sir your legs tell me why and how

Professor Novak (Chapter 1)

Summary: You’re entering your senior year of University and find yourself attracted to the very angry, very attractive world religions professor
Wordcount: 782
Warnings: none 

Part 2

At this point in the semester, you really should have been used to Professor Novak’s angry outbursts but here you were front and center in his lecture shaking in your seat, not entirely sure if you were scared or a little bit aroused. Novak was not a gentle man, at least from what you’d seen of him. But you couldn’t bring yourself to drop the course, not just because you needed it to graduate but because the man was inhumanly attractive. His usual attire usually consisted of suits that were obviously to tight on him showing off the lean muscles on his arms and back and leaving almost nothing to imagination, his hair was in a constant state of being perfectly windswept, but what really reeled you in were those heavenly eyes. You often found yourself thinking about those blue orbs whenever you got the chance, though not long enough for him to catch you day dreaming. You knew how harsh he could be to people who didn’t pay attention to his lectures.

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Psycho - Dan

Anon: so glad requests are open i’ve been wanting to send this in for a while! could you please do something based around the song Psycho by Muse but specifically the lyrics ‘your ass belongs to me now’ bc i’m a slut for spanking and i love dom Dan.

A/N: I love writing some smut, and I’m definitely one for Dom Dan, Umph. I hope you like it honey.

Warning: Smut, Dominant Dan


“Love, it will get you nowhere, You’re on your own. Lost in the wild”

I was walking around my apartment in a half buttoned flannel shirt and a black silk thong. I lived alone, so I felt that I could walk around how I pleased. I wasn’t really expecting anyone today, so I thought I would just relax in my hot house and read. Being summer and living in a home without air-conditioning, It was definitely not fun. I picked up a book as I walked into my living room and fell back onto my black leather couch. Why I decided to buy this was a mystery to me, because all I did now was stick to the damn thing. I positioned myself so I was laying on my back and my legs were spread apart and my arms semi extended so that I could read the book as if I were staring at the ceiling.

As I get about 3 chapters into my book, I notice my phone flashing to the side of me. I struggle, but eventually I manage to reach over and grab it to read the message and when I light up the screen I notice that it’s a message from my boyfriend Dan. He’s asking if he can come over, but really I’m just so hot right now that I can’t even be bothered to deal with him, as bad as that sounds. I place the phone back to the side of me and then continue with my book but that didn’t really last for too long. About 15 minutes after I’ve read the message from Dan, somebody grabs my book and tosses it over to the other side of the living room and then looks over me.

“Well look at you down there”

I could imagine the image that he’s seeing. Girlfriend in a half buttoned shirt with a thong whilst her legs are spread. He must have been enjoying himself. I looked up at him and his eyes aren’t even level with mine anymore, he’s too busy looking at everything else that’s going on whilst chewing on his lip.


“You didn’t respond”


“The message, you didn’t get back to me”

“Oh, I got distracted”

“Well you’re not going to be distracted by anything anymore.”

I grew curious over what Dan meant by that statement. He walked backwards towards the door of my living room and the turned around to face me whilst his back rested against the door frame. A look washed over his face as he looked back at me. I sat up and looked at him, fixing myself up in the process, but when I glanced back at Dan, he was signaling me to come over to him with only the use of his index finger.

“So come to me now, I could use someone like you. Someone who’ll kill on my command, And asks no questions”

I got up off the sofa and walked over to him, I could tell that he was eyeing me with every step because when I looked down, I could see his little friend wanting to come out to play. I decided to drag it out a little and walk in a slower manner, and I could tell he was growing impatient. When I finally made it over to him, Dan pulled me close and then brought his lips to mine, smashing them together before he pulled back to look at me.

“You didn’t acknowledge me then, but you’re sure as hell going to acknowledge me now.”

Dan’s hand traveled down to the front of my thong and cupped over my clothed heat. A soft moan escaped from my lips and as quick as a cat, Dan’s eyes flashed towards mine.

“Oh no no, You don’t get to enjoy this without my say so. From here on out, that body of yours. I own it. What ever I tell you to do, you do it right then and there, and you’ll listen to my every word. And babe, I’d like to be called sir until I say otherwise. Any disobedience and I will punish you, got it?”

Dan’s hand was still cupped over me as he said this, his words were filling me with such a chill that I wanted to hand myself over to him completely. Dan didn’t get like this too often, but when he did. I just craved everything he did. A dominant Dan was a Great Dan. I closed my eyes and gulped.


“Yes what?”

