Dragon Age Inspied Perfumes by Siren Song Elixirs

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■ A Murder of Crows (Zevran) - Satsuma, Leather, Patchouli, Frankincense, Myrrh, Cinnamon, Rose, Jasmine, Musk

■ Amatus (Dorian) - Creamy coconut milk, Lavender, Cinnamon, Oud wood, Jasmine, Bergamot

■ Andraste’s Grace - White pumpkin, Lily, Lilac, Eucalyptus, Mint

■ Apostate (Anders) - Sweet musk, Warm spices, Elderflower, Rosemary, Mint, Black cherry

■ Commander (Cullen) - Sage, Basil, Leather, Mahogany, Teak, Lavender, Coconut Milk, Mint

■ Daisy (Merrill) - Daisies, Pansies, Lemon zest, Vanilla, Amber, Saffron, Sandalwood, Redwood, Vetiver, Oakmoss

■ Dread Wolf (Solas) - Dark chocolate, Black tea, Smoke, Moss, White flowers, Absinthe, Dark woods

■ Fen'Harel (Solas) - Chocolate, Amber, Cinnamon, Clove, Mocha, Dark Chocolate, Leather, Ginger, Dogwood blossoms

■ First Knight (Alistair) - Creamy caramel, marshmallow, vanilla, sandalwood, white rose

■ Flemeth - Dragon’s Blood, Rose Absolute, Plum, Dark Patchouli, Myrrh, Coriander, Jasmine,

■ Frilly Little Cakes (Solas) - Candied strawberries, Champagne, Buttercream icing, Cream, , Lemon cream

■ Hierophant (Solas) - Crisp green floral, leafy ferns, misty ocean air, Soft woods, Amber

■ Krem Brulee (Krem) - Creme Brulee, Burnt sugar, Vanilla, Oak

■ Lion of Ferelden (Cullen) - Elderflower, Oak moss, Caramel, Milk, Honey

■ Lyrium Ghost (Fenris) - Cool blue musk, Mint, Gardenia, White Wine, Fresh Rain

■ Madame de Fer (Vivienne) - Lilac, Wisteria, Cotton, Vanilla, Green tea, Snow

■ Nightingale (Leliana) - Smoky woods, Vanilla tobacco, Leather, Green melon, Dark floral

■ Pirate Queen (Isabela) - Ocean air, Violets, Coconut, Sweet Ale, Lavender, Mahogany, Rosewood, Spices

■ Red Jenny (Sera) - Black cherry, Honey, Vanilla, Pomegranate, Raspberry, Honeysuckle, Satsuma

■ Redeemed (Nathaniel) - Newly fallen rain, Vetiver, Moss, Sandalwood, Amber

■ Seeker (Cassandra) - Bold orchid, Pomegranate, Black currants, Exotic musk

■ Solas - Black tea, Smoke, Cedar Wood, Rich Chocolate, Warm spices, Golden Green notes

■ Solavellan (Solas) - Chocolate, Coconut milk, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Amber, Lavender, Herbs

■ Spirit (Cole) - Green musk, Lime, Bergamot, Lavender, Rosemary, Amber, Oak moss, Coppery minerals, Lemongrass

■ Storyteller (Varric) - Vintage red wine, Honey Ale, Old Library books, Smoke, Mahogany

■ Tal-Vashoth (Iron Bull) - Dragons blood, Sandalwood, Coconut, Blood orange, Lime verbena

■ The Lone Warden (Blackwall) - Basil, Sage, Elder flower, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Tobacco, White Sage, Coriander, Smoke

■ The Wayward Prince (Sebastian) - Amber, Incense, Leather, Mahogany, Vetiver, Aged vanilla, Saffron

■ Trespasser (Solas) - Smoky vanilla musk, Spiced amber, Tonka bean, Dark chocolate, Black jasmine, Worn leather, Smoke

■ Wicked Grace (Josephine) - White rose, Peach, Grapefruit, Black tea, Lily

■ Witch of the Wilds (Morrigan) - Black Amber, Raspberry, Honey, Lavender, Licorice, Oud

My second order from @sirensongelixirs arrived!

