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I don’t think I’ve seen any mentions about Felix subtly-not-so-subtly glances up at where Locus is hidden on the cliff.

Look at this. Felix, the point of him being up there is so he’s not seen. Don’t look right at him! I don’t care if you’re trying to convey how much of a fucking idiot Lozano is for showing up there! Don’t. Look. At. Your. Hiding. Sniper.

Look at him nodding his dumb head when he’s got Lozano on the phone. He thinks he’s so subtle. My precious-

No! Felix- Don’t look up there when Lozano asks where he is! I don’t care if you want to make googly eyes at him! Dammit! “Oh he’s around…” Yeah he’s around, you’re staring right at him, you stupid orange trashcan. What am I gonna do with you?

I really hope Siris and Locus were on comms like “What are you doing? Stop looking at him!” “Felix stop looking at me.” “FELIX DON’T SHOW THEM WHERE I AM.”

Felix is awful and I adore him with all that I am.


I wonder if Roth ever got hard (like painfully aroused) when (or if) he was visiting at the fight club watching Jacob. When he would return to Alhambra and see his Blighters he would answer to them ‘I was visiting my boyfriend’ and then they would be like WTF and Roth would be like ‘I need to masturbate. My baby was so awesome!’

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so like forever ago I posted a screenshot of Siri calling me shit lord of piss mountain and some jabroni was like “HAHA SIRI SIGNS UR EMAILS LIKE THAT MAYBE THATS WHY UR JOBLESS LULZ” and first of all eat my ass and secondly WHO TF SENDS JOB APPS THRU EMAIL W THEIR PHONE like WHO and it happened so long ago and I’ve complained abt this literally two times already but it’s just so annoying like god damn