His hand pushed further into my panties, causing my breath to hitch. I looked at him and bit my lip.

“Yes, sir”

“Good girl. Now, I want you to get on all fours and crawl your way into the bedroom slowly, if your going to tease me, I may as well get a good look at your ass”

“Yes sir”

“I’m gonna make you, I’m gonna break you. I’m gonna make you. A fucking psycho, A fucking psycho. A fucking psycho. Your ass belongs to me now”

I got down onto my knees and pulled my shirt back so that Dan could properly see the thong between my ass. With every small crawl, I accentuated the hip movement and when I stopped and looked back at Dan, he was chewing on his thumb, but soon after his eyes locked back with mine.

“Did I tell you to stop?”

I went to continue crawling but Dan demanded that I stop, so I froze in my tracks. Dan came up behind me and got down onto his knees, placing his hands onto my ass, slowly rubbing it in the process. I turned to look but Dan didn’t like that, and as such, he brought his hand high up into the air and then in an instant, he brought it back down with a whip cracking sound as it connected to my skin. Dan didn’t let go once he slapped me, but instead his fingertips dug in, grabbing as much ass as he could. I could still feel the sting, it wasn’t light.

“Alright, now you may continue”

With a giant hand print on my backside, I continued to crawl until Dan’s voice bellowed once more.

“What do you say?”

“Yes sir”

“Good girl”

Once I made it into the bedroom. I waited quietly for Dan to come in. It wasn’t instantly that he came in, but about 5 minutes later, and I was starting to grow impatient as I was feeling rather horny now. Dan just had this effect on me when he was like this. Slowly I hear the sound of his shoes coming down the hallway and the anticipation was getting real. He stand in the door frame of my bedroom and just stares me down as I’m still on my hand and knees.


I got up from the ground pretty quickly and face towards Dan.

“I didn’t say turn around no did I”

“Sorry Da-, I mean sir”

Dan looked at me, his eyes grew dark in that moment. He took a few steps towards me and the tone in voice became cold and stern.

“Turn, and bend over. Now.”

I did as he said, bending over so that my hands were on the bed. His hands rubbed over my ass again, I just knew what was coming. I closed my eyes as I prepared for the next punishment for disobedience.

“I’m sorry baby, but you know what happens. This is mine now”

His hands grabbed the meat in the cheek as he said this before he raised his hand again. I took a deep breath in and held it, just waiting for the inevitable. The whip cracking sound developed again, but this time I winced and cried out in pain because he managed to hit me in the exact same place as before, causing the sting to amplify greatly. As much as it hurt though, It made me crave it a little more, because sometimes I just liked to push the limits.

“Are you a human drone? (Aye, sir!). Are you a killing machine? (Aye, sir!). I’m in control, motherfucker, do you understand? (Aye, sir!)”

Dan pulled me back up so that my back was to his chest and just like that, Dan took his hands and entwined his fingers between the button loops of the shirt, and within seconds he pulled, ripping the shirt completely off of my body with buttons flying throughout the room. I wasn’t wearing a bra, so when Dan tore off the top, I was left standing there, completely bare. He tossed the shirt onto the ground and placed his hands onto my chest, fondling both of my breasts until he was satisfied.

When he was finished, He pushed me onto the bed and walked out of the room. A few minutes later, he came back with one of the chairs from my dining room and place it at the end of the bed before sitting in it. Dan sat back and folded his arms whilst he scanned my body with his eyes. They were filled with such lust that I just knew he was going to pain me.

“Get on the bed.”

I climbed onto the bed and sat on my knees, making sure that I was faced towards Dan.

“arrange the pillows to your desire and then sit back, facing towards me with your legs spread apart”

“Yes sir”

I did as he said, I stacked the pillows so that they were more in the centre of my bed and then I turned around and sat as Dan had directed. I spread my legs and gave him a look, I was still wearing the thong, so why he didn’t tell me to take them off confused me a little.

“In the right bedside table you keep one of your… toys. Pull it out”

How did he know about that? He’s never seen that before, well at least I had thought so anyway. My eyes widened as he said these words, if I wouldn’t have gotten into trouble I would have asked him how he knew about it, but now was definitely not the time. I leaned over to my bedside table and opened up the drawer, pulling out a fairly large Vibrator. I closed the draw and then sat back on the bed like I was before, holding the vibrator inn my hands.

“Turn it on to the lowest setting, and then tease yourself with it, over the thong.”

