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Hi! I love your drarry fic recs and i was wondering if you could do one for wolfstar too?

You’ve come to the right person my friend, here are some of my favorites;

A Cure For Nightmares by Picascribit (36k)
1976-78: There’s a mysterious new boy at St Godric’s boarding school, and Sirius can’t stop thinking about him, but the secret Remus is keeping might break Sirius’s heart.

Very Bad Things by Freudian Fuckup (58k)
On the list of Very Bad Things Sirius Black has done, Snogging Moony In a Bathroom is really only eighth or ninth.

A Wolf’s Heart by @severus-snape-is-a-butt-trumpet (87k)
Remus Lupin has a congenital heart defect, and is awaiting an available heart for transplant. Sirius Black is an immature twenty-something, living with a couple other immature twenty-somethings. Both are obsessed with the same obscure book, which becomes their coping mechanism for navigating their instant and torrid love affair. Life, they discover, is precarious at best, but from each other, they learn how to make it something that’s worth living.

Text Talk by Merlywhirls (141k)
Sirius is in boarding school, Remus is in hospital, and they don’t know each other until Sirius texts the wrong number.

That Old Black Magic by Fallovermelikestars (36k)
AU in which Remus, being as he is a werewolf and all, is homeschooled til he is 16. Hogwarts is something of an experience, not least because there’s this boy called Sirius Black.

This is You and Me by Children_of_the_Shadows (81k)
The first time Charlus Potter met Remus Lupin, he was reminded of a past he was trying to forget.
The first time Dorea Potter met Remus Lupin, she was reminded of her own limitation.
The first time James Potter met Remus Lupin, he was indifferent.
The first time Sirius Black met Remus Lupin, he threw a punch to his face.

Dating Remus Lupin by Children_of_the_Shadows (83k)
Remus Lupin is a mystery to the whole school; the boy who’s quiet, aloof, and cold. He also happens to be queer, which is enough to gain Sirius’s interest. What Sirius never realised that dating Remus Lupin wasn’t quite as easy as it looked.

The Lines We Cross by REwrites (102k)
He knew that what they were doing was wrong, but found, with every kiss, he cared less and less. AU student-teacher relations set in Sirius’s seventh year.

Momentum by Children_of_the_Shadows (259k)
An epic tale of Remus and Sirius’s lives, starting from the very beginning. A love that carries on through trials, tribulations, and war. AU towards the end, just before October 31st.

Casting Moonshadows by Moonsign (379k)
Lonely and outcast by his classmates, Remus wishes on a moonshadow for a friend who understands him. To his amazement his wish is answered not once, but three times, by his former enemies, the Marauders. SBRL and some JPLE as well, of course.*
*WIP, not abandoned but doesn’t update regularly, doesn’t end in a cliffhanger and worth a read.

Werewolves and Magic and Dreams, Oh My! by Glitterfics (50k)
The three Marauders are not friends with their other roommate. They think he’s quiet and weird and they are uncomfortable around him, especially when they discover he’s a werewolf. But then the dreams start and everything changes.

No Mum, He Really Is My Boyfriend by Showmeyourtardis (27k)
If Remus has to go on one more date set up by his mother, he will maul his own face off. It was nothing against the boys, they were… Well, they were horribly dull, but it was mostly the werewolf thing. So when an escape plan, in the form of Sirius Black, presents itself, Remus is more than happy to take it.

All Hail the Outlaws by @lala-lady-elena (29k)
One of Remus Lupin’s three jobs happens to be working maintenance for their flat building. He gets to meet all sorts, most of whom he would rather have nothing to do with. Until James Potter and Sirius Black move in across the hall. Engineering students and self-proclaimed geniuses, the pair set out to make their neighbours new best friends, and everyone’s life is turned upside down, but in the best way possible.

Aesthetic: Trash Boys by Emaly and Merlywhirls (89k)
A story that starts with dick pics but is really about friendship, falling in love, and summer hols fun.*
*WIP, not abandoned.

