sirius orion black (marauders era) ❝Sirius was lounging in his chair at his ease, tilting it back on two legs. He was very good-looking, his dark hair fell into his eyes with a sort of casual elegance neither James’s nor Harry’s could ever have achieved, and a girl sitting behind him was eyeing him hopefully, though he didn’t seem to have noticed.❞

Lily + Sirius
  • Of course, Lily hated Sirius’ guts at first. “He’s James Potter’s best friend, of course he’s awful,” she tells her friends back in first year.
  • She has also heard stories of hows his family is so anti-muggle and she does not like it. But then around Halloween she is out of bed at night because she desperately needs a library book and she also likes to explore the castle (but never gets caught like the Marauders do).
  • She runs into Bellatrix, Malfoy and the other Slytherins and she is terrified but she holds her ground and when they are about to hex her Sirius suddenly shows up from around the corner and hisses something like “Back off Bella!”
  • It takes them a few days to warm up to each other, but eventually they become friends much to James Potter’s chagrin.  “How did you become friends with her, Sirius?” (”Maybe I don’t tease her, James”)
  • But he does all the time, and Lily is constantly coming up ways to tease him back, and their prank wars last for several weeks.
  • Once Lily’s entire collection of books of Charms was found hanging from the Quidditch Goalposts.
  • As a result, Lily hexes him to say “Minerva McGonagall is my muse and love” over and over earning him four months of detention
  • Whenever she raises her hand in class, he high fives her, and when he’s not there the other Marauders do. Yes I believe in this headcanon.
  • They are the biggest Quidditch fans in Hogwarts history. During the matches, Lily and Sirius paint their faces gold and scream themselves hoarse
  • They braided each other’s hair, Sirius being more gifted at it than Lily
  • Lily starting to meddle when she realizes Sirius likes Remus
  • She frequently hatches plans with ‘Potter’, albeit reluctantly, until the day she realizes that she looks forwards to these silly plans to hang out with ‘James’.
  • One day Sirius is very upset about Regulus and Lily comforts him. “I have a sister, too, and we’re not very close. I miss her terribly…”
  • When Sirius has the falling out with the Marauders over the Snape Prank, Lily is his only friends. She realizes what he has done (she knew that Remus was a werewolf since first year) and is angry, but she still sticks with him
  • Lily is head girl, and when Sirius’ uncle Alphard dies, she lets him skive off classes and makes excuses for him
  • After graduation, all the Marauders and Lily rent out a flat together, and it feels like Lily and Sirius replaced each other’s siblings. It feels like family.
  • Which is why it is so heartbreaking when they have to go into hiding and leave the little home they made behind

‘He hasn’t gone!’ Harry yelled.

He did not believe it; he would not believe it; still he fought Lupin with every bit of strength he had. Lupin did not understand; people hid behind that curtain; Harry had heard them whispering the first time he had entered the room. Sirius was hiding, simply lurking out of sight –

‘SIRIUS!’ he bellowed. ‘SIRIUS!’

‘He can’t come back, Harry,’ said Lupin, his voice breaking as he struggled to contain Harry. ‘He can’t come back, because he’s d––’

‘HE – IS – NOT – DEAD!’ roared Harry. ‘SIRIUS!’

