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DCEU has zero chill in 2017

- Wonder Woman

- Young Justice S3

- Nightwing movie is coming

- Batgirl movie is coming (although with Whedon directing)

- Lego Batman movie

- Justice League is coming soon

- A new Justice League trailer during SDCC

- A first trailer for Aquaman during SDCC

- Amazing photos of Amber Heard as Mera

- Awesome posters of Wonder Woman and Justice League

- Gotham City Sirens is in production

- Solo Batman movie has a great director, Matt Reeves, who, along with writer Ben Affleck, wants to get this movie right

DCEU got me so fucking whipped

@sirensongelixirs products are always so, so lovely! 

I saw there was still a body butter left and I had to snatch it up, because that stuff is AMAZING. 

She’s come out with a number of new scents recently so I went ahead and bought another sampler pack - the number one problem now is that I CANNOT decide on a favorite anymore! 

Red Jenny is playful and fruity. Trespasser is dark, smooth, and slightly sweet. Pirate Queen is gorgeous, delicious, and makes me think of the ocean (as Isabela’s scent should)! Hierophant is warm, soft, and lovely. The Raven is dark, warm, and slightly spiced. I love them all so much!

I haven’t tried the face mask yet, but will update this review once I have!

Siren Song Elixirs: Hair Oil!

Recently tried @sirensongelixirs‘ new hair oil and I loved it! I would highly recommend it - I believe it is suppose to be for all hair types? I know I get scared putting product in my hair because my hair sometimes behaves horribly with products, but this stuff was great! Many products leave my hair feeling greasy or otherwise icky, but this left my hair feeling lovely. I will say that a few drops go a long way - so don’t use too much! 

For reference I have … really fluffy, fizzy, fine hair, and this stuff was great for me! 

SO BASICALLY, i have it in jocelyn’s backstory that she recently signed on to work as a director with dc comics to bring some of their female-centric pieces to the big screen. specifically, she’s been working on birds of prey (in production) and gotham city sirens (post-production). what i’m looking for here is her cast! for the most part, jocelyn’s very easy to work with as long as you follow her instructions carefully because she has a very specific vision in mind (of course, not everybody has to. on set drama is fun!). the movies are pretty hyped up, so that means that cast members are together a ton going to different comic cons, panels, interviews, and all that fun jazz. we can have group threads and group texts and group Drama™ and it’ll be great. these movies are very near and dear to jocelyn’s heart, so she takes care of her cast members very well. if you wanna claim a spot, just drop a line below!


  • black canary, played by open, ##, faceclaim.
  • barbara gordon, played by nova fox, 23, natalia dyer.
  • huntress, played by madelia lucas, 25, daisy ridley.
  • big barda, played by open, ##, faceclaim.
  • lady blackhawk, played by open, ##, faceclaim.
  • catwoman, played by open, ##, faceclaim.
  • katana, played by open, ##, faceclaim.


  • poison ivy, played by cordelia larken, 35, jessica chastain.
  • harley quinn, played by isabelle andrews, 20, sophie turner.
  • catwoman, played by open, ##, faceclaim.
  • batman, played by open, ##, faceclaim.
  • the joker, played by open, ##, faceclaim.
  • talia al ghul, played by open, ##, faceclaim.
  • zatanna, played by open, ##, faceclaim.
  • dick greyson, played by open, ##, faceclaim.

Mermaid Aura-Belle approached Lily-Rose the English Mermaid and proposed joining forces to create a new entertainment company called The English Mermaids!

This is our blog following our crazy mermaid adventures as our company progresses! 

In 2017, us DCEU fans are getting the Wonder Woman movie and the Justice League movie. The Batman is going to be filming, as well as the Aquaman movie. Gotham City Sirens will go into production. We’ll get new movie announcements and casting announcements.

It’s gonna be a good year for us.


Rae x Finn || Stomach tied in knots.
Artist: Sleeping with Sirens.

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All the way from 1965…well, the character, not the art. This Penny Penguin part is from t 2006…the background from this year.

I think I drew this for my mom originally, after she was talking about an old cartoon she remembered watching as a little girl. I could be wrong, but usually when it comes to my memory and cartoons I’m pretty spot on. Penny Penguin was part of Hal Seeger/Siren Productions’s Milton the Monster series in 1965. Hal Seeger is also responsible for cartoons such as Batfink…another classic.

This may be the only Penny Penguin fanart in existence as image searches usually turn up nothing…maybe it wasn’t popular…I don’t know, I wasn’t born yet. Whatever the case, the artwork’s been updated and reposted.

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