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Wolfstar headcanons where mgonagall finds out about them and gets like super happy bc she is wolfstar trash #1


  • mcgonagall sees sirius and remus making out behind a gargoyle one day, but she doesn’t interrupt them, she just runs away asap
  • then in her office she’s like “hmm okay maybe mr. black will stop flirting with me”
  • but ofc sirius will flirt with mcgonagall until he dies because he’s that guy
  • and mcgonagall sees that it kinda upsets remus so she starts giving sirius detention EVERY TIME HE EVEN WINKS AT HER
  • she makes sure he gets detention with binns 
  • this eventually made him stop bc ugh detention?? with the boring old ghost?? no thank you sir
  • one night after the full moon, mcgonagall goes to check up on remus in the hospital wing
  • but she finds him sound asleep, with sirius wrapped around him
  • and she gets really excited BUT she knows how much remus struggle with relationships, so she goes to her office and makes a plan
  • she makes sure that sirius and remus ALWAYS sit next to each and do projects together in her class
  • she moves james and peter in front of the class, and sits remus and sirius in the furthest corner bc james keeps messing with sirius and his attention needs to be on REMUS
  • and they hold hands under the table and aw she almost cannot contain her happiness for the two boys
  • then one day sirius and remus get into a huge fight
  • and it makes mcgonagall really upset so she gives them both detention at the same time
  • when they arrive at her office, she forces them to work things out and they do
  • and so she leaves them alone, but not before a quick wave with her wand turns on hundreds of candles and makes rose petals fall down from the ceiling and idk just makes the room super romantic for her two faves
  • sirius and remus are like “wtf that witch is crazy”
  • but when mcgonagall returns they’re cuddling and she gets so happy she does a little dance
  • and the boys are so confused but also kinda happy that she cares so much aw

This exists. RASHID ALI QUARTET live in a faux NJ supper club 1972…with CARLOS WARD, DAVE BURRELL and SIRONE