Never Be The Same: Part 4

Sirius: *shifts in his sleep, his breath catching* *settles back into a steady rhythm, his chest rising and falling calmly* 

I’m sorry.

They’re gone Sirius. I’m sorry.

They’re gone Sirius. I’m sorry.

I’m sorry…-sorry-s-sorry I’m-s I’m-

They’re gone Sirius. I’m sorry.

Sirius: *cries out, thrashing violently in his sleep* 


Sirius: *jerks awake, throat raw from screaming* 

Sirius: *freezes, focusing on Remus as he struggles to gain control of himself* 

Remus: *slowly lays back down, eyes fixed warily on the shaking man across from him* 

Sirius: … *whispers* You can always feel when they’re coming. It gets cold… the air. It’s hard to breathe.  

Remus: *holds his own breath, worried Sirius will stop speaking* 

Sirius: They made me relive it… That night. Over and over and over again. *stares through Remus, his eyes wide and unblinking* Every day… year after year… 

Sirius: I can’t… breathe… 

Remus: *softly* We can’t go outside Sirius. 

Sirius: *chokes* I need air… *tries to pull his arm out of Remus’s grip* 

Sirius: *Dangerously* Let go of me. 

Remus: *tightens his grip* You’re out Sirius. You’re free. You’re never going back. Please, let me help you. 

Sirius: ……. Help me?

Sirius: *shoves Remus violently, snarling* I’m not out, Remus. I can’t get it out of my head. *chokes back a sob* I’ve relived their deaths so many times- 

I wasn’t allowed to forget. It’s never going to go away. *starts gasping, clutching at his chest* I th-thought maybe, now, without the dementors breathing down my neck, maybe I could…. but their faces… aren’t going away- 

It’s so goddamn cold… all the time. 

Sirius: *sobs* … I’m so fucking cold. 

Remus: *lurches forward* 

Remus: *voice trembling* … I wasn’t there for you Sirius, and I will never be able to make up for the last twelve years… 

But I’m here now, Pads. 

*quietly* Please… Don’t shut me out. 

… Please. 


Proud: Daddy!Sirius x Reader


Request:Hi! I know you are not taking request at the moment but I just needed to get this idea out of my chest/brain haha What about an imagine where Sirius is besides his wife while she is giving birth to their son and meanwhile the rest of the marauders (Jily and Harry survived and Remus his with them, Peter can die after what he did to them) are outside waiting for them and to check on them and finally a very proud Daddy!Sirius introduce them to their baby? :3 I just LOVE the way your write! Thanks!

Warnings: Child Birth ! ! ! Also, I changed the prompt to it being a girl instead of a boy, cause, c’mon, Daddy Sirius & his baby girl. 

Also, Y/N/P = Your Name Preference

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Sirius winces as another one of Y/N’s screams echo off the four walls of the white room, he squeezes her hand tightly, wishing he could do anything to make the pain end for her. He looks down at his wife, a few stray baby hairs from her messy bun stuck to her face from the sweat, the way her teeth are grit together tightly, the crushing feeling of her hand digging into his.

 “C’mon, baby, you’re doing so well. You’re so close.” He mumbles, brushing a wet cloth across her forehead with his free hand.

 “I can’t, I can’t, I can’t. And you really had to use that nickname?” She whimpers, her head laying against the pillow with a dramatic huff as she whines. 

Sirius chuckles slightly, moving the cloth away to press a kiss to her forehead. 

“Push, Mrs. Black!” The nurse that is stationed at the end of the table encourages, her head darting back under the sheet over Y/N’s legs. 

“There we are,  love. Just a few more. You can do it.” Sirius mutters,shuffling closer to her. He puts the cloth aside and brushes his hand across her forehead, trying to calm her. 

Y/N grimaces, lifting her head from the pillow and sucking her cheeks in between her teeth and biting down hard as she pushes, her hand squeezing Sirius’ tightly. She lets out a huff, her eyes droopy as her hand shakes slightly. 

“Doing so good, my love.” Sirius encourages, pressing his lips to the back of their joined hands.

 “One more big push, Mrs. Black.” The nurse’s voice drones.

 “I-I can’t. I’m sorry, I just- Sirius please.” She fumbles, her head lulling towards the side as her hand releases his and pulls him tighter by his shirt. The nurse throws a frantic glance at Sirius who gives her a look, not to push Y/N. 

“Love, come on now.” He mutters, brushing a hand over the crown of her head as she buries her head into his shirt.

 “Sirius- I can’t. It hurts.” She whines, her voice cracking at the end. Sirius feels his heart pang, as he leans down and kisses her head. 

“I know baby, I’m so sorry. But you’ve got to push for me okay? Just one more and we’ll have our baby.” He coaxes, trying not to think about the fact that Y/N is shaking against him. 

She’s breathing unevenly into him, but he feels a distinct nod. 

He pulls away and lowers her head back to the pillow, “ Look at me. One more, baby. For me.” He whispers, kissing her forehead. 

