We are thrilled to announce that we will be collaborating with the talented illustrator @sirinthada​ on a very special Love You to Death Tumblr IRL next month! Keep watching here as we share some of the amazing art she has created, inspired by our new record. Here is a first piece that we are so in love with! 



When Tegan and Sara (@teganandsara) found water-color-master Sirin Thada (@sirinthada) on Tumblr, little did they know she was a fan of their music. It made everything come easy for Sirin, who created a whole bunch of art inspired by the twins’ new album, Love You to Death. She and the band brought it to life in San Francisco.

Fans in attendance not only got to experience an intimate show, but Tegan and Sara stuck around to answer their questions in an entertaining Q&A session that brought out the best banter in sibling rivalry appreciation.

Big thanks to Sirin for transforming Folsom Street Foundry into an immersive art exhibit, and to Tegan and Sara for filling it with music and making their fans—and Sirin’s—dreams come true. 

Listen to Love You to Death here.

Photos by Tom Tomkinson (@tomkinsonphoto).

We had such a terrific time in San Francisco last night. Thank you so very much to the truly awesome artist @sirinthada for creating such beautiful artwork. We LY2D Sirin! And thank you so much to @tumblr IRL and all the wonderful fans who came down to support!

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Thank you all so much for the birthday love! I am back, revitalized, with some new ideas flitting about in my brain. In order to free myself up a little to take on other projects, I will be updating this site with new drawings just twice a week – late night Mondays and Thursdays. With the occasional additional news post thrown in here and there. But yes, a new drawing, regularly scheduled twice a week, for you to look forward to and hopefully enjoy. Sound good? Great! XXX