Estella had resigned herself to the idea of going out in public. She was even prepared for the crowds and the strange sights.

What she wasn’t expecting was the NOISE.

Everywhere, from every direction, something seemed to be clanging or ringing or whistling, and it mixed with a disjointed chorus of human voices to create a cacophony that was nearly deafening after the peace and quiet of the woods.

Wrinkling her nose, she looked up at her knight, utterly aghast.

“Is it always like this?”

The Knight and The Cat

a-different-type-of-pretty said: “Hello, darlin’,” I whispered to the man across from me. “Up to anything bad, recently?”


sirjohnwolf said:  He raised an eyebrow at the beautiful woman sitting before him, “Up to anything, no, can’t say I have.  I’ve been thinking about getting into something pretty bad though.”


a-different-type-of-pretty said:    “How bad is that, love?  Bad, as in…” I drew out my words, letting them roll of of my tongue like honey, “frisky?  Or, bad, as in getting in some trouble?  Cause, darlin’, I’m rather in the mood for both.”  I kissed his cheek coyly and stepped back to smile.

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Auction - Sage

Sage was nervous, She hadn’t realized, when she ended up agreeing to… well she thought she was dating the man, but she had quickly realized that wasn’t the case. He had…. well he had sold her, which was mind blowing to her, she didn’t realize that was a thing. So now she was waiting for the new man, the one that had bought her. She waited for the man, unable to actually get up and walk away, as she’d been cuffed to the bench, she hoped the new guy had the key. 

Open Rp
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John, going through the park as always, spotted the young woman between a pair of trees. He made his way over to her, intending on greeting her, but then he noticed the state of duress she was in. “Fair maiden? What’s the matter?”

Helena looked up at the man, tears running down her face. Recognition came through. “John? That you?” She questioned, wiping away the tears only for them to roll back in place.