are-you-not-sirgay  asked:

Benthan. 52 or 71 👀✨

send me a pairing and a number and i’ll write you a drabble


52. “Can I kiss you?” 

(So this is super stupid and cheesy.)

“So you know, I have this amaaaaazing boyfriend, right?” 


“No, but he’s like, really cool. And he’s gorgeous and he’s funny and he’s sweet.” 

“Benji, I really think-” 

“No no no, listen to me. Where was I…… oh! He’s really sweet and he’s just an all around great guy. He’s like my hero.” 

“Is he now?” Ethan raised an eyebrow and chuckled as he held Benji up against his body with one hand, the other fumbling to get the key into the lock. “Ok, straight to bed for you, Mr Dunn.” 

“Yes sir.” Benji gave a giggle as he was assisted through their apartment, right into the bedroom where he fell onto the mattress with a little ‘oof’. “Do you know what the best part about my boyfriend is?” he asked, kicking off his shoes. 

“What’s that?” 

“He’s like…. a superhero. But he’s real.” Benji smiled up at him, the expression lopsided, as he shimmied out of his jeans and then under the covers. “Ethan?” 

“Yeah, Benj?” 

“Can I kiss you?” Benji’s question made Ethan smile and he sat on the edge of their bed, running a hand over Benji’s hair. 

“Of course you can. I’m your amazing boyfriend, remember?” 

“Oh. Yeah, you are, aren’t you?!” 

Ethan pressed his lips to Benji’s tasting the alcohol there as he did. He lingered for a few moments before pulling back. “Now shut up and go to sleep.”