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I remember seeing you and Dani, I think it was, talking about you writing Dryan. Can I just say I'd love to read a Dryan fics from you. I love your angst and heartbreak and the thought of you writing a Dryan fics like that makes me giddy and is there anything I can do to convince you to give it a shot? Your writing is truly wonderful.

it was me and dani!

i’m just super nervous about writing them, which is why there hasn’t been anything yet!

thank you so much, anon, that actually means a lot

if you don’t see me around, don’t panic. i know this week is going to be crazy spoiler wise, so i’ll be limiting my tumblr time because of that. you can still catch me on mesenger (it’s on my phone!) and i’ll be answering asks/writing fic, so i won’t be completely gone. i’ll see you folks post wedding!