She closes her y/e/c eyes, and nods meekly, before mustering all the strength she has in her body and with a final groan, pushes. Sirius grips  her hand tightly and a few seconds later, a new piercing cry feels the room.

“Hey, Moony, watch this.” James mutters, bouncing a gurgling Harry on his lap. 

Remus looks up from his book, watching.

 James turns the child around in his lap, putting a hand on his small back to keep him in place as he pulls out his wand with the other. “You wanna fly, Harry? Yes you do, just like your dad, huh?” He cooes, as he points the wand at his giggling son. 

“Prongs I don’t think-” 

“Wingardium Leviosa!” James casts, and Harry is immediately up in the air, giggling and curling his little fists as he floats across the room from his dad. “Look at him, Moony! A born quidditch player. I bet you he’ll be the best seeker of his age.” James says, beaming. 

Remus looks at James through his glasses, frowning, ‘Prongs, you’re literally floating your infant around in the air with a wand.” 

James rolls his eyes at Remus, “Sorry, Lil.” He mocks.

 “You better put my son down this instant, Potter, or you will be.” Lily says, entering the room with a carton of to go tea mugs. She glowers at her husband as Harry flies by her head, reaching for her. 

James’ eyes go wide as he brings Harry back over to him. 

Lily hands Remus his cup of tea before setting the tray down and smacking James across the back of the head. 

“Ouch! Not in front of the kid, Lil!” He protests, rubbing his head. 

Lily rolls her eyes and takes Harry from his lap, “Which one’s the kid again?” 

Sirius chuckles from behind them, causing them all to turn. 

“Sirius! How is she?” Lily asks immediately. “She’s great, Lily, and so is our daughter.” He replies, grinning as Remus groans, fishing a few galleons out of his pocket and shoving them into James’ waiting hand. 

“Well, let’s meet her then.” James says, hopping up from the chair.

Sirius pushes the door open and smiles immediately upon the sight of Y/N, their new baby gurgling in her arms. “Hi guys!” She greets as their friends rush over to meet the little girl.

 Sirius walks over next to Y/N, kissing her forehead and reaching down to scratch the baby’s shirt. “Oh, she’s beautiful Y/N.” Lily gushes, smiling down. 

“Well, she is her mothers’ daughter. ” Sirius mutters, winking at Y/N. They all laugh and Remus grins, staying at the end of the bed.

 Y/N looks up, smiling slightly at her best friend. “Remus, come closer, I think your goddaughter would like to meet you.” She whispers, smiling. 

Remus’ eyes go wide and Lily elbows James as his jaw drops open. 

“M-me?” Remus asks, glancing between Y/N and Sirius.

 Sirius beams, nodding and taking the baby from Y/N, “Yes, you Moony. Meet, Y/N/P.” The others all gush over baby Y/N/P as Sirius makes his way back over to Y/N, taking a seat next to her and taking her hand. 

“Hey, Black.” She mutters, causing a smile to erupt on his face, the first words she had ever said to him.

 “Yes? He asks, cocking an eyebrow at her in amusement. 

“We did good, didn’t we?” She asks, eyes wandering back to their friends. 

“Sure did, my love. Sure did.” Sirius says, before leaning forward to kiss her.

‘simply fate’

They had a fairly odd friendship. In fact, they were probably more like acquaintances than friends. James Potter and Lily Evans had always just known each other. They had lived in the same street, went to the same school and the same university. Now, at the age of twenty-four, they live in the same apartment building and work in the same bar down the road. Both of them thought that the other was just following them in every path they took, but that was definitely not the case.  

Even though they had known each other for many moons, James and Lily had barely spoken three sentences to each other. That was of course until one rainy night in February, James had found Lily sitting on the stairwell with her head in her hands. The first thought that sprung to James’ mind was: this isn’t her floor what is she doing? and the second was: wait-shit- is she crying?  Now, James wasn’t an asshole but he did consider just sneaking past her and walking the two more flights of stairs to his flat. However, his conscious got the better of him, reminding him that he had known this girl for years and he had only seen her cry once when they were both five and she fell over playing tag, so he sat down next to her.

Everything okay, Lily?’ He asked slowly. After a few seconds of silence, James sighed and spoke again. ’Are you okay?’ Still no reply. After a bit of internal debating he realised she probably just wanted to be left alone so he stood back up and was about to climb up the stairs when her quiet voice spoke up and what she said almost caused him to fall down the stairs.

My dad passed away.

The rest of the night, James and Lily had their first real conversation which consisted of James trying his best to comfort the red head and Lily talking about all of her memories with her father. Somehow they ended up in James’ flat on the fourth floor with a bottle of whiskey that James had found at the back of his cupboard getting passed between them until it ran out and they both fell asleep on his living room floor. When James woke Lily was gone. His stomach sank a little when he saw that she was no longer next to him but suddenly realised it was just the whiskey and immediately rushed to the toilet.

James didn’t see Lily after that until a week later when Sirius, Remus and Peter were over playing on James’ X Box and fighting over the two controllers like they were teenagers again, there was a knock on the door. Lily was standing in the hallway in a black dress and bare feet, her red hair was matted just passed her shoulders and her green eyes were all puffed up. She said nothing, instead she just held up a plastic bag with two bottles of cheap vodka in it. He said nothing, instead he just opened the door wider.

