long (desert, distance, dimension) relationship: a Cecil/Carlos fanmix

1. Telemiscommunications - Deadmau5 & Imogen Heap 2. Let My Love Open the Door - Pete Townshend 3. Time Travel - Chronotos 4. Simple & Clean (PlanitB Remix) - Utada Hikaru 5. Unsaid - The Fray 6. King & Lionheart - Of Monsters & Men 7. Who Would Have Thought? - Darren Hayes 8. Waiting - Beyoncé ft. Ne-Yo

cover art by Sirida!

sirida replied to your post: Wait, I’m confused. So, Steve is Cecil…

So Cecil and Steve are step-brothers, and Steve met Janice’s mother when Janice was a baby perhaps? That would mean Janice and Cecil aren’t related by blood, but they’re still family.

Aww yes, I do believe you can still be family and not related :) The only thing I was quibbling was the ‘Step-brother’, because Cecil having a sister who had Janice makes sense, but Steve marrying his sister makes him a brother-in-law, not step-brother. Does that make sense? Sorry, I’m overly complicating things.

sirida replied to your post: “Why is this person so obsessed with Cecil being well-dressed though. …”:

Yes, let’s ignore that he wore his BEST tunic and just assume he wore it as a joke outfit to the first date he’s probably been looking forward to since forever. And apparently that post got more notes than one they made talking about Pasty Carl.

That last thing is legit (it is disappointing and shitty when something frivolous gets more attention than something important) but everything else yeah jeez dude. 

sirida replied to your post: Imagine, after the events of Parade Da…

I thought of a similar scenario, though I think the door can be opened from the outside, but not from the inside, which is why Rachelle was trapped inside the house until the others finally opened the door she went through again.

*slaps head* Of COURSE! I forgot completely, oops. Maybe Carlos isn’t as doomed as I thought :D I wonder if he’ll see a glimpse of the future, though. I wouldn’t be surprised!