sirens usa

Character: Valentina “Voodoo” Dunacci

Show: Sirens

Representation: Asexual

Their Importance: Voodoo is one of the only canonically asexual characters on TV. Asexuality is incredibly underrepresented to the point that most people do not even know what it is, and Voodoo is likely the first exposure to asexuality most of the viewers experience. Her orientation does not define her character, but it is discussed on several occasions. Personally, this character’s existence helped a friend of mine accept that asexuality is a real thing, leading him to accept me.

Issues: The other characters’ ignorance of asexuality leads to several questions and comments that many asexual people may find insensitive, though to be fair, it is helping allosexuals learn. Also, Voodoo gets her nickname because she is interested in creepy and morbid topics, and this connection of Voodoo = creepy and morbid may be insulting to people who practice Voodoo religiously.

Thanks to @grandupwardsrollercoaster for the write up!