sirens tv show

We need to have a talk

Why is no one discussing Sirens? A show available on Netflix that is amazing.

It’s about EMTs and the shenanigans that happen on and off duty, but more importantly. It has:

A gay, black, non-stereotypical man:

An openly asexual woman who is treated with respect:

A female cop who’s not a damsel in distress and calls everyone out on their shit:

A Puerto Rican who’s a bit of a pansy and airhead, but openly checks out both guys and girls:

And it’s overall pretty great, check it out:

fake tv show meme: Siren Song

mismarvell requested, “for the graphics meme: could you please do a crime tale with sirens (possibly in the future???) ? thanks! have a nice day!”

a group of sirens led by peisinoe (gemma arterton), aglaope (clemence posey) and thelxiepeia (eiza gonzalez) return to their immortal fate of drowning men. they are a little delighted when they realize a mortal detective (godfrey gao) is on their trail. it’s been so long since they’ve had an arch rival, after all.