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It’s great when you can write a meaningful song that touches people, but sometimes you just wanna have fun and sing a silly song that doesn’t reflect on you as a person, It’s just a jam you wanna turn up in your car.- Carrie Underwood. 

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(Saracstic Ask) How to develop each function?

How to develop Se

To fully experience that rush of living in the moment, you must jump off a cliff. Don’t have the guts? Well, you obviously don’t, since you don’t have enough Se. You may also train yourself by riding a rollercoaster repeatedly until you cannot remember who you were or feel anything anymore. The only thing you will be able to experience is the appreciation of this moment. Beautiful, isn’t it?

How to develop Si

This one is quite easy. Just go take those SAT vocab practice tests for fun. Here’s a link: If you can memorize everything, your Si is at the top of the game!

How to develop Ne

Get high.

How to develop Ni

One cannot “develop” psychic abilities, one can only be born with it. Just go find a fortune teller, or a crazy INFJ.

How to develop Te

Model from the best. Remember that bully from your elementary school? Yes, you remember them, don’t you? Strong Te has that lasting effect on you. Pretend to be like them and go boss people around. Your Te will go through the roof in no time.

How to develop Ti

To have a fully developed Ti, you need the following items:

  • 20 of the most frustrating chain puzzles you can find
  • 5000 piece jigsaw puzzle (the whole thing must be the same plain color)

Solve them, take them apart, put them back together again 10 times, and you will be able to solve anything the world throws at you from then on.

How to develop Fe

Put on a “free hugs” T-shirt and go stand at the busiest mall in the city for 5 hours per day for 1 month. You’ll learn to absolutely, unconditionally, wholeheartedly, devotedly be in love with people (no sarcasms intended), just like Fe-doms.

How to develop Fi

You must learn to FEEL! And express that FEEL! - Go watch 100 movies that make you cry. Here are some examples:

  • The Notebook
  • ET
  • Grave of the Fireflies
  • A Walk to Remember
  • P.S. I Love You
  • Marley & Me
  • Toy Story 3
  • Inside Out

Good luck,

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The One With The Free Porn

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: When you stumble upon a weird TV channel, you and your boyfriend make a bet.

Words: 825

Warnings: Fluff, mentions of smut (not really tagged as smut, but whatevs), cursing?

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A/N: This is my submission for @eyes-of-a-disney-princess and @sis-tafics ‘s  Have a Hubba Bubba Birthday Writing Challenge! Friends is one of my favorite TV shows ever and I had a lot of fun writing this, hope you like it :)

Feedback is always appreciated, enjoy! xx

Originally posted by soluscheese

Dean walked into your shared room with the bowl of popcorn he promised to bring, finding you laying on the bed with the remote on your hand as you changed the channels.

“Anything on?” He pouted, laying beside you as you both took some popcorn and ate it.

“Not really,” you replied, mouthful. “I guess no one watches interesting movies at 4 in the afternoon.”

Dean chuckled, watching the tv and eating some more popcorn before you came across a very weird channel.

“Is… is that-?” He stuttered, your mouth opened wide in surprise to find a naked couple making out on TV, romantic music playing in the background. “Is that porn?”

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Smut Appreciation Day 2017

You should probably just ditch the panties now so you don’t ruin them ;)

-The Sicilian of Smut

Winchester Movers  

Reader calls for some muscle to move her furniture. Sam and Dean show up in cover-all’s (No wincest threesome)

Keep Going  

Dean is teasing the Reader under a blanket, Cas catches on and joins in on the fun (Non-Destiel threesome)

50 Shades of Desire: Mirrors and Candles  

How I Have You   

Part two of  How I Want You


Pick Your Winchester pure smut drabble 

After Bar Close  

 Jo Harvelle x Gender Neutral Reader 

Il Destino di Quattro  

Very dirty foursome featuring myself, my smutty big sister @atc74, Sam and Dean (No wincest foursome)

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Pink and red are appropriate colors for one of the most important holidays of the year. You know what I’m talking about…


I thought it’d be fun to do a galentine’s day tag and recognize all of my gal pals on here that support me every day and make me smile.

