XM radio is the best they break the hottest music first. Im not sure how many people are subscribed but I have been for some years now. What can I say Im a music lover. My car and house has the pleasure of XM.

T-pain has a single called “Booty Werk”, Mario new single “My Bed” Ray J new single “Bananz” and many more this month has hit the waves. I thank XM for putting me on the hot music first!

If you haven't actually clicked on my blog i recommend you do.


1. Best background ever. check it out.

2. there is a widget for the best time wasting game ever. playing with fire

3. there is a widget for the kick madison off of sirus/xm petition. it needs to be signed. anyone who talks about their child negatively is wrong but especially on multiple radio stations. she calls her child a “bastard child” and wishes he was never born all the time. she also calls your favorite bands dick heads. She is rude and mean… sign please.