sir you look good in that coat


SUMMARY - Bucky , your boyfriend ,who has been abroad for a week catches you masturbating to the movie ‘The Bronze’. (you know the infamous gymnastic sex scene )

A/N - This fic needed more work than usual so Taw @supersoldierslover Thank you so much babe. 

WARNINGS- Masturbation , unprotected sex ( pls practice safe sex guys), maybe a little embarrassment. (also lot less curses , but still a few . I can’t help it .)

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(but I do .) 

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citrine-k  asked:

Hello sir, I was wondering how your clothing doesn't get fur and feathers littering it? How do keep yourself looking relatively clean with all your Magizoology work?

It isn’t that difficult really.  You see I take the precaution of a good coat and a short spell.  

Tactic - [EXO] Dr!Baekhyun Au

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[A/N] Inspired by a real person.

A tactical approach. It’s a way of living. It’s the way most of us are living, whether we realize it or not… we are either thinking on how to make it happen and how to get there or– we will figure it all out along the way.

Either way, we are planning, in other words, using a tactic in order to have something happen in our way. But does that mean, we don’t believe in fate?

Not exactly. And Dr. Baekhyun knows exactly what it implies. Being a doctor wasn’t in the plan, and yet he stood fifth floor up, managing patients and catering to them. Baekhyun could thank his genius brain cells to have had pass five years of medical school.

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When War Runs Deep | 05 You don't understand

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angst, implied smut, vampire/war!au, 3k words
→ when a forbidden relationship between the general’s daughter and a vampire used as a military tool takes place during the war.
→ prologue: “I know” | 01 | 02 [M] | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06

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For the girl who has a cuckquean fetish

You’re busy performing your chores when the doorbell rings. “Answer it” I say.

You nervously walk to the door, aware of your nakedness, ashamed that this mystery stranger will see you in your chastity belt alone.

Opening the door, a woman steps in without saying a word to you. She takes off her coat revealing a tight, short dress hugging her flawless figure. She hands you the coat without even looking at you.

Strolling past you without acknowledging you, she walks straight into the living room where I greet her warmly.

“Slut” I call you you and you hurry into the living room after hanging up her coat.

“this is the little whore i was telling you about, she’s doing very well in her training” I say to her, talking about you as if you weren’t present.

“I promised her a few months ago when I last locked her back up that I’d take her out and fuck her today. *To you: * Tell her slut, why is today special?”

“It’s this whore’s birthday sir”

“That’s right, good girl”

“I know she wouldn’t dare remind me of that fact, or act as if she was entitled to anything, but I know she’s been looking forward to today for a very long time… Haven’t you slave?”
The flawless blonde girl sits on the sofa beside me, crosses her leg and raises her foot.

“Crawl over and suck the heel of her stiletto, show her what a good little cock sucker you can be”

You do so, your face burning red. She giggles derisively and you feel a burning humiliation that takes you right back to high school.

“Yes sir” you say, realising quickly that today isn’t going to be as you’d hoped.

As you suck, me and her begin to make out passionately, I pull her dress over her head revealing the most stunning black lingerie you’ve ever seen.

I ask you if you like her underwear, you nod, still sucking. “I’m glad, this is your birthday present. It’s best if she keeps it, it’d be wasted on you”

“you are to call her goddess, that’s the only name you need to know, since as far as you’re concerned, that’s what she is. That’s how superior to you she is”

Your pussy is soaked with the humiliation, and from seeing how turned on I obviously am by her.

“lay down on the sofa” I tell you, you obey without question. She gets up and sits her perfect ass down on your face. Lifting up slightly, she pulls her panties aside, revealing the most perfect pussy you’ve ever seen. “Stick your tongue out” I say. She sits down on it as she would a cock, your tongue slipping just inside her. You can taste her as she gently grinds her hips against your face

You feel me unlocking your chastity belt and your stomach does summersaults in anticipation.