@yasveggiequeen- your sarcasm is the best and I love your Beyoncé reblogs

@taycaroline-in-my-mind- your naivety of how in the world Tumblr works and being the best little sis ever

@lmarieray- you have the cutest little obliques and I love how passionate you are about women’s rights

@runningonsmoothies- your smile is INFECTIOUS and you make me want to run in the woods completely free

@graceinpearl- your selfies are ALWAYS on point and you radiate joy

@heykate- I love seeing what bomb glasses you’re gonna sport each day and reading about your rock climbing badassness

@ocean21girl- you make me want to run crazy ultra marathons up mountains in snowstorms

@blackcoffeeandblankpagess- can we go on a run in chapel hill one day? You make me smile with your posts around campus

@championsaremade- you basically just radiate sunshine and goodness

@running-through-all- you always leave the sweetest replies and they make me light up all the time!

@runningwild-e- you are kind of killing it at nursing school and running and life in general

If I forgot anyone, I am sorry! There are so many amazing women on this website and I love you ALL!

Tag your gals and tell them what it is about them that makes you smile! Spread positivity and love!


something about me

tagged by: @imjustalazycat

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Nickname: Lya….

Star sign: Pisces

Height: 172 cm

Time right now: 13.26

Last thing you googled: rabhdophobia … you already know why XD

Favorite music artist: …I don’t think I have one…

Song stuck in my head: fantastic baby - bigbang  :P

Last movie i watched: Cenerentola ( cinderella, the last one that was made ) , yesterday evening with my lil sis XD

Last TV show i watched: Do Netflix count? in this case Agents of Shild

What I’m wearing right now: oh ummh actually i’m in bed with only the lingerie and a tank top >//////////<

When i created this blog: February 2016 ???

The kind of stuff i post: My crappy art and ALOOOOOT of reblog…. Almosta always undertale stuff

Do i do asks regularly: I never had one ;-;

Why did i choose my URL: I didn’t know what to write….and also my nickname everywhere

Gender: girl

Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff probably XD

Pokemon team: My cellphone was too old at that time, and now I don’t feel like do it so… no one :P

Favorite color: aquamarine is the one i like more, still my favourite ones are green, blue and black

Lucky number: 4? or maybe 6!

Favorite characters: undertale is so full of wonderful characters! I can’t choose!

Dream job: comic artist/ mangaka ( heck yeah ) (。>‿‿<。 )

Number of blankets i sleep with: 3

Followers: 54, but only 36 are not porn blog ;-;

oh! is my turn to tag??? let’s see….


you may already done this, but here! @bilolli @futurepacifist @sori4rt @lazycb @ask-genosans @artisticloner and well uhm @xladymalice ? I really admire her >/////< uhm, i don’t know a lot of people, so… I think is all…

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hey sis. just dropping in to tell u how much I love and appreciate your blog. 😌😌😌 I'm glad u promote such positivity for black kpop fans and other poc fans. ✊🏽 I'll actually be going to Korea next semester abroad so I will be sure to give you n everybody else all the juicy details lmfao.

Thank you!!! ❤ you’ll have fun , might even walk away with a bae!

toujours { laurens x reader // overprotective!laf }

this imagine was was based off this prompt from @thegirlon5sos !

Big bro Laf getting all protective when he realizes that his baby sis starts developing feelings for John Laurens.

thank you so much for this prompt! it was really fun to write. i have one more john imagine coming up since i need to do more for him that will be up soon! 

the title is “always” in french (thx google translate). 

i’m still taking requests so send me a prompt if you’d like to send one in! also, thank you for 100+ followers!


“(Y/N)?” You looked up from your book when your big brother came in. Lafayette gave you a little smile when you made eye contact with him and peeked into your room further. "The boys are coming over. Just a heads up.“ 

"Thomas and James?” You asked, unsure what he meant by “boys.” Your brother was quite popular. It was something you admired about him. 

“Non. Ah, Alex, Hercules and John." 

 You knew them. You liked them much better than Thomas and Madison. You specifically remembered John. He was the sweetest of the three. He had curly hair that you adored, freckles that reminded you of constellations, and the kindest smile. The problem was your brother was far too protective of you to let that relationship go anywhere. He’d never let you date one of his friends especially. 

"I like them.” You smiled, feeling your heart warm at the thought of seeing John–even if it was just for a little bit. He could always make you smile within seconds. 

 "They like you too.“ Lafayette chuckled. "Who doesn’t love my sweet baby sister?" 