I went ahead and ordered a full bottle of the Varric scent, since it has some of my favorite notes, and I do not regret the decision. It smells like sangria and old paper and just a touch of smoke.

Of the others, I’ll check them out in more detail over the next several days, but Jareth’s “I Would Be Your Slave” scent is taking an early lead. It has those wood notes that I’m always a sucker for, bolstered by a subtle sweetness and a very mild touch of light musk.

Dragon Age Inspired Perfumes - coming soon!

The first three will be scents inspired by Dragon Age Solas…because Solavellan Hell is inescapable. Each scent ties to the other to tell a story but each is distinctly different.

Solas - Unisex leaning towards masculine. Campfire smoke and cedar wood surround him from tending the fire on long nights traveling with the Inquisition. His books and his armor smell of aged, worn leather. Fragrant cloves with a hint of cinnamon mixed with wisps of amber and earthy moss cling to him from sleeping in the ruins of Thedas, imagining ancient worlds as dreamers of the fade do. The faint wisps of earthy chocolate and black tea swirl about him, luring in admirers who are drawn in by his mysterious stoicism and sharp wit, who may find warmth and sadness in his kiss.

Fen'Harel - This scent is a bold unisex scent that leans towards the masculine. Fen'Harel is based on a deep, earthy chocolate and sensual amber base with the sweet smokiness of vanilla tobacco and warmth of worn leather. Cedar & dogwood trees lend an elegant yet sharp contrast to the bold spices of ginger, cinnamon and clove. Adding to the dark mysteriousness of this fallen Evanuris are hints of sweet, spiced mocha mingling with bitter, dark chocolate. Fen'Harel is sexy, confident and bold.

Dread Wolf - Unisex leaning towards masculine. Travel the Dinan’shiral with Fen’Harel as the Dread Wolf through dark, moss-covered mysterious woods and abandoned elven ruins. Traces of faded shrine offerings to the fallen Elven God of Rebellion, delicate white flowers and tobacco incense, lie beneath the tingling electrical tendrils of the fade that cling to his ethereal form. Rich notes of dark chocolate and whispers of smoke are reminders of the man he was and serve as stark reminders of better days and those he has left behind.

Stay tuned!

Shop Update - Krem Brulee body butter is now available!

“Krem Brulee” by Siren Song Elixirs  is inspired by Dragon Age’s Cremisius Aclassi, or simply Krem to Iron Bull and his friends. Triple whipped, this yummy confection smells good enough to eat!

Fragrance - Delicious & comforting smells of warm Creme Brulee, caramelized sugar, vanilla custard, smoked oak.
Key notes - Warm, sweet vanilla cream with mellow vanilla oak base.
This fragrance is Unisex.

Shea Butter
Cocoa butter
Coconut Oil
Jojoba oil
Sunflower Oil
Vitamin E
Apricot Oil
Avocado Oil
Rice Bran Oil
Arrowroot powder
Fragrance oil


For quite some time now, I’ve wanted to put together a post for two of my favorite creators I found within the last year - @nipuni & @sirensongelixirs 

I was inspired to pair some of Nipuni’s artwork with Siren Song Elixir’s perfume fragrances, both of which I highly recommend checking out for yourself!

In order from the top left to the bottom right:

Nipuni’s “We Were All Young Once” pairs with SSE’s “Dread Wolf” scent.

Nipuni’s “I Loved You In The Morning” pairs with SSE’s “Frilly Little Cakes” scent.

Nipuni’s “Magic Lessons” pairs with SSE’s “Hierophant” scent.

Nipuni’s “The Rain Washed The Mud Off The Avvar Clothes” pairs with SSE’s “Trespasser” scent.

