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Mermaid/Siren Prompts

Anonymous said:some more fantasy prompts?? maybe with mermaids and sirens talking to like humans + other creatures :0

Anonymous said:Can I please have some mermaid/siren prompts? Maybe like the siren is in love with a human, or being tracked down???

1) A leader’s song could whip the rest of them into a frenzy or soothe them at will. The mer did their best to cover their ears as the voice swept over the water towards them, commanding and impossible to disobey. 
Time to hunt. But they didn’t want to devour this time, not this one, not her…

2) The Carribean mermaid eyed its Atlantic counterpart with wariness, not used to these waters. Churning, black, bitterly cold compared to the clear and astonishing turquoise of their home. Gentle, playful ocean compared to this hostile thing that sang on different frequencies.
“You are a long way from your waters.”
“I’ve been chasing a merchant ship these last weeks,” the Carribean mermaid said. “The Deliverance.”
“We sunk a merchant ship that passed by just yesterday.”
“Was there a siren aboard the ship?” their voice quivered. 
The Atlantic mermaid startled at the question. “I - we left no survivors. I am sorry.”

3) Merfolk were valuable creatures. Beautiful and powerful alive, with scales that made the most stunning high end jewelry. They were hunted like nothing else these days - voices no match for modern sound cancelling technology. 
The human stared down, wide-eyed, at the mer tangled up by accident and last night’s storm in their fishing net. One creature that could change their fortune forever if they sold it. Fix everything. The mer stared back, wide-eyed. Terrified. Thrashing exhausted as the lines cut against their skin and seemed to only tighten with their struggles. God, it looked so very scared. The human swallowed. They hauled it in and tried to ignore the guilt gnawing at their belly. It wasn’t like they could just let it go, could they?

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You're blog is fantastic!!!!! Could you do some more prompts about Sirens? Maybe someone finding out their best friend is a Siren in the middle of a storm?

1) They hit the sea with a crash as the storm tossed them overboard. The shock of cold hit them first - gasping, swallowing water as they flailed and thrashed. Their clothes grew heavy, dragging them downwards. Disorientated as they squirmed to kick off their boots and - arms wrapped around them. Familiar and…not familiar. Familiar nails turned to claws and legs to a magnificent tail. They swallowed another mouthful of water with a yelp of panic before their friend brought them spluttering to the surface, still clutching hold of them. 
“You have a tail!”
“You need to take deep breaths and calm down.”
“You have an actual tail!”

2) They had always hated storms. Usually never let anyone see them during one because of it - it was embarrassing. The curled up into a ball like a terrified five year old, hands clamped over your ears aesthetic wasn’t really very vogue. 
“It’s fine,” they tried to reassure their friend. This storm had come on suddenly. No time to hide. “I’m fine.”
Their best friend hesitated, hands hovering, faltering, on how to help. But nothing helped except the storm passing and…and then their friend began to sing. They’d never heard their best friend sing before. It was hypnotic, entrancing, all consuming and…and the storm went away. 
They stared, wide-eyed. “Did you do that?”
“Don’t be ridiculous, how could I possibly do that? I just thought I’d try and distract you.”
But storms didn’t usually pass that fast.

3) Storms had a habit of happening whenever their best friend was angry, but they’d never assumed that the two were linked. Who in their right mind would assume it was linked? Right up until the waves on the coast flared up and swept the attacker right off the edge of the cliff and the look on their best friend’s face was like nothing they’d ever seen before. Eyes shining like the storm itself, and lips bared in some kind of snarl and…and had their teeth always been so sharp? But the waves were rising still, out of control, slippery on the rocks higher and higher. The protagonist rushed forward, wrapping arms around their best friend. 
“It’s alright, everything’s okay. Look at me.”
Whatever else, could be dealt with later.

Mer, Sirens, Sea Things

Anonymous said:Do you have any mermaid prompts? I’m writing about a couple of mermaids in love and I’d like inspiration but I enjoy anything you write!// Anonymous said:Could we get some more mermaid prompts?

