sir you are becoming more and more of a princess with each passing day

Knighted- Chapter 4

longest one so far, but not too long to enjoy. Bunch of stuff in this one! rather liked it. Let me know what you think! seeing people enjoy it makes it all the more fun to continue!

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Roses in Thorns (Part 3)


Being apart of the countries greatest mafia families had its problems; enemies grew from every thorn and you were one of the greatest roses to target.

You didn’t expect the greatest thorn to prick you to be he who was assigned to protect you- Jeon Jeongguk.

Genre: Angst, (the good type), drama, suspense, fluff, future smut in story line.

  • BodyguardJungkook, Mafia

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

2k (shorter chapter before the really moving stuff)

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Part 1 Part 2 

“I’m a Jeon, as you correctly guessed.” Jeongguk said, running his hands through his hair in frustration as he blew his first identity.

“A Jeon. An actual Jeon.” You said out loud in astonishment, just to make sure he was telling the truth.

You laughed hysterically.

“Let me get this straight. A Jeon is my bodyguard.” You said, unable to believe the situation that was unfolding before your eyes. Jeongguk cast his eyes down and ran his hands through his hair at your reaction. He was clearly uncomfortable.

“Yes, a Jeon. Don’t let it get to your head, princess.” He finally said, looking back up to meet your eyes again.

“I’m sorry it’s not everyday a family that rivals mine decides to put their son in as my protector.” You blurted out, still in a midst of how surprised you were by your circumstances.

Jeongguk sighed in frustration.

“So, how’d you end up here with me?” You asked still amused, getting down to the heart of the issue that was in the back of your mind.

“I…my family think I’m getting trained to take over by my uncle abroad.” Jeongguk said, and you waited for him to carry on since it wasn’t half the story.

“And?” You pressed on.

“Really, there’s not much left that’s exciting. I was with some of your fathers men at your friends party, shots were fired, I saved you, your father offered me a job. I like having to stand on my own two feet for once.”

If you were smarter, you would have questioned why Jeongguk was with your fathers men in the first place but you weren’t smart. You were a girl still unwilling to act on her infatuation with Jeon Jeongguk who was right in front of you. Your infatuation had suddenly increased ten fold, as you were sure of one part of Jeongguk’s personality: independance. He wanted to stand on his own two feet, be free in some sort. For once, you felt like someone understood you.

“You wanted to be free.” You said, more of a statement than a question.

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rating : pg-13

word count : 1694

characters : you x jimin

genre : demon!! au

preface : taken place in a world where supernatural beings have taken over to leave the human race go into hiding but not you, you hid among them

You’ve never believed in creatures like werewolves, ghosts, and vampires. Of course you were scared of the thought of them but there was nothing to be concerned about if they didn’t exist, but in fact they did.  

What was left of the human population was forced to flee onto a small island where there was only earth and water to survive on. You knew that you couldn’t succumb to those creatures even though you were stupid for thinking you could live amongst them but somehow you did, until he came along.

The others weren’t different from humans appearance wise. Each type of monster just had a prominent feature that made them easily identified. So you drowned yourself in perfume to mask your scent and wore red circle lenses to disguise yourself as a vampire. Besides, you already had canine teeth and had an alibi of leaving your clan because you weren’t strong enough.

But all of that was useless because of him.

Week 1, Day 1

“I’m sorry sir we’re about to close,” you said as you flipped the sign on the window so that the side saying “sorry we’re closed” was facing the outside of your family owned Laundromat.

You turned around to see that he was still there with his laundry basket under one arm and a muscular hand running through his soft orange hair. “You’d expect a vampire owned Laundromat to open at 12 am, not close,” he sighed.

You rolled your eyes, he could’ve just gone to a different place or done it at home. “I like to go out when I physically can,” you said, referring to the sun and how it could melt a vampire faster than a popsicle.

“I don’t need to dry my clothes so can I just do my laundry and go?” He had already set down his basket on a wooden bench and sat down to look at you. The then irritated looking man was now cupping his hands together in front of him while giving you puppy dog eyes, “please?”

It was a tactic to get you to comply and you didn’t want him to know that it worked, especially because of how gorgeous he was so you walked over to the counter and replied as nonchalantly as you could. “Go ahead.”

“Thanks, sweetheart,” he beamed before jumping off the bench. “Do you hand wash?” You nodded making him carry his laundry over happily and dropping it into your arms, “cold water please and thank you.”

With slight irritation you slid the clothes over to the sink and turned on the tap, unloading each article one by one to see almost all of them were soaked with blood. You glanced over at the man-no, some kind of monster in a mixture of fear and disgust. There were always creatures coming in with bloody clothes, but they were dried and crusted over with time but the garments that he had were fresh.