 Unlike most big brothers, Lafayette cared for you deeply. He never annoyed you to the point where you couldn’t handle it anymore. He knew when to back off. He loved and looked after you first–all pranks, tricks, or other nonsense came afterwards. The difference lied in the fact that he was also your legal guardian. He’d been taking care of you since he was small and he was taking care of you now. That hadn’t changed a bit. 

 His words especially made you happy. To hear that they liked you hopefully meant that John liked you too. Even if it wasn’t in a more romantic way, it made you feel hopeful. 

"John included right?” You let slip out then cursed yourself mentally. 

 "Oui?“ Your brother said unsure, giving you a weird look. ”(Y/N), what are you getting at?“ 

 "Nothing. Have fun! I’ll be up here.” He gave you a weird look as you shooed him away, but backed out of your room and left you alone. 

 Eventually, you got hungry and you knew you had to go downstairs. It was inevitable–you had to eat something. You looked over yourself in your tall mirror in the corner of your bedroom. You ran a hand through your hair quickly, fixing it to your liking, and then straightening your (f/c) sweater that went perfectly with your leggings. You looked cute for having done nothing at all today. 

 As you went downstairs, the noise level grew. While it was quiet and cold upstairs, down below it was loud and warm. You tiptoed down the stairs and when you looked in the kitchen, John was there alone, opening up the fridge while the guys sat in the living room. You peeked into the living room first and gave the boys a big smile. 

 "Heyyyyyy,“ you said, grinning at Alexander and Mulligan. "Movie or video game marathon?" 

Both boys peeled their eyes away from the screen and smiled back at you.

 "Video games.” Alex spoke up, holding the white controller as he leaned forward on the couch. Hercules held the other one. They were playing Smash again. Typical.

 "Hey girl, hey!“ Hercules said in a high pitched voice, tilting his head a little as he did so.

“Mon dieu, Hercules please never do that again, mon ami.” Lafayette groaned, shoving Hercules as he sat in between his two best friends. Hercules rumbled with laughter and you smiled at their interaction. 

 "I second that.“ Alex shook his head with a laugh. "Do you wanna get in on this game?” He looked up at you with a playful smile. 

 "Oh no,“ You shied away. "I just wanted to get something to eat and I’ll be out. You’ll be fine without me.” You joked. They all looked a little sad, but you chuckled and made the short walk to the kitchen. 

 "Hey, (Y/N)!“ John said, looking up at you. You looked up at him and felt everything slow down. "There’s some pizza left if you want some. We demolished a couple of boxes, but I made sure they saved some for you.” 

Why does he have to be so thoughtful? You thought. Why are you making this so easy to like you?

“That’s so sweet of you. Thanks.” You smiled, stepping into the kitchen. “Lemme just get a plate." 

 John watched in confusion and wonder as you went to grab a chair from the table and set it up against the kitchen counter. You hopped up into the chair, opened the cabinets and reached up on your tiptoes for a ceramic plate. You could hearJohn chuckle as you finally got your plate. You turned to him with a little smile and a blush and he grinned widely. You were adorable to him.

 "All that for a plate?” He had his eyebrows raised slightly. “You could have asked me, you know. I’m always here for you." 

 Your blush deepened. "Habit. Laf’s too tall and so are the cabinets in here,” you said sheepishly. “He never puts anything in reach. I’m not even that short,” you laughed. “It’s just the way this place was built." 

John took a minute to notice the structure of the house. He understood what you were getting at as the cabinets were mounted up higher. A smile broke out on his face.

 "Lemme help you down then.” He laughed and stepped closer to you. You waited for him to take your hand or rather ask for yours but instead he carefully put his hands on your waist, picked you up gently, and set you down on the floor. Your heart fluttered and he smiled down at you, hands still on your waist. You couldn’t stop staring at him. Even his cheeks were slightly red as well. 

 "Told you I’d always help.“ 

 "T-Thanks.” You said, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear gently and looking away. 

 "No problem.“ He said huskily, dimples prominent as he smiled at you sweetly. You laughed nervously and stepped back slightly. Just as you did so, your older brother came in, looking at both of you curiously. His eyes narrowed in on your red face and bright eyes. John too looked a little flustered. John cleared his throat and scratched the back of his neck. 

 ”(Y/N), did you get something to eat?“ Lafayette said lowly. He stood up taller, arms crossed over his chest. He took in front of the exit. You knew exactly what he was doing. 

