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please please please please please write the next part of Move a Mountain :O it sends shivers down my spine! (shhhh I have an extremely justifable love for Derek on a bike) and i often go camping so it just really rings a bell. Anyways, I was trying to say, your fic is awesome, the cover art is awesome, please continue being awesome :) x

Oh my god, thank you so much! That’s so sweet! :D

I’m too busy with uni this week to get much writing done, but this weekend I’m just gonna lock myself at home and drink way too much tea and get to it, I promise ;) Thank you!

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ok, so your 'it's always darkest before dawn' edit really sent shivers up my spine and i will love you forever because of it :D x

nAWWW THANK YOU <3 <3 I just wanna snuggle and kiss yo cheeks you’re the sweetest omg 

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Opening Credits: Lucky- Clare Maguire
Waking Up: Mama Do- Newton Faulkner (Cover)
First Day At School: Kids- MGMT
Falling In Love: Go Outside- Cults
Fight Song: When We First Me- Hellogoodbye
Breaking Up: Naive- The Kooks
Life’s OK: Bikes- Lucy Rose
Getting Back Together: We Are Ghosts- James Vincent McMorrow
Wedding:  Leaving Howarts- John Williams
Birth of Child: Bridges- Cee Lo Green

Final Battle: Halo- Beyonce
Death Scene: All The Right Moves- OneRepublic
Funeral Song: Charlie McDonnell
End Credits: Paris- Friendly Fires

Thanks for asking :D

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i have to admit, i wasn't expecting this level of heartbreak. I started watching it thinking that it would be cool and uplifting, but yet again, another show is tearing at my heart strings :D

Trust me, I started out the exact same way. My best friend and I figured it would be good for some laughs… and it is, sometimes… but there’s way more tears involved than I initially signed up for.

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So I started watching Teen Wolf last week... and I've already caught up (after many late nights) and I guess this is just to say hi, you popped up on my dashboard :) fangirl at me all you want :p

Addicting, isn’t it? Welcome to the pack!

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That's a gif set from when they were filming the doctor who episode D: And Karen was saying the lines next to him whilst they filmed

wow yes thank you love for explaining because i am crying and im not sure why im crying and he’s crying and who on tumblr isnt crying i mean rellaly but yes thank darling and im about to start crying again if i think about things 


sirmordreds a réagi à votre billet :Your favorite myth

Hey I’m doing the same thing this year too, we’re doing the same program (i’m in france too). We ended up studying Carmen and Don Juan, who was cool. But i personnally love old roman myths, or the Athurian legends ^^ hope this helps :)

Oh nice ! I’m not the only french doing those notions ahaha
We have a study about Don Juan too, but our teacher wants us to study more… Pre-hispanic myths and heroes.
That’s how I ended up reading a 100 pages book on Quetzalcoatl, really. 
I love those myths too ! :)
Maybe i’ll talk about them for you aha It’s true they are some of the most interesting combination of myth and heroes 

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I made my best friend start watching it with me this weekend, at the start of series 3 and he also came quickly addicted. and then he tried to get me to watch supernatural, but I have enough heartbreak on plate as it is, thanks to the pack :)

Yeah, Supernatural does have a lot of heartbreak.

On the other hand, they’re also willing to take a break and make an episode mostly amusing rather than mostly full of tears an anguish.