More Marauder’s Headcanons
  • I swear the Marauders must’ve made a god-awful volume of puns after getting their animagus forms straight. They had no self-control and made about five puns a conversation.
  • So one day in third year, after producing patronuses for the first time (they skived off divination), they make their way to transfiguration. They are so elated.
  • What follows leaves everyone amazed and perplexed. (“What on earth are they up to now?”)
  • McGonagall is in a foul mood already, and she snaps to them, “You had better not cause any problems this class.”
  • “Oh no, we would never deer,” answers Sirius. “That would be simply pawful.”
  • The three other Marauders somehow manage to keep a straight face as James pipes up, “Now, us Marauders being quiet. Isn’t that a simply ratical idea?”
  • Remus, with barely contained giggles, adds, “No, we’re too fawn of transfiguration. To make a ruckus would be to be barking mad.”
  • All three of them turn to Peter. Peter, the one who is always so enthusiastic, but the one who isn’t the brightest either. “Well,” he says with a completely blank face. “This entire conversation has been howl-arious, but we must stop talking, or the consequences will be ruff.”
  • With this, the Marauders break into laughter, and do not calm down until all of them are given detention by an irate McGonagall. (Although James swears he saw her lips quirk for a second.)
  • Once, one day in fourth year, when Peter accidentally blurts out the prank plan to Lily Evans, the Marauders all get detention. They, however, cannot stop laughing when Peter apologizes at the top of his voice, “Sorry for ratting you out.”
  • At dinner, some day (let’s face it, every day) in fifth year, Sirius shouts out, “Remus! Looks like you’re wolfing down the pie!”
  • To which Remus would respond exasperated, “This is getting out of hound.”
  • Obviously, James and Lily’s wedding was the greatest opportunity to makje puns. “Oh deer,” sighs Remus. “My hart is singing.”
  • “For real, doe,” agrees Peter.  
  • When James and Lily go on their honeymoon, Sirius says that they “must be fawn-icating.”
  • But when Remus faces the dead bodies of his friends, Remus cannot bring himself to make a single puns. In his hearts of hearts, in another world, he would’ve made the joke, “Prongs, what are you doing down deer on the floor?”
  • But he can’t because he is too stunned, too unfeeling.
  • There was once a time when the Marauders played on words. Now they do not speak at all, their voices silenced by the all-consuming, crushing silence of death.

Wolfstar caught by James.

James: Remus, what are you doing under the blankets with Sirius?

Remus: *frantically covers himself with the blanket,and eyes widen*

Fuck. Uhm, ugh, Sirius had a little problem with his um you-know-where. Since I was his closest friend, he wanted me to check and see if he was okay.

James: And both your lips are swollen?

Sirius: *Hides used condom* Oh Lily gave us a chapstick to try on and we, um, we both had allergic reactions to it. *ruddy well knows that they both have been caught having sex*

James: *stares at them suspiciously and then expression changes* Gosh darn it! Sirius, I thought I was your best friend! I thought Lily loved me! No one trusts me anymore! *walks out of room*

Remus: How fucking oblivious is he?

Sirius: I mean he didn’t understand what Lily meant by ‘fuck off, dick’ and he kept going back to her.


‘He hasn’t gone!’ Harry yelled.

He did not believe it; he would not believe it; still he fought Lupin with every bit of strength he had. Lupin did not understand; people hid behind that curtain; Harry had heard them whispering the first time he had entered the room. Sirius was hiding, simply lurking out of sight –

‘SIRIUS!’ he bellowed. ‘SIRIUS!’

‘He can’t come back, Harry,’ said Lupin, his voice breaking as he struggled to contain Harry. ‘He can’t come back, because he’s d––’

‘HE – IS – NOT – DEAD!’ roared Harry. ‘SIRIUS!’