Your pussy is already leaking before the belt comes off. It’s been so long, you’ve never known a desperation to be fucked, touched, teased, anything like you do now

I undo my trousers, pulling out my cock, and I start rubbing it up and down your pussy, all without plunging it in.

You feel the tip of my dick rub against your clit and move back down, you’re screaming internally “fuck me! Please!!!!” Not daring to speak it out loud

You channel your desperation into pleasuring her, she’s moaning, feeling you frantically licking her clit then tonguing her pussy, passionate French kisses for her beautiful superior hole

Suddenly I stop. She leans forwards grabbing your wrists and pinning them to your sides. Your pussy feels exposed, desperate to be touched, the sensation of freedom now unfamiliar.

I hear you let out an involuntary moan of anguish under her, the reality hitting home.

I move round behind her as she leans forward further

You watch emotionally devastated as the cock you wanted so desperately, the cock you almost had, slips into her pussy inches from your face.

She moans, feeling the pleasure you wanted so desperately, the pleasure you fantasised through months of total frustration.

You can feel how wet she is, the juices flowing out onto your face with each thrust.

“Why have you stopped pleasuring your goddess, slut, suck her clit”

You collect yourself realising how your duty is to obey and please and immediately get to work

Your pussy throbs with need, your arms still pinned, supporting her weight.

“ugh, why would I ever fuck you, slut, when I can fuck her”

“seeing you suffer like this gives me more pleasure then I could ever take from your body”

I climax, filling her with cum and you can’t help but notice how much stronger my orgasm is than with you.

“open your mouth” I say before pulling out. The combined liquid of my cum and her wetness flows out into your mouth.

“swallow it, lick her pussy clean, then make her cum”

At the moment of her climax, I whisper “happy birthday” into your ear and snap the lock shut on your chastity belt.

Rookie Season

Blindspot fanfic. Set somewhere in the time period between the end of Sandstorm and Jane taking up mountain climbing.

I have no idea what this is or where it came from. Welcome to my subconscious, sorry for the mess.

Jane got shot exactly 7 days after joining CIRG as a full Special Agent, and 10 days after graduating from Quantico.

Not that it really qualified as a bullet wound, she decided, eyeing the scratch on the outside of her left arm critically. 

The dock around her was a buzz of activity, now that the drug traffickers had been subdued and their FBI backup had finally shown up to haul the surviving members into custody.

“You okay?” asked Tasha, breathless after dashing across the dock to her side.

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Little Star Son

I wrote a thing for this post, below. It’s fluffy and self-indulgent, but I hope you like it.

For @powerovernothing as tribute to our lovely conversations, as well as for the title Star Son, because that’s absolutely yours! (It’s pretty unedited, so I’m awful sorry for all of the errors but I was excited to finish it and post. Also, this is an AU where Yondu and Meredith knew each other before Peter was born so, yes, there’s Spacelily):

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wanderingquill  asked:

goldgraves prompt, Tina seeing Percival's yearbook. He had thick glasses, thicker eyebrows and freckles. Percival being mortified at Tina seeing him with long hair in a man bun as a senior.

Percival slouched overtop of his desk, his eyebrows furrowed. Someone had placed an old Ilivermorny yearbook on top of his desk with a note on top that simply read, “Turn to page seventeen.”

Pouring himself a drink, and taking a seat he began to flip through the first few pages.

Originally posted by aprildragon

What year was this again? He hesitated when he realized what he was about to find on page seventeen.

“Mercy Lewis.” Percival let out a mournful wheeze. “Oh no, no…” he looked down at the page his face encircled with a blue ink pen.

Percival’s senior photo just happened to be the year of his inadequate beard. His face was a bit more round, his hair was frizzy and long, and his skin was anything but clear.

“Who did this!” Percival rushed into the hall holding the yearbook in hand. Several auors scattered, making way for the elevator or the nearest office and shutting the door.

