Woman sees “Nordic” aliens in UFO. Oct. 21st 1954

So I notice a lot of starseeds or maybe people who just really like aliens will say a lot of things like “earth sucks” or say negative things about being human. I know earth can be ugly sometimes but it is also very beautiful here. I think we are here on a mission. Some of us are here to help earth and humans through rough times. So why are you begging the aliens to take you away? Where are the starseeds saying “I love earth” ?? I know you are missing home but I think this place needs our love right now…

Sirian Starseeds

The ones who have their planetary origin in Sirio are very focused people, strongly determinated and lined on any path which they are going through. It’s very difficult to change their ideas, but once that they are convinced that a new path is more appropiate, They suddenly become more focused on the new one and leave the old one.

Sirians have very strong convinctions and ideas and a strong personal integrity. They are loyal and faithful to their friends. They are hurt and sad when their friends don’t do the same with them. Sirians don’t easily share their inner self with others, and they may have difficulties to share emotions and to express their sentiments and needs. If you are friends with a Sirian, you are  already been  examinated. Sirians may have difficulties in love relationship and friendship when they expect to be treated in a specific way, but they don’t share their expectations with the ones who are involved.

It’s important to them to work to sharing expectations and ideals to avoid to be hurt and disappointed. It happens because of the  lack of communication or of mutual understanding.

Sirians tend to be focused on the future, they don’t love to be focused on the past. That’s because the past pain is kept inside of them, is  denied and repressed. For this reason, Sirians may hold old emotions in big quantities. Several Sirians have chosen a lesson for this life: learn to release the ancient pain, learn to forgive themselves and the others and go on. 

Sirians have a strong sense of humour which only come out when they are with faithful people. Sirians may be considered dreamers, because of their active and vivid inner life. It may cause oversights and the tendency to don’t notice the 3D things of this reality.

They sometimes can give the impression that they are disinterested, indifferent or inattentive, but they are just somewhere else, They aren’t aware that other people can’t know nothing about their inner life. Even if they seem quiet and reserved, they have a strong activity inside of them.

As childrens, Sirians may be diagnosed with learning disabilities or they may have problems with their attention’s skills. They are indeed attracted by their inner world, that is often more interesting than the real one. They better learn with visual learning methods and they are more comfortable with open air activities. They are intelligent children and innerly strong enough to understand that if something don’t catch them they souldn’t be obligated to study it.

The ones who come from Sirius have a deep bond with Earth and with nature’s energies. Sirian’s starseeds often have had past lives as native Americans and have kept bond with the memories of those lives. They are really visual, because they are able to see things that people normally can’t see.

Possible Appearance

They have often have a face which shows the inner calm and security. Blacks eyes and dark hair or brown, in women. The face is very elegant, expressing feelings of wealth; many of the women have light brown or golden-green-blue eyes that express love for life.

(Source: Hearthaware)