 "About to.” You sighed as you moved away from John entirely as you had to cross the kitchen to get to the island with the pizza boxes on it. You tried not to look at him as you opened up the box. You could still feel Lafayette burning holes into you. 

 "John, the movie is about to start. All the snacks are out there so you probably won’t find what you’re looking for in here.“ Lafayette said in one breath, tone cold and dignified. 

You bit your lip, glancing in between the two of them. You shared a look with John. He looked sorry. Your heart hurt for him. 

 "And if you could keep your eyes off my sister, that would be great. Merci.” Lafayette jumped in again, voice dripping with sarcasm. 

 "Laf, arrêtez!“ you warned him to stop, but were immediately shot down. Lafayette gave you one look–almost daring you to challenge him. You rolled your eyes. 

 "Y-Yeah, okay.” John cleared his throat almost painfully. “See ya, (Y/N)." 

 When he started to walk out, Lafayette purposely didn’t move. The two made eye contact and John was forced to make his way around Lafayette. 

 Lafayette wasn’t happy. He didn’t need to say a word. A simple look told you everything. In fact, you stood there in silence. Seconds felt like hours under your brother’s gaze. Finally, you looked up. 

 "Laf?” You asked softly, shutting the pizza box quietly. “Are you mad at me?" 

"Do you like him?” Lafayette was quick to jump in. Your voices were still low and soft enough so you were sure that the boys couldn’t hear you. The TV was on too loud anyways. 

“No.” you said quickly, taking a bite out of your pizza. 

 Lafayette raised his eyebrows. “(Y/N). Look at me." 

 You swallowed the pizza in your mouth, but coughed as you did so too quickly. You tried to compose yourself and after doing so you protested. "I-I don’t, Laf! I swear!" 

 His look of disbelief intensified. Your brother looked annoyed now. 

 You bit your lip, nodded sheepishly, then nodded much faster. Your older brother sighed. "I’m sorry." 

 "The only thing you should be sorry about is lying to me.” Your brother came closer to you, standing across from you as you reclined back on the counter. 

“Tu es fâché.”

 He sucked in a breath and pursed his lips together. “Non. Not mad, love." 

 "Yeah, you are." 

 "I promise you I’m not.” He said cooly. “But really? John?” Lafayette said, sounding disgusted. “Que diable?!" 

 You blushed deeply and Lafayette tried to hold back a smile of his own. This was cute. "H-He’s always been nice to me and we have a lot in common and he’s pretty cute." 

 "Ew, stop!” Lafayette begged, burying his head in his hands. “Nooooooooooo.”  

You giggled and Lafayette broke out into a little smile too, dropping his hands so you could see his grin. Suddenly, your brother towered over you as he came closer to you. He wrapped his arms around you and rested his chin on your head. He kissed your head tenderly as you wrapped your arms around his torso. 

 "Mon petit, I’m convinced that no guy will ever be good enough for you. And whenever John or whoever you end up won’t be there for you, I will. Always.“ He hummed gently, rocking you softly. “Toujours.”  

"Aww, Laf.” You smiled, eyes watering slightly. 

“I really don’t like the idea of you two dating,” he grumbled. “But if he makes you happy, I’m willing to reconsider." 

 Your heart fluttered with hope and excitement. Possibilities flooded your mind. 

Then Lafayette spoke up again, this time is voice low and serious. "Let me know if I have to kill a man." 

 You rolled your eyes but buried yourself further into Lafayette. "Merci." 

 "My pleasure, chéri.”

Each Type’s Surprising Characteristics

INTJ and INTP: Has emotions! (From time to time….)

INFJ and ISFJ: Knows have to have fun, incredible goofballs

INFP: Overthink stuff way more than you think, is pretty analytical (sometimes)

ENFP: Are way more private than they seem, very analytical/deep-thinker

ENFJ: Take things way more personally than you expect

ENTJ and ESTJ: Are actually pretty social and understanding (even thought hey have a really strong personality and screams 99.99% of the time)

ENTP: Gives way more depth to life than it seems. Not ALWAYS ready at 3AM to send you puns. (Notice I said ‘’not ALWAYS’’)

ESFP: Can become really smart and all knowing, for like 3 seconds.

ISFP: Gives a lot of importance to little details about people. Is very loving, most of the time.

ISTP and ESTP: Not 100% gamblers. I mean, sometimes, just sometimes, they have emotions, its as rare as a 2 dollar bill…..