Nipuni’s “Untitled” pairs with SSE’s “Solavellan” scent.

Nipuni’s “Ghost of Mine” pairs with SSE’s “Solas” scent.

Nipuni’s “Love Bites” pairs with SSE’s “Fen'Harel” scent.

Thank you so much for sharing your wonders with the world! I look forward to every new piece you both create!

“I’m no bandit…I lead a great army.” ~ Iorveth

Introducing Iorveth, a Witcher inspired perfume

This custom blended fragrance is inspired by the elf Iorveth of the Witcher book & game series.You can purchase at and on Etsy!

Fragrance: Complex and alluring, this scent contains earthy musks from vetiver, dragons blood and nag champa, combined with a warm spice accord of cardamom, clove, anise seed, frankincense, myrrh, nutmeg, and delicate French lavender.  A wood accord of creamy sandalwood, cedar, white birch and dry, oud wood enhances the rich earthiness of the spiced top notes. Warm leathery notes of amber and labdanum are enhanced with wisps of bitter chocolate, bitter orange, Calabrian bergamot, patchouli, and ember smoke. Iorveth’s fragrance is earthy, carnal, fierce, and tempting…and unforgettable.

Key notes: Vetiver, Cardamom, Dragons Blood, Nag Champa, Oud wood, Frankincense, Myrrh, Bitter chocolate, French Lavender, Anise seed, Clove, Calabrian Bergamot, Labdanum, Sandalwood, Amber

I bought @sirensongelixirs body butter in Fen’Harel (along with the Solas, Dread Wolf, and Fen’Harel perfume oil) and HOT DAMN I smell fan-freaking-tastic. 

The Solas perfume oil is a little too masculine for me (totally read over the emphasized heavily masculine part) If I had a man or lady who really liked masculine smells, I’d ask them to wear it (because it still smells good). 


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New Dragon Age Solas inspired fragrances - “Trespasser” & “Hierophant” have been added to the Siren Song Elixirs perfume collection. 

Trespasser (dangerous, alluring, powerful) -  Rich, decadent notes of amber, leather, sultry jasmine, and smoky vanilla from labdanum absolute create a come-hither aura that exudes confidence and understated power. Tonka bean, black vanilla musk, ember smoke, and black pepper combine to form a mysterious accord that compliments the labdanum perfectly and adds depth. Hidden notes of dark chocolate, citrus, patchouli, and warm woods connect this fragrance to “Fen'Harel” while remaining a unique creation all on it’s own.

Key notes: Dark & smoky vanilla, rich spiced amber, tonka bean, warm golden notes mixed with hints of sultry jasmine and worn leather.

Hierophant (wistful, longing, hopeful) -  Fresh, clean notes of sea air meld with a wistful viridescent accord of ivy, wild fern, fresh cut rose stems, evergreen cedar, moss, fir needles, and hyacinth. An herbal base of rosemary, lavender, and bergamot rests upon a warm combination of sandalwood and amber to create a subtle warmth and earthiness. Soft masculine notes of ancient mahogany, teakwood, and worn leather creates a masculine balance to the beautiful soft, feminine green florals.

Key notes: Crisp green florals, leafy green plants, misty ocean air, soft woods, and a hint of amber warmth.

@sirensongelixirs did a custom scent of Isera for me and it is absolutely lovely. She was able to pull out information related to smells and scents from the character description of Isera. I wanted a scent that was different, but also had similar smells to the Fen'Harel (as Isera romances Solas). I can smell the hints of the Fen'Harel, but is very distinct from it. Leslie is very easy to work with and offers suggests on other ways to customize the smell, while maintaining the scent of the character. I am so happy! Thank you <3


Shop Update - Introducing new fragrances inspired by Dragon Age’s Alistair, Cassandra, and Anders by Siren Song Elixirs