Fractured Skies by @lala-lady-elena (18k)
Two worlds collide. Deaf artist Sirius Black works at his best mate’s cafe. Remus Lupin is an epileptic student from France who is just looking to get by unnoticed. But the artist sees something he wants in the shy boy, and makes it his mission to see what makes Remus tick.

Paper Swans by @lala-lady-elena (27k)
The Sequel to Fractured Skies-Remus and Sirius are happy together. But they never envisioned a life where they’d lose their two best friends and have to fight for their godson. And yet things somehow work out, just not in the way they expected. With Harry off to Hogwarts Academy for his first year, Remus and Sirius deal with an empty nest and more importantly, feeling like their family is not yet complete.

I feel like i should rec entire AO3 profile of @lala-lady-elena bc i literally read all her fics and this list would need to have all of them??

How much you want to bet that after Andromeda left the family to marry Ted, Walburga and Orion were like “Sirius, you’re going to have an arranged marriage because you’re not pulling this shit on us.” Now bare in mind, Walburga and Orion are first cousins, so they tell Sirius he’s going to marry Bellatrix and that’s when Sirius is like “okay seriously enough of this family. Mum, Dad, I’m gay. I’m in love with my half blood boyfriend. You can’t stop me. Bye.” (Only much more dramatic because he’s Sirius) And that’s why he runs away and gets blown off the tapestry.

Why didn’t Remus report the secret passageways that the Marauders had used? He didn’t tell Dumbledore about Sirius being an Animagus, partly because there was no evidence that that was how he was getting onto the grounds. But Sirius was obviously breaking in somehow, and the passageways are as logical an option as any other.

He couldn’t just poke his head into Dumbledore’s office and be like, “heeey, so there’s a couple passageways to Hogsmeade that Filch hasn’t bordered up. I definitely for sure totally did not use them while I was a student here, but I just happen to know that they exist. Ask me no more questions, I’ll tell you no more lies. Baiiii!” and then run out?

So my friend Madi just started reading Harry Potter. Gasp, she is so far behind, a sin, I know. Anyway, she recently finished POA, and every time she finishes a book, we watch the movie together. 

So right as Sirius is making his dramatic grand entrance, I pause it and tell her about Wolfstar. And she goes, “No! They are BroTP. I don’t see the OTP. Sorry.”

So I laugh and un-pause it, and as soon as they start bickering when Snape gets there she pauses it and goes, “Okay! I SHIP IT!”

I laughed so hard. Just thought I would share this delightful little moment with you delightful wizards. 

Its the little things that count

I saw another user do this, so I decided to make my own version.


Lily loved fall. She loved jumping into piles of leaves. Loved taking long baths. Secretly a hopeless romantic. Loves the color green. Always burnt candles when she read. Loved to draw, and was fantastic at it. Hiker (”Lily, why dont you just apparate, it’s so much easier.” “James, its the journey that makes it worth it”). Had a huge bookshelf at home. Wanted to read every book in it before she died.


Took long showers. Loved baked goods, though he couldn’t cook to save his life. Hated tomatoes. Loved taking candid pictures of his friends. Loved going out, though he didn’t mind staying in. Was amazing at transfiguration and Charms. Pulled major pranks, though he wasnt caught (most of the time). Loved summers. He was great at swimming and was once dared to swim naked in the lake at Hogwarts (by Sirius, of course. And of course he did it). 


Was AMAZING at cooking. The mastermind behind all their pranks. Terrible dancer. He didn’t drink much, but when he did you wanted to be there to see it. One of his deepest secrets was that he was a cat person. Always wanted to dye his hair blue. Loved Dickens. Remus adored the rainy season. Whenever it snowed, he curled up near the fire with a book.


Great Actor (duh). He could sing really well. His best subject was Care of Magical Creatures, and DADA. Dreamed of a brick house which he and Remus could live in. Wanted to adopt dogs (”Sirius, may I ask what twenty three dogs are doing in our house?”). Always smelt like honeysuckle, with a hint of wet dog. Bad at shopping (”FOR THE LAST TIME SIRIUS, WE DONT NEED FORTY POUNDS WORTH OF MARSHMALLOW SHOOTERS!” “maybe you dont, but I do, Moony”). 