Marauders + Pranks
  • First year, first day back, James, decides to prank Snivellus. He does not tell anyone, but sneaks a dungbomb into his pocket for further perusal at lunch.
  • Sirius, of course, has had the exact same idea, but his prank involves a potion to make the drinker throw up.
  • Peter, meanwhile, has no intention of getting involved in anything, but he knows that James and Sirius are up to something. He catches them both, at separate times, trying to sneak in to dinner.
  • They (at separate times) implore him to say nothing, and he is therefore reeled into this mess of a plan (About which he is quite enthusiastic now).
  • Remus notes, dryly, that James and Sirius are up to something, but says nothing.
  • Under the Slytherin table at dinner, somehow James and Sirius end up, quite literally, bumping into each other.
  • James quickly detonates the dungbomb, and Sirius slips the potion into Snape’s drink. However, they are not very slick getting out from under the Slytherin table and Lucius (”That darn prefect!” Peter mumbles worriedly, as McGonagall glares at them later in her office)
  • She is about to give them detention when Remus shows up. “But professor, they were with me, studying,” he says innocently.
  • Later, the next week they execute two successful pranks.
  • James always plans the Invasion Strategy, Sirius always adds quirks to it, Remus always plans the Escape Strategy and Peter is always the lookout.
  • Afterwards, James points out weaknesses, Peter the strengths, Sirius the threats, and Remus the advantages.
  • Once, after Christmas, when they unsuccessfully try to to dump hard-boiled eggs on the Slytherin Common room, James, Sirius and Peter are given detention.
  • Remus finishes the prank and lands detention with them. (”One for all, all for one,” he says from a muggle book.)
  • That’s when they know that they are the best of friends.
  • Second Year, during the Welcome Feast, Dumbledore’s beard starts to grow and grow and grow. Over his head, it says “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your beard.”
  • In third year, after the prank involving numerous squirrels, McGonagall bursts out “I will not have you Maraudering around in my house!”
  • Third year, on Halloween, somehow the armor is turned into a giant spider and it rattles the school.Four boys sit at the Gryffindor table, with barely constrained laughter, calmly eating pudding.
  • Fourth year, they get pranked by Lily Evans and James is a goner.
  • Fifth year, Sirius admires the way Moony looks when planning a prank. Absolutely devious, he thinks. When Remus catches him staring st his long finger, Sirius look away quickly.
  • That year, Sirius gets distracted a total of seventy-two times in sixty-three pranks because he has been looking at Moony.
  • Yet, while James hates the swoop of the stomach when lily looks particular beautiful, hates the lost control over his reaction; Sirius embraces it, loses himself in it
  • Yet, sixth year, he takes pranks too far
  • Sixth year, in the annual prank war (a tradition started from first year) the Marauders lose for the first time to Lily and Sirius (who has jumped teams after the falling out with Remus)
  • Lily realizes James Potter is quite ingenious
  • Fed up with the silent treatment, Sirius challenges Remus to a duel
  • They cannot get caught: Gryffindor is running in the negatives
  • They decide to do it at night, but in order to not get caught, they have the same solution: no students out of bed.
  • In their pyjamas and bedclothes, they levitate their beds out at 2 a.m into the Great Hall
  • In the darkness, they do not realize that James and Peter have already levitated their beds because they are up to a prank
  • When they all collide in the Great Hall, they realize that their friendship is not as fragile and they try to prank Dumbledore’s office.
  • Once they’re caught, a livid McGonagall has to let them go: “Professor, we’re not out of bed!”
  • Seventh year, James is extra careful about getting caught. He stops his pranks
  • Lily Evans scolds him. “We need them now more than ever,” she says. She realizes she has fallen for his impeccable humor.
  • After Hogwarts, when they move into a giant apartment, the Marauders and Lily play daily pranks on each other
  • After Harry is born, the pranks lessen, and once they go into hiding, there are no more pranks
  • Peter Pettirgrew thinks that he is going to be the master of the joke. The one they never suspected. But he wonders why he does not feel like laughing.
  • As James falls, he begins to think of all the weaknesses, all the flaws and why it had gone wrong.
  • Sirius berates himself for not thinking of the threats, alone in an Azkaban cell.
  • Remus, standing alone at the funeral, wonders about the advantages. Sirius knows he isn’t the spy. James and Lily died together. Voldemort vanquished. A child who would never know his Uncle Moony, but who would help them. He thinks it is enough for the coming years.