It took half a bottle of vodka for Lily to warm up to James’ friends and another few swigs for her to challenge Peter at a game of Fifa. James sat back and laughed at Lily’s antics as she furiously pressed the buttons and he cheered loudly when she scored, even though he was positive Peter had let her. After watching Lily ‘beat’ Remus and Sirius, James had challenged her to a game, jokingly claiming that she could never beat him. She shot him a cheeky smile and wink before saying, ’It’s on, Potter.

The game was intense, to say the least, and five minutes in the score was two all, (James had let one of the goals in). They paused the game after a few more minutes so they could slip a few gulps of vodka in before resuming the game, and by the time Lily had scored another goal without James help Remus and Peter had become her personal cheerleaders. After getting a look from James, Sirius eagerly began to cheer for him. However, as soon as James was three goals behind Sirius not so subtly began to cheer for Lily and even joined in with Remus and Peter’s dance routine. ’Padfoot, the betrayal!’ James had screamed when he noticed.

Lily won the game. 'No surprise there.’ Remus muttered and James jokingly glared at him before his attention turned back to the red head who was happily jumping up and down on his second hand couch, her eyes glowing in delight. He had to fight the smile off his face when she stuck her tongue out at him. He was glad that he could help her forget for a little while.

A month past and it was no longer out of the ordinary to find Lily Evans sitting on James Potter’s couch or in James Potter’s kitchen or in James Potter’s presence for that matter. They would sit on the kitchen floor, talking for hours and eating left overs from the night before. She fit right in with his friends too, often found in heated debates with Sirius over musicals or deep conversations with Remus or playing fifa and laughing until her sides hurt with Peter. James would watch her laughing and couldn’t help but grin, he really liked her laugh.

Weekly karaoke nights were held every Thursday night, fake tears were shed every time during Lily and Sirius’ dramatic duet. The group had tried out game night; you can guess how that ended with all five of them being furiously competitive. They all agreed not to talk about that Tuesday night in March but lets just say it ended in James having to order a new coffee table using Sirius’ card credit because his friend got a 'little’ angry when Peter apparently cheated. To this day when the game Monopoly is mentioned Sirius immediately burns wholes in the side of Peter’s head. Lily joined James on a shopping trip and now they are no longer allowed in Asda due to Lily pushing James around in the cart and accidentally ramming it into the huge stack of beans. Remus now has to run in if either of them need anything. But it was totally worth it because Lily grabbed his hand as they ran away from the store.

It was coming up to two months without Lily’s dad and James noticed that she was sad and was clearly trying to hide it. She was awfully quiet, which was completely out of the ordinary and the day that it reached two months Sirius and James walked into the flat to discover that Lily was already there, crying into one of the couch cushions. They both silently sat next to her and after a moment she looked up and wiped her eyes, mascara stains left on the cushion next to the ketchup stain caused by Sirius a few weeks prior. ’You know, Lily.’ Sirius spoke up. ’Your dad hasn’t left you, not really. He’s still in here.’ He said quietly pointing to Lily’s heart. James and Lily both stared at Sirius in shock. ’What? I can be serious too. It’s in my name.’ He smirked causing James and Lily to simultaneously groan.

James realised that he had feelings for the green eyed girl when they were working late one Friday night. He watched as she flirted lightly with customers and shot them cheeky grins that caused an odd feeling in his gut. James shook his head and sighed. Of course he liked her! How couldn’t he? She was smart and funny and absolutely beautiful! He’s surprised it took him twenty four years to even get to know her, but now he knew her he couldn’t imagine not knowing her. He couldn’t imagine not seeing her everyday, he couldn’t imagine not spending endless nights laughing and talking in his kitchen, he didn’t want to imagine not making her smile and light up the way she did when he said something witty. 'You okay, Potter?’ Lily’s voice snapped him out of his thoughts. He wanted to tell her then, that he wanted to be with her for as long as she would have him, but instead he just nodded and flashed her a smile. ’Of course, Evans, you’re here.’ She blushed and went back to work, leaving James to wish she knew he wasn’t kidding.

After James’ epiphany the week before it was rather difficult to be around Lily without wanting to pull her into his arms and kiss her until he was dizzy. Obviously, he couldn’t do that so he resulted in avoiding her in a rather childish manner. He would give her short answers, reserve his jokes for the other three and basically completely ignore her presence. James clearly knew this was not the best way to go about his feelings, but he still knew she was mourning her father and he didn’t exactly want to bombard her. ’You’re such an idiot.’ Remus said when Lily left the flat with a huff after James completely paid no attention to her at all. James gave his friend a shocked look but Remus ignored it and carried on. ’If you like her, I don’t think you should be treating her like that. I know you probably don’t want to tell her but brushing her off is not going to help the situation in any way.’ James’ mind practically sizzled after Remus’ stern telling off, what was he going to do now?

