long (desert, distance, dimension) relationship: a Cecil/Carlos fanmix

1. Telemiscommunications - Deadmau5 & Imogen Heap 2. Let My Love Open the Door - Pete Townshend 3. Time Travel - Chronotos 4. Simple & Clean (PlanitB Remix) - Utada Hikaru 5. Unsaid - The Fray 6. King & Lionheart - Of Monsters & Men 7. Who Would Have Thought? - Darren Hayes 8. Waiting - Beyoncé ft. Ne-Yo

cover art by Sirida!

sirida replied to your post: Wait, I’m confused. So, Steve is Cecil…

So Cecil and Steve are step-brothers, and Steve met Janice’s mother when Janice was a baby perhaps? That would mean Janice and Cecil aren’t related by blood, but they’re still family.

Aww yes, I do believe you can still be family and not related :) The only thing I was quibbling was the ‘Step-brother’, because Cecil having a sister who had Janice makes sense, but Steve marrying his sister makes him a brother-in-law, not step-brother. Does that make sense? Sorry, I’m overly complicating things.

sirida replied to your post: Imagine, after the events of Parade Da…

I thought of a similar scenario, though I think the door can be opened from the outside, but not from the inside, which is why Rachelle was trapped inside the house until the others finally opened the door she went through again.

*slaps head* Of COURSE! I forgot completely, oops. Maybe Carlos isn’t as doomed as I thought :D I wonder if he’ll see a glimpse of the future, though. I wouldn’t be surprised!

sirida replied to your post: “Why is this person so obsessed with Cecil being well-dressed though. …”:

Yes, let’s ignore that he wore his BEST tunic and just assume he wore it as a joke outfit to the first date he’s probably been looking forward to since forever. And apparently that post got more notes than one they made talking about Pasty Carl.

That last thing is legit (it is disappointing and shitty when something frivolous gets more attention than something important) but everything else yeah jeez dude. 

sirida replied to your post “So, today I listened to the new Welcome to Night Vale episode…”

At the helicopter crash, I was fangirling over Tamika Flynn and her militia so bad. “Did they just– They did! They took down a– OMG, they are so awesome!” XD Also, Strex is totally scared of those kids.

Hahah yes, Strex is TERRIFIED of them, and considering Tamika took down the librarian I’m not surprised! Ooooh, I just hope they don’t take out their anger on Cecil!

sirida replied to your post “So, it seemed pretty boiling in the most recent episode of Welcome to…”

I pictured him in shorts and t-shirt, and wearing a huge, floppy sun-hat. XD

OH GOD A SUNHAT! And Cecil would come home and see him, and before Carlos could do anything he would shout, “DEAREST CARLOS, WHAT IS THIS EVIL CONTRAPTION IMPRISONING YOUR BEAUTIFUL LOCKS?”


“… where it’s simply just lack of knowledge or education on a subject and the biology of the human brain where it actively pushes away something it fears to prevent hurt- kind of a massive problem when we’ve become this massively complex as a society.”

Guess who run out of space and forgot what they said for the last 20 seconds of the video apart from that small rambling segment? I’m sorry.

I would record it again but talking is really exhausting for me at the moment.

Anyway, this is for sirida, please excuse my atrocious voice.

sirida replied to your post “sirida replied to your post “So, today I listened to the new Welcome…”

I hope they won’t, though it would be good plot if they did I guess. Though I do want to draw Carlos meeting up with Cecil and telling him how stupid and brave that stunt was and how proud he is of him… I have way too many things I want to draw.

Aghhh I LOVE your drawings so I wait with baited breath :D Oh man, I so want that scene too! Carlos would be all, “You could have fallen, you could have been punished-” and Cecil would just retort, “Excuuuse me Mr. ‘I’ll just walk into the war mongering miniature city!”

sirida replied to your post “Cause of death: New Condos video.”

Damn right. And my goodness, their voices work so well together! And I’m torn between “Do… people really talk like that?” and “My god, you are so precious! Don’t ever stop! D8” in the last part.

I’m glad Carlos’s new voice still has a hint of nerd- makes Cecil describing him as ‘oaky toned’ still hilarious. Haha, same! I squealed at the first part too. I woke up, spied this video and squealed over my cereal. The changes from other versions were excellent *shakes fist at Fink and Cranor*


Maan the wifi’s bad on this train. I tried to answer hours ago!I’m sorry I have to reply so awkwardly (I love replying!)

Staticfactory2323: *whispers softly back* I have a mission now!

Sirida: yes, it should take up a lot of time :D I just hope no one will read over my shoulder ahah!

Monstersanosa: I actually did giggle, so your staring through the Internet worked! ;D

Ancientwinters: *salutes* onwards, on the journey of fanfiction!