“What?” He asked innocently. “You annoyed, bloodthirsty, or maybe even scared?”

“None, just wondering why you would want me to hand wash these when a machine would get the stains out better,” you mumbled trying to hide your emotions as he saw through you quickly. You’ve never been found out or attacked before, and now wasn’t the time.

You tried not to wince or flinch every time you saw a piece of flesh or cartilage fall off of the clothes on and onto your hands as you washed.

Suddenly you saw two hands grip the sides of the counter, one on the opposite sides close to your waist. He was leaning into you, almost making contact with your hips with his. His face was extremely close to your neck, “vampire, right?” You nodded slowly, trying to hide the fact that you were shaking. “Doesn’t seem like it.”

Week 4, Day 16

He had come in 16 times in four weeks at exactly closing time to have you hand wash his clothes that he could easily and inexpensively have done at the comfort of his own home. You’ve even asked him why and he’d always reply with “you always do it better, and besides, you’re quite the interesting creature.”

You knew nothing about him, making him dangerously endearing. You had no idea what he was, what he wanted, or even his name. He probably knew that you weren’t a monster like him but you couldn’t come up with the reason why he hadn’t killed you by now.

“Wake up princess, your favourite customer is here!” He made his entrance grand. flipping the sign over, locking the door and flopping down on a bench in front of you.

Your eyebrow arced in confusion, “where’s your laundry basket?”

“What? You want to clean my dirty clothes?”

You shook your hands and head quickly, “absolutely not.” He laughed while rolling his eyes. “But why would you come to a laundry mat without something to clean?”

“To see you,” he said softly.

When he said that your heart felt like it skipped a beat and as he looked at you in silence your heartbeat was becoming more audible. “So a toast to our friendship!”

“Friends?” You’ve never been friends with a monster. For the 6 months that you’ve been living amongst them your routine was basically just living off of the internet, going to work, and only going out when you absolutely needed to. It was getting kind of lonely avoiding everyone but you weren’t sure if having someone who was trying to kill off your race was a good idea.

“What you haven’t had any friends before?” He chuckled making you scrunch up your face at him. “Kidding, kidding,” he smiled before pulling out a bottle of a red substance. “Fresh human blood, a vampire’s favourite.”

Your eyes widened. You weren’t going to drink the blood from someone who was killed just for the luxury of a different species. “Uh I think I’ll pass. Maybe we should have something that your kind would like?”

His sweet smile turned dark quickly. He walked up to the counter where you were sitting on top of and leaned close into your face, placing one hand on the smooth marble and one on your chin.. “My kind likes to have pretty little things like you.”

His plump lips crashed onto yours, his teeth tugging on your bottom lip hungrily when he wasn’t exploring your mouth with his tongue. You pulled back to take a gasp of air but it was short lived as he grabbed your waist so that it was connected to his hips so that his mouth was more accessible to yours.

Your mind was blank as everything happened so quickly. You hadn’t had any interaction with anyone in such a long time, and as his mouth was now peppering your neck with kisses you began to question everything.

“Enough!” You yelled, pushing him off.

“Sorry,” he murmured. His bangs were hanging messily over his eyes but you could see that there was pitch black before turning brown again.

“You need to go.”

Week 5, Day 17

It had been a week since the fiasco, and now you were sure that he knew that you were human. His eyes were glazed with hunger and blackness, he was probably ready to completely kill you on the spot.

He came in one day to do the coin laundry but during daylight, probably knowing that you two weren’t on the best terms.

You were slightly hoping that he actually considered you friends but as you stared at the clock and watched the minutes go by 12 am you decided to not wait for him any longer and close up. Even if you two had a relationship it was now over anyways.

To clear your mind you decided to take a stroll through the streets and stop by the convenient store to buy your dinner and some desserts but you stopped in your tracks as you heard heaving breathing behind you.

You turned around slowly before you faced a fully transformed werewolf which was being illuminated by the moonlight. It sniffed you up and down before growling, “you’re human.”

Without another thought you sprinted down the street trying to avoid any other creature that was lurking at this time. You knew you weren’t going to be able to outrun it but you couldn’t stop even after one of it’s teeth grazed your hand as it lunged at you.

Blood was dripping out of your hand and pain was rushing through your arm, although it didn’t bite you, the mark was deep and it ran from your palm all the way to your fingers.

The scent and taste of your blood must’ve motivated it even more as it was running faster and faster. Your body finally was at it’s wits end and you weren’t able to move any further so you collapsed and held your hand close to your chest, waiting the impact to hit you.

But it never came.

All you heard was a loud howl and loud thud beside you. And there he was, wearing all black with an aura even darker than his clothes and eyes. A rod was pierced into the large body of the werewolf, making it return to its human form.