Soon enough, Lily got sick and tired of James’ ignorance and stopped coming around all together. It had been twelve whole days without seeing her and James was starting to feel uneasy. This is exactly what he didn’t want and now it was happening because of James’ lack of common sense and his unbelievable amount of stupidity.

Suddenly, Lily burst into James’ flat an angry look in her eye when she spotted him on the couch. ’Lily?’ James stood up from his seat with a look of relief and utter confusion on his face. ’Oh, so you know my name now? You know, I thought that if I left you alone long enough you would come and say sorry but apparently I was wrong. So fuck you, James Potter, fuck you!’ She yelled, her face red and her eyes full of anger and hurt. James felt sick with the guilt and reached out a hand but she moved away. ’I like you so much and you just completely blew me off. After twenty four years of knowing each other, even after these past few months, why did you think you could just brush me off like that? Without an explanation?’ She looked like she was about to cry as she took a deep breath and whispered, ‘what did I do to you that made you hate me so much you couldn’t look at me?’ 'I don’t hate you.’ James whispered. 'I could never hate you.’ And with that, he did exactly what he wanted to do for weeks. He pulled the red head into his arms and kissed her.

Called it!’ Sirius yelled later on when he, Peter and Remus found Lily and James cuddled up on the couch in a mountain of blankets. They both watched on in amusement and a little bit of disbelief as Peter and Remus begrudgingly handed Sirius money out of their coat pockets. ’You all had a bet on if we’d get together?’ Lily asked. ’It wasn’t a matter of if, Lily.’ Peter smirked as he plopped himself in the arm chair. ’It was a matter of when.’ Remus finished and they all laughed.

It was strange really, how two people could know each other for so long and be complete strangers, and in a matter of a few months turn into best friends and lovers. James Potter didn’t follow Lily Evans in her path through life, and Lily Evans didn’t follow James Potter through his. It was simply fate.

  • Future boss:can you give me a brief summary of your last occupations?
  • Me:1997: HP and the Philosopher's stone 1998: HP and the Chamber of secrets 1999: HP and the prisoner of Azkaban 2000: HP and the Goblet of Fire - life crisis - 2003: HP and the Order of the Phoenix 2005: HP and the Half Blood Prince 2007: HP and the Deathly Hallows 2008 to present: overcoming depression with fanfics writing mixed with compulsive reading while fighting anxiety over the finite notion of time and incapacity of accepting the fact that Sirius Black is dead
High School Never Ends If You Keep On Getting Expelled
  • Later, in class
  • Remus:So, uh, you and Lily evans are going out and stuff?
  • Sirius:Well, I mean, it's not so formal as all that, it's just uh--why do you ask?
  • Remus:No reason, just curious.
  • Sirius:You know, this reeks of a conversation I had earlier today
  • Remus:Oh lord, please dont take me the wrong way. I'm not her. I'm not really...I'm not really into girls.
  • Sirius:Really? I mean, oh. Cool. Well. I um...the Lily thing...that's more of a um...not a thing that's real is what it is. It's very...Not real. She has a few too many X chromosomes for my taste.
  • Remus:[smirking] There are a lot of girls who are gonna be disappointed to here that.
  • Sirius:I hope not EVERYONE is disappointed though.
  • Remus:I'm sure SOME people are actually rather pleased
  • Peter:I saw Regulus talking to Snivellus. Seemed pretty friendly.
  • Sirius:Excuse me?
  • Peter:Yeah. They were laughing at something.
  • Sirius:NO BROTHER OF MINE - [storms out of Gryffindor Tower]
  • James:Well, that was a bit of an overreaction.
  • Peter:Yeah. Especially since I lied.
  • James:You lied.
  • Peter:Yep.
  • James:Regulus isn't talking to Snivelly?
  • Peter:Nope. Sitting at opposite ends of the table, actually.
  • James:So he's going to storm over to Slytherin table and make a scene for no reason?
  • Peter:Yep.
  • James:You devilish, perfect little bastard.
Jumpers- Remus Lupin

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Pairing: Remus Lupin x Short!Reader

Characters: Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, James Potter

Warnings: N/A

Request: N/A

Word Count: 556

Author: Charlotte

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Don’t go.

#18 & #35 with Sirius

Y/N and Sirius had been dating for over 5 months now. And it had been the best 5 months of her life. Sirius was the best boyfriend she ever had. He was nice, funny and he understood her. He was always there for her when she needed to talk or cuddle. He was there when she was crying or when she was laughing. He took her on cute dates, showed her off and kissed her like she was the only girl on the planet.

There were moments that they weren’t always on the same line, like today perhaps. Sirius had one of those days that he was irritated and easily got mad at everyone for everything. James, Remus and Peter were on edge the whole morning already, knowing about the dark haired boy. They sat in The Great Hall, eating their breakfast, like every day.

