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do you know if the house partys good for all ages?????? im 19 but i dont have a state ID and my 11 year old sister wants to come with me qAq""

Actually, I was wondering that too, as my little sister wants to come as well! I’m really not sure though- I hope we get more info on the entire thing soon!

I don’t see why it would be age restricted (Gorillaz in general aren’t super kid friendly, but I’m pretty sure it won’t be too “adult” or anything, just a fun experience) but they haven’t confirmed anything, as far as I’m aware.

Does anyone else know????
It’d be extremely appreciated‼️‼️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Sono stanca di essere sempre la seconda scelta. Devo abituarmi al fatto che tutti ti sostituiscono prima o poi. Devo abituarmi a sorridere anche se sto morendo. Devo abituarmi al fatto che gli amici non esistono. Devo abituarni al fatto di essere sola contro tutto e tutti. Devo abituarmi a salvare me stessa. Devo ficcarmi nella zucca che nessuno verrà a salvarmi. Devo abituarmi agli occhi tristi, che rimarranno per sempre.
Red vs Blue Fic: Thicker Than Water

Summary: There are a hundred words for “sister.” Wash has forgotten all of them, and Epsilon remembers too many.

Parings: None.

Warnings: Canon-typical language, canon character death.

Notes: Also available on AO3

I never had any particular attachment to the “Carolina and Wash are siblings” idea…until @a-taller-tale dropped a headcanon that slayed me, and then this fic happened.

Agent Washington


Wheedling always used to work on her.

“C'mon, Sis, pleeease?” he begs. The kitten squirms in his arms, trying to escape, but its purr is a steady vibration against his ribs.

“No,” she says. “We can’t keep it, David. You know what Dad would say.”

“He wouldn’t notice,” David mutters, looking at the locked door of their father’s study. 

He hasn’t noticed anything, since they got the news about Mom.

“I’ll call the shelter,” she says, her voice brisk and grown-up, the same way she says here’s your dinner when she shoves another plate of baked beans and sliced hot dogs in front of him. David knows it’s hopeless, and he wants to be grown-up, wants to be the little brother she’d be proud of, but he can’t stop the tears from stinging at his eyes.


The visor of her helmet gleams golden. “You can’t slip up, David,” she warns him. “Anyone here finds out you’re my brother, and you’re out.”

“You got it, boss,” he says, and grins at her through his HUD. “And call me Wash.”

It’s not hard. That’s the one thing she doesn’t get. Burying the person he used to be, that’s not hard at all.

David’s the screw-up younger brother who cried when he didn’t get a cat, who nearly blinded Cecil Kyle, who watched his older sister walk away into the ranks of the UNSC and leave him alone. Who tried to follow her and ended up facing a court-martial.

Wash is the rookie agent who made it onto the leaderboard inside of a month. Wash is the one who deserves to be on Agent Carolina’s team, who gets to back her up on missions and take her orders the same as anyone. Who gets teased by York and protected by Maine and actually belongs.

He’s never happier than when he calls her “boss.”


Epsilon happens.

Afterward—when he’s recovered enough to realize there is an afterward—he sits in his bed. Listens to the doctors and nurses walking back and forth. Feels his single, separate heartbeat. Flexes his fingers one by one.

There are too many memories jammed into his head now, and they aren’t all his. That’s not the problem. Wash remembers being Leonard Church, but he knows that isn’t true.

The problem is that Epsilon didn’t just dump data and leave; he read, copied, overwrote. And now Wash doesn’t have a single memory left that isn’t altered. When he tries to remember his own childhood, his fucked-up mind can’t help twisting it into memories of being Leonard Church’s son. Of a red-haired older sister heating up a can of baked beans, and the bugles at his mother’s funeral, and it’s not real, it’s not. 

His name was never David Church.

(If Carolina was his sister, she never would have left him here.)

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I hate the fact that when I’m on my period I feel less closer to God. Probably because in my culture a woman being on her period is impure and that’s really really shit and has affected me a lot and I know there’s so many ways to connect to God like doing dhikr but I really miss being in sujood and crying to Allah and I don’t know what’s a good replacement of that ☹️

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Can you please elaborate om how the INXPs Si works, particularly with Ti-dom? How does it differs from higher Si (ISFJ) and how can the lower Si be spotted/more likely to think of as higher because Dom=unconscious, and how does the INTP find it fascinating and focus on it? You have touched upon the subject before, but please help me out here:p

Si works the same wherever it is, but the lower it is, the more the other function obscures it.

Think of it as a sundial in a garden. The sundial is the function, the light is how often circumstances bring it to the forefront. For the Si, the sundial is always in the light. Nothing is obscuring it. It can perform its duty without encumbrance. But the sundial of the NP is only in the sun about 4 hours a day, so it feels the full warmth of light for short amounts of time, before the orange tree overshadows it. The orange tree (Ne) has branches extending in all directions, so the sun may shine on PART of the sundial through it, but the branch is still blocking the direct light.

For the NP, the orange tree overshadows the garden. It is the focus point. The beautiful sundial, with its carved gnomes and intricate base, may neither be the first thing a visitor sees nor leave a lingering impression, because the orange tree’s blossoms float in the air. Yet, there is still a constancy to the sundial. It’s permanent. It will never move. It’s set in stone. The tree may die. Its leaves all fall off in the winter. It is stripped bare and left to the elements, its beauty faded while the sundial is still glorious and serving its purpose year around. But it is still there, grounding the garden.

Sometimes, the tree thinks it would be nice to see more of the sundial. It must be nice to be set so firmly in the ground. It must be nice to have carved gnomes all over it, instead of leaves that blow away in the wind. So the tree might stare longingly at the sundial … but it can never truly BE a sundial. Its attempts to be constant, to tell time accurately, to not be blowing in the wind, do not last very long. It yearns to be a sundial, but it is still an orange tree.

The same would be true for the sundial, longing to be an orange tree (SJ wanting to be NP). It might long to reach up into the sky, to have branches going off in all directions, but the sundial would find that exhausting. It takes no effort for it to tell time, and it does not shake when the wind blows. It is still standing even when a storm comes through and breaks branches off the orange tree. But the sundial gets sick of sitting in the same place all the time. It is happy to see seasons change around it, to have the orange tree shift and blow in the wind, making beautiful sounds in the different months of the year (beautiful blossoms, rustling leaves in summer, orange in autumn, ice in winter). It is beauty itself, and delights in the beauty of others.

Metaphors. Metaphors are good. They’re all I’ve got today.

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Do you know any info/facts about giriboy? I just got into him and I want to know more about him as a person, but it's sooooo hard to find some information! Can you please help me? ❤️

Korean Name: Hong Si Young (홍시영)
Stage Name: GIRIBOY (기리보이)
DOB: 24 January 1991
Height: 178 cm (don’t know how legit this is tho lol)
Weight: 60 kg
Education: Kukje International College of Arts
Label: Just Music 
Crew: Do’Main 


  • about his name: “The name Giriboy means “to see the way” [Korean: Giri boi], that no matter what I do, the things in front of me are bright and promising.“ | “The meaning is ‘able to see the way’ I named myself Giriboy so I can see what’s infront of me clearly. “
  • he is a fan of Pharell
  • his vocal teacher refused to teach him how to sing because she thought that (not being able to sing) is his charm
  • initially he wanted to do rock
  • he did try to become an idol (because of shinhwa), but because there were too many restrictions he quit
  • he began wearing glasses because he thought they look cool, however, over the time his eyesight really got bad
  • he likes salty and oily food

Official sites:
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