First Knight - Strong, dependable sandalwood and vanilla are at the heart of this shy and humble Grey Warden Alistair who is much stronger and braver than most give him credit for, even himself. Comforting, warm, and playful notes of creamy caramel mixed with toasty, fragrant marshmallow give a lighthearted sweetness to this young former Templar who maintains good humor in dark times and who has a love for bad jokes shared with a good friend. An alluring and sensuous musk emanates from him when hugged tightly, as he whispers honest words of adoration, as does the kiss of a single crisp rose, picked from the darkness, as a token of his honest affection for his love. Alistair’s innocence, sweetness, and honesty make him a rare man among many, fit to lead a nation as it’s King or to face the darkness in good humor as a Grey Warden. Either way, he will do so with the Hero of Ferelden by his side, never to part. 

Seeker - Cassandra is a Lady and a warrior, hailing from the ancient noble lines of exotic Nevarra from a famed family of Dragon Hunters but this noble lady warrior has dedicated her life to the Seekers of Truth who serve the Chantry. Her tough exterior shields her soft, inner romantic who dreams of romance she only finds in books and other “smutty literature.” She is a no-nonsense woman represented with beautiful notes of bold, intoxicating orchid and sweet, red pomegranate mixed with rich, golden honey, black currants and ripe pears. Bold florals burn away to reveal dark golden musk, amber, vanilla, patchouli, myrrh, and more delicate florals of rose and jasmine hidden found hidden in the depths of ancient dry woods like those found in the crypts of the Mortalitasi and used in the ancient arts of Necromancy. Honoring her heritage, there lies hints of the swirling pools of dark Dragons Blood spilled by her ancestors in the depth of this fragrance.  Key Notes - Bold orchid, juicy pomegranate, black currants, followed by deep, exotic musk and mellow spices that linger in the air. 

Apostate - Upon meeting Anders, a warm, sweet, sensuous musk lingers with longing amidst base notes of amber, sandalwood, cedarwood, myrrh, dragons blood, patchouli, and ancient woods creating an allure that is indescribable and unassuming and you find it has grown on you before you even realized it, conjuring tender thoughts for the mage even in his absence. Fresh herbal notes cling to the apostate healer of Darktown with faint wisps of rosemary, mint and elderflower from his selfless need to help others. Romantic blends of spices including cinnamon, clove, citrus and vanilla swirl with floral notes of violet, jasmine, rose, and lily to create the slow burn of a mage daring to fall in love for the first time despite the darkness that surrounds them. A splash of playful black cherry serve as a reminder of the sass and snark this former Grey Warden serves with a smile and a kiss. 

Dragon Age’s Krem Body Butter to be released by 03/22/17!

The Lion of Ferelden

I am such a huge fan of @sirensongelixirs perfume oils and I talk them up to anyone who will listen.  So here goes me doing that some more—I’m going to review the scents I have, and review more as I (inevitably) get more.  

Siren Song Elixirs - The Lion of Ferelden

A Dragon Age Cullen Inspired Scent - buy at the link above!


My bottle ink is just a little blurred because I wear this all the damn time.

Unshaken, it’s nearly medicinal—sharp and green.  My herbal tinctures often smell like this, just an abundance of deep, verdant herbs.  With the elderflower note brought into the fore, it rounds into a dense floral with an earthy undertone.  It is a golden scent, bright and warm.  There is a sweetness that lingers in the throat, like swallowing a spoonful of honey.

It even has a warm color, an amber brown that may be a bit familiar.

On my skin, the green depth spreads and the edges fill with creamy, sweet notes of milk and caramel.  As it dries, it both softens the honey and deepens the earth: an elder tree in sunny late spring.  

The Lion of Ferelden is sweet to my nose, not powdery or girly, but sweet.  The drydown becomes more unisex and earthy, but it is still a sweet earth.  It’s a delicious scent, one that changes over time, and I like it more the more I wear it. 

Imagine sharing Cullen’s bed on a chilly night.  

You massage his shoulders, the tense muscles of his back, with an herbal salve from the healer.  You share a cup of sweet, hot milk.  It always helps him sleep.  