“so, um, Quidditch today huh”, James said, trying to defuse the tension. Sirius scoffed as he ate some of his cereal. “Sirius, are you okay?”, Remus asked carefully. Sirius looked up from his plate. His eyes piercing through Remus. “Do I look okay Moony”, Remus said, spatting Remus’ nickname like it was venom. “I-I don’t know, I-I” “hey babe!”, Y/N said, interrupting Remus. She sat down next to Sirius and gave him a peck on the cheek. “hey guys, ready for your game, James?”, Y/N smiled as she took some toast and orange juice. “oh, yeah, completely”, James smiled proudly. He had been talking about this game since last week. “I’m going to the common room”, Sirius muttered, standing up and leaving without another word.

“wow, what’s wrong with him?”, Y/N asked as Sirius walked away. Y/N glanced at her friends in front of her. All of them shrugged as they continued to eat. “I thought something might have happened between you two” “clearly not, ah, never mind Moony, he’s having one of his days, by tonight he’ll be the same old Sirius”, James said, nudging Remus in the side.

“alright, now when you’re ready, come to the pitch, okay, I’ll see you guys there, I have to go with the team”, James said, standing up from the table and leaving for his game. Y/N watched yet another friend leave the Great Hall, leaving her alone with Remus and Peter. “Are you sure he’ll be the same tonight?”, Y/N asked Remus and Peter. Her E/C eyes were pleading for them to say yes. “I think so” “I don’t know, I hope”, they said at the same time. Y/N sighed as she went on with breakfast.

As soon as the 3 finished with their breakfast they left to watch the game. They left the castle, a cold breeze hitting their faces. The grass was still slightly wet from last night’s storm. Students were flooding the Quidditch pitch and bleachers. Y/N, Remus and Peter sat at their usual place, leaving an empty seat for Sirius, hoping he would come. “He’ll come”, Y/N repeated to herself, “he just had a bad night”. “Welcome to today’s quidditch game! Gryffindor against Ravenclaw!”, The announcer began. Y/N sighed, looking over the heads of the students trying to spot the familiar black mop of hair. “Where is he?”, Y/N asked, clearly disappointed. The game had started, James clearly being one of the best players on the field. After fifteen minutes it was 30-20. Y/N couldn’t watch the game anymore, she had to find Sirius. “Guys, I’m-“ “please, go find Sirius, you haven’t sit still since we arrived, I can’t take it anymore”, Remus said. Y/N chuckled as she stood up. “sorry Moony”, Y/N apologized as she left.

The castle felt comforting, the cold air was being kept outside. Y/N smiled as her body slowly heated up. She quickly went to the Gryffindor common room, knowing Sirius would be there. She climbed through the portrait hole, finding him sitting in front of the fireplace. “Sirius?”, Y/N asked carefully. “what?”, Sirius snapped at her. Y/N ignored it and sat next to him. “what’s wrong?”, Y/N asked, putting her hand on Sirius’ shoulder. She felt him tense up under her touch. “It’s none of your business” “it is when my boyfriend is suffering from it” “It’s none of your business”, Sirius spat. Y/N pulled her hand away from his shoulder and sighed. “I get it if you don’t want to talk to me, but you can’t just conceal it, it’s better to let it out!”, Y/N said, standing up. She sighed as she saw Sirius, his feet underneath his bum, legs crossed, shoulders sacked.

“Sirius-“ “NO, LISTEN Y/N WHY DO YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO PUT YOUR NOSE IN OTHER PEOPLE THEIR BUSINESS? NOBODY ASKED YOU SOMETHING SO IF I DON’T WANT TO TALK TO YOU THEN LET ME! GOSH I DON’T EVEN WANT YOU HERE, CAN’T YOU JUST LEAVE ME ALONE FOR ONCE?”, Sirius yelled. Gasps were heard from behind her. Clearly the game was over and people were coming back. Remus pushed himself in front of the crowd that stood in the common room. “Y/N, he doesn’t-“ “never mind Moony, I understand”, Y/N sighed, going to her room.

For the rest of the day Y/N didn’t leave her room, she didn’t eat lunch, nor dinner. Remus had scolded at Sirius and James just straight up ignored him. Sirius started to realize what he did. And he wanted to make up to it. To her. “Lily, you’re Y/N’s roommate, right?”, Sirius asked, before Lily went to bed. “why?”, Lily asked, squinting her eyes at Sirius. He sighed and rubbed the back of his neck. “I want to apologize, can you get her down here at 3 A.M.?”, Sirius asked. Lily looked at him with big eyes. “3 A.M.?! why so late?”, She asked, trying to wrap her head around his weird request. “then it’s completely abandoned here”, Sirius said, giving Lily his famous puppy dog eyes. Lily sighed and nodded, “fine, I’ll do it”

Lily sneaked to Y/N’s bed. Her body was curled up underneath her blanket, her hair a mess from turning too much in her sleep. “Y/N, wake up”, Lily said, pushing her back and forth until she woke up. “Lily? Why are you waking me up at 3 A.M.?!”, Y/N asked, clearly not pleased about it. “You need to go to the common room” “why?” “I-I think I heard something” “you’re a horrible liar” “I know, but can you please go?” “fine”, Y/N said, pushing her blanket of her and walking towards door, she turned back once she almost held the door knob. “Lily, I swear if this is a prank I’ll kill you” “just go!” “fine!”

