If you properly use your imagination it will help you convert your failures & mistakes into assets of priceless value; it will lead you to discovery of a truth known only to those who use their imagination; namely, that the greatest reverse & misfortunes of life often open the door to golden opportunities. - Napoleon Hill… If you can imagine it you can achieve it !! #mondaymotivation #tracknation #hurdlegang #sirenasworld #putinwork #rio2016 #olympichopeful (at

Hopefully you all also know I am a photographer. Couple months ago I was able to photograph the collaboration of @sirenaalise and @thewtfactory. Sirena is one of the faces of their new product the slim clip phone case. It’s an awesome product that I use when I run and it actually works ! Check Sirena out she is an upcoming #trackstar on her journey to #rio2016….she’s an awesome person so go support her on all her journeys and endeavors. For more information on our collaboration check out my photography Instagram @rosa__photography. There you will find more picture from our shoot being posted shortly and also links to my website. #thewtfactory #sirenaalise #tracknation #rosaphotography #slimclipcase #sirenasworld

Sucess !! How adorable are these little girls who came out to learn how to hurdle 😍 by the time they grow up they are going to be pros at it !! Thank you to everyone who supported me and helped me bring the clinic to life. Ill be posting more pics on Facebook as soon as I get them !! #tracknation #hurdlegang #sirenasworld #mondaymotivation #thesahc (at SIRENASWORLD.COM)

Huge thanks and shout out to @AerobicsFirst @LukeShoeFitter @yhztrack @SparkBrainBikes @ElliptigoLuke @RunBlogRun and my driver Ron for coming through with Running spikes ! I am greatly appreciative of the hospitality received this weekend in Halifax ! You guys are amazing ! I didn’t run the race I wanted but Im going to leave with friends and an awesome experience ! Again thank you ! #sirenasworld #tracklife #hurdlegang #tracknation (at Saint Mary’s University Halifax)

THEHURDLES: The Hurdles are such a techinal event that require so much discipline and focus. A slip of thought during a hurdle race could result in you falling, hitting a hurdle or loosing a race. It is a must that you are aware at all times while hurdling. Only the strong minds Hurdle and discipline. #hurdlegang #sirenasworld #rio2016 (at SIRENASWORLD.COM)

Awesome races this past weekend in Jamaica ! Slowly figuring it out and just waiting for a breakthrough … S/O to @thewtfactory for the phone case !! You played a major part in gettin me ready for my race this weekend !! My tunes stayed put the entire warm up lmao over hurdles and all !! On to the next race !! #sirenasworld #tracklife #tracknation #hurdlegang #rio2016 #thewtfactory (at Kingston- Jamaica)

First race down and now two more to go.. Something has got to click !! Not the race I know I can run but I know it’s coming. Only a matter of time! Always fun racing this lovely face!! See you throughout the season! @serita44 #hurdlegang #sirenasworld #belgium (at SIRENASWORLD.COM)