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Aria ducked into the TARDIS as soon as she saw it appear, looking around, she was confused to discover it was a different TARDIS than she was used to. “Hello,” she called, “Doctor? Anyone here?” She spotted a man at the console, fiddling with the controls and arched her eyebrows. “Um…Doctor,” she questioned, “that you?”


It’s not often that Rose wanders off from the TARDIS or The Doctor himself for that matter, normally she stayed close. But today she took off without warning, walked as far as she could and wound up lost.

She’d found a spot to sit, right outside a small cafe type place, knees together, hands in her lap and a sheepish look on her face, she glanced up to The Doctor. 

“I um.. I kin'na wandered off, n’ almos’ got myself lost. I’ve never been ‘appier for your trackin’ skills, I can tell ya that." 

She smiled slightly, the action forced almost. Her mind was running rampant today; thinking of everything that’d happened, everyone that’s been lost. And thinking of the day she went back to be with her father, she remembered watching him die and..

It was so much easier to have never known him. That was the sad thing.

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You didn’t often see police boxes on the corner of streets in London anymore, and when you did see them, they weren’t often very pretty. Clara did like the run-down quality to them, though. But this police box looked practically new, and the brunette decided that she needed a photo. She’d just held up her camera when a strange man walked out of it.

She lowered her camera and turned so that she could see him more properly. Despite herself, she was interested, so she quickly jogged to his side. “Is checking out police boxes a hobby of yours?”