The common room was empty and Y/N sighed, realizing that Lily was indeed pranking her. “bloody hell Lily”, Y/N muttered to herself. “Y/N?”, A male voice she knew all too well said from a bit further from her. “Sirius”, Y/N said, locking eyes with her boyfriend, “I should’ve known” “NO! Don’t go. Please, don’t go.”, Sirius said, quickly walking towards Y/N. He held her smaller hand in his own. He felt her soft skin brush against his own, knowing that she tried to do the same a few hours ago. And no he realized how it must have felt for her, wanting to talk to somebody who doesn’t want to talk to you. The pain she must’ve felt. “Why shouldn’t I go? Give me a good reason”, Y/N said, pulling her hand back and crossing her arms over her chest. “because I’m sorry, cause I was stupid for yelling at you, stupid for being mean to you while the only thing you wanted to do was love me and help me, I was a fool, a stupid, selfish fool”, Sirius said, his cheeks red from embarrassment and shame. “You were stupid”, Y/N confirmed. She smirked as she locked eyes with Sirius. “so you forgive me?” “I never said that! I’m only confirming what you said”, Y/N said, enjoying this moment a bit too much. “Listen, I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you”, Sirius begged. Y/N smiled and nodded. “fine, if you never do so stupid again!”, Y/N said. Sirius picked her up, twirling her around in the air. Y/N giggled as she felt the air fly through her hair. Sirius locked his lips with hers, kissing her needy, yet loving. “I love you” “I love you too”

Puss in Cahoots Pt. 1-Marauders imagine

Request: no

Prompt: a mysterious potion has been slipped into your goblet and leaves you with quite a hairy situation.

Warnings: idk. No pairing, marauders era, gryffindor reader, blood type not specified.

Your POV
It was a normal Saturday at Hogwarts, rowdy children eating breakfast and receiving mail. My parents had sent another letter about how they’ve been keeping busy without me, the same old errands as always.
“Y/n, what would happen if you put a werewolf on the moon?” Sirius asked leaning towards me from across the table.
“He would freeze to death because the temperatures in space aren’t withstand-able for anything really!” James butted in rolling his eyes.
“We would send him up in a suit you heartless bastard”, Sirius retorted with the same fire. Laughing at their debate I took a sip of my morning pumpkin juice.
“Does your guy’s juice taste a bit funny?” I said wincing at the foreign ingredient. Both boys shared a glance, and then took a sip of theirs.
“No, it tastes fine”, James shrugged. Sirius suddenly laughed at James, and he tried not to laugh back. Odd.

In the common room James, Sirius, Peter, and I were discussing putting a werewolf on the moon. Meanwhile Remus and Lily ignored us, and continued studying for our test two weeks away.
“I think the shifting part of him would freak out and he would constantly switch between human and wolf”, Sirius said with his eyes closed, holding up one finger. My laughing was cut short, when an immense pain in my abdomen struck. Lily and Remus shared a concerned look and asked if I was okay. I excused myself to the bathroom to find out if I had started. When I closed the door the pain shot through my body again, this time pulsing rapidly. My vision went dark and the next thing I remember I was on the bathroom floor. Everything looked so big from down there. Someone knocked at the door, “you arlright y/n?”, it was Lily. I responded that I was fine, and she gasped in response. “Y/n I’m coming in”, she said slightly panicked what was she worried about? Lily opened the heavy wooden door, and her face turned to pure shock. Following her stare I looked down to see my uniform on the ground. I’m naked? Looking even farther I saw tiny, y/h/c, perfectly manicured kitten claws. I screamed but what came out was a high pitched yowl. Lily picked me up and walked me back to the common room.
“Oi Lily! Who’s cat is that?” James asked. But Lily couldn’t speak. Instead she set me down, and stuttered something along the lines of,
“Y/n… Cat… Transfigure… Potion…” Sirius could understand, and started laughing so hard he turned bright red. I hissed and swiped my paw at him but he was too far away. Sirius stood up and when he did I jumped off of the short table, and clawed my way up his pant leg and on to his shirt. Still laughing he hand both hands under my armpits, and held me so that my butt was facing him and I was facing the rest of the group. I kept yelling at Sirius to ‘put me down’ and 'turn me back this instant’, but all that came out was soft, angry, mews. Thinking over the situation again Sirius began to laugh just as hard, and passed me over to Remus. Remus-Thank God-knew how to hold a cat and pet me under the chin. Purring into his affection I relaxed a bit more.
“What are we going to do?” Remus asked looking up from petting me to the others.
“I don’t know, but I wanna hold kitten Y/n!” James said grabbing me from Remus. Sitting in James’ lap bored of how they’re gonna fix me, I decided to climb my way up James back and sit on his shoulder. It felt like being second in command over a giant army from up there.
“Guys I think I found something”, Lily said pointing to a page in her transfiguration book.

To be continued…

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PROMPT: Person A trying to make Person B jealous so they’ll go out with them. (Link to Prompt: here)

- Sirius had tried everything that he could think of to get Remus to notice him.