He moved closer to you making you scurry away. “After all of this you’re still afraid of me?” You stayed still as he said that, making him turn back into his normal form. His lips curled up in a small smile as he lifted you up in bridal style, “let’s go get you cleaned up.”

“Why are you doing this?”

He was trying to think of an answer himself but came up short. “As a demon I should be sending you to a grinder by now, it’s my job.” He took a pause, “but you’re worth it. You’re worth the trouble because you’re… interesting.”

“But I don’t get-”

“Just thank me already,” he sighed as he continued to walk.

“Thank you,” you said quietly.

“Jimin,” he replied making you knit your brows in confusion. “Me, Park Jimin. The most powerful demon, your new protector and boyfriend.”

Series: Fairy Tail

Characters: Gajeel/Levy

Genre: Romance, Fantasy

Summary:  I saw this fanart by @fioren-nights and the poem, and I HAD to write something for it.  It kind of falls apart a little and didn’t really end up being how I imagined, i had things I wanted to happen and very little skill to get them there.  But regardless, I hope you enjoy.

It had all happened so quickly.  It was a night like most, she had fallen asleep with her back to his warmth and a book in her lap.  The rise and fall of the chest of her mighty dragon lulled her further into sleep, wrapping her in an overwhelming sense of security.  The next thing she heard was shouting male voices and the pained roar of…

“GAJEEL!!”  She screamed, feeling a different force pulling her away. “No, NO! Please no!”  Her eyes met his as his head fell, slamming onto the floor with a crash.  Red trickled between the iron scales, matching the hue of his red orbs that fixated on hers, crying out for her in quiet agony. 


How could this happen?  How could they have been taken by surprise?  “No! I don’t need to be saved, leave me, PLEASE!”  Levy screamed from her perch over the soldier’s shoulder.  Her tiny fists ineffectually pounded on his back, bruising on the armor.  No one heard her but her dragon, and as they carried her away, she could see the life leaving his eyes.  A cry of anguish tore from her, and he disappeared into the darkness.

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An Unlikely Trio - Part 3

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader

Word Count: 2587


A/n: Made this final part a bit long for all u loyal Kylo fans!! If you guys would like me to make an actual chapter series for the adventures of softie Kylo & his apprentice let me know!  
P.S. haha get it because the unlikely trio changes from reader + finn + rey to reader + kylo + kylo’s penis (I’m sorry I’m going to go jump off a bridge now)

 PART 1 - PART 2

“I can’t believe you! You’d risk our entire mission, just to save her!” You tried to hold your amusement in as General Hux was now scolding Kylo with a pointing finger.

“And don’t think you’re free of consequence either, (Y/n)!” Hux shouted, addressing you now. “How could you allow yourself to be captured? You’re better than that.”

“Hey! Leave her alone.” Kylo shouted, getting genuinely angry now. “She was attacked by a Nexu! If you were in her position you’d have probably died.”

Hux took a deep lungful, trying to calm himself. He muttered a “fine” under his breath, then turned and promptly walked back to his post. Once he was out of sight you burst into laughter, finding yourself in Kylo’s arms as he tried to contain you, but had caught on to the contagious fit with a smirk.

“He would be ten times angrier with us if he knew what happened.” Kylo sighed, his nose nuzzling into your hair.

“What happened?” You asked, jokingly indifferent.

“We- we’re together?” He brought his voice down to a whisper, and you couldn’t help but beam at how adorable his uncertainty was.

“Hm? We’re together?” You questioned teasingly, earning a soft slap on your arm. “Huxy will never find out. And if he does who cares? What can he do against two powerful force wielders?”

Kylo considered what you said for a bit, then nodded with a huff, pulling you flush against his body.

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Robin Hood

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Clint Barton x Reader

Robin Hood

Prompt: Can you please do a Clint Barton AU where he is Robin Hood and views and royal family as rich assholes? He ends up one day trying to steal from the royal carriage but the reader (prince or princess) gives him money out of generosity and a few days later Clint saves the reader from getting kidnapped and falls in love with them? And your writing makes me love the Avengers even more.

Note: Awwwwww, thank you so much! This is a super cute prompt, and I’ve never written anything like it before, so it should be fun!

Warnings: Medieval times, violence, potential swearing. Hella sassy Clint.

“If I have to hear one more decree from those rich assholes, I swear, I’ll-” Clint Barton, one of the best shots in the kingdom, complained as he was walking through the woods with his friend, Sam Wilson.

“Quiet, you,” Sam warned, bringing a finger to his lips. “If one of the guards hears you, you’ll be done for,”

“Do you think I care? Living in these damned woods as a huntsman for all of eternity isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, my friend. At least you have it in good with the Stark Blacksmiths. They make the best armor in all of the lands and you’re their apprentice.”