ESFJ: Even though they seem like the type of people who loves everyone and gives no fucks about stuff, they are value their friends and social status A LOT.

ISTJ: Yes, they follow rules, but they can be risk-takers.

Protect autistics with special interests that seem “childish” (as if thats a bad thing?) or unusual to the overwhelmingly neurotypical society. Your special interest is important to you, and helps you be extremely happy in a world we constantly have to appeal towards allistics and what they want on a daily basis. They cannot take away your love for something because it doesnt fit under their radar of whats “normal” to them and whats not. You are not hurting anyone simply by loving what you do, and dont deserve backlash for just being yourself. Never let anyone step on what helps you cope and makes you happy. Remember that. As an autistic minor with expirience in being constantly made fun of for having SI’s all my life that have been seen as “abnormal” to be invested in/loved so much by most, especially now that im older, never let it go because of others. Never let anyone convince you something innocent that makes you happy is wrong to love because of your age. Anyone can love toys. Anyone can love childrens cartoons. It is perfectly acceptable to find happiness in these things as long as you are not an adult invading childrens spaces while doing so. you are fine to love the things that youre invested in and make you happy. Keep on being your wonderful autistic self and wake up everyday being proud of who you are, and for how far youve come.

Let Them Eat Cake

Relationship: Sam X Daughter, Dean X Niece!Reader

Words: 1,448

Summary: When the Reader proposes a cure for Dean’s boredom, things don’t quite turn out as planned.

Warnings: Major Uncle Dean fluff. Like, so much that it’s disgustingly cute

Tagging: @winchesters-favorite-girl @deathtonormalcy56 @mysaintsasinner @sis-tafics @beholders-chroniclers

A/N: This was written for three different challenges. One was @supernotnaturalcas‘s SPNNC Challenge, and my prompt was “Have you ever actually done anything just for fun? Anything that didn’t involve violence?”. The second challenge was @sis-tafics and @eyes-of-a-disney-princess‘s Have A Hubba Bubba Birthday Challenge, and my prompt for that one was “The One with the Cake”. And finally, the third challenge was @daughters-and-winsisters‘s Writing Competition. (Also this was just really fun to write!) Enjoy!

Originally posted by out-in-the-open

Though they were very few and far between, you relished those rare lazy Saturdays you got to spend in the bunker. At home in Kansas, under no pressure to gank a monster and save the unappreciative public, you finally had a chance to relax and unwind. Throughout the hallways, and the war room, and the library, there hung a calm, blessed silence, until…

“God, I’m so bored!”

You cringed. Every time you had a day off from hunting, without fail, your uncle always managed to exhaust his sources of entertainment before the clock even struck noon. To be honest, it was really freaking annoying.

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Scenario where Jyushiko and Todoko earned so many money, and they decided to travel around the world!!!! ❤

T: but dont worry we’ll bring back souvenirs for you all~ our pictures having fun XDXD


caroldanversinatardis  asked:

Ayyy!! Winchesters back again! It's always good to hear from you guys! Your awesome sis Katie and I did some hunting while you were away. It was fun. Anyway, my question is how do you get someone to ask you to prom? Keep up the great work Katie and Winchesters! ❤ (oh, and there might be a shifter in my school, but I bring anything to kill it and I'm gonna get expelled. Suggestions?)

Uhhh…Katie you’ve been doing what while we’ve been gone? -Dean

Busted. -Katie

Seriously Katie? -Sam

So how do you get someone to ask you to prom guys? -Katie

I don’t know, we never went to prom. You guys have been hunting without us? -Dean

Sam, you never went to any dances? -Katie

No, Dad never let us. -Sam

Well that’s lame. I don’t have any advice really on how to get someone to ask you, but maybe kinda check around to see if that someone has plans to ask anybody else -Katie

We aren’t done talking about this hunting without us thing Katie. -Dean

Sirius x Sister!Reader: Anytime

Warnings: anger, shouting

Requested: Kind of (i don’t write smut so i ignored that part lol)

A/N: OMG i had so much fun writing this!! ALSO i have 300 followers now?!?!?! what even! I am v thankful for all of you :) remember to request (ships and imagines) and I hope you enjoy reading my loves x

“Mind if we join?” You said, sliding the compartment door open.

“Alright sis?” James asked as Lily sat next to him and you sat next to Sirius.