- He had started wearing less clothes around the dorm

- He was always touching Remus as innocently as he could

- He even tried dosing himself in Amortentia

- But nothing seemed to work.

- James made the suggestion of just telling Remus how he felt

- But that approach never worked for James, so why would it work for him?

- No, no. This couldn’t be done simply by talking to Remus.

- It had to be far more complicated than that.

-Which is how Sirius found himself in this unfortunate situation.

- He decided the best way to get Remus to fall head over heels in love with him is to make him jealous

- But it completely backfired.

- And the only one who ended up jealous was Sirius.

- Sirius decided he was going to make Remus jealous by asking out the captain of the Ravenclaw Qudditch team, Aaron Langton, on a date

- He made sure to do it in front of Remus and a few other witnesses

- Remus didn’t even seem to flinch when Aaron immediately said yes.

- And then the unthinkerable happened.

- Kody Carson, the Ravenclaw keeper, leant over and spoke to his Remus.

- “Well, Remus. Now I know for certain that you and Black aren’t dating, would you consider going on a date with me?” He asked politely and almost shyly.

- Remus blushed bright red and bit his bottom lip.

- And then did something Sirius didn’t expect.

- He said yes.

- “Really?” Kody beamed, and was encouragingly smacked on the shoulder by Aaron.

- “Hey, maybe we could do a double date, yeah?” Aaron said through what looked like gritted teeth.

- “Sure, if thats alright with you, Remus.”

- He nodded and gave a lopsided grin.

- “Yeah, great.” Sirius barked. “We’ll see you tonight at 8, Three Broomsticks.”

- He grabbed Remus’ shoulder and dragged him away from the Ravenclaws

- How dare Carson ask his Remus out!

- What was even more confusing was the fact that Remus said yes.

- Especially after that heart to heart they had nearly a year ago when Remus had confided in Sirius that he wasn’t interested in looking for a relationship because some people couldn’t look past the fact Remus was Trans, but people definitely wouldn’t look past the fact he was a werewolf.

- He said he felt that an elephant would always be in the room.

- Sirius tried to tell him that night that he was in love with him

- But stupid Wormtail came in at the wrong time and beg Remus’ help on his charms essay and the moment never arose again.

- Remus was humming along and walking on cloud nine as they made their way back to the common room.

- Sirius, however, was in a fowl mood for the rest of the day.

- The second they reached the common room, Sirius stormed past Remus and ran straight to their dorm.

- He slammed the door loudly behind him and started to kick his truck viciously

- And screamed.

- It echoed through out the common room.

- “What’s up with Sirius?” Lily asked Remus

- He bit his lip with a large grin. Lily raised an eyebrow.

- “He asked Langton on a date.”

- “Oh, Remus, I’m sorry-wait. Did he say no? Is that why he’s upset?”

- “No, no, he said yes.”

- Now Lily was really confused.

- “Kody Carson then asked me out on a date.” He grinned

- “But … you don’t like Carson that way?”

- “I know, and Carson doesn’t like me that way, either.”

- Lily was positively puzzled now.

- “Carson has this massive crush on Langton, we were talking about it on our prefect rounds last week. We cooked this up.”

- “But, how did you convince Sirius to ask Langton out?”

- “Oh, that was simple. I just let Sirius catch me looking at his arse a few times and convinced James to talk Langton up to him,” Remus smugly brushed off his shoulder, “Sirius is nothing if not predictable”

- Sirius and Remus made their way silently to the Three Broomsticks.

- Sirius had avoided him for the rest of the day

- Remus acted oblivious to it

- Just before they made to their destination, Remus decided to link arms with Sirius and rest his head on his shoulder as they continued to walk.

- “It’s really cold tonight.”

- Sirius heart rate had sped up.

- “Y-yeah. I guess.”

- “I’m glad we’re doing this together, Pads. I’m so nervous. This is my first date.”

- Sirius pulled them to a stop and stared at him.

- “Why are you letting that Carson be your first date, Remus? You deserve so much more than him.” He snapped.

- Remus looked speechless and started gaping like a fish.

- “Kody’s my friend, Sirius … and the same could be said about you and Langton. I mean, before this week you never even mentioned him.”

- “You know what, let’s just forget. They’re waiting for us.” Sirius sighed heavily.

- Dragging his feet along the ground, they finally made it to the Three Broomsticks.

- He opened the door for Remus to go in first.

- Langton and Carson were already sat in a booth near the fireplace with a round of butterbeers.

- Kody spotted them first and waved them over happily.

- A flash of annoyance flicked over Langton’s face for a moment before he schooled it into a smile.

- “Siri! I bought you a butterbeer. Come, sit! I’m so glad that you asked me out.”

- Remus chanced a look at Kody who shot him a look back that said they both knew how fake Langton was behaving

- Sirius, however, saw it as a look of longing and felt a twang of pain in his chest.

- “You look wonderful tonight, Remus” Kody winked, pushing a butterbeer Remus’ way.