”They couldn’t keep me company as humans, so they kept me company as animals.”
  • Remus says this devoid of emotion, but he remembers
  • So, of course, in first year, October, when Remus disappeared for the first full moon, all the Marauders are very, very curious.
  • Because Remus was a very quiet boy, and no one talks to him really very much. But the moment he disappeared, the three boys are intrigued.
  • James, really, is very concerned. “But, Sirius, what if he got lost in the castle and is rotting in a cupboard somewhere?” (They know he gets out of bed at night to explore. He really is better at it than them. They were caught twice, and he has never been caught and it really is unfair. “He’s wasting his talents on the library,” Sirius says often.”)
  • Sirius is very intrigued and plain nosy sometimes. “James, it’s a quest! We have to find him!”
  • Peter is very excited at the sound of a mystery. “What do you think is going on?” he asks enthusiastically. The enthusiasm is why James and Sirius like this new friend. Although not as clever, his enthusiasm is often effective.
  • When Remus comes back, they are even more concerned about his sick mother.
  • But then they realize this a flimsy excuse when Remus’ “sick” mother comes to greet him at the platform, her arms wide open.
  • They are now very perplexed.
  • When the new term begins, they become the Four Marauders when Remus comes to the rescue in a story involving a tractor (a muggle convention Peter had snuck into school somehow), Dorothy Townsend’s knickers, a dozen nifflers, chocolate syrup, Slytherins covered in bobtuber pus and a couple of Hufflepuffs hanging from the Quidditch goalposts (”That was not part of the plan, Sirius!”)
  • There were also Ravenclaws wandering around in talking in Iambic Pentameter, which had also not been the plan. 
  • In fact, nothing had been the plan, and Remus had saved the whole school from turning into a giant Ferris wheel (which had also not been the plan).
  • “I wonder where we went wrong,” James questions later. “You flicked your wrist too much, this is how it’s done,” Remus shows them. Ever since then he is a Marauder.
  • Now it is much easier to track his differences, and much harder for Remus to lie. One month, his Aunt dies, then his rabbit dies. He does not explain the bruises and cuts very well. The Marauders try to trust him because friends trust each other.
  • However, when his Dead Aunt Delia comes to pick him up at the station, they realize something must be done.They research, research and research. 
  • When they come back to term, they are still clueless. Lily finds them huddled together discussing Remus and snorts.“What is it, Evans?” James says rudely. 
  • “How have you till not figured it out?” she laughs at them, but also terrified for Remus because James and Sirius are from the wizarding world and may have its prejudices.
  • One night in November, Remus is gone again and Sirius can’t sleep. The other Marauders can’t either. They realize because the curtains are open and its full moon and light goes off in Sirius’ head.But he doesn’t tell anyone because what if James and Peter hurt Remus?
  • He goes to Lily the next day while Remus is in the hospital. She begs him not to tell anyone, and Sirius swear that he won’t because he cares more than she’ll ever know. (Did he even know it then?)
  • But he remembers the Marauders made a pact to share secrets, not keep them. He realizes James is his best mate, who doesn’t see him as a Black, so why should Remus be a monster?
  • They confront him after he comes back. He is terrified. But instead of silver darts, they chuck golden-wrapped Honeydukes at him. Instead of the slurs, he hears praise for his strength. Instead of the scent of fear, he smells friendship and warmth.
  • James and Sirius are determined they can solve any problems.
  • In January, after an odd incident involving Mrs. Norris drinking Polyjuice potion and running around as Lucius Malfoy starkers paired with one of Hagrid’s giant pumpkins turning into a carriage (one of Remus’ muggle books, honestly muggles were the oddest) they run into an abandoned Transfiguration classroom.
  • They find books about Animagi, and so the adventure starts. 
  • They do not tell Remus until they are ready. 
  • And when they are, they make the bond to be the strongest friends.
  •  But, as Remus utters this sentence, he realizes that the strongest of bonds can be broken, and Sirius realizes that sometimes and old friend’s enthusiasm might be for the wrong reasons.
  • And as Remus utters these words, unwavering, not showing any emotion to Harry, surveying the three remaining, broken fragments of a once-legendary group, he remembers.
  • Because he knows that they don’t know all the jokes, the laughter, the naive hope behind this simple utterance. 
  • Because now they do not have hope, the greatest luxury, anymore.
  • But he hopes hope lives on in the splitting image of James and the bright green eyes in front of him.
Padfoot, the Big Black Dog [Sirius Black - Marauders]

