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Wolfstar Bakery AU suggested by @deasn

Remus had always loved to back when he was growing up. It’s all he ever wanted to do. When he actually got his first job at a bakery after school had finished, he was beyond ecstatic. He didn’t own it himself, but he didn’t need to since he got to do what he loved all day. There were times when he was the only one in the shop, but he was fine with that.

One time, this man with long black hair and a leather jacket came in who looked like he didn’t know what he doing there.
He kept asking Remus questions about what he should get someone who wasn’t a fan of too sweet, but also liked butterscotch. It seemed he was buying someone a gift of some sort.

Remus helped him the best he could and they ended up talking for a bit longer than either expected. The man left with a cupcake per his request and left.
That was that. Or so Remus thought until the next week came and the man was back again.

“Did they not like it?”
“No, actually. Quite the opposite. They loved it. My name’s Sirius, by the way.”

Sirius left with another cupcake.
This became a routine. The same day, though he began to come later in the evening when less people came through. He began to stay longer and even buying an extra cupcake to eat in the bakery as he kept Remus company.
It was an odd thing they had going, but Remus honestly enjoyed it. He loved that someone seemed to like what he created enough to come back and as they spoke, they learned they had a few things in common.

It turned out they went to the same high school, but just were in different groups of friends.

Truthfully, that made Remus a bit sad. The more him and Sirius spoke, the more he grew to like this man with the long black hair and grey eyes. The smile he wore when he spotted flour on Remus’ cheek and the way he carried himself through the door. So confident in himself.

One day after two or so months of their meetings, Remus’ curiosity got the best of him.
“So why do you keep coming here? Your girlfriend can’t love my baking /that/ much.” He said, making sure he wasn’t looking at Sirius as he spoke, yet trying to maintain a teasing tone.
Sirius seemed confused.
“I’ve been getting them for my flatmate. Well, the first time it was for that anyway…”
Sirius seemed to shrug it off as if it was normal.
“I didn’t want to keep coming in here without buying anything.” He explained, making Remus look up.

“You’re not that dense, are you, Remus?” He asked with a laugh making the other’s cheeks turn red.
“Well, if you came her e to hangout with me, why not just… Ask to hangout somewhere else?” Remus was at the counter now, looking Sirius with a confused look on his face. “Isn’t that what people do?”
“I like watching you work. You look so happy doing what you do.”

At this, Sirius pulled out a flyer from his pocket.
“But now that you mention it… Saw that this place is doing a baking class. My flatmate and his girlfriend are going. Would you want to come as well? Meet the bloke you’ve been feeding?”
Sirius’ smile was contagious.
“Like… A double date…?”
“Exactly like a double date.”
“Uh… Y-yeah. Yeah. I’d love that.”
Remus was blushing badly now, which seemed to only making Sirius happier, besides the fact that the man he had been wanting to ask out for awhile actually said yes.
Sirius took the opportunity to lean against the counter and wipe Remus’ cheek with his thumb.
“Meet us there half an hour before.”

With that, Sirius took his weekly cupcake leaving a partially stunned Remus whose latest batch of baked goods almost ended up burning because of it.