“I’m not their apprentice,” Sam shook his head. “I’m a knight. Or, I will be. I plan to send a letter to Sir Stephen of the knights of Marvale so he might take me in to be a knight.”

“And you think because you work with the Starks, the knights will take you in? Good luck with that, buddy.”

“Oh yeah? You’re the best archer in the land and you spend all day out here hunting squirrels. Or worse. Trying to steal from the royals.” Sam poked his quiver full of arrows.

“Someday I’ll-” Clint stopped dead in his tracks. He knew that sound, the pounding of hoofs and the jingle of the royal bells. The carriage. “Get down!” he hissed, pulling Sam into the bramble beside the path. Thinking quickly, Clint unhooked Sam’s ax from his belt and swung it into the trunk of a thin tree. He pushed it over, into the path before the carriage came into sight.

“Are you mad?” Sam asked, wide-eyed. “What are you doing?”

“Wait here. I have a plan.” Clint winked. In a few minutes, the carriage came to a stop in front of the trunk. In an unexpected turn of events, the youngest princess, Princess (Y/N) walked out of the carriage, followed by her personal friend, Princess Wanda, who was visiting from the kingdom of Sokovia.

“What happened?” Princess Wanda asked, looking to the fallen tree.

“Tis no more than a fallen branch,” You told her reassuringly. “No need for concern.”

“Princess (Y/N), for your safety, I advise you to get back into the carriage. This could be an ambush.” said one of the knights, Sir Stephen, no less.

“It’s fine, Steve.” You told him. “I’m sure my father will understand the delay in our return.”

“If you say so,” Sir Stephen nodded hesitantly. He hadn’t realized that in the moment he had stopped to talk to you, Clint had snuck into the carriage. When you and Wanda went to climb back in, he was scurrying to get out.

“Thief!” Wanda shrieked. He jolted in surprise, meeting you with worry in his eyes. He had heard stories about the royal family, and he would no doubt be put to death for a move like this.

“What are you doing in here?” You asked slowly, carefully. The man was armed with a bow and arrow, notched and ready to fire. You couldn’t help but let your eyes be drawn to his muscular arms, revealed by his leather vest.

“What do you think?”

“Get away from the princess!” Sir Stephen ordered, pulling his shield off of his armor and unsheathing his sword.

“Wait!” you shouted, holding your arms out between the knight and the cunning and handsome thief. “What is your name, archer?”

“Clint, your majesty,” he answered, surprising not only you, but himself. He had spent all of his life hating the royals, and yet now, in front of you, he showed respect. “Clint Barton.”

“What are you doing here, Clint?” You asked carefully, meeting his eyes. He lowered his bow and slid the arrow back into his quiver.

“The village is starving, your majesty. Myself included.” He smiled sheepishly, but you could see the sadness in his eyes. “No one has enough money to buy goods, and the potato crops are dying.”

“Well we can’t have that, can we?” You shook your head and led Clint out of the carriage. “Sir James,” You called. One of the knights hopped down off of his horse and raised the mask of his helmet.

“Yes, your majesty?”

“Take a message to my father,” You told him. “Tell him to send the Creek Village carriages of supplies from some of the more affluent villages. And send an alchemist to help save the potato crop.”

“Right away, Princess,” he nodded before riding off to deliver the message.

“I’m on my way to the east castle to retrieve some of my mother’s jewelry,” You told Clint. “But I can give you this for the time being,” You handed him a large sack of coins.

“Thank you, your majesty,” Clint bowed.

“No more of this ‘your majesty’ business. Call me (Y/N). It is my name.”

“In that case, thank you, (Y/N),” he said, smiling. It was a great honor to call the princess by her name.

“I must be off. It was nice to meet you archer,” You old him climbing back into the carriage. Wanda got in before you, and you sat by the window, leaning out to talk to Clint. “I’m sure we’ll meet again someday.”

“It would be an honor,” he bowed one final time. The knights tossed the branch off of the path, and the carriage rolled away. Sam crawled out of the bramble.

“You’re insane. Do you realize what you just did?”

“I saved the village,” Clint said proudly. He stared at the sack of coins in shock. Never in his life had he ever seen so much money. He couldn’t wait to bring it back to the village. They would all eat well that night.

“That, and, you met the princess. The only eligible princess in the kingdom.” Sam poked him in the ribs. “And you like her.”

“Shut up.” Clint shook his head. “I don’t stand a chance with a girl like her.”

“Sure you don’t,” Sam laughed. “But a guy can dream, right?”


It was a few days later that the carriage made its way past the Creek Village once again. You stared out the window wistfully, remembering the handsome young archer you had met only days before.

“If you sigh one more time, you’ll pass out from air loss,” Princess Wanda teased.

“I’m sorry,” You shook your head. “I just cannot seem to get that archer out of my head.”

