i made another one help

New siren kid who’s based on the blue angel sea slug (one of my favorite animals like seriously idk how this wasn’t the first one i made). No eyes but she more than makes up for it with highly sensitive tendrils (namely the ones on her head, face and back), so she gets around just fine. She’s also Tahae’s closest friend.

she will need a name :T

So, This is a stand alone for Complete Anti!

All the new things Complete has:

He can now put demons under his spell but it’ll require a little more effort.

He now has a tattoo that creates music note weapons

A new wardrobe ( Compliments to Trickster (( Those are his clothes )) )

His Canines are the only sharp teeth

His Scleras are now white

his eyebrows are no longer green

He grew from 5″11 to 6′’1 

Little fairy tale

Aries: Satan
Taurus: angel 
Gemini: siren  
Cancer: princess  
Leo: elf (prince’s friend)
Virgo: warlock
Libra: merrow
Scorpio: queen
Saggitarius: fairy
Capricorn: prince
Aquarius: ghost 
Pisces: mavka