that she has and he’s super squish. But his burst is a-m-a-z-i-n-g!
Talon is very good mid, thats where I play him. I don’t really like playing him top tho. During his laning phase, you should start with your Q -which is rake-. It allows you to poke down your enemy and get some distant creep kills that you might not be able to reach with your auto attacks.
As for starting items, I always start with a long sword and 3 pots. A lot of people give me shit for it, but it works out in the long run. Because on your first back, depending how much gold you have, you should get a brutalizer. (it’s 977 on your first back because of the long sword you started with.) Your next item to rush is Tiamat. With these two items you’ll start bursting down your opponent and only become stronger.

Lets see.. Max out your rake first (w). It does a lot of damage, and it gives you a nice slow too. Next max out your Q, then your E, and your ult whenever you can.
Once you have one skill point in all your skills, you can practice his burst combo. 
For me its, E, R, W, Q. I don’t know if that’s the proper combo, but it works really well for me. As soon as you flash to your enemy with E, use your R, it startles them and if they aren’t quick enough with their flash you can kill them in an instant with your other skills. His ult is also a decent escape for when the jungler comes in. So if you need that extra run away, use it, cause his ult is like a 60 sec cooldown anyway.

Uhm, as for counters, Kayle is his number one. Watch out for her. Theres also Hiemerdinger who’s annoying to play against, he’s not impossible, just annoying. And Vlad sucks to lane against too.

These are just a few quick tips on how I play Talon, it might not be the right way, but it works well for me ; v ;
She could also look up some guides for masteries and runes if shes serious about playing Talon.  
I hope this helps in some way ; 3 ; / Good luck!

A thousand miles seems pretty far
but they’ve got planes and trains and cars
I’d walk to you if I had no other way.
Our friends would all make fun of us
and we’ll just laugh along because
we know that none of them have felt this way
Delilah I could promise you
that by the time that we get through
the world will never ever be the same
and you’re to blame
—  Mille miglia sembrano così lontani,
ma ci sono aerei e treni e auto;
verrei da te a piedi se non ci fossero altri modi.
Tutti i nostri amici ci prenderebbero in giro,
e noi rideremo di loro perchè
sappiamo che nessuno si è mai sentito così.
Delilah, ti prometto
che quando saremo insieme,
il mondo non sarà mai più lo stesso,
e la colpa sarà tua.

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No no no don't kill yourself don't do it your amazing I know everything is terrible right now in your eyes but trust it's not fun taking your own life it's not fun to try I was lucky my older sis found me and I ended up in the hospital. (1/2)

I read the rest of your asks, just so you know.

Its not everything ‘seems’ terrible. Everything is terrible. I can agree that its not fun, because right now I’m having to wait until my night owl father goes to bed. I basically have to time it correctly. Oh well. I have nothing to turn to. If I speak to family, it will trace to dad. If I talk to friends, it’ll trace to mom. I will be screwed either way. If I am going to be in pain, I’d rather it be on my own terms than at the hands of those who claim to support me. As for deserving a life, I don’t believe such a notion. I was created simply as a burden. I’ve done my job, I’ve annoyed those around me. I’ve caused problems. I’m out. I am seriously doubtful of anybody caring.

How did you even find me, anyway? Bah, never mind. It doesn’t matter.

Also, completely whatever information but the reason why the url is severaldemonsinazoo is because

My sis once told me of a superstitious myth that if the devil visits you in your sleep, he will be disguised as a goat.

I remember precisely prior to that conversation that before it was even brought up, that I had a dream where I was in a zoo and having fun at the goat section with several dozen goats.

W-We had fun.



To the most amazing Galactic Mermaid Princess aka dollyrotten…aka University Graduate!!! Ginormous Congratulations to you today! You did it! I hope you are as proud of yourself as I am, knowing all the challenges you faced and conquered with brave badassery! You are a fierce woman in a lil rainbow tiger package. I love you lil Sis! Have fun celebrating, I’ll be thinking of you. Howwwwlllllzzzzsss!!! ♡ em

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AAAALLLLLLLL the questions!! (si tu veux) xx

Oh ok I’ll answer those I didn’t already :D Thank you !
1: Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed?
Closed ! Always. I can’t sleep either way, I even used to lock it.
2: Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotel?
I never slept at a hotel :D
3: Have you ever stolen a street sign before? Never !
4: Do you always smile for pictures?Most of the time yes because I’m silly I also very often make fun face, tongue out and all.
5: Do you ever count your steps when you walk? I don’t think so, not intentionally at least.
6: What is your Song of the week? Ohhh definitely “Goodbye by Feder ! Has been for a month but this week end we listened to it so much and danced like hot bitched hahahaha
7: What do you drink with dinner? I am bad I often don’t drink. I don’t drink enough at all
10: Last person you kissed/kissed you? My bf yesterday
11: Were you ever a boy/girl scout? Nope !
14: When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper? Two weeks ago, to Teya :D
15: Favorite kind of sandwich? A toasted bread with vegan cheese and seitan with veggies and ketchup or falafel sandwich from the Libanese
17: What is your usual bedtime? 0:48 pm :D
18: Are you lazy? A procrastinator actually, but I think I am kinda lazy yes
19: How many languages can you speak? French and english
20: Are you stubborn? Oh I don’t think so no
21: Are you afraid of heights? A little bit yes !
22: Do you sing in the shower? Haha yes way too often
23: Do you think musicals are cheesy? Oh yes I dislike them like nope
24: Is Christmas stressful? Hum considering the last two have been quite shitty yes, but I still dread it so ?
26: Favorite type of fruit pie? Apple I think !
28: What do you wear to bed? Pyjama pants, tank top and when it’s call add a sweater to that and fuzzy socks
29: Who would you like to see in concert?
Asgeir, Disclosure, Muse again, London Grammar, Emancipator, Alt -J 
30: What was the last concert you saw? Muse !
32: Do you want to get married? Yeah but not crazy about it
33: Do you want kids? I don’t know yet. Currently not at all but I might change my mind
34: What’s your favorite part about today so far? Talking with Teya on FB
35: What are you doing tomorrow? Nothing planned ! 
36: What are you doing next week? Monday I will be on a island ( at a wedding all week end on that island) and then I’ll finish planning our trip and leave for Canada ahhh
37: Have you ever tried sushi? (Did you like it?) Oh yes ! But I am over it lately
38: How do you like your steak cooked? I never liked steak hehe and now I don’t eat meat anymore
40: Who’s your best / closest friend? Teya. Jeez I love this kid. I trust her I tell her everything. She’s the best.
41: Who do you trust with your secrets? Teya <3
42: Which friend would you go to in an emergency? My friend Benoît because Teya is too far
43: What was the last text you sent? Hearts to my friend Benoît after he sent me a picture of a hot guy
44: Does anyone hate you? Not that I know but probably yes 
46: Would you rather live in the countryside or in the city? Country side
47: Ever had a detention? In jail ? No. At school, yes
49: Ever cried at school? Yes

Thank you it was really distracting :D