“I can tell,” she laughed. “What are the odds you’ll ever see him again?”

“None,” You answered. “He’s not royal. My father would never approve, you know that.”

“He knows that his wife was not a royal, correct?”

“He claims she was different.” You sighed. “If only I could convince him that Clint was different too.”

“Good luck with that,” she smirked. Just then, the carriage stopped. “Oh no. Not again,”

“What could it be this time.”

“Princess! Stay in the carriage! It’s a trap!” You heard Sir Stephen yell from outside. There was the clash of metal, and then there was an arm around you and a dagger pressed against your throat.

“Not another move,” a low, murderous voice whispered into your ear. You caught sight of one of the other criminals out the window, a symbol on the sleeve of his leather jacket, a red skull with eight tentacles. They were from the Hydra Clan.

“Why, if it isn’t the former Sir Rumlow. Why am I not surprised,” You didn’t even have to see the man’s face to know who he was. He had once been one of your father’s best friends, only to become a traitor and begin a failed revolution.

“Shut it Princess.” he hissed. “I’d hate to get your precious royal blood all over your nice little carriage. Now come out here.” You reluctantly followed him outside, careful not to struggle. Another of the bandits apprehended Wanda and dragged her out of the carriage as well.

“Now, we’re going to send your father a lock of your hair as a message. If he doesn’t give us what we want, we’ll kill you and Wanda.”

“Not so fast,” called a voice you had been hoping to hear for days. “Unhand the princess or else.”

“Or else what?” Rumlow turned to look and came face to face with Clint, his arrow aimed directly at Rumlow’s head.

“Or else I’ll shoot. And I’d hurry if I were you. My hand’s getting kinda slippery.”

Sam took this opportunity to hit Rumlow from the back with a hammer from the Starks’ blacksmith shop. Rumlow dropped like a log, and the other bandits ran far, far away. You ran too, but not away. Instead, you ran into the archer’s arms, nearly taking him out.

“Oof, jeez, watch it, Princess,” he teased, smiling as he set down his bow to embrace you.

“You saved my life,” You whispered into his ear. “How could I ever repay you?”

“I need no payment, Princess.” he said, resting his chin on your shoulder. “Your safety and happiness are prize enough.”

“If you wish me to be happy, than perhaps you should come to the castle with me,” You offered. “Both of you,” You looked to Sam. “There’s a ball planned for my return, and you two are more than welcome.”

“Are you serious?” he asked, taken aback.

“I am,” You told him, nodding. “And I’m sure there are spots for each of you in the knights’ order of Marvale.”

“Well, how could I refuse a princess?”

Field of Paper Flowers

fandom: Aldnoah.Zero

Pairing: orangebat

AO3 Link

Two days after his meeting with Princess Asseylum, Inaho cancels all his appointments, gives his personal guard the day off, and makes acall. His secretaries eye him dubiously but hurry to make the adjustments;it’s been a while since he last walked off the map, but it’s a familiar enoughdrill.

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When you try to put words to the question ‘What exactly is Wakfu?’ and all you can think of as your brain flatlines is to throw this video in their faces as an answer.

I know there is much more to it than showing a music video with no context. Heck, even the actual trailers ( and ) to the series have no explanation of what exactly the story is, where Wakfu came from and how it came to be.

It goes way back to the creation of Dofus back in 2003, a MMO created by french company Ankama which received a sequel MMO (Wakfu) and several X-box games (Les Gardiens and Islands of Wakfu).
Along the line, the Flash created TV series Wakfu aired in 2008 which ran for over 50 episodes spread over two seasons, together with a few TV specials. Along with several mangas, comics, card game and a miniature game, the Dofus/Wakfu series, be it game or cartoon wasn’t able to go fully international because of finances. Most of the episodes and comics have been translated by willing fans, but thanks to a Kickstarter event by Ankama, English dubbing for the first two seasons of Wakfu will now be a reality together with an international release of the upcoming Dofus movie.

So what exactly is Wakfu the TV series?
The story follows Yugo, a young boy of mysterious origins who one day finds out he has special powers no one else has witnessed before. With the awakening of his powers, he sets out upon a quest to find out about his people and unravel the mysteries behind his origins. He is joined by his pet tofu (a yellow pudgy bird) Az, the Enutrof Ruel who is an old friend of Yugo’s adoptive father and the Iop named Sir Sadlygrove Percedal (original name Tristepin Percedal) who claims to be a knight and a Shushu guardian. The Shushu he is sworn to keep is called Rubilax, a level 4 demon which is stuck within a sword. Along the way, the princess of the Sadida kingdom Amalia Sheran Sharm and her bodyguard Evangeline, a Cra, join the quest to help Yugo find his true family.

