leepacc asked:

Hannibal (for the fandom ask thingy!)


1 top 3 OTPs

Belle & Jack, the fact they’re the married in real life, warms my soul.

Beverly & Will, i think they really click.

Hannibal & Will, don’t even get me started on the adventures they could go on.

2 top 3 characters

Will Graham - adorable puppy

Alana Bloom - to be honest i didn’t like her when i started watching, but after i realized she was a goddess from above

Beverly Katz - interesting woc!!

3 top 3 villains

Hannibal - cannibals are bad, even well dressed ones

Gideon - the nurse thing freaked me out

Hobbs - the friendly neighborhood cannibal dad 

4 top 3 precious babies

Frederick Chilton - only because Raul Esparza 

Brian Zeller - he’s my sarcastic asshole

Abigail Hobbs - man her life sucked

5 top 3 scenes that make me scream with glee

when Aunt Vivan was at Hannibal’s dinner party

Will and his dogs

Will and Hannibal laughing over mushroom decomposing body parts

6 top 3 scenes that reduce me to gross sobbing


Winston’s face through the window

Alana and Will - dont feel wounded ugh

7 top 3 most interesting plot developments

Will’s mental health decreasing 

Freddie Lounds - her reporting and friendship with Abigail 

Hannibal Lecter - the whole making friends with Will (folie a deux)

8 top 3 things I wish had happened

More Bedelia du Maurier 

Beverly & Hannibal interactions or Hannibal with the FBI

Foreshadowing maybe having Klaus as a client of Hannibal or is that not the correct timeline ???

9 top 3 ways to make me talk non stop about this fandom

mention its female characters I LOVE THEM

Will Graham hiding under my bed nice and safe


10 top 3 sexiest moments

Will and Alana’s KISS

Hannibal’s back (i have a back thing)

Hannibal and Freddie’s interaction

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