siria's lookbook


I’m going to pretend that it’s a sunny day of 1957 and I have a date. I don’t care that none of it is true, I’m taking myself out for milkshakes!

…the plural of which wasn’t intentional, I was offered the 2nd one for free when I was about to leave. Happy hour indeed, perfect to wait for the rain to stop!

Skirt: Angelic Pretty; Music: Cry Baby’s OST


We’re all mad here

(Alternative title: You can’t live on tea alone)

Maybe I’ll get better pictures but I wanted them on before I left, plus I thought the bluriness was appropriate.

Full of details you can’t see: trumps on the back of the socks and on the dress, stopped watch, and the white rabbit ring I forgot to put back on.

I could live with that skin tone…


I got approval from 2 people to post personal pictures so I’m going to keep doing it! But I’m going to tag them so you can tumblr savior them if you want! I’ll tag my outfit posts with… let’s say Siria’s lookbook.

About this one: I went to the “Angel of the odd” exhibition and did even better than I expected: there were so many pieces with girls looking like that! Either ghosts, or the traditional pure girl confronted to monstruosity. The red shoes are Eskarina’s idea, to add an odd touch =)

The staff of a designer shop complimented me about it ^^


Some really quick and bad pictures of my outfit and nails for my Christmas party tonight, because I was way too late to take any before.

The nails pic is to show that I used Arashi’s Popcorn deco stickers as nail stickers, but I’m sad because as I did a lot of cleaning and cooking to prepare for the party the polish is already chipped u_u (fixed it hastily but it looks pretty bad) so I won’t be able to keep them on for long ;_;

The jacket was made as an AKB cosplay by my wonderful flatmate. I want to keep it and wear it everywhere!


Ngl, as much as I’m glad, as a fan, to see everyone go “oh he’s so sweet!” over Phil thanks to my post, and despite being aware that I’m not the focus here, knowing that pictures of me after a sleepless night on a bus are currently nearing 700 notes is making me kind of self-conscious. So I decided to take stupid un-natural pictures!

Today’s theme (and weather, really) is  "Wth is this, british summer?“

I’m finally going to see The desolation of Smaug tonight and I wanted to do an elf-inspired outfit but it turns out my wardrobe is much more fit for hobbits.
My camera’s battery died so that’s all you get though… not that you wanted or needed it. Would you just pray for my butt not to freeze during the half hour walk between my volunteering place and the theatre?


Can I be a trendy teenager? I know I’ve vastly missed my window, but come on, I’ve never been one before!

I love this new top and it matches perfectly with my Firefly shirt (that’s what the close-up is about) which also have a gradient. And pretty well with my bento too! (I don’t understand how people get fed without filling 1 half with rice and the other one with the main course. My dessert won’t fit in there or I’ll starve!)