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☾ ¡Requested! ☾ Y/N L/N adores dogs, and when she mistakes a certain animagus as a cuddly stray, she’s in for a massive treat.
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Hope you enjoy this, darling! This was such a nice idea, and I was so, so excited to start on it. I’m sorry you had to wait so long, but I hope the wait for worth it! If you’d like a sequel, all you have to do is ask for it when requests are opened back up, hehe. Love you! xx
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WHEN Y/N’S MOM ASKED IF SHE WANTED A tabby cat for her eleventh birthday, it took all of her willpower not to flee the bloody state of England. Hogwarts had their restrictions and regulations, and according to her halfblooded mother who attended the damned school as a youth, dogs weren’t allowed. Called them “mutts"— burdens. This was an absolute outrage to Y/N and she absolutely refused to even look in the direction of those yowling daemons when she came upon them in a pet-store.

This specific memory came back to Y/N when she spotted a lounging dog—right beside the Great Lake, during her fifth-year of Hogwarts. It was a gorgeous dog, especially through her peripheral vision at this specific vantage point. Thick black fur, pointed ears relaxed back to the top of its shaggy-haired head, a long tail softly brushing back and forth on the grass.
Y/N couldn’t help but gasp. A bloody dog—in Hogwarts!

"Oh my gosh,” Y/N breathed quietly. When the dog didn’t register her voice or feel the shift of energy in the atmosphere, she supposed it had to have been sleeping. Any other animal would have shot up, stared at her with petrified anxiety, then pranced away in a flurry of fur and footfalls. This particular animal—this dog—was too preoccupied with lazing about to really reflect on anything other than the soothing trickling of the Great Lake’s waters. Even if it was conscious, it probably felt itself too comfortable to actually pay any real attention. What was there to fear, anyway? The Giant Squid?

Y/N ignored the urge to scurry down to the dog and tackle it with kisses and hugs, and in place of her passion, she called herself down enough to just stand there and stare at it. She wondered whether it was a girl or a boy—with the way it lounged, she proposed it was a boy. Yes, a boy. He was most definitely a male dog. And his name; did he even have a name, or was he really a stray, as she originally suspected? Y/N couldn’t honestly tell, and before she could protest the movement or think against her intentions, she was doing just what she originally told herself she wouldn't—shouldn't—do: scurry down the hill and attack the dog.

A great yelp escaped him the moment Y/N plopped to the ground and barreled into him. A strangled gasp came from the dog mere seconds afterward, and he began to bark with great fervor. Y/N quickly began to shush him. “McGonagall hates dogs; keep your bark down!” she whispered hurriedly, loosening her grip on his thick, furry neck. Strangely, the dog froze. To Y/N, it almost seemed as though her voice was familiar to him.

The dog jumped from her arms with a great harrumph and shook himself off. Y/N eyed him in amusement. There was something about the dog that made her just want to giggle and giggle. Was it the way he acted like the animal-version of a Marauder? Y/N supposed so, due to her strange infatuation with the group’s humor and pranks.

“Listening to me, are you?” Y/N quipped smirkingly. The dog tilted his head, amusement clear in his eyes—but Y/N didn’t notice. She thought he was her newly-acquired pet—her new companion—and quickly scooted closer.  "It’s quite alright; I appear to have that effect on all men and all animals. Not cats, though—those little beasts can go kiss a bloody hog’s arse than be anywhere near me.“

The dog let out an obnoxious snort, a cross between a bark and a laugh. Y/N eyed him with curiosity. Ignoring the part of her afraid that he was born into a pack of wolves, and would scramble her body parts into disposal bits before she could even react, she reached out a hand. "You’re so adorable,” she cooed at the dog. His fur was black like midnight, covered in a silvered gleam from the moonlight’s ominous glare. It was very soft—strange for a stray. There wasn’t a single trace of grim on him, excluding any pieces of grass that laid nimbly on his torso.

“Don’t worry,” Y/N said to him, “I’m not like McGonagall. I love dogs!” The dog beamed at her, eyes alight with pleasure as her nails massaged the bases of his ears gently. He was a very nice dog, surprisingly. Y/N expected him to bite and nip at her like any other animal she’d known. They were all rather particular about who they let scratch their bellies, and Y/N’s impatient desire to constantly pet and rub on an animal did not sit well with any of them. This dog, though, seemed to enjoy her presence.

It made her feel a bit open-hearted, and she felt she could confine anything in this dog. Maybe he could help her with her charms homework!

“Are you a magical dog?” she asked stupidly, glancing at the dog with her brow furrowed in curiosity. When the dog merely stared back at her, tongue lapping about its jaw and eyes freckled with a haze of sleepiness, Y/N grunted, “Well?”

His eyes bore into the base of her skull. She took that as a no, and she subconsciously rubbed at the temple of her cranial cavity. Part of her wondered why the dog’s eyes looked familiar, but the other part of her thought it was useless to think of the animal as anything but a dog. Y/N pursed her lips and rolled her eyes, bringing a dainty hand up to the dog’s black coat, smiling as she scratched him behind the ear.

Minutes passed with a comfortable silence filling the void. A shrill buzz lit itself in Y/N’s head and she slowly turned to look at the figure of Hogwarts just a string of yards away. She sighed. “Seems I have to go,” she said sadly. She patted the red and gold pin attached to her robes. “Prefect duties call.”

The dog watched her, and strangely, his eyes were just as alight with disappointment. He whimpered, lifting up a paw and scratching at the air. The sight made Y/N’s lips twist into a pout. Damn Lily Evans for giving me rounds this time of evening.

A sudden thought struck Y/N then, and she grinned wolfishly at her newly-found companion. “I’ll be back tomorrow! You’ll be here, right?”