During the quest which leads to all sorts of places but has the end goal of Sadida in hindsight, the heroes aid others while exploring dungeons, forests, cities, islands and dungeons. They grow together and we also learn more about each of them, what their motives and personal problems are. Yugo, though twelve years old, has to face many dangers and situations where a normal child wouldn’t be able to cope. He is quite mature for his age but is still a child at heart and is eager to help and learn. It is thanks to his helpful and selfless nature that he unknowingly turns the world into a better place.

As the quest goes on, the group which dubbed themselves the Brotherhood of Tofu begin to find answers, but also hints of a dark plot which seems to be intertwined with Yugo’s fate.
A Xelor going by the name of Nox (Noximilien Coxen) had come into the possession of a strange device called the Eliacube and believes it will be the answer to his own little quest; to travel back in time and undo the wrongs he had done and were done to him. But to make the Eliacube work and allow Nox to travel 200 years back into time, he needs a large amount of Wakfu (the world’s life force) and he won’t let anyone stop him from getting it. With his eyes set on using dragons and the Tree of Life located in Sadida, Nox trails the Brotherhood with little Wakfu-powered drones while also searching elsewhere for other Wakfu sources to make his goal a reality.

With the finding of the dragons Grougaloragran and Adamai, Yugo gets several steps closer learning more about his people but never close enough. One thing becomes certain however; the Eliacube Nox possesses is part of Yugo’s heritage and to save the world he has to get it back and stop Nox from undoing the present as everyone knows it.

And that is just season one! Season two is cut from a whole different block.

The races in the TV series are taken from the game. If you haven’t played the game or haven’t played them enough (like me), here is a quick easy description of the races/classes which will pass by while watching the show.

  • Eliatrope: an ancient race which laid down the foundation of the World of Twelve. They are responsible for the creation of zaaps (portals) which people still use to travel. Not many know why exactly the Eliatropes have disappeared or that they even existed. (Eliatrope reads e portaile backwards which stands for portal child in French.)
  • Enutrofe: Greedy treasure hunters, diggers and miners. This race will not leave a store with less kamas (coins) than that they entered with, but instead leave with almost twice as much. Everything needs to be either free or very cheap. Their trademark weapon is a shovel. (Enutrofe reads Fortune backwards.)
  • Iop: Brainless close-combat warriors who are brave but stupid. They can and will not turn down a fight or a challenge. Fighting is the answer to almost every question. Iop is often used as a nickname/insult towards people who aren’t all that bright.
  • Sadida: One could call them the druids or shamans of the world. These plant lovers use voodoo dolls and nature itself as their weapons. The males’ faces are covered in grass/weeds. (Sadida reads Adidas backwards which fits with the title Sadida’s Shoe in the game.)
  • Cra: The elves of the World of Twelve. Master archers and trackers with the most luscious pale blond locks in existence. ( Cra reads Arc backwards, which means 'bow’ in French.) 
  • Xelor: Better known as time mages. Xelor are able to control time and use it at their disposal. Cogs, clocks, bandages and masks are their forte. (Xelor reads Rolex backwards, the watch brand.)
  • Sacrier: Tattooed sadism at its best. Sacriers use their own blood for combat and regeneration. Pain is their twisted virtue and joy. (Sacrier is taken from the word Sacrifice.)
  • Pandawa: Always drunk on bamboo-milk but these panda-like creatures are happy drunks most of the time, lithe and quick in battle as well practiced monks.
  • Ecaflip: Feline gamblers with the best strokes of luck. You are bound to lose a bet against them. (Reads 'Pile ou Face’ backwards which is French for 'Heads or Tails’)
  • Osamodas: The animal-lovers of the World of Twelve. PETA has nothing on them. Dragon lovers to the core, on par with Indiana Jones when it comes to whips and are able to summon animals to come to their aid. (Osamodas reads Sado-Maso backwards, a name for people who enjoy using whips.)
  • Sram: Stealthy sneaky little buggers with an infinity for death and its skeletal ornaments.They are shadow huggers for sure. (Sram reads Mars backwards, apparently an inside joke at Ankama based upon the chocolate bar.)
  • Feca: Creators of shields and quite intelligent.
  • Rogues: Gun blazing and bomb throwing bandits with class.

I hope that gave everyone a little something. My advice is to check Wakfu out and give it a shot; you might just like it. What ever you decide on, I wish you loads of fun. I’ll be heading back to the drawing board.

Fanfic - Allies to Start - 1/1

Prompt: Prince Barry and Princess Iris meet for the first time after they are arranged to be married. Written for Day 2: Royalty/Arranged Marriage for Westallen Hiatus Week

Rating: PG

Word Count: 1925

“Now Iris I’m asking you to give the boy a chance,” Joe leveled a stern look at his daughter.