“Yes, sir”

I got myself into a comfortable position and turned on the toy, making sure it was on its lowest setting. I took a deep breath as I put it over the thong, slowly dragging it up and down. The sensation that it was giving me made me feel electrified and alive, and with every stroke I just wanted to turn it up and put it inside me, but if I rushed ahead, Dan would punish me. I could feel myself getting wet through the cloth because it would start to glide over easier. I let out a small moan which caused Dan to shift forward in his seat.

“Your mind is just a program, And I’m the virus. I’m changing the station”

Dan grew interested in watching me play with myself. But I grew impatient at his lack of command. I really wanted it inside me, and I wanted it so bad. I turned up the setting to the next velocity and I could hear Dan in the back ground.

“Did I tell you to turn it up?. Stop. Now”

I turned it off and looked at Dan. He leaned over the bed and ripped it out of my hands, Dan didn’t look too impressed with me right now, but I knew that things were going to get more exciting.

“Turn over, Ass in the air”

I did as Dan commanded and sat there in silence, just waiting for the next lot of spanking to come, but what I didn’t anticipate on, was the sound of him undoing his belt. Suddenly my eyes widened. Oh no, no no no. As much as I liked a good spanking, I knew that the belt hurt, like really hurt. I could hear Dan cracking it over his hand to make sure that the tension would be just right and then he took a breath.

“Do you remember the word?”

“Yes, sir. Red”

“Good girl. 5 strokes, okay?”

“Yes, sir”

my heart was suddenly in my chest. I’ve never taken 5 strokes before, so this was going to be a whole new feeling for me. With the first strike, the crack was louder than it was with his hand, so it made me jump slightly, more out of shock than the sting. The second managed to hit the same place again so I winced whilst biting onto my lip. Normally I would only have to face one more, but having two more on top of that was going to prove to be a challenge. The third strike was quick, like a flick, but with the fast nature, it just made it hurt more. I clenched my cheeks together for a moment just to take a second. I re-positioned myself and waited for the fourth strike. Dan seemed to wait a little before he hit me again, but this time I cried out. I could feel tears beginning to form in my eyes. I didn’t want to do this anymore, but I didn’t want to displease Dan. so I pushed myself to go for one more, but after that last one, that was it, no more. My ass was probably extremely red at this point.


Dan stopped and threw the belt onto the ground before coming over to me. He gently put his hand on me and got me to just lie there on the bed. His hand traced over the welts that covered my skin which made me wince once more.

“Oh jeez, I’m sorry baby. I didn’t mean to hurt you. Stay still, I’ll be right back.”

I didn’t say a word but simply just laid there until he came back. When he opened up the bedroom door again, I quickly glanced over towards him and noticed a white bottle in his hands. He sat by the bed and quickly spread some lotion over the red areas with a delicate touch, so it didn’t hurt. He let it take a few minutes for it to dry and then put the bottle beside the bed before looking at me once more.

“Have you learn’t your lesson now?”

“Yes, sir”

“Good, because you and I aren’t finished.”

“I’ll improve your thresholds. I’ll turn you into a super drone, And you will kill on my command, And I won’t be responsible”

Even though Dan was being dark in this moment, he still knew how to pause and take care of me, I really did appreciate this because who knew what his limits were. He picked himself up off the bed and walked to the foot and just watched me for  few seconds before snapping his fingers to demand the next set of things.

“Here, knees. Now.”

Dan pointed to the spot on the ground that was in front of him, I knew where this was going. I tried to climb of the bed in the sexiest manner I could and then dropped down to my knees when I made it in front of him. I looked up at his gorgeous face to wait for my next command, but when his dark eyes pierced down towards me, it sent a chill down my spine.

“Suck my cock”

I chewed on my lip for  second before tending to the tent in his pants. I opened up the button that was holding it in and then slowly used my fingers to drag the zipper down.

“Stop teasing.”

I didn’t even think I was, I wondered what would happen to me if I really decided to tease him, but after the way my ass feels I can probably say that it wouldn’t be too pleasant. But who was I to follow his rules. In a swift motion I grabbed my hands onto the hem of his jeans and pulled them down right quick. He stepped out of them which just left him in a shirt and his underwear, it was quite the sight, let me tell you. As I tended to removing the last Item of clothing from his waist, Dan took off his own shirt and threw it onto the floor. then watched as my hands wrapped around the base of his cock, but knowing Dan he just grew too impatient and as such took things into his own hands.

His fingers tangled into my hair as he did a rough job of grabbing it all, and then he pushed my face into his cock, making sure that the back of my throat get’s the fair amount as well. I started to gag a little, which caused him to chuckle slightly in lust.

