You only get so many second chances
Don’t waste a second second guessing
Not everything’s always your fault
Life’s not always simple
You don’t have to hate yourself.


Super late to the party, but have some Pride icons of the babes.

Give me a mermaid universe where the mermaids are terrifying but one falls in love and is trying to get the attention of a sailor but the sailor thinks she’s trying to kill him. 

Like give me a mermaid universe where the girl is serenading a young male sailor and he’s peering into the water with a harpoon gun on his back trying to spot her, crying at the top of his lungs, “Careful lads, there are sirens in these waters.”

Give me a mermaid universe where she sits on a rock and she’s got the best of the ocean’s makeup, she’s exfoliated with the creme de la creme of the ocean sand, she’s got shells adorning her body and she even applied some sea salt shimmer and he just averts his eyes and blindly stumbles onto shore. 

Give me a mermaid universe where she brings food to him, buckets of fish and a couple of sharks, hell even some whale blubber and he refuses to take any of it because he thinks it’ll be poisoned or enchanted. 

Give me a mermaid universe where he makes her cry and her sobbing is beautiful, like little whale calls, and he just finds a cave to hide in until she’s done. 

Give me a mermaid universe where something goes wrong with the ship, like a hole in the side or the engine failing and this mermaid bears the boat on her back, the wood tearing into her skin, her tail being burned from the friction, but she won’t let it sink. She docks it for them and she goes up to this nice young sailor. 

She’s been learning English for months and in her best human accent, with a bright smile (sure she’s got sharp canines and blue gums but what’s she supposed to do about appearances)  says, “I saved your boat, I hope your crew is okay.”

And the sailor just narrows his eyes and huffs, “Are you expecting me to believe you had nothing to do with the failure?”

Give me a mermaid universe where a female sailor has to come up and bat the man on the head and turn him around and scold him. “Can’t you just see she’s got a thing for you, sir.” 

And then the sailor finally gives in and gives her a chance because… well maybe the female sailor has a point. Maybe the girl just has a crush on him and not a thirst for a very specific murder

The arrogance on this sailor. To think she’d have a preference for the men she kills. 



  • Hallewell

The soft sweetness of a Spanish guitar in the dead of night. Hot chocolate mixed with plenty of cinnamon and sweet cream. Dark chocolate laden with chili pepper, that snaps under the weight of your teeth. A faintly warm spot on the opposite side of the bed. Eyes in the mist. A song that crawls into the pit of your soul, into the recesses of your mind and stays. Forever.

  • Siren

welcometopunderlandblr  asked:

what would lead to Ruby, Siren, Bubbles and Ri-Ri to fall for a potential S/O, i.e. what would cause them to consider entering a relationship with someone? (p.s. hope you've had a punderful day~)


  • please just help her with her self-confidence
  • she needs it
  • someone who’s willing to give her some space from time to time would be good
  • she’s not clingy and doesn’t really like it when others are, either
  • and please be patient with her - even when the relationship is official she’s still a tsundere little fuckface
  • i hope they don’t mind her dropping her jacket on them occasionally
  • she thinks it’s an alright substitute for what people do in those romantic movies just go with it
  • i also hope they don’t mind pick up lines
  • she doesn’t actually know what she’s doing please help her


  • no one knows - her standards have never been met
  • (( in other words i’ve tried and failed to think of something without it sounding ridiculous ))


  • they have to be able to keep up with her
  • and if they’re patient, that may work out in their favour
  • someone who likes adventure and has a little mischief in their blood - she needs a pranking buddy other than siren
  • if they take the time to genuinely listen to and help her, she’s gonna end up falling for them hard
  • she really just wants someone who listens - who really listens
  • and can maybe withstand all the affection that she is guaranteed to bombard them with
  • i hope they like glitter


  • a female
  • ri-ri’s hella gay
  • other than that, she’s not too bothered
  • although, someone with at least a little bit of chill would be nice
  • and who doesn’t mind her randomly coming up behind them and just kinda flopping on top of them
  • she does that a lot
  • she’s an absolute musical fanatic, and it’d be great it they could withstand that rare occasion when she just infodumps a bunch of stuff about that musical she just re-watched for the fith time
  • and also handle her breaking into song from time to time
  • (( spoiler alert ri-ri’s a heckin nerd ))