Remus Lupin’s senses becoming uncomfortably heightened before and after Full Moons.

Remus Lupin having to leave class early because the smell of his potion is giving him a migraine. 

Remus Lupin not being able to eat because everything tastes disgusting and makes him feel sick.

Remus Lupin not being able to sit in The Great Hall because the noise of so many students is entirely overwhelming. 

Remus Lupin being able to smell the cuts hidden beneath a student’s sleeves and going out of his way to make that student feel better.

Remus Lupin telling James that Lily has changed her conditioner and he should compliment her choice of ‘Strawberry Fields’.

Remus Lupin occasionally sensing Sirius’s fear after a threatening letter from home and leaving him chocolates.

Remus Lupin hearing an argument between a couple in the Common Room and making sure whoever is left alone crying is okay. 

Remus Lupin being able to follow the scent of missing pets and anonymously return them.

Remus Lupin using his own ailments and afflictions to benefit other people in any way he can. 

If you haven’t realized it yet.

Siris has a robot leg, shown when he’s first introduced.

It looks like a really cool prosthetic! Above the knee, so it probably relies on that cool 3D printing/mapping tech that’s starting to be available in the modern day world. I really like the way it almost looks like his walk cycle is natural, but there’s still a bit of a limp.

You can also hear a faint clanking noise when he steps. EXCELLENT SOUND DESIGN. A+++

Since I’m going through the process of becoming an exchange student, it gave me the idea of the situation with wolfstar.

  • I’m going to make it cliche and say Sirius is The American™ going to Paris, France
  • City of love and all that
  • Imagine Sirius’ shitty French trying to weave his way though the insanity
  • in steps hot french man Remus
  • Sirius is just about to tear his hair out trying to ask for food.
  • So he helps Sirius because this is One Hot Tourist
  • When Remus steps in to help (all denim and stereotypical stripes). Sirius is nearly dizzy with the stranger’s heavy french accent.
  • Sirius’ expectations about European boys was not a disappointment
  • So later on, Remus becomes kind of like a tour guide to Sirius, showing him around and teaching him the language better than he could’ve learned it from his classes
  • Remus tells him a lot about his life, the culture, his ideas. Remus was a writer. He had too many ideas and opinions, so many that shoved themselves in between his bones, pores, ears. They all overflowed from his mouth.
  • Remus was happy someone took the time to listen to him. After a while, his friends called it all nonsense. 
  • Sirius ends up signing up for more than he bargained for when he not only falls in love with the city, but Remus as well. 
  • Imagine the pain when Sirius has to go back to America.
  • They keep an old  fashioned pen pal thing going, sending each other photos, knick knacks, and postcards through the years. 
  • Eventually, Sirius decides to go to uni over in France. 
  • He gets a flat with Remus and they spend their life drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes out on the terrace. 
  • There are dishes and empty mugs all over their apartment. 
  • Papers surrounding the wastepaper basket and Remus’ desk.
  • But there is no other way Sirius’ would like it to  be. 
E quando eu te peço um sorriso não é um simples pedido. Não é apenas pra disfarçar o meu medo de te perder ou a saudade por ter você longe. Quando eu te peço um sorriso é para agradecer por sua vida existir na minha, e sorrir junto. E, ainda, conseguir entender o motivo de tanta felicidade. Quando você sorri, o mundo inteiro fica pequenininho, quase nem existe mais. E, quando longe, eu consigo imaginar cada detalhe do teu rosto, cada gesto envergonhado que você faz enquanto eu te observo sem parar. Quando você sorri, tudo de ruim vai embora, junto com qualquer medo bobo que eu possa ter. Quando você sorri, minha vida ganha vida e enlaça tua mão na minha. E, mais que isso: enlaça o meu coração no teu.
—  Canopus