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30 Day TV Challenge

Day Five: A show you hate.

No contest: Arrow. It was gold in the beginning. Now it’s a steaming pile of shit. They treat their female cast and characters (but for ONE) like shit. And prop up the man-pain for Oliver, by taking it out on the other females. They fucked up ICONIC characters like Huntress and Black Canary. I don’t miss watching it AT ALL. It’s utter SHIT.

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I find it kind of weird how in most fictional worlds when two species have a baby the child somehow has all of the positive abilities and almost none of the drawbacks.

For once I want to watch a movie or read a book where the child has all of the negative effects and almost none of the positive abilities.

A television show about a vampire/werewolf hybrid who is allergic to garlic, silver, holy water, crosses, and sunlight but also needs to drink blood to survive. A child who somehow didn’t get superhuman strength or the ability to heal quickly but needs to somehow survive highschool. That would be way more challenging.

Or a movie about an mermaid/human child who didn’t get the ability to turn into a mermaid in the water or even the chance to breathe underwater so they grow up thinking they’re completly human until one day they’re told that the mother/father they never knew was actually the ruler of an underwater kingdom and now that they’re dead the throne belongs to them, only they can’t even go to their kingdom because they CAN’T BREATHE UNDERWATER! HOW CAN THEY RUN A KINGDOM THEY CAN’T EVEN GO TO?!

Just imagine a book with a witch/siren child born of magic and love but they themselves don’t posses an once of magic in their body. They can’t even sing on key for gods sake. How in the world are they supposed to charm men towards their doom when they can’t even cast a spell on them. I have to prove to my moms that I can be just as deadly as them.

  • Me: Internet frien-
  • Parents: PEDOPHILES
  • Friends: PEDOPHILES
  • People at school: PEDOPHILES
  • Me: But we like the same bands and tv shows so it's ok.

fake tv show meme: Siren Song

mismarvell requested, “for the graphics meme: could you please do a crime tale with sirens (possibly in the future???) ? thanks! have a nice day!”

a group of sirens led by peisinoe (gemma arterton), aglaope (clemence posey) and thelxiepeia (eiza gonzalez) return to their immortal fate of drowning men. they are a little delighted when they realize a mortal detective (godfrey gao) is on their trail. it’s been so long since they’ve had an arch rival, after all.