Tina stood slowly, keeping her eyes firmly set on his now dashing appearance. Percival was still attractive in high school, he just hadn’t filled out, growing into his features as he did now.

Originally posted by goldgravesship

“Sir,” Tina nodded.

“Did you do this?” He held up the yearbook showing Tina the photo.

Tina blinked several times before a smile crossed her face. She covered her mouth to hold back laughter.

“Oh my goodness, sir…is that you?” She took hold of the book with excitement and looked at the thick-rimmed glasses he wore.

“This wasn’t your doing?” Percival glowered.

“Wait, but you don’t wear glasses now.” She looked at his face for signs of use.

Percival straightened his posture, shoving his hands into his coat pockets. “No, they were to correct astigmatism.” Without another word he walked away, his cheeks burned with embarrassment.

I LOVE the idea of Graves being a sweet nerd child while at Ilivermorny.

live in | alfie solomons/reader

@thelandattheendofourtoesgoeson requested: Could I get a request for alfie where the reader is one of his maids cleans for him (basically goes round everyday and looks after his place cuz he’s a busy boii)?

You nodded to some of the familiar guys as you walked through the bakery, heading in the direction of Alfie’s office.

“Alright, Ollie?”

“Not too bad, yourself?”

“Yeah, can’t complain. Boss in?”

“At his desk”

“Thanks, honey”

You knocked on the glass of the door as you opened it a touch, leaning your head against the frame.


“What you doing here?”

“I would like to get paid, if that’s alright with you?”

“I left your packet on the desk like I always do”

“No, you didn’t”

“Fucking hell…”

He dropped his pen, scowling.

“Either that or the dogs got to it before I did”

“No…you’re right I bet it’s still in my bloody…” He stood and walked over to his coat, dipping his hands into pockets until he pulled out an envelope and turned to you with it raised.

“Sorry love”

“No, you’re fine”

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Finding Home (4)

Summary: Avengers High School AU. Gender neutral reader-insert. You, the new kid, just want to be left alone. But instead, you get the Avengers gang – and maybe, a new home too.

Warnings: Cursing. Drinking / alcohol. Campfire. Tons of feels and angst. Slight ScarletVision. Mention or implications of bullying, thievery, drugs, domestic abuse, bystander effect, parental death and porn. Lots of references from the movies and a few from the comics.

Author’s Note: THIS TOOK SO LONG OMG, and it’s SO LONG. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. So, keep in mind that the backstories they mentioned here are just the backstories I come up in parallel to what they’ve experienced in the MCU, mixed only a tiny bit with their origins in the comics. I only hoped I balanced all of them well, they’re so many. Have fun with your Avengers gathering! 💖️

Finding Home: Part #1: beginning. Part #2: accusation. Part #3: restless. Part #4: coin.Part #5: haze.

4: coin

n. a flat, round piece of metal

Holy shit. Arms around yourself, you stopped pacing as a limousine – a limo, of all things – slid down the road with the ease of T’Challa and the swagger of Tony Stark, glistening beneath the orange glow of a nearby streetlight. It stopped right in front of you.

A large man in a suit stepped out from the driver’s seat, and approaching the passenger door, gave you a nod. “G’evening,” he said, then clarified your name. You bobbed your head in return, and he beamed. “Name’s Happy. Tony sent me.”

Your wide eyes swept across the length of the vehicle. “This is really unnecessary,” you said, just as he opened the back passenger door.

“Tony wanted to show off,” he said, shrugging a shoulder. You stepped inside, and sitting on the plush, black seats, you scanned its stylish and elegant interior, all black and grays and silver, and –

“Uh, hi.”

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You’re Now Mine (Part 2)

Title: You’re Now Mine (Part 2)
Summary:  I’ve decided to continue the drabble request into a three part series considering the requests to write more of it! With a guest star from @klaineaholic in [[ ]].