The dog tilted his head. A subtle nod came from him, and to Y/N, that was answer enough.

Y/N winked. “Try not to get caught by McGonagall or Filch,” she whispered, theatrically glancing behind her with an exaggerated expression of pure terror. “I swear, their robes are made of dog fur!”

With one last grin in the dog’s direction, Y/N was off to perform her rounds. Behind her, the dog slinked off into the shadows and there, he materialized into the form of a human. A grin identical to Y/N’s was on his face, and he just knew that he wouldn’t miss their next meeting for the world.

— — —

The next day, Y/N stomped her way to the Great Lake with a scowl on her face. Her companion awaited her presence, and his chocolate eyes stared at her curiously as she came near. With an unladylike grunt, she plopped on the ground. She immediately reached out to pet on her animal friend’s nape.

Y/N scowled at the ground. “Lucius Malfoy is the absolute worst!” The dog’s gaze intensified and he pawed at her robed thigh. Y/N spared him a glance and released a sigh, knowing that was his way of asking for her to elaborate. “I heard him and his band of Death-Eater goons saying really rude shite about Gryffindors. He was being bloody nasty about the Marauders and Lily Evans. Calling them blood-traitors and mudbloods, and saying he couldn’t wait until school ended so he’d have a chance of seeing them on the battlegrounds.”

Her dog companion tilted his head in confusion. Y/N gave a mirthless chuckle. “I have a habit of sneaking around Hogwarts after curfew. Seems like that bloody git Malfoy does too. I was heading back to the common-room from the kitchens when I heard him talking. I wanted to avoid a duel with him and his idiot friends, so I hid behind that one curtain around the Room of Requirements.”

Y/N rubbed a hand over her face, then dropped it to scratch behind her dog friend’s left ear. “Hopefully Sirius and them will have planned a prank on him by the end of the week. Knowing him, it’ll be grand.”

The dog’s ears perked, and he snapped his head up at Y/N. He barked loudly and boisterously, pawing harshly at her stomach area. Y/N giggled and swatted him away. A blush was forming on her face. “Oh, you know, don’t you?” she said sheepishly. “Damned dogs, always sniffing out my secrets and crushes.”

Again, she was pawed at through her robes, this time a scratch of the dog’s claws itching her left forearm. She glared at him.“Fine, fine! I’ll tell you about it.” With a grunt and bit of effort, she settled herself into a crisscrossed sitting position and looked at the dog expectantly. He sat himself up and stared at her. Very obedient dog, Y/N thought idly before a dreamy smile overtook her face. “Oh, Sirius Black. Handsomest guy in our year. And by far the smartest, funniest, and wittiest. Some would say Remus is the intelligent one or James is the funny one, but he’s always been different for me. He hides behind these jokes and insults, but I know he’s secretly a bashful little boy, blushing when he’s praised and always knowing the right answers.”

Her dog friend scooted closer, and it honestly felt like he was hanging onto her every word. Y/N giggled like a naive schoolgirl, feeling that he was a better friend to confine in than any of her dorm-mates—bloody psychopaths. “Yeah, we’ve never really talked, though. There was this one time in second year where we were both separated from our friends on the train and decided to just sit together instead, but you know. That was a long time ago—Merlin knows if he himself even remembers it. I just—” Y/N cut herself off. She swallowed down the words she was going to say and inhaled a deep, frosted breath. “He was so sweet to me—he never looked at me like all those other girls. Like I was some game to him. Maybe I’m reading the signs wrong, but I honestly feel like he respects me.”

Her friend shuffled even closer. His snout nestled into her side. Y/N smiled. “I absolutely love it when he pulls pranks on that Slytherin lot—especially Severus sodding Snape. He is the worst bloke I have ever met, and believe me, I know a lot of gits. When he called Lily a mudblood last year, I didn’t know what to think. If I was brave like Sirius and James, I might have hexed him myself. However—”

A call that sounded identical to Marlene McKinnon’s shrill voice came from Hogwarts before Y/N could finish talking. “Y/N!”

Y/N sighed dramatically, giving an exaggerated roll of her eyes. “How unfortunate,” she muttered. “Bet she just wants me to help her write her potions essay. Bloody girl can never get Lily’s help, but apparently I have enough cowardice that I can’t deny someone in their hour of need.”


