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My BillDip AUs Masterlist:

A list of the different AUs I have/will have art/writing for. AUs that have an entire fic in the works or partial writing have a title following the AU name (This bolded title will later become a link). AU ideas I originate but don’t own the concept behind are marked * (aka AUs based on TV shows, but TV shows no one has made a BillDip AU of yet). 

Original AU with an original concept are marked with a ** and are not for free use.

A (x) denotes the tag I use to mark everything that’s part of this AU on my blog. The fanfictions titles will be bolded links when they are posted on Ao3!

Will be updated with brief descriptions shortly

- Main Story: My main, yet-to-be-named BillDip fanfiction.

- Pirates AU: STARS OVER THE SEA (x)

- Siren AU: SIREN’S KISS (x)

- What Are You AU: WHAT ARE YOU?** (x)

- Steven Universe AU (x) 

- Professor AU/Teacher AU (x)/(x)

- Weirdmageddon AU**

- Octopus AU (x)

- Attack on Titan AU* (x)

- Book of Life AU* (x)

- Zootopia AU* (x)

- Kill la Kill AU*

- Five Nights at Freddy’s AU* (x)

- Outlast AU*

- Eridanus AU********* (x)

- How to Train Your Dragon AU* (x)

- The Scorpio Races AU* (x)

- Jurassic World AU: ELDRITCH PARK, a shared AU with @camohatkat* (x)

- RWBY AU* (x)

- Monster Falls AU (x) 

- Hansel and Grettel: Witch Hunters AU* (x) 

- Cipher Rising AU: CIPHER RISING** (x) 

- The Magician AU** (x)

- Egypt Incarnation* (x)

- Aztec Incarnation* (x)

- Cipher Hunt AU* (x)

- Hunchback of Notre Dame AU

- Frozen AU*

- Pirates of the Carribean AU*

- Aladdin AU, roles reversed*

- Strange Magic AU*

- Overwatch AU*

- “Horror Nerd/Paranormal Romance Nerd” AU*

- Master/Slave AU

- Stripper AU

- Puppet Master AU**/Another Magician AU*

- The Magician’s Apprentice AU**

- Cursed Puppet AU, idea by @extrics

- Fallen Angel/Demon Bill

- Object!Head Bill

- Hannibal AU

- Serial Killer AU

- Assassins AU

- Superheroes/Superjail AU (x)

- Skyrim AU*

- Snow White and the Huntsman AU*

- 20 Years Later AU, a shared AU with @sweatycipherologist** (x)

- A/B/O AU

- A/B/O inspired captor/captive ‘Sinverse’ AU **

- Many AU

- Triplets AU

- Horses AU(s)*

Richard Madden appreciation month

Day 1 catch-up: favorite role: robb stark from got and ashley greenwick from sirens


May 2015 MCM Con photos; 2 of 4

If you see yourself drop me a line (message, reblog, flame signals) and I’ll credit you for your costume :)


Sapphire is sspacegem
Lilith is meg-the-siren

I think I might make an rp blog for the siren gems tbh. But it might not be too active just cause Steven universe rp blogs don’t seem to be a big thing??