“Fulfilling a request for @lets-personofinterestontumbir! – “Could you do a drabble for the Persephone AU I don’t know If you’ve seen once upon a time but the episode 1x07 reminded me a lot of this story when the evil queen ripped out the huntsmen’s heart if you could do something like that it would be awesome. Thank you.” “
Words: 3,131
Warnings: DARK AF, Emotional/Mental abuse, Smut, NSFW gif
Author’s Notes: Okay, Castiel tag people, it’s *not* Castiel, but it’s Castiel’s vessel?

Masterpost || Persephone || Part 1 || Part 3

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chuckles-the-jester  asked:

I just thought of something, akko is practicing her transforming magic but gets stuck as a cute bunny and is found by andrew Only condition, the fluff level: "it's so fluffy i'm gonna die!!"


“You can d-do it, Miss Akko!”

“Thank you! Sensei! Emmm…” Akko looked behind her shoulder, growing confident as she held her wand out in front of her.

Professor Ursula smiled as she saw her working hard to concentrate.

‘She doesn’t even realize…’ she thought to herself, ‘That she’s being trained by the one person she wants to be like… but…’ she looked down, growing melancholy.

Her glasses shined white, ‘I want her to be better than me…’


She gasped as she looked up, seeing Akko’s wand blitz out and she transformed into a full white bunny.

She blinked her eyes.

“Ah! Ba-ba-pu!” she mumbled, not able to speak English. “Ack!” she covered her mouth, looking horrified she couldn’t say anything.

“Em. Very good, Akko!” she clapped her hands. “Now, try and speak rabbit.” she swished some magic out and a brown rabbit appeared, kicking to scratch behind it’s ear and then ruffling it’s head out, blinking.

Akko gave it an open-grin, and hopped towards it. “Apu, apu, apu. Ba-ba-chee!!”

She waved, but the rabbit’s eyes suddenly turned hostile, and it whammed her multiple times with it’s feet, and then hopped away.

She had swirls in her eyes as she fell, kicking her leg out.

“Oh my…” Ursula placed a hand over her mouth. “Well, we’ll count that as a solid B. at least you got the metamorphosis down right.” she had a sweat drop on the side of her face, knowing that the wand was equipped with a toddler’s handicap.

‘What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.’ she thought to herself, ‘after all, I just couldn’t stand seeing her look so down anymore!’

Akko waved her arms around, glad she had at least succeeded, before flinging her wand on accident…

“Ahh!!! Bu-ba-bu!!!” she ran after it, but the wand’s handicap broke.

“Ack!” Ursula turned white in fright, then sweat profusely. “C-…Can she change back without the handicap now..?” she looked worried.

Akko picked the wand up, and waved it around, trying to say a spell but her broken bunny language just had her disappear.

“Ah…” Ursula looked around, zipping to and fro,… before… “AHH!!! I’ve lost her!!” she threw her hands up to her head and started racing around. “I must find her! I must find her!!” she jumped on her broom and took off. “Akko!!!”

Blinking her eyes open, Akko looked around and found she was in some kind of rich person’s guardian.


“Ah! A varmint!” A butler, tending the garden, looked up and glared at her, lifting his sharp pitchfork up. “I’ll teach you to eat the master’s vegetables!”

In great panic, she ran as the chase began. Ducking under rose bushes and being found under plant pots, until she finally hopped so far that she wiggled herself into a window, and panted once on a counter.

She sighed, before feel hands around her waist and being lifted up.

‘Ahh!! No way!’ she looked up.

“H-hey! Look, Andrew! I caught a wild white bunny!” Frank laughed, holding her up and lifting her up and down, as she felt dizzy.

“It’s it cute?”

“It could have rabies.”

“Oh come on.” he held it up by his face. “You know you want to hold her~”

She blushed as she looked up at Akko.

He stared at her…

“I’d rather eat it for supper.” he looked back at his book, leaning his cheek against his fist to keep his head upright.

She jolted as her face went limp and she let everything drop forward.