Iris huffed in annoyance while crossing her arms defiantly across her chest. Her lips tightening into a thin line to keep herself from saying a rude word to her father. She instead turned to gaze out the car window to the city surrounding them. Central was a very pretty city. To the tall skyscrapers of steel and glass and the lush greenery of the parks. She watched the people walking down the sidewalks going about their normal lives. She wondered if they knew how lucky they were.

“The whole concept of an arranged marriage is archaic,” Iris finally spoke out. “Why can’t I choose the man I'am to marry?”

“Iris you know why,” Her father sighed out. “Your position does not allow for that. We must do what is best for our kingdom.”

Your kingdom, Iris thought to herself, one day it will be Wally’s kingdom that he will pass down to his heirs.

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CEO - Calum Hood [smut]

Requested - yes

Anonymous - “Do where Calum is a CEO and you’re his new PA. Thankssss“

A/N: Yas business Calum smut

Word Count - 1643

How you scored this interview you’ll never know, Hood publishing is one of the best publishing companies in the world with it’s CEO, Mr Calum Hood, being the richest man in the world for his age. Somehow you’ve managed to get an interview to be the replacement for his PA Mrs Isabelle Ross, whom he seems to have grown attached to, as she is moving onto a new career.

“I’m here to interview for the PA position,” you say to the front desk receptionist, pulling your hood down and shaking some of the rain from your once perfectly curled hair that is now slightly tousled.

“Top floor, Mrs Ross will be interviewing you since Mr Hood is away on business,” you are told.

You head into the elevator and attempt to fix your slightly smudged make up and run your fingers through your hair looking into the mirrored wall. You step out when the elevator stops at the right floor and follow the corridor to the office at the end.

“Ah, you must be [Y/N], right?”

The interview lasts only a half an hour and you’re the last to be interviewed for the position, though you think you did well enough.

A week or so later and you get a phonecall, you landed the job.

On your first day you arrive dressed in a pressed black pantsuit that highlights your figure, your hair tied in a bun and your lips coloured red. Isabelle had told you to make sure you bring in a Chai latte with a pump of mocha for Mr Hood and you’ll get off to a good start so you bring in a cup from Starbucks and a simple hot tea for yourself.

“Good luck on your first day, Miss [Y/N],” someone beams to you as you walk inside.

The people in this company are so friendly.

You head to the top floor and into your new office that leads into Mr Hood’s, you’ll need to bring in something to liven up these bare walls.

“Miss [Y/N], Mr Hood is headed up,”  someone buzzes through the phone system.

“Thank you,” you quickly respond, standing to attention at your desk.

Soon follows Mr Hood who has his eyes glued to the papers in his hands.

“Here’s your Chai Latte, Mr Hood,” you hand him the cup.

“Thank you Isabelle, alert as always,” he takes the cup without glancing at you.

“No, sir, I’m [Y/N], Isabelle’s replacement?” you correct him.

“Oh,” he looks up and his eyes widen as he gulps, “I see, well I’m sure you’ll be a suitable PA”

The part of the job that that you though was going to be the hardest was being at Calum’s constant beck and call but he’s never really that much of a handful, all of his errands get done during the day, however, you aren’t allowed to leave the office until Calum does unless he says otherwise, which does often mean you are in the office until past 9pm. 

One day, a month or so after you’d began working, Calum comes in late so you didn’t need to get him his morning coffee, but he seems to be in a mood.

Nearing 5pm, the usual end of the day, you get a buzz fom down at reception, from the guy you know as Ryan, “I think you should know that this psycho blonde is on her way up to see Calum so you might want security on hold”

Sure enough a matter of moments later and a bitchy looking girl with platinum blonde hair storm in.

“Excuse me, ma’am, you need an appointment,” you say.

“Trust me I don’t!”

You follow behind her in the hopes of stopping her before she reaches his office, unsuccessfully as she barges in and begins screaming. Calum seems shocked and started at he presence though you have no idea who she is.

“Sorry,” you whisper but he shoos you and you fast to close the door.

A screaming match begins but you can’t quite hear more than loud and muffled yelling though the wall.

“How long has that been going on?” one of your co workers asks a while later while stopping by on her way out.

“3 hours,” you run your fingers through your hair.

“Goodluck, I’ll see you on Monday,” she chuckles.

10 minutes later and things quiet down before the, now even bitchier, blonde exits the room giving you a death glare. You have no idea what to do so once you let a few moments pass you knock on the door and enter.

“Mr Hood?”

He looks  up after rubbing his eyes, “Oh [Y/N] what are you still doing here?”

“You’re in charge of when I leave if you’re still in the office,” you inform him.

“Oh yeah, I’m sorry,” he smiles.

“Is everything okay, sir?” you ask.

