siriusly though

Why are Slytherins so god damn edgy on tumblr? Like maybe it’s just me, but all the slytherins I know ( myself included ) are giant nerds who can make them self up so the rest of the world thinks they know what they’re doing. They don’t though. Like siriusly, they are the most confused and fickle little cinnamon buns. Wanting to do everything just cause they can, and will also do it better than every else cause HECK YEAH SLYTHERINS.


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garden gnomes and group chats

Sirius to felons or falcons: im ready to pass or die

Remus: I literally sent you a study package two weeks ago 

Peter: i left u my notes from last semester what are you doing with your life? 

Sirius: not studying 

Sirius: I thought that was really obvious

Sirius: cmon guys get with the program 

James to Remus: i left snape a step by step instruction manual on how to properly wash his hair 

James: its in his locker 

James: what do u think are the odds that he’ll actually figure out how a shower works?

Remus: first of all: oh my god 

Remus: secondly: good job.

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Stay the Night

I saw this prompt the other day and was just really inspired to write my own version after reading @ofstagsanddoes version which you can find here.

It was stupid really. How it all went down. He’d never had any problems with interviews before. After all, he was James Potter, and James Potter had a way with words. Except for that one day, that one day he made a big mistake.

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My dearest-dearest @myqueerass , I wish you a very happy birthday!! I hope you will have a splendid, beautiful and sunny day!!
Also I’ve come to the conclusion we really need to meet up again asap. Because damn, we really need to take more pictures together!! It’s simply outrageous that these are the only selfies we’ve taken together!! I mean, look at us!!!

Siriusly ha! though, I miss you so so so very much and I can’t wait to see you again and have those amazing conversations which make me feel I’m becoming smarter/broadening my mind by just listening to you!
You are an amazing and lovely friend and a wonderful person altogether! <3

Siriusly though.

Sirius as an asexual

-sirius ignoring all of the girls (and guys) who drool over him

-sirius’ parents setting him up (before he ran away) with nice pureblood girls and orion making inappropriate comments and sirius laughing into his drink because his father has no idea there is no fucking way he’s sleeping with this bitch.

-regulus finally asking sirius why the thought of even sleeping with those girls is abhorrent to him because i mean damn, sirius, theyre all gorgeous.

-sirius finally sitting regulus down and explaining it to him

-regulus trying to explain to his parents why, even if they marry him off, he won’t further the family line because he thinks maybe that will help sirius

-his parents flipping and punishing sirius for being such a freak

-sirius being pissed at regulus for letting the cat out of the bag

-sirius finally having enough of his parent hating him, them finding out he wasn’t attracted to anybody and didn’t like sex just made things worse

-sirius running to James’ after a particularly nasty night and James prying it out of him

-james going, well duh i could’ve told you that, where sirius explained he was asexual.

-sirius coming out to remus and peter the next year and being absolutely terrified they’ll think something is wrong with them

-peter being confused but just rolling with it

-remus smiling and telling padfoot he really didnt care who he was or wasnt fucking so long as he was happy, and could he please pass him another chocolate frog

-james and lily getting together and lily finally asking james one day why sirius never dates despite his long list of admirers

-james freezing up and telling lily that was sirius’ business, not their’s

-lily knowing that something is up and confronting sirius about it

-sirius telling her to mind her own business

-lily researching in the library day and night, not quite sure what she’s looking for, until she finds some obscure reference to people who aren’t big on sex and the potions and spells that had been tried to cure this

-lily getting angry on sirius’ behalf because not liking sex does not something is wrong with you

-lily storming up to the boys’ dormitory and slamming the door open to find them planning a new prank and slamming it shut again and silencing the room and going off on sirius and james for thinking she’d react negatively and that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with sirius

-the marauders, james included, developing a new found love and respect for lily that day

-remus realising during the first war that he’s in love with sirius

-remus struggling with this not knowing how sirius would feel about it

-sirius getting drunk at remus’ one night and remus being completely sober and thinking he’ll forget confesses all to sirius and sirius saying i love you too, moons and passing out

-remus waking up on the floor the next morning in sirius’ arms and sirius playing with his hair. When he realises remus is awake he grins and tells remus he should know by now that sirius always remembers what happens when hes drunk

-remus and sirius living happily ever after in love because the first war ended happily and everyone lived.


Holy Christ it’s a piece of paper!


Watching Deathly Hallows Epilogue
  • Me: wow ginny you look like a weather woman
  • Me: dat ass, Harry
  • Me: aw Hermione you're such a good mom-HOLY SHIT RON YOUR WAISTLINE
  • Me: really Harry? You named your child fucking albus severus
  • Ginny where were you in the naming decisions
  • Seriously wtf
  • Me: where the hell is teddy
  • Me: seriously Ron you're huge
  • I feel bad for Hermione
  • Me: Harry and Hermione look more like a married couple than the rest do
  • That was totally a harmony close up
  • Yates trolling until the very end
  • Me: I have no life