siri shut your face

I just remembered that hussie said that homestuck was just a warm up for something bigger

first of all that is like a guy saying “oh yeah bench pressing this bed is just my warmup”

benchpressing a bed is literally hussies warmup what does that mean does that mean he’s gonna bench press 12 horses while doing a backflip on a cloud whats going to happen i am frightened and curious

its kinda pissing me off how the entire fandom is saying that DIRK belittled and ridiculed Jake for crying

That was not the real dirk

that was imaginary ghost dirk

as in he’s from Jake’s head

so jake was actually saying those things to himself. 

yes, they had problems in their relationship and now its over but seriously guys Dirk wasn’t actually the one saying those things to Jake. 

I sent my wellness teacher an email to tell him he looked like the coach reindeer from rudolph and he responded immediately to tell me I was funny and that he actually has a stuffed animal of the coach on his tree but he won’t respond to my friend when she’s trying to ask him about important schoolwork

im laughing so hard