siren baby


Lance: Coran, do we have I siren we could turn on?

 Coran: no, but we could record you making a siren noise


Shiro: not doing that

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Kellin….you are killing me. 😂😂😂😂

Dangerous Dads Headcanons:
  • After taking Max in, Magnus dedicates a pretty significant amount of time and energy into casting protective wards over their home in Brooklyn.
  • We’re talkin’ some of Magnus’ most powerful charms and use of his own magic to date.
  • And when Rafael comes along, Alec goes into Castle-and-Moat mode on Home Improvements.
  • The baby monitor in Max and Rafe’s room has been modified by Alec and Magnus to go off like a siren if there’s an unidentified third-party lifeform in the room. 
  • The first time the Baby Siren goes off in the Lightwood-Bane house, Magnus and Alec are out of bed so fast the bed nearly topples in their haste to get to the kids’ room.
  • Alec is grabbing his seraph blade from behind the family portrait as Magnus’ eyes glow a frightening shade of gold–a murderously bright flame encompassing both of his clenched fists.
  • In full-panic, high-adrenaline, Dad Mode Extreme™, Magnus and Alec don’t stop to hear the voice in room cooing at their boys–instead diving in, fists and weapons blazing–as they shout, “Max?! Rafe?!”
  • And nearly incinerate/maim one Miss Tessa Gray.
  • Seated at the center of the room with a giggly blue toddler in her lap and groggy, mussy-haired Rafael draped over her shoulder, Tessa looks sheepish.
  • (Having tracked Magnus from halfway across the world and portalling to Brooklyn in an attempt at a cheeky “hello” to the Lightwood-Bane family, Tessa failed to calculate the time-difference, arriving directly in the boys’ room at precisely 3:07 in the morning.)
  • Deflated with absolute relief, Magnus and Alec slump to the floor, groaning reproachfully at their guest. 
  • “Would you please knock next time, dearest?” 

People: So like, what kind of music are you into?
Me: *war flashbacks to mosh pits*
Me: *remembers stage diving off my bed to metal*
Me: *breaks voice trying to scream to the lyrics*
Me: Oh you know…
Me: Acoustic and piano, really calm stuff.
People: *nods*
Me: *head bangs furiously as they leave*