Y/N turned in the direction of Hogwarts. “YES! NOW STOP BLOODY YELLING!” She turned her attention to her friend. He was already looking and her, and his eyes were pleading that she ignore her friend and stay with him. Y/N’s heart broke just a little and she mentally threw out a curse at Filch and McGonagall for being so damned strict on pet regulations. “I’m sorry, boy. I’ll be back tomorrow, alright?”

He softly barked in reply. Y/N’s frown turned into a small smile and she rubbed his head. “Be good, okay? And don’t get caught.” With a cheeky wink, she was gone yet again.

And her dog companion was left to stare at her retreating back, wondering how he could ever reveal the truth.

— — —

Day after day after day passed, and Y/N grew into a routine of meeting the dog every evening after dinner. He was always there, just patiently waiting for her to arrive, and he listened to her rants. He growled at all the right places, and stared at her attentively, like there was a human nestled beneath all the fur and animalistic tendencies. Sometimes Y/N nicked a piece of steak and kidney pie or a roll for him, and she beamed at him when he devoured them contentedly.

One day, Y/N was going out to meet the dog several minutes later than usual. She’d been held up in detention after back-talking Slughorn into holding her back for a bit more dusting, and she was running towards the Great Hall at a faster speed than she’d like to. She was afraid to find her companion gone.

When she arrived, her heart dropped at seeing her dog companion nowhere in sight. She looked around hurriedly, face saturated in anxiety. “Boy? Boy, are you here?” She waited a few seconds, scrutinizing the scene, before her voice took a panicked edge. “Oh dear Merlin, did McGonagall make you into a fur-coat? I’m never going to Wizarding Heaven now!”

Y/N ran towards the Great Lake and she peered in. “Who am I going to gossip about Sirius Black with? Who can I bitch to about Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape? Oh, shite.” Tears were starting to fill Y/N’s eyes.

Suddenly, a throats cleared from behind her. Petrified. That’s how she felt, knowing she was no longer alone and that the one figure was a person. Slowly but surely, Y/N turned around and the person she found herself faced with was not who she was expecting. It was Sirius Black and he had an enormous grin on his face. “You know, Y/N,” he said huskily, his grin widening with each word, “you could always gossip about how gorgeous my hair is and how magnificent a prankster I am to me. Just a thought, though!”

Y/N gaped at him. She was too shocked to even flush, and so she stuck with blatantly staring at him. Finally, after what seemed like minutes of looking at him, she found herself capable of words. Well, partially. “W-What?” she squeaked.

Sirius sighed and stepped closer. “Okay,” he said slowly, “so, there is the honest possibility that the dog you were talking to about all your problems and… crushes… wasn’t actually a dog. I mean, how could a dog even make it through the barrier? You’d have better luck in chitchatting with a bloody centaur.”

Y/N raised an eyebrow. “So, what you’re saying is that you’re an Animagus?” Sirius nodded in confirmation. “Why didn’t you bloody reveal yourself sooner, then?”

Sirius sighed. “In all honesty, I was nervous about it. Hearing you… talk so openly about your feelings for me was just something I enjoyed hearing so I thought, why the hell not? I know, I know—that’s a really big invasion of privacy, and I feel really bad for it, but I like you a whole bloody lot myself, alright? So no harm, no foul—right? Is… is that how that saying goes?”

The girl rubbed a hand over her face. “Bloody hell, Sirius.”

The moment she looked back up, Sirius was directly in front of her. It was like a scene from a Jane Austen book, one she’d always dreamed of since she was a little girl. She stared at him, flinching with surprise when he ran his nimble fingers through her hair. He smiled. “You’re so beautiful, Y/N,” he murmured, then swiftly leaned down to kiss her.

There was no fireworks or explosions or anything like that involved in their kiss. Instead, what Y/N felt with Sirius was something so much more. His lips tasted like electricity, and with his sweet kiss came sparks—ones filled with passion and hurt and comfort. He felt like home—something that Y/N had never felt with anyone ever before.

When Sirius pulled back, they were both breathless and wanting more. Y/N tucked a piece of hair behind Sirius’s ear and stared at him curiously. She still had one more question. “So… you mind explaining why you turn into a big black dog?”

Sirius’s gorgeous smirk dropped into a sheepish frown. Fucking busted. “I’d rather not.”