Parco del Conero

Two hours from Spoleto, in region of Marche, on the seaside you can find this regional park. It is very characteristic because all adriatic coast is very flat and in this part mountains are meeting the sea. From up (where are some small cities like Sirolo) you have very beautiful views on surroundings. These photos are just preview because we were just in Sirolo and on a beach of Numana. But we will come back there for more.

Memory Monday

I have decided to recall a favorite travel destination I have been to every Monday.

So let’s start with Spiaggia Urbani, Sirolo, Ancona, Le Marche, Italy.

What can I say about this amazing place?

Well, for starters it is definitely one of my favorite places in the world. So much so I had to go back there with my siblings just to prove to them how amazing it was. And yup, they loved it too.

External image

There’s something about this beach, the sea, the town perched up the cliff of the hill and the people that made me feel like I was entering the real typical Italian holiday. I say this because we didn’t hear a single word of English when we were sunbathing, swimming and even getting a meal there. It was probably a 99.9% Italian (0.1% being us Malaysians there) beach. 

Facing the Adriatic Sea, the water at Spiaggia Urbani is extremely cooling and refreshing on a hot summer’s day and with its high salt content, one could float easily and definitely find it incredibly relaxing. 

To sum up, I highly recommend visiting this place if you’d like to escape the typical tourist destinations in Italy. Spiaggia Urbani is definitely one of Italy’s best kept secret.