“Ohh… so cruel.” Frank pulled her back, frowning.

The butler came in suddenly, “I’ll find that rabbit! I’ll find it even if I have to search the whole courtyard!” he huffed and puffed, as Frank looked worried, and put the rabbit down by the window, trying to shove it’s butt through.

“Get out while you still can, little guy!”

‘Ack!’ Akko felt so awkward, not being able to fit at first before spinning around and gripping his hand, shaking her head.

“Oh? You don’t wanna go back out?” Frank held her in his hands, “Hey, I think she likes me!”

“Hmph. A regular Snow White.” Andrew nonchalantly commented and flipped the book’s page.

He wiggled a finger over her head, as she tried to fight him off but he just lifted the finger as she swat at him.

“Haha! So cute! Come on, Andrew. You can’t let that mean old butler hurt this little cutie, can you?”

He leaned up with big puppy dog eyes, putting Akko right by his cheek as she blinked in confusion, not sure what was going on.

Andrew looked up, and sighed, closing the book. “I heard your father calling you. Shouldn’t you be going?”

“Ohh… Uhh… here!” he jumped from foot to foot, before letting Akko be tossed into his arms.

“Augh!?” Andrew looked own at his lap, seeing her land there and looked up as if scared.

His eyes twitched, as he suddenly seemed to look up and see the butler coming.

“Don’t let him hurt her! Please!” Frank grabbed his coat and waved from the door frame. “She’s too cute to eat too! So none of that, now. See ya!” he raced off.

Andrew sighed, as the Butler came in.

“Master Andrew,” he bowed politely, “Forgive my intrusion, but did you happen to see a white rabbit by any chance?” he blinked in eagerness.

Andrew looked down, seeing her tearing up, before he pulled the book down over her, pretending he was reading and keeping her out of sight.

“No, I’m afraid I haven’t. Marcus? You can’t allowing creatures into the manor are you?”

The butler flinched, “Oh no, sir! Never!”

“Good. I’m heading to my room then.”

“Y-yes, sir. G-good day, sir!” With more determination, the butler’s eyes shone with fire, and he took off holding the pitchfork upright and over his head, charging to try and locate it as soon as possible.

Andrew lifted her up and placed her inside his coat, walking up and keeping the book over her, ducking his head down and closing his eyes, looking calm.

She blushed at the warmth that came within his jacket, but squirmed a bit too, ‘Can’t… breathe!’

He turned a corner and opened the door, closing it behind him as he sighed and let her out.

“Come on, then. Get down.”

She looked up at him, as he gestured with his head for her to jump, and she hopped down.

She turned around, smiling on her two legs. ‘He’s not as bad as he comes off to be.’ she smiled.

He pulled out a carrot and tossed it to her, before patting her head and walking to the window, sighing.

She happily jumped for the carrot, playing with it before nibbling on it, and then looking shocked at her actions and pulling away.

‘Noo~!!! Must… resist… urge … to be a bunny!’ she shook her head with her paws up on it, before looking over to Andrew.

He seemed to be reading again, and she looked curiously up to him.

‘….Does all he ever do is read books?’ she tilted her head, and raced to him.

Ursula, using a spell to locate Akko, noticed her batteries were running low on it, and seemed concerned.

‘I can’t let her fiend for herself out in the dreary world!’ she threw forth a finder beacon and followed it.

Out the window, she looked around before peeking through, and then panicked when she saw Andrew and Akko as a white rabbit, and turned to peek in and spy on the two.

“…What do you want?” he stared down at her, seeing her smiling and just jumping up to him on the window’s long seat embedded into the windowsill.

She nodded her head a thank you, before jumping up on his chest, making him lean back.


She giggled, and then tried to get him to play with her.

‘No one deserves to be cooped up here without a friend!’ she chimed in her heart.

The next scene had the window click open….

And Andrew holding the bunny out of it.

