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Hey everyone! Sorry, I’ve been on a bit of an unannounced hiatus… I have been drawing, but nothing too serious. I’ve been having fun trying different styles and such.

Anyhoo, today is mine and my sis baruyon‘s birthday!! As a gift I drew her Jonathan Strange fanart, because we both watched and really enjoyed it. Hope you like it! TTFN! x

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Ukno sis, I will tell you a thing. I started watching SMC with my bf of three years. We always have fun pointing out all the animation fails and plot holes. He still can't get over the whole concept of Crystal Tokyo being a utopian Earth... But anyway, ever since he's been transferred a few months back, we haven't been able to bond over SMC animation and plot hole fails. Your blog makes me miss him so much. You do a great deal of service, friend! Keep being fabulous~

Oh honey I hope that you can be with him again real soon and enjoy and live your very own Miracle Romance!

Be strong sis!

Kid Trunks [ENTP]

[Credit to eilamona

Just because someone asked how i think Kid Trunks is a ENTP. Here’s an very sarcastically accurate MBTI function analysis for him.

Type wise, like i said unlike Future Trunks (ISFJ)  he has nothing in common with his father Vegeta, the ISTJ. His innovative scattered-brained Ne hates Vegeta’s conservative Si for its practical facts and details, and his rebellious, individualistic, expressive Ti-Fe may clash with Vegeta’s all-laws-and-orders, you-will-obey-me and private Te-Fi. Being a thinker, in Future Trunks’ place he would have taken no time to kick Vegeta’s ass out of the way in the fight with Cell.

I actually have a ENTP brother, and outwardly,i feel like ENTPs at their best are as confident, fun, even overwhelming as any Bulma - ESTP you will ever know, and It’s widely said that ESTP is the strongest personality out there. Both rational and emotionally extroverted, they are fearless adventurers who squeeze the most out of life and other people whenever they go. 12-year-old Trunks in Battle of Gods showed more traits of a true daredevil. 

GT Trunks is a failure coz he’s just not this strong lol, this is how a mature ENTP is and he is what, 25?

“So boring, no fun at all…”

On the other hand, It’s not a surprise that he seems to not get along with both parents and usually be seen alone or with just Goten as a teen; It’s common for boys to idolize their father and he even has his father’s attitude, but as he grew, he likely found the differences in their thinking a bit hard. As for Bulma, since his Ne is more IDEA than the physical thrill (Se), he seems more introverted and not into what she’s into either. He’s a cheeky little shit turned into your typical bored and lazy lonely smart-ass bad boy.

I just realized most of the Briefs family are THINKERS. No wonder they are so wealthy and businesslike and asshole-ish. Makes me wonder what type Bra will be, another T?

“As a seven year old child, I recall Sharon at the age of seventeen, a blossoming young woman. At the time we were living in Verona, Italy, where my father, an Army Officer, was stationed. My big Sis was the one member of my very strict family who always let me be myself. One time in particular, I vividly remember her allowing me to roller skate across the marble terrace above the two-car garage of our family home. Our horrified housekeeper, Rina, would stick her head out the door and shout in her cute broken English, “Hey Signorina Sharon, you know the Signorina does not want her to do that. She may lose control and fall off the balcony.”  Sharon would reply, “Rina, please let her have some fun. She enjoys it so much. We are not hurting anything and I’m watching her. She won’t fall.” And so around and around I would go, squealing and giggling with delight. Sis seemed to enjoy it, too.” – Debra Tate

Sharon Tate arriving at the JFK Airport, NYC (1966)

I was having fun picturing Taichi spamming Hikari’s phone with cat videos, dumb vines and dorky chats (“Dinner’s ready sis” “wtf i’m right in front of you I KNOW” / “Kari look at this” “God niisan STOP” / “Taichi you’re an ass” “ur moms an ass”)


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You know, I think the Makaiju arc was the best thing Sailor Moon did (or at least for the original anime). It just had fun moments and the Sailor Scouts got awesome attacks and badass attacks THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN USED MORE THAN ONCE. Seriously, Crescent Beam Shower, Fire Soul Bird, and SUPREME THUNDER DRAGON. Just their names alone should give them more use.

The doom tree arc is one of my faves! 

I can’t understand why most people in the fandom despise it for not being ‘canon’.

Who cares? Enjoy this flawless mini arc sis!.

Wedding Day: Outskirts of Aelview 

While Jessica took the younger girls upstairs to get dressed into their bridesmaid dresses Daisy thought it was a splendid time to toast the bride-to-be. 

“To Anna & Jackson, may they spend many happy years together. With fun filled memories, watching their kids grow up as they grow old, and may they have a good sex life, until they both die.” Daisy said raising her glass, all the girls laughed and Anna couldn’t help but roll her eyes and giggle at her sister’s abruptness. 