“Had you of just sucked my cock when I told you to, you wouldn’t be having this problem. Open up.”

I opened up my jaw so that he could slide as much of his cock into my throat as possible and when he felt comfortable, Dan started thrusting himself in and out of my mouth. I gripped onto his legs and held on with every thrust inside, I would suck on his cock as much as I could, causing him to groan out my name. He seemed to be enjoying it so much that eventually he stopped thrusting and moved backwards onto the bed, letting me continue myself. Dan’s hands never left my hair, but as I let my tongue swirl around his long member, The breath in his throat hitched slightly. Each sigh and moan that Dan delivered, made me want more. I craved his arousing noises, just as he craved the twitch of my tongue.

“Oh god (Y/n), Stop”

I sat back on my knees and looked up at him, wiping my face in the process. He took his cock between his hand and stroked it slowly.

“You’re not allowed to make me cum just yet, we’re not even close to done”

He sat back on the bed and took a few seconds to breathe before he took his attention back to me. He takes some of my hair and tucks it behind my ear, then stands in front of me.

“Bed. lie on your back and close your eyes.”

“”Yes sir”

I got off my knees and slowly walked over to the bed. I sat down on the side and then pushed myself over to the centre of the bed before lying on my back and when I was comfortable, I closed my eyes, awaiting what ever Dan was going to do to me.

“Raise your hands above your head”

I did as he said, sighing in anticipation, this man was starting to drive me crazy, but little did I know this was just the beginning of his new plan. I felt something fluffy touch my wrists. I went to open my eyes, but Dan caught be too quick and demanded that I close them again. After a few minutes, his hands left my hands. I tried to move them but when I pulled, I realised that he had bound my hands together. I ran my fingers over the material he used. I may have had my eyes closed, but I knew enough to know that he had taken the fluffy belt from my bath robe to tie me down.

“I’m gonna make you. I’m gonna break you. I’m gonna make you. A fucking psycho, A fucking psycho, A fucking psycho. Your ass belongs to me now”

Dan’s hands pressed firmly against my knees. He slowly started to spread them apart but suddenly stopped. His fingertips started to run up my legs until he reached my hip bones where the remaining amount of fabric on my body lay. Dan’s lips started to kiss sloppily between my things, working itself upwards towards my hips. Every kiss that he left on my body gave me a sensation like no other. I suddenly feel my thong being pulled down, but Dan’s hands are pressed against my hips, so He can’t be using those to pull them. and then it hit me that he was dragging them down with just his teeth. oh god how that was arousing. He slipped my legs through the thing, leaving me completely naked in front of him, but I didn’t mind. Dan pulls away and I hear the sound of the cloth hitting the floor, but when I hear the sound of what was my confidential plaything, I knew I was in for a world of tease and pleasure.

Dan pulled himself up from the end of the bed so that he was face to face with my core that was now throbbing with lust. It ached over pleasure that it wasn’t receiving. I bit my lip as Dan slid the toy inside me. My breath hitched as I felt the vibrations rattling around inside, but he didn’t just leave it in, instead Dan turned up the velocity to it’s highest capacity and then went from 0-100 real quick. I started moaning out in ecstasy and Dan sitting beneath me, was just lapping it all up. I was so turned on now that it was just sliding in and out very quickly and Dan was just pushing it in as far as it could go. I gripped at the fluffy belt as I held out my screams, squeezing my eyes closed. I wasn’t told to open them yet, but it was proving to become such a task.

“You like that don’t you baby”

“Oh my g- Yes sir!”

He kept pushing it and it wasn’t too long before I started to feel a warm tenderness build inside me. My climax was rising and Dan definitely knew it. I started to shift and buckle my hips, clenching everything in my power to try and stop myself from getting there. Dan always had the unwritten rule of “I wasn’t allowed to cum without his say so” and if I did, he would make me pay for it later. Maybe not today, maybe not even tomorrow, but he wouldn’t forget it. He took the toy out and threw it on the bed, then used his hands to push my hips back down onto the bed. His lips kiss up my body roughly, leaving marks as he runs up to my neck, they would definitely be there for a few days.

“Open your eyes”

I fluttered my eyes open slowly, and when I noticed my first view, I was met with Dan’s face in front of me. He had climbed over the top of me and was now on his hands and knees, looking down. Even though he looked dark, he still had that warm tone to his eyes and it was really sexy. I sighed as I looked at him, giving him a small smile. He dropped down and brought his lips into my ear, just breathing down my neck for a few minutes before he spoke.