“WHHAAA!!!” Akko cried out, flailing around.

‘What the heck is wrong with this guy!!?! I was being cute! I was trying to help! Doesn’t he want a friend!?’

“I only saved your life for Frank’s sake. Don’t think you can get away anything now.” he pulled her back inside just as Ursula tried to reach out and grab her, but quickly retreated back behind the side of the window.

‘Darn it! So close!’ she pouted.

The rest of the day, Akko tried to get him to do something other than read, even pulling out a fake sword and pretending to duel it, but he just thought her a strange rabbit. She tried to pull on his pant leg’s to get him to play outside, before finally charging down the hall to get him to race after her.

Once outside, and dodging the persistent butler, the two fell on the nice smelling grass and breathed hard, before he looked to her, and smiled.

“You’re… just trouble.” he then laughed, “And you’re the strangest rabbit I’ve ever met!”

She smiled, seeing him enjoying life, before seeing Ursula gesture for her to come over to her in the rose bushes.

She frowned.

‘Oh… that’s right.’ she looked to Andrew.

Getting up, she hopped over to his cheek, and lightly kissed it.

“Huh?” he turned to her, seeing her smile and then close her eyes, tilting her head.

For a moment, he thought he saw Akko’s eyes, and her usual gesture. “A…Akko?”

She twitched.

‘’ she shook her head and then took off, freaking out.

“Bu-bu-ba-bu!” she called for Ursula, telling her to get her out of here.

Ursula quickly caught her up and took off, as Andrew ran after her, but only saw Ursula flying away.

“A.. witch?” he blinked his eyes, blushing a moment.

He then glared a bit, “Why are their always witches?!”

“Master Andrew! I think I found it! The white rabbit!”

Andrew turned around.

A poor rabbit had been spotted, before poofing away into a dust of magical smoke.

“OHH!!!” the old man almost had a heart attack, and fell backwards, fainting.

Andrew sweat dropped, and sighed.

“I hate magic.”

(Do you though..? Do you? lol hope you enjoyed it my friend :)


Newt Scamander x Reader

Traveling with Newt Scamander was one of the best things that had ever happened to you.

The two of you were best friends at Hogwarts. You had bonded over the creatures that you were allowed to study in class.

Even after he was expelled you stayed in touch and reunited once you graduated from Hogwarts.

Now the two of you spent your time traveling the world in search of all sorts of magical creatures. It was beautiful.

Though you did have to admit that you were falling for the beautiful man named Newt. He was your best friend and the one that you spent all your time with. How could you not.

But everything that you had built up over the years seemed to be crashing down now that you had come to New York.

Mainly Tina.

She was a lovely woman, and a great friend to you.

But Newt also seemed to be spending more time with her now, even when you needed his help. You did your work with him dutifully, but it wasn’t the same anymore.

Even though you may feel jealous, if there came a time where Newt would want to be with Tina you would let him go. You loved him more than anything and would choose his happiness over yours every time.

“Are you okay Y/N?” Newt asked you as you both took care of the Occamys.

You snapped out of your thoughts.

“Yeah I’m okay. Just lost in thought I guess!” you told him, putting on your best smile. He looked at your worriedly for a moment before nodding and continuing on.

You finished your chores and left the case, seeing Newt and Tina discussing his book that sat on the table.

You looked away and gave a small sigh, noticing Queenie and Jacob giving you a look of pity.

You shook your head. You were fine, it was all okay.

“I’m going to go for a walk,” you mumbled, throwing on your black coat and leaving the apartment.

The chill in the air whipped around you as you pulled your coat tighter and wrapped your old house scarf around your neck.

Shoving your hands in your pocket you continued down the streets of New York, watching all the simple muggles wander their way around and rush off to wherever they needed to be at that time.

Everyone seemed so happy and calm at that time. You wished at you could feel that way.

