Meet the babies! The white one doesn’t have a name yet and won’t be home for 3 more weeks, the black angel is Sirius Black and he’s coming home on a bottle today!!!

We decided not to get the white one, we want a bottle baby so we will be getting on of Sirus’s half brothers when he’s born this week!!

XM radio is the best they break the hottest music first. Im not sure how many people are subscribed but I have been for some years now. What can I say Im a music lover. My car and house has the pleasure of XM.

T-pain has a single called “Booty Werk”, Mario new single “My Bed” Ray J new single “Bananz” and many more this month has hit the waves. I thank XM for putting me on the hot music first!

If you haven't actually clicked on my blog i recommend you do.


1. Best background ever. check it out.

2. there is a widget for the best time wasting game ever. playing with fire

3. there is a widget for the kick madison off of sirus/xm petition. it needs to be signed. anyone who talks about their child negatively is wrong but especially on multiple radio stations. she calls her child a “bastard child” and wishes he was never born all the time. she also calls your favorite bands dick heads. She is rude and mean… sign please.