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Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, Newt x Reader


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@wanderinginwonderland7 i hope you don’t mind, i changed the story idea a little bit, however if your not pleased with it i can change it no problem :)

“Oh I’m so terribly sorry my case was in the way.” A man with striking green eyes and a nice blue coat looked at you apologetically and helped you up.

“It’s alright Mr. I’m sorry but I’m running rather late you see, Good day to you sir.” And you picked up your case and left. You were already ten minutes late for work no thanks to your alarm not going off. You were halfway there when all of a sudden the clip of your case shot open. You reached down frustrated and closed it. But it opened again.  Suddenly you heard a growl.

“What on earth?’ you bent down and set the case on the ground and opened it.

Skip over to Newt who is about to put the Niffler back into his case when suddenly he opens it and papers fly everywhere.

He closed the case and looked at the Niffler.

“Hmmm this might be a bit of a problem. “ he tapped his hands on the case thinking for a moment and then tried to visualize the girl who had his case.  He then apparated and was suddenly staring at his case.

“Oh no.” he could hear loud screeching noises and instantly wondered what horrible thing had happened to the girl that he had run into that morning. He opened the case and quickly jumped in falling all over things in his shed and throwing the door to the shed open. He ran out to find you rubbing Franks belly as he lay on his back making happy screeching noises.

He looked around for a moment and stood there in shock. He wasn’t sure if he should speak. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“Back away from Frank slowly, he can be very dangerous. This is all just a dream I can assure you.” he said very worried for your safety.

Suddenly you turned around and smiled at him. “It’s about time you got here Mr. ?”

“Umm Newt Scamander.” He said confused.

“Well Mr. Scamander, it seems you have a very interesting case indeed.” You walked over to him as Frank grunted, clearly grumpy at the fact that his belly rubs had been interrupted.

“How’d you?’’ he said scratching his head. You held up your wand. “Ahhh.” He said understanding.

You opened your wallet and showed him your ID. “My name is (y/f/n) (y/l/n) Mr Scamander and I work for the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures at MACUSA.” You said plainly. This isn’t anything new to me.”

He laughed.

“Well I mean the beasts aren’t, this.” You gestured to his exhibit case. “This is very much new to me and in violation of about 56 laws.”

He started to stumble and panic over his words. “Please I know, but please don’t take my creatures away. I’m studying them for a manuscript I’m writing. They’re all rescues. I’m bringing Frank back to Arizona shortly, I promise you I’m rehabilitating all of them.”

“Frank?” you laughed as you looked at the great thunderbird behind you. “Relax Mr. Scamander, I’m not going to turn you in. This is by far the most incredible thing I’ve ever come into contact with, and I was lucky enough to work with Ukrainian dragons in the war.”

He stopped and stared at you. “You worked with dragons during the war?’’

“Yes sir, 41 division frontal lines.” You said proudly showing him the scar on your arm from a dragon claw.

The two of you began chatting about life in the Ukraine and the war and all you had seen.

“So how far did you get in here?” Newt asked beaming with pride.

“I got as far as the entrance to what looks like a bowtruckle habitat.” You said happily.

“Well umm allow me to give you the rest of the grand tour. And I must add its wonderful to be able to talk to someone who understands what I do.”

“I can imagine with a case like this lots of people would love to talk to you.” You said as you began to bow to a hippogriff.” You looked up and it eyed you and bowed graciously. You slowly held out your hand as it allowed you to stroke its head.

“Not really most people find me rather annoying. “he had a hand in his pocket as he patted the back of the hippogriff.

 “I can’t say the same for myself Newt, your honestly the most interesting person I’ve ever met.” He smiled slightly. 

“Let me teach you about some of these guys.” he gestured to the bowtruckle tree.

You began taking notes and sketches,learning tones of new things about the creatures he had hidden in his wonderful case.

 “Would you like to come with me on my travels?” he asked.  “Your a wonderful artist and i could use one for accurate depictions of these guys in my book.”

I’d love to.”


Niall’s snap from yesterday had me feeling some type of way, so here’s some smut for y’all. Enjoy!