“Thanks, Daisy that was… touching?” 

“Anything for you sis.” Daisy winked, clinking her glass with Anna’s.


After Anime Idol, Ginga Okudaira found a pretty princess exiting the Masquerade! So a cute lil prince and princess date happened xD! Also Jack Sparrow was there ~*°^`·°^`* Photographer: sakura-chanmasteroftheclow Thanks for the lovely time princess ametyistbutterfly UvU. !~*°^`·°^`°*


So my sister is at this program where she is surrounded by white girls. Most of them swear they are actually black because they date black men and most of them have children with black men. So naturally she has issues with them because they say shit that isn’t cool because they think it’s ok. Then there is this other chick… who is worse than the white chicks. This chick is mixed with white and black (mom white, dad black) and she COMPLETELY denies her blackness. She had a kid with a white dude because she thinks black dudes are “gross”. She constantly says racially derogatory shit to my sis (who has dark skin).

Like today for instance, they were dancing and having fun and one of the white chicks says to my sister “dang Kxxxx, you are turnt!” and my sister said “yea I’m just having fun”. Then the mixed bitch says something under her breath and the white girls laugh. So my sis turns around and asked her what she said and old girl says “you black people , he he he, I swear. It’s not black history month anymore. You can calm down”…………………………..I hate this bitch. She is the worst kind of disgusting. She has come at my sis about liking watermelon and chicken and shit. Saying she was stereotypical.

I personally wanna beat her ass but since my sister is the one who is in the program and doesn’t want to get kicked out I am trying to exercise restraint. My sis isn’t completely woke yet (I just dropped the knowledge bombs on her recently) so she doesn’t know what to say and I am too emotional to give her fire comebacks without there being a threat mixed in. Help?

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Oh wow, it must be so fun being able to experience one of your favourite games in another language, especially when the translations differ! If it's not too much trouble, I'd love to hear some of your other favourite quotes from ffix that you perhaps prefer over the english version :D

Well, yes, this one for instance.

In Italian is “Il valore di un uomo non si misura dall'altezza, ma dalla purezza del suo cuore”, which means “A man’s worth can’t be evaluated by his height, but by his heart’s purity”.

The thing is I only have played the original game for PS in italian and I never got the chance to read it in english, so I don’t actually know how many other quotes are better in my first langauge. That’s too bad, because I feel that, at the same way, there may be quotes that sounds better in english, such as “No clouds, no squall, shall hinder us” that I just learned recently, because in italian it looses all the intended pun.


“I could ask /you/ the same beloved sister,” he spoke and looked back her with his turquoise eyes glowing with amusement. Tilting his head to his side he grinned side, truly a little brat and loving it. “Miss you sis.”

“I was here first so it’s not a surprise for you. Obvious isn’t it, otherwise..I’m here to have fun, just like you.” Noticing his glance, Amaterasu could just roll her eyes for a moment before she reached out and nudged his forehead. he was still like a small child even though they were not far apart from age. “Yes, yes. Stop looking at me like that you lecher.”




Contestant: manabingu / manadarkmagiciangirl

Song: WE aRE by Abingdon Boys School

This is the 2nd Camera. My sis sakura-chanmasteroftheclow recorded this on his ipod I believe. I will be uploading both versions. I have one by my bf as well!

Its found here:

I think her quality might be a bit better. Tyrest recorded the winners announcement too! So I put both vids together -^_^-

Thank you to everyone who came out to support me and the other Idols! Your energy pumped us up! And we had a lotta fun singing for you all! We hope to do even better next year!!!

Listen to My Recorded Version here ^-^! It sounds better there XD :

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Hi! This is for Jess, I was the one who told you about my little sis going to see FOB, and not me. Well her friends mom bought them tickets for her friends birthday. Good news is though my older sister owes me a birthday gift because my birthday was on the 11th of June, and she loves FOB! so since she lives in walking distant of the arena, she's bringing me and then I'm gonna sleep over at her place! anyways, have a super awesome day!

So you get to go now that’s awesome have fun!!


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So I really like this guy but he already has a girlfriend and he is also really flirtatious with loads of other girls and o know he isn't very good boyfriend material but damn it I like him so much. Do you have any advice for what I should do

fancy him from afar bc that can be fun but don’t get involved w him at all

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hello// me and my sis really loveeee your comics!! pardon us, but will it be alright if we use your artwork as our icon in LINE?

Aww thank you so much for liking them! :)
(I’m honoured that you want to use them for icons like woah!!!)
And sure, you can use them for icons! Thank you so much for asking for my opinion first :’D
Have a wonderful day friend!!!