Loved sweaters, and fuzzy clothes. Always wore socks, no matter the whether. Slept with lots of pillows. Was the best at skipping stones. Didnt read much. Was just a bit spoiled. His bedroom always had lots of mirrors and plants. The best in their year at Herbology. Was good at fake crying. 

Wolfstar- Stardust AU

Your Heart in Exchange for Mine

Chapter- 1/?

Pairings: Sirius/Remus, Fleur/Tonks, James/Lily

Written for: Stardust AU


It wasn’t signed, but Remus held it to his breast and closed his eyes. “Why are you just giving me this now?”

“Because I think you’re finally ready. I think this will take you far from Hogsmeade, and I don’t know if you’ll return.”

“If I’m meant to,” Remus whispered, thinking of Fleur and perhaps this was meant to help him bring her the star.

“If you’re meant to.” Lyall clasped the back of his neck and squeezed. “You’re a good boy, Remus. Beautiful and worthy, and someday you’ll believe that.”

Remus squeezed his eyes shut, nodding though he couldn’t bring himself to agree. Instead he tucked the chain into his pocket, then took the pendent between his fingers, threading the cord between his fingers. It tingled and burnt a bit, and he carefully slipped it over his head.

He meant to say something to his father, but the moment the pendant rested against his chest, it felt like a hook in his belly, drawing him into nothingness.

He screamed, but voiceless into the void as he hurtled through emptiness, and just when the thought it was the end, his body hit the ground with an unceremonious thud. The wind was knocked from his chest, and he gasped, aching, begging for breath as he climbed to all fours.

He was in a pit, he realised, when his vision began to clear, and an arm’s length away was a body lying in the centre. Gasping, Remus pushed himself to his knees and stared. In the middle of the crater, lying in a gorgeous gown which looked like it was made of liquid mercury, was the most gorgeous creature Remus had ever seen.

He was thin, face smooth without a single blemish, black hair fanned out behind him. His eyes were grey, peeking open as Remus stared at him, and there was a tremor round them, a buzzing.

Remus opened his mouth to say something when he realised exactly what this was.

This was the star. The beautiful, bright star who had fallen to earth. The star he was meant to bring back to Fleur to win her heart. He was achingly gorgeous, and Remus thought nothing on the planet could break the serenity of this moment.

Turning, the star stared at him for a long moment before opening his mouth to speak. Would it sound like a song? Like angels singing him to a rest? Whatever the star was going to say, Remus leant forward to be filled with beauty and wisdom.

“Oy mate, what the bloody fuck are you staring at? Give us a hand, yeah? Or bugger off.”

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Can u do a wolfstar prompt where they aren't dating yet but for some reason Sirius gets really jealous over Remus and possessive which leads to angry kissing

I’m not huge on possessiveness, but I can do some Sirius who is a tad jealous but mostly concerned. Also feat. Kissing but maybe not angry kissing. I’m not a fan of angry kissing, especially when there isn’t a relationship established. So, this isn’t exactly what you asked for - it’s actually a bit sappy (oops. Too many monologues but you know Sirius would talk for hours if you let him.) - but hopefully you enjoy it.

“Pining over him is going to solve exactly nothing, you know that, right?” James peered at Sirius over his parchment.

Sirius flopped backwards onto the foot of James’ bed. “I never complain about your ‘pining’ over Evans.”

“Bullshit, ‘you don’t’. And it’s nothing that I wouldn’t - or haven’t - said to her face.”

“You don’t understand. You aren’t friends with Evans. Remus is one of my best mates. It could ruin everything. And he’s about to ruin stuff for himself again if he doesn’t open his bloody eyes.”

“And what have you done about it?” James rolled up his Quidditch plans and tossed the scroll onto his nightstand.

Sirius sat up. “I’ve don’t just as much as you and Peter - ”

“You can reach him better than either of us if you stop keeping it in. Even if you don’t tell him that you like him, tell him all of how you feel about Lynn. It’s not like you to sugarcoat shit. It’s like - ”

“It’s like I’m actually trying?” Sirius rose his voice. “For once, I’m fucking trying.”

James pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. “Or maybe you’re afraid to try.” He swung his legs off the bed and picked up his scroll. “I’m going to make sure there isn’t anything better in the archives.”

As he slipped on his shoes, their door opened. Remus came through, holding a stack of books, his curly hair strewn about. He set the books on his nightstand with a heavy sigh.

“Don’t fuck it up,” James said to Sirius before leaving.

“What’s he on about?” Remus asked as the door shut.

Sirius shook his head. “Some Quidditch research.”

“Hmm.” Remus set down his bag and sat on his bed.

“Can I… Talk to you for a moment?” Sirius bit at his nail, chipping the black paint.

“Of course. You know you don’t have to ask.”

Sirius stood up and made his way across the room. “Well, I - ” He looked at his hands as he leaned against Remus’ bedpost. “I know we’ve talked about some about the bit with you and Lynn, but… I’m really worried about you, Re.”

Remus furrowed his brows, looking up at Sirius. “What’s the problem with her? You lot seemed fine with it earlier.”

Sirius sighed. “We don’t have a problem with her exactly. I just… Peter’s optimistic, James says you should figure it out yourself, but… You dated for a long time last year and after what she did to you, I just don’t think I’d trust her.”

Remus stared at Sirius for a moment, trying to read his face. “I knew you didn’t like it. I knew the second I told you that we were back together that you didn’t like it.”

Sirius bit his nail, diverting his eyes from Remus’. “I just didn’t want…” He stopped and shook his head.

“I mean, I get it. I know what it’s like to hide things, but you shouldn’t hide them from me. I’ll do what I do regardless, but I want your honest opinion, you know?”

“I know, but I don’t want to make things… Difficult.”

“Sirius Black, not trying to make things difficult?”

Sirius rolled his eyes and laughed sarcastically before meeting Remus’ gaze. “There’s just… A lot, if you want my honest opinion.”

“Of course I do.”

Sirius closed his eyes and sighed. He sat beside Remus, looking up slightly to meet his gaze. “I hate it. I hate it so much. The last couple months of your relationship was painful to watch. Peter liked comforting you when she decided to blow you off and James’ concept of romance comes from muggle movies, so it was bloody normal to him. I couldn’t stand to see you so unhappy. You didn’t complain, really but it was all in the way you talked, the way your eyes wouldn’t focus on anything unless someone was talking, and even then… She would bounce back and forth. Maybe she’s changed, but you should value yourself more than that chance. I do.”

Remus set his hand on Sirius. Sirius studied his face. Remus bit his lip as he stared at their hands, his eyebrows furrowed. He squeezed his eyes shut before taking a deep breath and looking back up to Sirius. “Is… Is that all? You’re-you’re worried? That can’t be all… Why would that change anything - except how I was thinking. Which I did change on my own… Something I’ve been thinking about for a while is how I expect people to follow my own advice, but I never do it myself.” He squeezed Sirius’ hand. “Last night I broke it off. She wanted to meet at midnight and instead of snogging, I thought we’d talk and - we’re both better for it.”

“And you didn’t tell us?”

“Didn’t want to worry you… And I needed to do it alone.”

“You didn’t need to. You have us. Some of us are a bit thick, but I like to think the marauders are good at helping.”

“But we won’t always be together. Not for everything. We won’t all live in the same house and work the same places.” Remus ran his free hand through his hair worriedly. “There’s been a lot of talk about careers around our OWLs… My lot are alone in a way that a lot of people aren’t and -”

“You won’t be.” Sirius grabbed the boys other hand from his curls and scooted closer. “You will never have to be alone like that. Not with us - not with me.”

Remus’ bottom lip twitched as he stared at Sirius’ face, his eyes staring at the boys lips. He blinked and looked back at Sirius’ eyes. “Did you - err- did you have anything ear to say?”

