First of all… can’t all us Duck Dynasty blogs just get along? Apparently not… seeing my pictures on other peoples blogs is bad enough. Seeing fellow DD blogs doing that is so messed up. One of them got mad at me because they said they’d never seen my blog before, so they clearly had not stolen them from me. OKAY, sooooo… someone stole them from me, then you stole them from them. WHATEVER. Why aren’t you reblogging? The only DD blog who hasn’t stolen anything from me and who does nothing but try to help me out is Duck Dynasty Confessions. Their blog is amazing, they are super nice and extremely talented! Be sure to check them out. 

Now I’m gonna work on not letting petty things like this bother me… because I know I was one of the first ones to even decide to create DD meme blog, it’s unique, and I’ve got 738 AMAZING followers who brighten my day. So when it comes right down to it, I’m blessed. And if it’s worth stealing, it means I’m doing a pretty good job. That being said, from this point on, even though I’ve never been a fan of this… for security purposes. I’m going to start adding my url to my images. I hope you’ll still love me when I do! 

Thanks for all the love Jack.