Siren’s Gold, Chapter 3

Author Notes: Alright y’all, here’s some more. Sorry it took so long. This is Chapter 3 of the Pirate AU fic. I hope you all enjoy it! I’d love to hear your thoughts, so feel free to leave a reply or shoot me a message!

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Ship: Pirate McCree/MerHanzo

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Sunday of Katsucon was a day of Kamigami shenanigans and goodbyes! Also a delicious dinner *____* Beth and I had such an amazing time finally getting to cosplay Loki and Yui together~

Thank you all for joining us on our Katsu adventures; there are many, many more to come throughout this year! :D

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Dating Black Siren Would Include...

Requested by anon

  • Being attracted to her from the start, but not wanting to act on it because you’re afraid it will ruin your image of Earth-1 Laurel
  • Having a flirty relationship
  • Believing that, deep down, she was worthy of redemption
  • Falling in love with her slowly overtime
  • Being one of the first people Laurel truly cared about since she became a meta
  • Having lots of hot sex
  • Getting very turned on everytime Laurel wore her Black Siren outfit
  • Always having Laurel’s black lipstick all over your body
  • Laurel being into some weird kinks from Earth-2
  • Having sex anywhere and everywhere
  • Always sharing long, passionate kisses
  • It taking a while for Oliver and the rest of Team Arrow to warm up to her
  • Convincing Oliver to make her a part of the team
  • Laurel and Dinah working together to uphold Earth-1 Laurel’s legacy
  • Laurel not wanting to tell you she loves you because she’s afraid you won’t say it back
  • So you end up having to be the one who says it first
  • And while Laurel doesn’t tell you she loves you back immediately
  • One day she finally says it back
  • And you never leave each other’s side after that
Siren Part 1

The second story I am going to upload today. This one will be a two-parter, I’ll post the second part in a few days. I hope you enjoy! Oh, and this one is a bit… uh… more intense than usual I feel. Still nothing too dark but not quite my usual fluff. Part two though… =P Without further ado…


Pyrrha stared at the scene in front of her in horror, nearly dropping her sword in shock. She had prepared for many situations as they left for this mission, making sure she was ready for any sort of Grimm they could encounter, any environment they could find themselves in, any injuries one could reasonably expect to obtain. What she wasn’t prepared for however, was to see her partner kissing, no, being kissed deeply by a strange women.

Some small, repressed part of her was repulsed in jealousy, but that part was stifled by concern as she saw her team’s leader pushing against the woman’s shoulders aggressively. It was clear he wasn’t exactly enthused about the kiss, which both relieved and made Pyrrha’s anger spike up. How DARE that woman use her partner in such a way.

She was about to rush forward when she saw Jaune’s hands slowly struggle less, before falling limp at his side. When she stepped back, Jaune merely wobbled for a moment before collapsing like a sack of potatoes on the ground.

“Jaune…” Pyrrha cried out, frozen in terror. What had just happened?

“How dare you do that to our leader!” Nora cried out, switching her hammer to it’s grenade launcher form. “Pyrrha was supposed to do that!” She snapped angrily, earning a confused look from the redhead before she fired off a round towards the enemy huntress.

The tall, raven haired, mature woman just smirked as she stood perfectly still. Nora’s grenade exploded and the woman was encased in smoke.

Approaching carefully, Pyrrha prepared for a counter attack. She had to rescue Jaune, but she couldn’t let her guard down in the moment. As the dust settled, she almost dropped her weapons yet again. Standing in front of the strange huntress, Jaune stood there braced behind his shield, having saved her from Nora’s grenade.

“Jaune?” Pyrrha asked nervously. There’s no reason her leader would suddenly have switched sides like that. Had he learned something during their little… “exchange”?

The woman cackled. “I’m sorry Hun, he can’t really hear you right now. I’m afraid he’s a little… infatuated with me at the moment. They don’t call me Siren for nothing, you know.” She offered with a wink. The woman seemed to stare off in the distance for a moment. “Oh I see. So that’s his story. Interesting.” She smirked. She draped an arm over his shoulder, gently drawing circles on his chest plate.

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