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"Cuddy, we need to talk." House announced as he barged into her office, unannounced as per usual except this time with a sense of uncertainty as he felt the little velvet box in his pocket shift. (Trololol have fun)

“Cuddy, we need to talk.” House announced as he barged into her office, unannounced as per usual except this time with a sense of uncertainty as he felt the little velvet box in his pocket shift.

Cuddy’s eyes shifted from her paperwork to find the man standing before her desk, some uncertainty flickering in his eyes “I’m sure that whatever it is, it can wait, I’m busy.” she replied and started to get back to work.

“It won’t take long,” he said and she put down her pen, waiting him out “we have that party tonight and I just wanted to give you this.” he said as he got the little velvet box out of his pocket. He’s never been a person to give gifts, or maybe this was just practice for the little velvet box he’s going to give her in a few weeks if everything plans out.

Cuddy took the velvet box from him, her heart skipping a few beats as her thoughts went in overdrive, slowly opening the box, a beautiful set of earrings coming into view “They’re beautiful. Thank you.” she said as her eyes flickered up to his, his uncertainty wavering at the beautiful smile she was giving him.

He stepped forward, leaning over the desk to give her a kiss. She welcomed it gladly and smiled as their lips parted. “I’m almost done here, I’ll see you at home.” she said and he walked out of her office, imagining the smile he’s going to receive when he gives her the real velvet box.

Ha you totally thought I’d do a proposal didn’t you- also I’m sorry if this sucked lol no experience with writing any Huddy things *hides*. But I hope you at least liked it a little. It is totally 5 sentences, haha!

Write a sentence of a story for me and I will give you the next five!

Happy Birthday, Sydney!

I had thought in write this in spanish so not a lot people could understand it, but then I was like “nah, fuck it, I don’t have any problem that people know how much Sydney means to me”, so, here I go with my crappy english :P

I know I had promised you a fic as gift, but we have talked about how much I suck at writing when I have to, lololol, but I haven’t given up on that, I will write you a fic eventually. So, you’re going to be forced to be my friend until you have your fic (?) lolololol. That’s how you end up having a simple photoset as birthday present, but hey!, I do have to presume that this was finished before you played the “Guess my 10 favorites actors/actresses”, and I was so happy to know that I nailed some of them for this xD Although I have to be honest, at moments like this I wish to be more skillful so I could have made you something really awesome D: but I hope you like it anyway (◠‿◠✿)

The other day I went to see the post I made for your last birthday, and man, how much things have changed! :’) in that post I wrote that even though we didn’t talked a lot, you were really special for me… look at us now! Talking almost every day (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*: ・゚✧♥ and truth be told, even the latest part changed because you are even more special to me, but shhh, we have to keep that as a secret xD

You adorable and gorgeous creature! although you and I know your true nature, lolololol I hope you have the greatest day :D whatever you do as celebration I hope you have the time of your life :) And thank you for everything. Thank you for being there. Thank you for being even more awesome every year. In brief, thank you for being you (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*: ・゚✧♥

Happy B-Day, bb! I LOVE YOU SHITLOADS ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ

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2,8, 11

2. The OTP that loves each other the most?
Doctor/River without a single doubt.

8. Two ships you’d most like to see go on a double date and why?
Tatennant and Mattex for obvious reasons.

11. Pick an OTP, how would they react to being pregnant?
I chose Huddy.
House would pretty much faint, or drink himself silly until he fainted. And Cuddy would buy furniture and decorate the room before realizing House drank himself to oblivion.

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sydney :p

but do I know a Sydney? who is that person?

though there’s someone, a cute little someone, soon to be a famous actress or something, she writes fanfictions. I think she met Hugh Laurie once and she gave him a plush Eeyore. I’m not sure. It sounds familiar. Sydney you said? uhm


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jessica, i came to ask you a question, because you seem like the best person to go to for it, so forgive me if i'm wrong or if i'm being a bother! anyway, i came to ask about the basics stuff for running a fansite and such because I know that you run a JKR one, and I'd like to start one up for Hugh because there's no longer one we can use, and I have no clue how to even do anything because I'm not the brightest with this stuff, so I'd really appreciate any help! No rush!

Sydnnneeey. I was supposed to reply to your tweet about this but I forgot (soorrryyyy, I’m a terrible human being).

