“Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered… I have fought my way here to the castle beyond the goblin city…”

Halloween is still a few weeks away, but this homemade Labyrinth costume ensemble is so awesome we couldn’t wait to share it. Redditor Deconstructress created these fantastic Labyrinth character costumes for her entire family. She even made a little Sir Didymus to ride their Ambrosius.

Here’s hoping they don’t encounter the Bog of Eternal Stench while they’re out trick-or-treating.

[via Laughing Squid]

I saw Labyrinth this weekend, and I really wanted to draw Sir Didymus & Ambrosius.

As a side note, I really miss when creatures and characters had to be created through puppetry instead of CG. It always absolutely amazes me how lifelike and animated the puppets could be.

What Labyrinth Has Taught Me
  • Barn Owls Are Beautiful Creatures
  • Never Take Things for Granted
  • Don’t Take Directions from Worms
  • Let your Little Brother Borrow your Teddy Bears
  • It’s Hoggle
  • Not Hogwart, Horrible, Hoghead, Hegwart, Higgle or Haggle
  • Always Dance Magic Dance
  • If you Wish Away your Sibling a Sparkly Fae will Appear
  • David Bowie Looks GREAT in Tight Pants
  • Your Mother is a Fraggin’ Aardvark!
  • Never Betray Jareth, or else you will visit the Bog of Eternal Stench
  • Oogliets is Where you Put People to Forget About Them
  • Cherish your Plastic Jewelry
  • Don’t Eat Peaches while Exploring
  • Rocks are Friends
  • If you’re ever in a Dream, Smash a Chair into a Mirror
  • Never tell Bowie Something is a Piece of Cake
  • The way Forward is Sometimes the way Back
  • Things aren’t ever what they seem
  • David Bowie has Magical crystalBalls
  • Nothing is Fair, but that’s the way it is
  • Ambrosius is a coward
  • You’re only allowed to throw your own head
  • Make Friends
  • It’s Very Rude To Stare!
  • Sheepdogs make Loyal Steeds
  • Jareth Looks GREAT in Tight Pants
  • Crystal Balls are way better than Fushigi
  • Don’t Except Edible Presents while in the Labyrinth
  • There’s such a Sad Love Deep in my Eyes
  • Chilly down with the fire gang
  • Human Heads don’t come off
  • Jareth can offer you your Dreams
  • You Can’t Look Where You’re Going If You Don’t Know Where You’re Going
  • Hoggle is your Friend
  • Handle Things Logically
  • Rocks Fart if you Step on them
  • David Bowie is always watching
  • Allow Bowie to Seduce you, don’t be a Party Crasher
  • Forgive your Friends
  • Sir Didymus is no coward
  • Jennifer Connelly is a great Actress
  • You can bribe Ambrosius with food
  • Bowie can Walk Through people
  • Eyes can be so Cruel
  • Everything Jareth has done he has done for you
  • David Bowie Believes in you
  • M.C. Escher is awesome
  • Jareth’s castle can Defy Gravity
  • David Bowie looks Fabulous in White
  • Fear David, Love David, Do As He Says and He Will be Your Slave
  • But remember…
  • Family comes first
  • Friends will Always be there Shall you Need them
  • Don’t be afraid to grow up
  • Leaving behind your Childhood doesn’t mean you’re Forgetting it
  • Because You Have No Power Over Me
  • Barn Owls Will Always Look After You
  • David Bowie is Amazing.

Amigurumi Sir Didymus, from Labyrinth! 

This was a custom commission for Mother’s Day. Pretty cool mom, I’d say! 

Sir Didymus’ fur was made with brushed yarn, and the details of his shirt are sewed on. His tail is needle felted, and his yellow feather was glued in for the final touch! One of my favorite details are his tiny knee pads.  :)