Italics= your texts
Bold italics= Niall’s texts

You had gone with Niall to the Modest!Golf offices that day because you couldn’t bear to be away from him that day. You had walked out of the bathroom, dressed and ready, to see Niall shrugging on his coat. You stopped in your tracks, mouth slightly open. He looked positively amazing. His new haircut, which you already loved, was styled in his usual quiff. His hair was now a gorgeous dark brown, with loads of natural highlights that were gleaming in the light of the room. He was wearing a cream-colored collared shirt with buttons, dark skinny jeans, and lace-up shoes. The coat completed everything. You knew that minute that you weren’t letting him out of your sight for the rest of the day. He noticed you staring at him and smirked. “Like what you see?” he asked. You snapped out of your stare and went about finding your coat and shoes. “Yeah, babe. You look good,” you responded, downplaying the fluttering in your stomach that he had caused. “Not so bad yerself there, love.” he told you, and you could feel his blue eyes raking up and down your body. You had opted for gray Vans, leggings, a white henley that was actually Niall’s, and you’d thrown a button up over top of everything. He walked up behind you and helped you into your jacket, placing gentle kisses on your neck as he did so. You moaned lightly, letting your head fall to the side. His lips coasted up your neck, by your ear, and on your jaw. You spun around, ready to lay one on him. “We gotta go love,” he said quietly. You pouted and rested your hands on his face, feeling the tickle of his stubble under the pads of your fingers. He smiled at you and placed what he thought was going to be a quick kiss on your lips, but you pressed yourself against him, deepening the kiss. Your hands ran down his body to rest on his chest. His resolve crumbled instantly, and his arms wrapped around your waist. His hands rested just above your ass, one slipping down to squeeze your bum. You smiled against his lips and slipped your tongue into his mouth, tasting his toothpaste and something distinctly Niall. He pulled himself away from you, trying to regain his bearings, and rested his forehead on yours. “Yer killing me, darlin’” “Sorry. You just look so good. I want you so bad, baby,” you told him. “I know, and God I want you too, but we’ve gotta go to the office.” “Fine,” you sighed dramatically, exaggerating the injustice of not being able to jump your boyfriend’s bones.

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We Get One Shot at This (Part 4/?) (Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes x reader)

Reminder: Memories are written in italics

Part 3

“Sir, she’s unstable.”

The blonde man watched you through the window as you sat silently with a blank stare back at him. The memory removal had finally been successful once you stopped resisting, and your strength had reached its peak.  “Get Barnes, bring him in.”

“Sir, I don’t think that’s a good-“


The scientist in the black lab coat looked at you and walked away towards Bucky’s room, reluctantly opening his door and leading him to you.  “Sir, if this gets out of control, we don’t have the means to intervene. They are individually stronger than any of us.  Together, we have no hope to stop them.”

The man nodded towards the door and opened it for Bucky to enter.  You stayed in your seat, motionless, only your eyes moving as you watched him walk from the door to the seat in front of you.  The two of you sat across from each other, without words and without movement for what felt like forever.  You didn’t feel anything for him, and you didn’t recognize him, but his presence was awakening something deep within you that you couldn’t define.

“We have been tasked to work together, as partners.”  Even his voice had a blank quality to it, but when you heard it, you were gripped with emotion and lost control.

You lunged across the table at him and squeezed your hands around his throat with all of your strength, pushing yourself over the table to knock him back onto the ground.  His metal arm reached up and broke your grip, flipping you onto your back.  You kicked your leg up to push him away, standing up quickly to prepare for his attack, but he only stood on the other side of the room without advancing any further.

Bucky walked to the door and exited, never looking back at you until he was on the other side of the window.  You could see him say something to the blonde man, so you stood in place, awaiting directions on what was to be done with you.

“Wipe her again. There’s still a memory of him in there somewhere.  She needs to be clean for this to work.”


Without retrieval of his body, there would be no funeral for Bucky. Before Steve left again, you spent the night celebrating the man who was at the center of both of your lives.  The night started at a nearby bar, but when Steve began fighting with any man who so much as looked at you, it was decided that maybe celebrating Bucky’s life in private was a better idea.

“Steve, come on, let’s go.  If you’re just gonna beat up every guy in the joint, then I’m leaving.”

“I’m sorry, (Y/N), I guess…I guess I’m just not myself tonight.” He threw back his drink in one swallow and slammed the glass down on the bar.  “I can’t even get drunk.  How unfair is that?”

You laughed, feeling the warmth of the alcohol begin to wash over you.  “Well I’m feeling pretty good, so it’s hard to feel sorry for you at the moment. Still, we should go before you get yourself arrested.  Can’t imagine the Army would be happy to find good ‘ol Captain America behind bars.”

“No, I can’t imagine they would.”  Steve spun around at the sound of the woman’s voice behind him, recognizing the tone and the accent immediately.  “I’ve been looking everywhere for you, Captain Rogers.  We need to go.”

“Go where?”

“I’ll tell you on the way.”  She glanced at you with a look that felt as if she were judging you, looking at you up and down before turning away to leave. 

