sis screaming!!!!


  { Inkling doodle } Blackwatch Gabriel Reyes/ Reaper _________[ Overwatch ]
  The fanart is not complete… without some cool ass edgy *death*lord :v 

Hair - @leahlillith

Skin - @s4models

Eyes - @pralinesims

Face Shine - @ephiny-asunder

Eyebrows - @alf-si

Eyeshadow - @fashionroyaltysims 

Eyeliner (#4) - @alf-si

Eyelashes - @kijiko-sims

Blush - @chisimi

Lipstick - @alainavesna

Earrings - @leahlillith

Choker - @salem2342

Septum Piercing - @pickypikachu

relatable things my seven year old sister has said/done today
  • “Dance with me, Sam!” “But this isn’t dancing music.” “It is if you believe.” 
  • *high pitched screaming with no warning and for no reason*
  • *laying completely still in the floor, eyes closed, moaning* “Totoro… Totoro… I wanna watch Totoro…” 

Beth Lowe

Genetics: Hair, Eyebrows @alf-si, Eyes @eyemythsims, Eyeshadow @bernies-simblr, Eyeliner @bernies-simblr, Lipstick screaming mustard, Facial Detail @dangerouslyfreejellyfish

Clothes: Top @simpliciaty, Bottoms @starlord-sims, Shoes @madlensims

Accessory: Choker @simpliciaty

Poses: 1,2 @flowerchamber

Thank you too all CC creators <3

Part 2 - People asking you about your ideal type…

*physical features, same members as before*

Your answer:

Someone with pretty hands like Mark’s…his gestures and those rings fit perfectly your bf imagine for sure!

A guy with sexy eyebrows like Doyoung’s…see them lifting?! So hot!

Someone with flawless skin and tall figure like Jaehyun’s…

and with eyes like Taeyong’s…he can almost read what’s on your mind looking at you like this!

A guy who has sexy abs like Yuta! (Just he doesn’t show them often! No problem, since he needs to keep them only for you! )

and who has hot lips like WinWin! Don’t tell me you already kissed your monitor?? 

And how about a guy with light-tanned skin like Haechan? It’s fabulous just like him!

and a man with a perfect white teeth-smile like Ten’s? Aw…use sunglasses unless you want to be blinded by its brightness!

And last but not least, someone with a sexy back like TAEIL’s !!!!

Part 1- People asking you about your ideal type…

Okay, so I really like barbs (particularly Gold Barbs), and apparently I talk about them a lot to my sister.

So, the other day, my sister was watching TV, and I was in the kitchen making something. All the sudden, my sis starts screaming “A SEA BARB, A SEA BARB, A SEA BARB!”

And I’m like “wtf, I know what saltwater barbs are.”

But the fact that she just started screaming “sea barb,” because she knew I liked barbs, made me laugh. XDDD

She also, apparently she forgot the term for “saltwater,” hence the “sea barb.”


mum is slowly coming to terms with how awful and shady 45 has been in office and big sis and I are trying not to scream