How to Tell Your Story Through Social Media
As makers, your business isn’t just about a product, it’s about a story. Social media is one of the most important storytelling tools out there, but we know that it takes a serious commitment to grow a solid following. We’ve gathered our favorite tips on how to illustrate your story online, including insights from our own vendors who make us excited about the power of social media!

Contributed a little piece to the Uncommon Goods blog this week in which I wax long about how much I love Tumblr. My bit is at the very end. 

P.S. I didn’t get to say it in the article, but thanks especially to continuants, saskiakeultjes, thedailydoodles, littleteashi, ryan, rubyetc, missambear, missydunaway, allisonranieri, drmeek, sirinthada and so many others for being friendly and encouraging humans and for making Tumblr a place to share, learn and interact with other creative people.