Sirius’ stomach lurched from dread and anticipation. He sighed and closed his eyes before letting himself speak freely. “I knew I loved you the first time I heard you laugh - really genuinely laugh. Eleven-year-old me didn’t know what that was or what it could mean. Even through crushes on James and whosever else, you were always really there. You weren’t quite butterflies, though. It’s a deep calm warmth in my stomach and tingling on my skin when we touch… I didn’t know that it was love until the end of third year when I saw you kissing Marlene… I was so pissed and I kept talking to James trying to figure out why I was so bloody angry when it clicked.” He shrugged and chanced a look at Remus, whose face was unreadable as he studied Sirius’. Remus still held onto Sirius’ hands despite the sweat. “Please, say something.”

Remus dropped one of Sirius’ hands and touched his face. Sirius’ heart raced as Remus’ face moved closer. Sirius’ hand moved unthinking to the other boy’s waist as their lips met. His lips were chapped but perfectly fit with his own. His body filled with warmth as he took in Remus’ scent that he had memorized - but it was new, pure, in this proximity.

After a few moments, Remus broke the kiss. “Was that 'something’?” he asked, too breathless to be deadpanned.

Sirius was speechless for a moment, looking into his face before he spoke. “I’d say that was quite something, Moony.”

Send me prompts!

The first time.

Requested - yes - a remus lupin smut and first time they have sex.

A/N: SMUT. Requests are open!

“Remember that day where we all went swimming in the Black Lake?” you asked as you rested your head on Remus’ shoulder.

The two of you laid in his bed in the marauders dorm. It was a quiet thursday night - most people were at dinner but the two of you weren’t that hungry tonight.

“How can I forget?” Remus laughed slightly, running his fingers through your hair. “We got together that day.”

“It’s been almost seven months.” you whispered, frowning slightly. Remus and you never went any further than just kissing. Which, of course was alright but in the last few weeks you’d began doubting youself. Was he really that into you?

“Seven wonderful months.” Remus agreed - a loving smile on his face.

You sat up and faced the sandy haired boy. He was the most beautiful guy you’d ever laid eyes upon and you never wanted to lose him. He was too precious and kind.

“Do you actually like me?” You regretted the question right away when you saw the look on his face.

“What kind of question is that?” he asked, sitting up as well. “I’m crazy for you, love.”

“I know - but,” you felt awkward bringing your non-exciting sex life up. “It’s silly actually.”

“Tell me,” Remus encouraged you. “Nothing you say is silly.”

“Well,” you started. “We’ve never gone any further than kissing and I thought that maybe you’d never want too. Is there something wrong with me? Or do you just don’t want too with me.”

“Oh, y/n” Remus sighed. “There’s nothing wrong with you. You have no idea how much I want to have sex with you. I just didn’t want to force you into it.”

There was a small smile on your face and a dark red blush on your cheeks. “I really want to, Remus.”

Remus leaned in and pressed his lips to yours. The familiar feeling you’d always get when he kissed you filled your stomach and you wrapped your arms around his neck.

He smirked slightly and leaned forward so you fell back onto the bed. His body hovered over yours and lips never leaving your plump pink ones.

His hands roamed your sides before going to your buttons. He looked at you to ask for permission and you nodded your head. His long fingers worked your buttons and your blouse fell onto the floor.

His lips moved down your jaw and to the exposed skin of your neck. Leaving you panting slightly as his hand grabbed your breasty over your black lacy bra.

Your hands roamed his back and you pulled at the material of his jumper - he pulled it over his head quickly before going around your back to unclasp your bra. He slid the straps down your arms and leaned down to take a nipple in-between his lips.

“Remus,” you gasped as your hips bucked up to meet his. A low groan escaped his lips sending vibrations through your chest.

Remus gave every breast the same attention before sliding his hand under your school skirt and running his long fore finger over your clothed core.

“Ah, fuck.” you muttered, as you closed your eyes.

“You like that?” Remus mumbled as he pushed your panties to the side and running his finger up your slit.

A loud moan escaped your lips as you bucked your hips harder. Remus smirked and pushed his finger in slowly - making you arch your back.

“Remus… Please.” he stopped his movements and slid your panties along with your skirt down your slender legs. Within moments his jeans and boxers laid on the floor forgotten as well.

