sirenita custom dolls


So this gem of mines took a week to make. She’s a made to move doll. First I chopped off all of her hair and replaced it with this gorgeous sea foam yarn picked out by my mer-godmother. Thanx to my froggy stuff i knew how to reroot the yarn into her head. Needless to say, but the task is TEDIOUS! thank God for my patience. Her tail belonged to my 2015 Mattel classic Ariel doll (r.i.p) and all i did was cut the fins off and hot glued sequin trim around the tail. Her fluke is made up of some shiny fabric we had around and cut into a multiple fin shapes and glued to the bottom. The shell top was from a sticker set from WalMart and i attached a some strings of pearls to them. The head piece and choker are also made up of the same set of pearls.

So last night this happened out of the blue 💙💜💙 I adopted a doll I have loved & admired for such a long time. It was so unexpected & I really shouldn’t have but I just couldn’t let her pass by.
(Photo by I.G Sirenita) Her name is Estrella and she is a custom pullip by the amazing IG Sirenita. She should be home next week!