“Blog Updated, YEEZY X ADIDAS”

“Check Out My Write Up on the Kanye West and Adidas Screening Yesterday, link in bio”
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“SIR IDRISSA Presents "THE LAST SUPPER” First Release in Black with the painting of the last supper screen printed on the chest with the SIR IDRISSA logo beneath it. On the back of the shirt, you have the quote “WATCH THOSE YOU EAT WITH” I Chose the painting and quote because everyone goes through a time where they question someone’s trust, or someone who has done you wrong. I wanted to release something people could relate to, and something that has a meaning to it. SIR IDRISSA 2016"

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“THE LAST SUPPER/ WATCH THOSE YOU EAT WITH” #siridrissa #siridrissa2016 #thelastsupper #watchthoseyoueatwith