1) “It will be fine,” they said. “Just keep the blanket over your legs, and no one will even be able to tell.” 
The mer’s heart skittered with excitement as they got their first look at land, their friend pushing the wheelchair with a bright smile. As they savoured something called ‘chocolate’ they longed to return the favour, mesmerised by the shining lights of the pier and the music and the people. Oh, there were so many people. 

2) The mermaid pressed close, sealing their lips to the human’s. It was a stale sort of oxygen in their lungs - but it would do the trick. The human clung to them, desperate for whatever air they could get. In the ocean, nothing warm ever came close so sweetly. They pulled back, feeling a little intoxicated, watching as the human began to strain in their arms before they kissed them again. Gave them air again. No greater treasure had ever been tossed off a pirate ship.

3) One minute, sharks. Sleek and predatory in the water, with their cool eyes and their sharp teeth. The next - her. Flashing scales stunning in the water, with a jaw just as deadly, claws slashing and snarling as she curled around the mermaid. That was how they first met.

4) “You love her?” the sea witch purred. “Your sea-shell girl? I could get her back.” 
“That’s why I’m here.” Dealing with the witch was always a bad idea, but it couldn’t be worse than the gush of water, the writhe of fish, the net that hauled her beloved away out of the ocean she belonged to. 
The sea witch smiled. 

5) They didn’t know how to navigate a tail - they were used to legs. To more solid ground than currents that slipped around, and the song hungry and burning in their throat, and the way their pinwheeling arms struggled to navigate the way that seafolk swam. Her lover had dumped her in the sea some three hours ago, some magical trade off for a fucking bitch fish who couldn’t even talk. Men. 

Two women wash ashore on a desert island. One is a selkie and the other, a siren. Both think the other is human, however, and so the two become engaged in a series of increasingly ridiculous interactions as each desperately tries to keep their magical identity secret from the other.

1) “You know, you can’t run away to the seaside whenever life gets you down.”
“Why can’t I?” She returned. She flashed a smile. and pulled the mermaid down to the sand. “You’re here.”
“You’re trying to distract me.”
“Is it working?” 

2) “Pretty thing like you,” the mermaid said, “you must make quite a pirate’s treasure.” 
“Oh, I’m priceless.” She nipped the mermaid’s lips. “Can’t run a ship very well without it’s Captain after all. Are you here to negotiate or not?” 

3) “You were supposed to let me drown!” She’d planned it all out, perfectly. A moonlit night and the restless, beautiful sea.  
“Drown tomorrow.” The mermaid laid her out on the sand, pinning her beneath lithe muscles. “Tonight I want to show you something.” She said that the next night too, and the night after that, and after that. Until one day the woman realised she wasn’t stepping into the waves for an ending anymore.  

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Carnivorous mermaids/siren prompts please!! 💖

1) The siren loved to listen to the girl sing. She suspected that was the only reason she was still alive.

2) “I think,” the pirate said. “That you’ll help us catch the pretty things, don’t you?”
They felt like chum. A bloodied worm thrashing on the end of a bait hook. Song began to drift around the ship, dark shapes moving in the sea just below their feet.
Even the pirates, with their ear plugs, shifted uneasily as if a cold breeze had swept suddenly over the warm waters.

3) “You’re not going to eat me?”
“You are like an eel. Skinny.”
Now they knew how Hansel and Gretel felt.

4) Fear made meat too bitter, acidic. She stroked her prey’s hair, cooed soothing songs instead of luring ones. Why lure? They had nowhere to go, stranded oarless on the pacific. Poor thing. Sweet thing.

5) “You want to be free,” the woman said to the siren in the tank. “So do I. Perhaps we could work together.
“You don’t seem concerned I’ll eat you.”
“We both know humans don’t actually make the best nor preferred diet for your kind.”

6) The singing haunted her in her sleep. Restless, maddening, beautiful beyond measure. It left her dreams drenched with the sound. But no one was allowed down on the beach and no one else seemed to feel the water calling towards them.