Cristiano Ronaldo’s message for Sir Alex Ferguson at Sports Personality

  “Hi boss. I have this chance to send you a message that I want to share with everyone like you did with me which was unbelievable and I’ll never forget it in my life.”

“When I arrived at Manchester as an 18-year-old, you were like a father for me in football and you gave me opportunities and taught me many things, and I feel glad to send you this message.

“I remember when I was there in the club and I asked for the No. 28 shirt and you gave me the No. 7. It put me under a lot of pressure but you told me it wouldn’t be a problem and that I would deserve to put this shirt on my body because I was a fantastic player.

“You taught me how to be a good professional, a good boy and you deserve this award because you are a fantastic man and person. You are the number one.

“Have a good evening and we will keep in touch. Take care.”


“I have always respected and learned from the coaches I have worked with. I have learned from their words, because I knew they could make me better and help me improve. And I’m very thankful to every single one of them. I don’t bear a grudge against anyone and I prefer to remember the good things we have achieved together. I don’t have any sort of problem with any coach I’ve had in the past and I would work again with all of them. They’ve all been very important in different stages of my career.”