“Peg, wait.  This is (Y/N), she’s Bucky’s…was Bucky’s…his um…”

Her demeanor changed immediately and her expression changed to sorrow, now that she realized you weren’t trying to make a move on Steve. It would make sense, given his new appearance that she would assume as much, and by her reaction you knew that it was a common occurrence.  “Oh dear, I’m so sorry for your loss.  Mr. Barnes was a wonderful soldier, and a good man.”  She stepped forward to shake your hand, and leaned in to plant a small kiss on your cheek.  

“Thank you, he definitely was.”  You turned towards the bar and proceeded to finish your drink quickly, setting down the glass and moving to reach up for a kiss from Steve. “Bye, love.  Be safe.  We’ll talk soon.”

You followed them out and turned away towards the apartment as they drove away, holding Steve’s gaze until they were fully out of sight.  The walk was a short one, but with each step you could feel your energy being drained from you and the desire to sleep became almost unbearable.  With Bucky dead and Steve off to fight for who knows how long, facing the apartment alone felt insurmountable.  

When you opened the door, your heart sank even further, forgetting that Steve had brought all of Bucky’s belongings there that day.  As the closest thing to family that he had, Steve thought it was right to give them to you, but you thought it was cruel and unnecessary.  Alcohol was never a friend to good decision making, so it made sense that you should take the time now to go through it all.  

About an hour in and countless tears shed, you were almost finished replaying the years spent with Bucky through the belongings that were strewn across your apartment floor.  Pictures of you, pictures of Steve, love letters written but never sent, and clothes that still smelled like him were amongst the items that you vowed to keep forever.  The last item to look through was an old worn and dirty knapsack; one that you recognized from the day you met.  The recognition brought even more tears, but you still opened it through the haze in your vision, reaching in to find nothing but a few sheets of paper and a small box.  You opened the first paper, but the writing was almost illegible so you set it aside. The next was better, but still in scribbled handwriting with thoughts written and rejected, looking like he was struggling with what to say.

My darling (Y/N),
In all my days, I would never have imagined that the day would come
On the day we met, I knew that you would become the most important thing
I have loved you since the first day we met, and I knew that this day would come.  I can’t imagine my life without you, and want to ask if you would

“Oh my god,” you whispered.  You reached down and grabbed the box, knowing exactly what was inside.


“How did no one think to take it off of her finger?!  How the hell did this get missed?”

The blonde man was standing next to you as the memories were wiped from you again, holding the small ring above you and waving it at the scientists who were working on you. “Even tactile memories can affect the success of the process!  You are scientists, for god’s sake, and even I know that!”

“We are sorry, sir. We didn’t notice it.”

The man shook his head in disgust and handed your ring to one of the guards.  “Melt it down.  We can’t have any trace of it anywhere, understood?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Let me know when she’s done,” he said as he exited the room.  “Then bring Barnes in again.”

You watched him leave, then turned your eyes towards the guard who held your ring.  The significance of it was lost to you now, but it was still yours and you didn’t understand why it was taken from you. The guard saw you looking at him; he glanced at the scientists, who weren’t paying him any attention, then stepped next to you and knelt down at your side.  

“I’m going to keep this safe for you,” he whispered.  “I can’t destroy something that meant so much to someone.”


The next time that Bucky entered the room, the reception was much different.  He sat across from you again, regarding you and deciding the best way to approach if you moved to attack as you did during your last meeting.

“We have been tasked to work together, as partners,” he began, in the same tone as before.

“I understand.”  Your words brought a collective sigh of relief from the guards watching you, and you noticed that the visible tension in the man watching you from the other side of the window was gone.  “What is the mission?”

“There will be many missions, meant to bring Hydra back to power.  We will work closely together to meet the goal, and we will need to begin our training immediately.”  He leaned in on the table to be closer to you, looking at your face for any change in expression, but found none.  “Do you recognize me?”

“No.  Should I?”


You were curious why this man would ask you that.  You searched your mind, but it was blank.  There were no memories there for you to retrieve; there were no memories of anything at all.  “Do you recognize me?” you asked.


You saw the blonde man on the other side of the window smile, looking very pleased with how this interaction was going.  He gave another man a firm slap on the back and laughed as he entered the room. “This looks very promising indeed. You are both ready, and I can’t wait to see what your future holds.  What our future holds.  This is a momentous day indeed.  Hail Hydra.”

“Hail Hydra,” you said in unison, looking at each other like you knew something felt wrong as the words passed through your lips.

Part 5