As you both drift off, you smell the salve’s herbal sharpness against his warm skin, and taste the soft, honeyed milk still on his lips.  

angel-of-broadway  asked:

I'm really interested in getting something from your shop, because the Fen'Harel scent sounds absolutely amazing, but I've never gotten a body butter before. Is it similar to lotion in texture, or is it something altogether different?

Great question! It’s much thicker than a lotion and a little bit goes a loooong way. Lotions have water in them and wax to suspend the solution and body butters do not. A body butter is pure oil, but not in a crisco kind of way, taken from the fatty part of nuts like shea or cocoa beans. So, when you scoop this from the container it’s going to look and feel like marshmallow cream fluff. Once you rub it between your fingers or onto your skin it melts right in because it’s melting point is lower than your body temp. After it’s applied it feels moisturized and velvety. If you look like you’re greased up for a nude wrestling match then you’ve put too much and you should rub it around some more. :) 

Elvenking perfume, inspired by Thranduil, will be available November 2nd.

Fragrance - Newly fallen red autumn leaves and bright red currants adorn the fall crown of the Elvenking, beautifully sculpted from the twisting tendrils of ancient woods. Rich flavors of juniper berries, bergamot, dark spice, caramel and bourbon vanilla quietly flow beneath regal florals of jasmine, dahlia, and French lavender. Earthy notes of vetiver, amber, dark patchouli, creamy sandalwood, warm cedar, and crisp aspen add depth and bring balance to the fragrance, subduing the soft floral notes, creating a scent that is a warm melody of traditionally feminine and masculine notes. Strong, beautiful, and ageless, Thranduil’s fragrance is a scent befitting an Elvenking.

Key Notes - Red autumn leaves, Red currant, Sandalwood, Bourbon vanilla, Warm floral, Cedarwood


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Scent of the day - Carmilla

“You are mine, you shall be mine, you and I are one forever.” -Carmilla to Laura

Beautifully deadly and painfully sensual, this sapphic vampiress inspired fragrance opens with notes sensual black cashmere, a leather riding crop, black suede gloves, and mystery. Lush, blush pink peonies bloom like an unspoken love in the night, mingling with suede and kissed with fragrant myrrh, sweet amber, and vanilla. Sensual, dangerous, and full of lusty feminine wiles, it lingers upon the skin like a forbidden kiss.

Key Notes- Sensual Cashmere, Pink Peony, Black leather, Brushed Suede, Amber, Myrrh, Ancient woods, Vanilla

Available on Etsy &


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Dragon Age Inspired perfume oils by Siren Song Elixirs

Here is a current list of all available perfume oil fragrances by Siren Song Elixirs, each inspired by the characters of Dragon Age with full descriptions in each listing. 

First Knight – Dragon Age Alistair
Apostate – Dragon Age Anders
Andraste’s Grace – Dragon Age
Seeker -  Dragon Age Cassandra
Spirit -  Dragon Age Cole
Commander - Dragon Age Cullen
Lion of Ferelden – Dragon Age Cullen
Krem Brulee - Dragon Age Cremisius Aclassi
Amatus – Dragon Age Dorian
Tal-Vashoth -  Dragon Age Iron Bull
Wicked Grace – Dragon Age Josephine
Nightingale – Dragon Age Leliana
Witch of the Wilds – Dragon Age Morrigan
Dragon Age Sera (pending retirement and reformulation as ‘Red Jenny’)
Solas – Dragon Age
Fen'Harel - Dragon Age Solas
Dread Wolf - Dragon Age Solas
Frilly Little Cakes - Dragon Age Solas
Madame de Fer – Dragon Age Vivienne
A Murder of Crows -  Dragon Age Zevran

Still to come:

Fenris, Isabela, Merrill, Oghren (BEER!), Varric, Solavellan, Vhenan, Anders alternate, and a possible alteration or alternate to Solas.