You smiled and nodded, opening your satchel and withdrawing a book. Instead of beginning to read,  you asked the Marauders how they were and switched books with Remus- a tradition between the two of you.

You opened the book and began to read. Oblivious to your surroundings, oblivious to Sirius watching you.

Sirius loved how your lips moved slightly, forming the words that were written on the page. He loved how you curled up when reading a book, never able to sit upright. But all these thoughts and feelings were overshadowed by a feeling of guilt because he was in love with his best friends twin and neither could ever know.

Eventually, you closed your book and rejoined the group’s conversation about Christmas at home.

“Y/N do you think they’ll let us throw a party?”

“After last time? No.” After seeing James’ bewildered expression, you continued, “we lost every single door in the house- including the front door!”

Sirius started laughing, “I still have the doorbell somewhere.”

“It was you!” You exclaimed, turning to face the boy- reminding him of another thing he loved.

Sirius loved how your eyes twinkled and shone every time you realised something or someone told you a story. You always appeared interested.

Finally, the train pulled into Platform 9¾ and you all got off the train. You hugged everyone goodbye- did you hug with Sirius last longer than the others? Or were you just reading into it?

“Pads, mate, remember- turn up anytime, day or night.” Your brother said.

“We mean it Pads.” You reassured, looking into to his grey eyes.

He nodded slightly before giving James one last hug and disappearing into the crowd.

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21. Which player ship is your favorite?

Fury, hands down, my beautiful and deadly Fury. Was my first and still favourite and I have seen almost every ship. Haven’t seen Trooper’s and Agent’s, though. Close second is BH’s ship. Partly because of the way you get it. Just awesome.

22. Of all the in-game events (Relics of the Gree, Rakghoul, Life Day, so on) which do you like the most, and which do you dislike?

I really dislike Rakghoul event, because of it’s mechanics and because I am in general dislike rakghouls. And have very disturbing memories about them from the time I was playing KOTOR and was smol.

Life Day was kinda fun and cute. Not so familiar with other ones, sadly.

23. Share some of your favorite quotes/dialogue with us!

I am really bad with remembering quotes, sorry :(
But I really adore SI’s sass, witty lines of Smuggler and dialogues with Talos, because he is so Talos.
Also I really like that dialogue between Vit and Dramath, because of TEH FAMILY DRAMA™
Koth is my cinnamon roll and I really like dialogues with him. Also Senya’s trolling sass expert skills.

24. Do you have a primary/preferred stronghold?

It was my dream since I started playing and now I have one and started making it comfy and nice.
Though, I am really short on fancy things because of crazy prices.
Dromund Kaas one is also neat, I should say. But nothing (maybe not-existent Zakuulan) beats Yavin.

25. Mind sharing some screenshots of your stronghold(s)?

Sadly do not have any right now.
And I guess no one will wait for me for like three or more days, while I am updating.
Maybe later, when I will play again.

26. Who is/are your favorite non-companion NPC(s)?

It always so hard.
There are probably a lot more since I am fuzzball with a big hearth, but they are dominating the top of all tops.
But okay, some more I am bad with names now, sorry, Darth Vowrawn and Darth Marr, that nice old Darth Silthar from Teh Sand Planet, Yuon Par, lady that was BH’s guide in the Hunt, Watcher Two and Keeper, Lord Praven and more, and more, and more.

27. If you could make any current NPC a player companion, who would you pick?

Can I have Vitiate?
I miss his A+ voice.
And overall eldritch personality.

anonymous asked:

Although community is a bit problematic its so fun and I love it a lot it always makes me feel like home also I like a show mire when I have a character I can relate to also I also have some shows as a SI like Abed and I love it. I especially love the fantasy like episodes like with dungeons and dragons and the pillowfort thing and also the meow meow beans I dont know if you watched that much sorry for rambling but Im really excited

yeah i agree!! some episodes and characters i struggle to tolerate but i find so much comfort in abed alone that it kind of balances it out for me a bit

i love the fantasy episodes too!! the pillow fort episodes are hilarious and 10/10 (i’ve watched it all many times through its okay!!) troy and abed are life


fantastic big sis figure!!! way too underrated in the ota//yuri community bc ur a wonderfully kind n amazing person and more people should tell u that!!! ur so approachable and i know we dont talk as much anymore but its still rly fun whenever we do!! also i havent seen much of ur writing but what i have is just 2398/10 im feelings the Feelings :’)))