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My Favorite Lily Evans Masterpost

Lily Potter: 

Married Lily1

Married Lily 2

Married Lily 3

Lily in the forest with Harry

Lily writes her vows

Flashback of the Potters (Fawned Remembrance)

Sirius and Lily:

Lily meets Mrs. Potter. 

Lily beats up a bigot

Best Friends

Lily meets Mrs. Potter

Sirius can be a real guard dog

Detention in Divination

Lily Evans: 

Remus accidentally tells Lily James loves her

Lily is making mouse puns and Peter isn’t having it

Lily and Snape

Lily in AU’s:

Greaser AU 1

Greaser AU 2

Greaser AU 3

Greaser AU 4

So many greaser AU because come on how can I pick my fav its all gold

Stripper AU

Vampire Slayer 1

Vampire Slayer 2

Overtly sexual 90′s vampires

Dark AU

The three that started it all:

Lily and Sirius mock James

Siriusly Studying

Swish and Flick


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ooc but i just saw the post where you first interacted with Andy - saying he was the scary part of the ocean - and i actually first read it when the day it was first published so now im emotional, cause who coud have imagined

Not me. I knew they were special but I certainly didn’t know how much they would become. 

Story time: That night was the first night I Skyped with Katie and Andy and Jes (and Lunds if I recall). And it was either that night or the following night me and Andy Skyped by ourselves. But they messaged me with ‘I’m bored’ and by this point I was surprised that they initiated anything because I forsure thought I was going to become ‘Katie’s friend that they met once’. But they messaged me with I’m bored and we ended up Skypeing that night. And many many many nights after. And now here we are.

A Jealous Werewolf Has Been Known to Snap

Inspired by Andy Gray’s ‘An Even More Awkward Confrontation’ Roleplay

Ficlet By @consultinghubbies​ for @siriusly-not-over-remus

Hello all, the wonderfully talented Andy Gray has inspired me, and I’m actually quite happy with how this turned out. I may or may not continue it, we’ll see. Perhaps if people really enjoy it. 

If it looks familiar its most likely Andy’s writing and not mine. 

Remus sat across from Sirius at the Gryffindor table grimacing as he watched the other boy snog his flavor of the minute in the middle of breakfast. It had become somewhat of a routine as of late, everyday Sirius would run through four, maybe five girls a day. Snogging them up and then discarding them like an empty package of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor beans, picking out the promising ones and then trashing those that didn’t particularly care for.

At first Remus had tried to ignore it, but after his own pathetically botched date at Hogsmeade the tension between he and Sirius had become progressively worse. They avoided each other, exchanged only a few short clipped words between classes and Remus noticed that Sirius had begun staying out past curfew more often. Remus loathed admitting it, but his suspicions were not exactly the most thrilling. And later when those particular suspicions were confirmed later when he made the mistake of checking the map, Remus cursed the odd tightness he felt in his chest. He was even more reluctant to consciously acknowledge the reason it all bothered him so much, normally he’d congratulate his friend on getting a girl, like he had when James had finally gotten Lily to consent to going out with him. But Sirius was…different. He always had been.

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