after askiban sirus sort of forgets he needs all of the atention. at school he was always hugging ,toutchig and laying on people , moonie The most coz he always wants atention and loves being in contact with People. When we started dating Remus There was always at least one point were they were somehow toutching 90% of the time.

So when Remus moves into grimald place with him ( coz he’s homeless and didn’t want Siri to be hear alone) he’s expecting it to go back to that or for it to be worce…. but nothing. Siri talks to him and potters round the house cleaning and pealing off wallpaper and photo frames as he gose. Remus brushes it off thinking it’s just him settling down again. But after a month he’s not even curled up to his foot as padfoot.

He desides to start it first . There cleaning dishes . Remus bumps his hand against siriuses . He pauses then carry’s I’m finishing his job.

Remus isn’t put off. He drys of his hands then puts one in his sholder.

R:* I’m filling tired I’m gonna go sit in the front room ok?

S: …ok

He gose lays on the lumpy sofa pretending to fall sleep.

Siri slowly follows after a bit watching him from across the room. Slowly sneaking over to sit on the sofa. Pousing every fue steps to watch. Like a dog that knows he’s doing something wrong but has desided if he dose it slow it don’t count

Theirs a long pouse and Remus wonders what he’s doing when he feels the pad of a fingers touch his palm. He makes shore tonstay asleep….Then slowly … Ever so slowly he links fingers looking at it.

He lays there for a wile befor squeezing his hand back.

R: Siri do you want a hug.

He opens his eyes to look at him. Sirius looks conflicted then confused then longingly at remus.

R: you know your always welcome to pup. do you want a hug ?

Siris nods slowly.

Remus opens his arms and Sirius all but launches at him hugging him tight. Remus Hugs back. And it’s so worm and formilior.

They hug for a long time eventually falling asleep on the blacks lumpy old sofa . And had there best sleep in over 12 years

They wake up the next day to tonks cooing over them . And moodie commenting that hat that’s not how a two person sofa works

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Image: Shirana Shahbazi & Sirous Shaghaghi, ‘Still life: Coconut & other things’ 2009, Gift of the artist through the Queensland Art Gallery Foundation 2010, © The artist