You found your way to the zoo a few blocks away. Why not take a look at some of the beasts that muggles had?
You spent almost all day wandering around the zoo. The sun was setting by the time that you left the park.

“Oh dear, I’ve totally lost track of time,” you mumbled, hurrying your way back to the apartment.

Turning the corner you smashed right into a tall figure in a blue coat.

“Oh my goodness sir I’m so-Newt! Oh no, are you alright?” you asked him in a rush.

He stared at you for a second before his face melted into an expression of relief and he pulled you into a tight hug.

He buried his head in your shoulder, one arm around your waist and his other hand in your hair, pressing you to him.

“Are you hurt? Are you okay? What happened, where did you go? I’ve been so worried about you, you didn’t come home after your walk!” he cried, staring at you concerned.

“I’m sorry Newt. I just was feeling bad I guess so I decided to go for a walk, then I turned up at the muggle zoo and spent the day there, looking at all of their creatures. I completely forgot, I didn’t mean to be out so late. I’m sorry,” you told him, looking down at your shoes in shame.

“What do you mean you felt bad?” he asked confused. You hesitated for a moment.

“I was feeling jealous,” you mumbled.


“I was feeling jealous. Of Tina. You seem to be spending more time with her, I guess I just felt left out. I really shouldn’t you two would make a wonderful couple,” you said clearly, still not looking at the man in front of you.
“W-we’re not a couple Y/N. I don’t feel for her that way. I-I um,” he told you. “I feel for you that way… as in a relationship kind of way, and not a friend one. More of a one with… kissing, I guess.”

You looked up at him in surprise, his eyes now looking at the ground.

“Do you want to kiss me Newt?” you asked boldly.

He gave a small nod, almost as if he were ashamed.

You stepped closer to him, taking his hand and tilting your head up. You pressed your lips softly to his.

He didn’t respond for a moment but when he did he kissed softly back, pressing you close to him.

“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do that.”

multi-purpose-tool-guy  asked:

hi!! ive just read your stripper au and fell head over heels, but now im hearing rumblings of southern gothic credence and i can feel my poor heart speeding up... please tell me more?? 😍

Hi!! Thank you for enjoying the stripper au!

The Southern Gothic idea was from a prompt I got from @acebeatriz, who is most excellent. It’s going to go beyond my 3,000 word Tumblr fic limit, so it’ll probably be a REAL fanfic that gets to go on AO3 and everything haha

I just really enjoy the cadence and themes of Southern Gothic literature and it fits really well with Fantastic Beasts’ ideas of good and evil and prejudice and secrets and horrors and deviancy. 

ANYWAY! I happened to work a bunch on it today, so here is a ~preview~

(Content warnings for racism, allusions to slavery, child abuse, religion, etc. The expected fare of combining The South with Fantabi. Also lmao I didn’t edit this.)

The moon had moved halfway across the sky before Credence realized how far he’d walked, wishing for the devil to take him.

He looked around and guessed that he was probably close to the old Picquery place. He thought he saw the silhouette of the main house up ahead through the woods. At night, it was hard to see the state it was in, but years ago a lady came down all the way from New York and bought the old Picquery plantation from the bank.

It got everyone all excited until the lady came into town on a train from Savannah and for all her light hair and fine clothes and money, she was still colored.

“Sometimes the Lord works through the hands of men,” Ma had told him after Langdon Shaw went to jail for setting the place on fire.

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how to say goodbye

for amber ― @arcticzuko
× HAPPY BIRTHDAY FATHEEEEER 💖💖. I hope you enjoy your day. You deserve the world and happiness (but this is kind of angsty bc we belong in the angst family). God bless you xoxo.

× I wrote another fic for you but I wasn’t satisfied with any of it so I wrote this but I’m still not satisfied with it. Idk how this happened, honestly. Lol. Anyway, I hope you this, enjoy reading and I hope this wasn’t too ooc and boring xoxo

× Just for a little information: Dazai is planning to leave the mafia here :D

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