To make a fansite you’ll need to be able to work wordpress and coppermine (for the gallery). It’s reasonably straightforward once you know the basics. Making the layout is probably the hardest part but if you don’t want to make your own then there’s loads of sites that can make them for you (the best ones you’ll have to pay for which have flashy animations and stuff). 

I use starszz as my web host and they’ll give you a free domain name and free web space ‘cause they’re cool like that. To sign up, you’ll need to show them an example of the fansite so you’ll have to make your site elsewhere and then transfer the files over when they accept you. I wouldn’t worry about putting too much stuff on the example - just some working links to pages with a bit of info on so the Starszz peoples get the picture. Freewebs is probably the best place to make it even though you can’t use wordpress on it if not you could probably use blogspot (but again, you can’t use wordpress there). 

If you want anything else then just let me know. I think that’s all the basic stuff you need to know rn. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SYDNEY!!!!! (otf: she’s my goober) this is your third birthday that i get to celebrate with you and look where we’ve come. when we first met i was graduating high school and this year you graduated high school :’) ugh but okay you’re probably one of the funniest people i know and our conversations literally change topics every five seconds but we’re either having like a deep conversation or like something stupid that makes no sense or crying over television shows but like at least once a day you make me laugh so hard i have tears. it’s my favorite how we like went a few months without talking daily and then we started talking again and like we were back to being close like it was nothing. ALSO I STILL HAVE YOUR LETTER AND I READ IT WHEN I’M SAD BECAUSE IT CHEERS ME UP ((also yes i will finally write you a letter back soon i promise)). REMEMBER WHEN YOU MADE ME READ MY FIRST FANFICTION EVER and have tried ever since then to get me to read more house/cuddy (but i’m only ever going to read nasvhille and friday night lights sorry) also have i ever told you how much more i love you because you watched nashville in a few days and are eventually going to start friday night lights?? anyways you are the biggest hugh laurie lover i know. also hugh better have a concert in chicago so you can come and we can be stupid in a hotel room for four days. anyways you always call yourself mean which you are but like i know you’re not serious so i laugh at it but like you’re a great friend and a great person. you’re always there if i need someone to talk to and then you’re also always there to call me stupid when i say things like “biggest Hugh/Laurie shipper”. ALSO SUMMER IS MY FAVORITE TIME OF THE YEAR because like remember when we used to send each other like paragraph long messages crying over tv shows and then stay up all night talking about them on skype and like three years later and we’re still doing that. also can we talk about how much i hate going in like any of my tags on your blog because 90% of it is sloths AND YOU GET SO MUCH AMUSEMENT OUT OF MY HATRED FOR THEM IT’S RUDE but whatever i love you a lot. okay but i’m going to try to be serious for the end of this. you’re so smart and you’re so talented and you have an amazing voice and i can’t wait until you finish college and go off and follow your dreams and become this famous actress (bring me to one place just to meet connie) because you will do just that and i have so much faith in you and i’m always going to be here to support you and remind you just how great you are (JUST DON’T GET A BIG HEAD) even if you do i’ll still love you :’) but thank you for always being an amazing friend these past few years and for entertaining me into the wee hours of the morning and for going through the pain of house/cuddy and that hot mess and the whole grey’s anatomy downfall and everything really. you’re wonderful and i’m so thankful you came into my life even though we both can’t even remember how iT FEELS LIKE FOREVER AGO IDK I JUST LOVE YOU A LOT MAMA SYDNEY OKAY. :’) P.S YOU’RE OFFICIALLY LEGAL NOW PARTY!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥

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2. Talk about your favorite tv show of all time (or one of them)

I’d have to say House MD. I stumbled upon this show on accident. It was after the Superbowl when Fox aired it. Afterward they aired the episode “Frozen”. Then I became completely obsessed with it. Then I heard there was a writers strike, and I had to wait until April 28th (my birthday) for the next episode. I loved the character of Gregory House, and I wanted to know why he was always an ass. Why he always seemed to get away with everything. I then a week later went and bought S1-3 on DVD. Which are still my favorite seasons. 

5. Talk about a film you think is overrated

I would have to say Blade Runner. I’ve had many, many people tell me that Blade Runner is a fantastic film, and I believe it is on AFI’s top 100 list. I wasn’t impressed with it, at all. I also wasn’t sure what was happening throughout most of it. I probably should give it another chance, but it isn’t at the top of my list of things to do. 

7. Talk about a show you think is overrated

Hm. I can’t think of any shows that I feel are overrated.. At least right now, anyway. 

Thank you! :)