“This may hurt, love.” he whispered as he pulled on of your legs around his waist to get better acces to your core.

“I don’t care.” you moaned, as he placed his lips to your jaw again.

Slowly he pushed into your core - making you squeeze your eyes shut and whimpering under his touch. It hurt, yes, quite a bit. But at the same time it was such a special moment.

“I’m so sorry,” he said, kissing the pain away. He moved in further so you could adjust to his size.

“Please move,” you moaned after a few moments.

Remus began thrusting in and out of you. Low moans escaping his mouth as he did so. The feeling was wonderful - even louder moans escaped your lips as you clutched onto him.

“Fuck,” you moaned as you threw your head back in pleasure. “Remus,”

“I love you so much.” Remus panted in your ear.

“I - I FUCK!” you screamed as you came loudly. Remus growled as he came as well. Both your breathing was ragged as he thrusted a few more times before collasping next to you.

Your chest moved up and down rapidly. “That was - that was,”

“Amazing.” Remus finished for you.

“I love you so much, Remus.” you whispered as he pulled you closer while pulling the covers over the borh of you.

“We should’ve done that a long time ago.”

“Agreed.” you smiled, nuzzling into his chest.

102. We are not allowed to turn the Great Hall into a Beach, complete with sand, several plastic pools filled with water, palm and coconut trees, beach balls, and tiki torches.

I still don’t understand why we needed both palm AND coconut trees. They look the exact same! - JP

They do not! They’re completely different! Hence the need for both. - PP

I think this was the best idea we’ve ever had. - SB

You just liked it because you didn’t have to wear a shirt and most girls were walking around in their bikinis. - RL

Is it a crime to appreciate the female figure? - SB

Not a crime. Just a little creepy. According to Lily, anyway. - JP

Wolfstar Fic

Miles To Go Before I Sleep

Rating: Gen

Word Count: 4039

Pairings: Sirius/Remus, James/Lily

Tags: AU non magic, modern marauders, ace/sex repulsed Remus, agender Remus, Stammer, Stuttering, mentions of PTSD, Panic attacks, sleep-walking, sleep talking, fluff

Written for: @techno-tommo (see Ao3 for full prompt request)

Summary: Working the front door at a posh block of flats, Remus Lupin spends their nights watching the door, and occasionally taking a sleep-walking Sirius Black back to the arms of his flatmate. Pining quietly, everything changes for Remus one night when Sirius’ sleep-walking leads to comfort and emotional revelations.


Only Sirius, it seemed, had a different idea about it because the moment Alice left—too soon in Remus’ opinion—Sirius threw himself down onto Remus’ old, but comfortable sofa.

“You got Netflix in here? Because I was thinking pizza. Do you eat pizza?”

Blinking, Remus lowered down onto a cushion. “I s-sometimes eat p-p-pizza. Are you…d-d-do you…”

Sirius laughed and reached out, tugging Remus a little closer. “Do I what? Want to have pizza with you? Do I want to poke my finger in your cute lil dimples? Have I wanted to do that since the first day I saw you in the lobby? Do I make it a point to try and get down for my run every morning even though I hate running? Because yes, Remus. Yes to everything above.”

With no idea how to even begin to react to that, Remus merely sat back and stared at Sirius with wide eyes. “Oh,” they finally said.

Sirius chuckled again, and actually did poke Remus in the cheek where a dimple would be if they were smiling. “Oh. Are you opposed to any of those things?”

“N-n-not as s-su-such.”

Delighted, Sirius tugged Remus closer and cupped their cheeks gently, running his thumbs across the flushed skin. “I fancy you. M’a bit of a mess though, as you can see.”

“W-well I c-c-can b-barely hold a c-conversation so I th-think we’re on even f-f-footing. But there’s m-m-more you s-should probably know.”

“Well listen…if it’s not too invasive, Lily told me about you when I told her how badly I was fancying you. Your sexuality, your gender. She wanted to make sure I understood, that I didn’t get involved with you before I understood what it all means. And Remus, I get it. I’m quite alright with it. I wasn’t pining away for you for a shag. I just really bloody fancy you.”