“Are you a psycho killer? Say “I’m a psycho killer!”, (I am a psycho killer!). Scream it!, (I am a psycho killer!). Show me your war face!, (AHHHH!). You are a pussy! I said show me your war face!, (AHHHH!)”

“You were getting close. weren’t you?”

“Yes sir”

“Do you want to come for me?”

“Yes sir”

“How do you want to come?”

“With you inside me, sir”

“And your wish is my command”

Instantly after Dan said these words, He fell into me, bringing our lips together. even though our mouth’s were busy, Dan managed to untie my hands from the bound they were trapped in and once I was free, my hands directly took to Dan’s natural curls that developed from the extreme workout we found ourselves in. Dan’s hands brought themselves down to the back of my waist and then they pulled me into him so that you could really feel the body heat between us.

“I’m gonna make you. I’m gonna break you. I’m gonna make you. A fucking psycho, A fucking psycho, A fucking psycho. Your ass belongs to me now”

We rolled around on the bed for a while, caught up in a whirlwind of heat and passion. Dan slowly pulled himself away from me and climbed off the bed, but suddenly he pulled me to the edge of the bed and then help me up so that we were now both standing.


I smiled at him with such enthusiasm and jumped towards him.

“Yes sir!”

My legs wrapped around Dan’s waist whilst his hands cupped my ass. He walked us over towards the wall and pressed me up against it whilst bringing his lips into the crook of my neck. Dan sucked on my neck as he positioned himself in front of my entrance. I was so eager for him to fuck me that my nerve endings were constantly jittering, I was just so ready for him to fill me up. Carefully, Dan slid his hard cock inside me which made me gasp, even though it was a gentle attempt, It wasn’t a slow one.  He pushed me against the wall and grabbed my ass as he tried to adjust me and when he was ready, Dan just drove himself in and out of me and I was not sure how long I was going to last.

“OH Shit, It’s so good. Keep going, Keep going, Harder”

Dan stopped and looked at me.

“If it’s harder you want, then it’s harder you’ll get”

Dan gripped my skin and just started really going at it like crazy. He started to grunt and curse, but I was pretty much doing the same. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled my body so close to his with my fingers throughout his hair. I tried so hard not to scream his name because I wasn’t allowed, but one part got to be so hard that I ended up digging my teeth into his neck as I groaned. I was getting really close to a climax and now I was just hoping that Dan was going to let me finish soon.

“I will break you, do you understand? I will break you, do you understand? I will break you, do you understand? I will break you, do you understand?”

My pitch was getting higher and I was starting to lose my breath, Dan was starting to look hot and bothered, his hair disheveled with those natural, sweat infused curls. Our pace picked up which was really pushing me on the edge and I was trying so hard not go to over.  Dan was grunting, trying to form words into a sentence, but our bodies were just a hot and sweaty mess at this point.

“I- I’m gonna.. Oh my god. I’m gonna cum (Y/n). Holy sh-”

I moaned out in response, I didn’t want him to stop again because It was really, really good. Dan’s fingertips dug in as his tempo increased. The climax inside couldn’t hold on my much longer, He started to shake and hold his breath, and just as he was about to finish inside me, he said the magic words.

“Okay baby, come for me”

I didn’t hesitate for a second and screamed out as I came, shortly after Dan had finished. My back had turned an imprint into the wall and now Dan and I were just propped against each other, trying to gain whatever breath we had left.

“You fucking psycho, Your ass belongs to me now. Your ass belongs to me now”

When we finally managed to get our breathing back into sync, I unhooked my legs from Dan’s back and climbed off of him. I look around the room and notice the mess that the both of us had created. My shirt is over in the distance, tucked into the corner of my bed somehow, I walk over and bend to pick the shirt up when I feel a pair of hands on my ass once more.

“Damn babe, I got you good this time”

“Just a little”

Dan kisses both of the cheeks softly and rubs his hands over it.

“I’m sorry baby”

“Dan, It’s okay.”

I stand back up and throw my shirt around me, then walk over to my drawers, pulling out a pair of shorts. Even though it was hotter than ever now, I didn’t need my leather sofa sticking to the welts on my skin. When I turn and notice Dan, I see that he’s already thrown on a pair of pants and is waiting for me to walk out into the living room with him. I give him a kiss on the cheek and walk out of the room, but as I reach the door frame, I feel a massive sting once more.


“I’m sorry, but what can I say. I’m an ass man”