- He wrapped his hands around it and chuckled slightly

- “Thank you, Kody. You look wonderful yourself. Thank you for the drink”

- Sirius was physically scowling.

- He hardly paid any attention to Langton or the fake flirting he was supposed to do because he couldn’t tear his eyes away from Remus

- His Remus who was laughing at Carsons jokes, and allowing Carson to touch his arm and hands so casually.

- It was burning him up inside.

- “I can’t take this anymore!” Was shouted with a loud clang of a glass being slammed on top of the counter top.

- But it wasn’t from Sirius.

- “Kody, I’ve been in love with you for nearly a year now! I can’t stand to see you with anyone else! I’m sorry, Lupin, you seem like a stand up guy, but I can’t just sit here and watch you two!”

- Both Remus and Kody let out a breath of relieve, let go of eachother and slumped down in their seats.

- “Well, its about time you idiot!” Kody grinned. “I didn’t think Remus and I could keep the fake dating up any longer!”

- He leant over the table, grabbed ahold of Langtons collar and pulled him in for a hard, bruising kiss.

- “F-fake?” Sirius stuttered looking away from the kiss and over to see Remus sheepishly smiling at him.

- “Yeah … we kind of set this up. Kody wanted to make Langton jealous to get him to realise his feelings. I think it worked, don’t you?” Remus gave him a pointed look, but Sirius didn’t say anything.

- Remus sighed and got up from his seat.

- “Well, congratulations you guys. I’m gonna head back now, have fun on your real date.”

- Without waiting, or even looking at Sirius, Remus turned and walked out of the pub.

- Sirius just sat gobsmacked and followed him with his eyes, making no attempt to get up.

- “You better get off your ass and go tell him how you feel, Black.” Kody demanded.

- Finally coming to his senses, he beamed widely and the newly found couple, rushed his congratulations and ran out and after Remus.

- He hadn’t made it too far along the path to the castle so Sirius managed to catch up to him easily.

- He ran up behind him, wrapped his arms around his waist from behind and pulled him tight to his body.

-“Tonight nearly killed me. It’s made me realise how much of an idiot I was being. James was right; I should have told you three years ago how I felt instead of pussyfooting around this. Don’t… don’t tell him I said he was right about something, I wouldn’t hear the end of it ever.”

- Remus chuckled and spun around in Sirius’ arms to face him.

- He traced his hands along Sirius’ collar and wrapped his arms around his neck.

- “I should have asked you out on a date tonight. I’m sorry for being foolish.”

- “So, you’ve learnt your lesson then?” He gave a toothy smile “Next time you want to ask me out, ask me. Not some other guy to make me jealous. It’s a good thing I came up with plan, otherwise I would have been extremely jealous that someone other than me was going out with my Sirius”

- Sirius cheeks blushed pink at being called Remus’, but he did furrowed his eyebrows when he cottoned on to what Remus had just confessed.

- “How did you know I would ask Langton, though?”

- “Oh, I made have planted that seed in your head,” he demonstrated by poking the side of Sirius’ temple, “I guess I’m more persuasive than you think”

- Sirius melted at the purr in Remus’ voice.

- “I-is that right?” He gulped. “What else will you persuaded me to do, Mister Lupin?”

- Remus grinned flirtatiously. He leant close and whispered in Sirius’ ear.

- “I not going to persuaded you to do anything. I am, however, going to demand that you ask me on a date and kiss me right now.“

- Sirius felt his knees go weak.

- “God, I love you.”

- And then Sirius did exactly what was demanded of him.

- Although, perhaps not in the order that Remus requested.

So I managed to do some work in the end. Now in just curled up in bed in agony from my post medication, so have a story. Enjoy!

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Wolfstar + let's see just how ticklish you are /nhasablog

“Let’s see just how ticklish you are.”

“Or let’s not,” Sirius protested weakly, inching backwards on the bed as his boyfriend advanced on him. “Can’t we talk about this?”

“Not after all the tickle torture you’ve put me through,” Remus declared, pouncing on top of Sirius and wrestling him down onto the bed. “Honestly Sirius, for years you’ve made fun of how ticklish I am when all along you’ve been just as bad.”

“Excuse you, tickle torture? You love it. And I resent the assumption that I’m as ticklish as you, when I am most definitely not.”

Remus grinned. “Well, we’ll see about that.” Straddling the other boy’s thighs, Remus squeezed at Sirius’ sides before skittering his fingers across Sirius’ stomach.

“T-That doesn’t tickle at ahahall!”

“Really? So that wasn’t a giggle I just heard?” Tugging up Sirius’ t-shirt for better access to his belly, Remus’ fingers wiggled rapidly across his bare skin, eliciting a loud peal of laughter.

“Thahahat doesn’t mehehehean anythihihing!” Sirius exclaimed, squirming and laughing wildly as Remus’ fingers danced across his stomach and ribs.

“Of course not,” Remus answered dryly. “Clearly you’re not ticklish in the slightest.”

“Moony, stohohohop!”

“I’ve got years to make up for here, Padfoot. Years.”