He nods and chuckles lightly seeming tired and stressed, “You really don’t need to call me ‘sir’, it was kind of cute at first but I’m really not that serious”

“Oh, well I’ve not had a chance to actually get to know you, what would you prefer I addressed you as?”

He smiles at you, “You’re so polite it’s adorable,” he sits up, “Well, as much as I love the sound of ‘Mr Hood’, especially when you say it, I will settle for Calum” 

There’s a small silence before you speak up and say, “Mr Ho- Calum, w-was she your girlfriend?”

“No,” he answers incredibly bluntly. “No, no, no, not for 2 years, three months and,” he types something on his computer, “4 days”

“Specific,” you step inside and close the door signalling that you now wish to engage in conversation.

“I broke up with her the day I bought this building at the ripe old age of 20,” he smiles. “She’s been up my ass ever since trying to get ‘her share’ of my fortune which she doesn’t have any rights to”

“So what is that? A monthly visit?” you lean against the wall.

He stands and takes of his suit jacket revealing a tight fitted shirt, skinny tie and skinny fit trousers that make him look like some kind of god.

He leans against his desk, “No, she found out that my bank account just hit it’s 5th million”

“Congrats,” you nod.

“Thank you, but enough about me,” he says tapping his desk for you to sit next to him, “I want to know a little bit about my new PA”

“I’m boring, you don’t want to know about me,” you sigh, sitting next to him.

“I’m sure your not, and I’m also certain that your life goal wasn’t to be a PA,” he rocks side to side slightly. “That’s a good place to start”

“I wanted to be a dancer, and a painter, and a singer, and more recently a writer but I’m just going between everything”

“I would recommend this is the best place for a possible aspiring writer,” he chuckles.

As a further half hour passes the two of you end up on the floor just talking until, through the means of some really idiotic joke that Calum tells, you manage to start laughing like hyenas. The two of you catch each others’ eyes and the laughter slowly dies.

“Would it be totally insane for me to kiss you right now?” he asks.

Your smile falters a little until you press your lips to his. Your eyes close and find the sides of his clean cut face while his rest at your waist. You both move to kneel, your bodies pressed together as you somehow manage to move to your feet. The whole room seems to heat up as you kick of your heels and grip Calum’s collar, pulling off his tie with a smirk on your face.

“Should we lock the door?” you mumble.

“No,” he moves to kiss your neck roughly, “no one’s even around”

He quickly lifts you and drops you down on the desk.

“Mr Hood, you do know how to turn a girl on,” you try to say but end up moaning slightly.

You pretty much tear his shirt from his body causing a button to fly off. He too strips you until the only thing separating you is the thin material of your underwear.

“Fuck, [Y/N], I’ve fantasized about doing this since the day you walked in,” he groans, “And god do you always look sexy dressed up in your work clothes”

“Fuck me please, Mr Hood,” you beg letting your hands trail down his chest and your head rock back.

He buries his face in your breasts for a moment as he unclasps your bra and hooks his fingers around your panties shimmying them down your legs. You manage to hook your feet onto his boxers in time to remove them allowing his erection to spring free. You pump him several times and he lets slip several throaty groans before readying himself at your entrance and thrusting into you powerfully.

“Calum,” you breathe.

“What’s my name, princess?” he pants while the sound of slapping skin fills the office.

“Mr Hood,” you stutter, your eyes fluttering shut, “Holy shit”

“Are you close,” he growls and almost chokes while you clench around him.


“Eyes on me sweetie, I want to see you come”

You struggle with keeping your eyes open as his hard thrusts become sloppy and you can’t take it any longer, releasing around him with him soon following.

“I just got fucked by a millionaire,” you say once you’ve composed yourself and are getting dressed once more.

“That’s not something I do with my PAs usually,” he chuckles. “And I hope you didn’t do that just because I’ve got money”

You shake your head.

“Well in that case would you like to go for a late dinner with a millionaire”


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Masterlist // Request

Luhan - The Last Goodbye

Title: The Last Goodbye
Song Request: It’s Cold - Song Ji Eun
Member: Luhan
Genre: Angst
Number: 1/10

After what seemed like the shortest day you’d experienced in your life, you laid in bed, holding your best friend as the two of you sniffled and shared warm-hearted tears.

Your arms clinged around Luhan, around his bust as his hands were rubbing against your spine gently. You were both curled up on your double bed, as the dim light of the ending of another winter day was producing little light to enlighten your small room. It was freezing cold, but in Luhan’s embrace, you were kept safe and warm for everything but the dawning day of tomorrow.

“I wish you didn’t have to leave.” You sniffle as you feel another warm tear trickle down your face. You let it fall onto Luhan’s chest, as he told you to let everything out at once.

Luhan and his family were going back to China tomorrow, and they weren’t returning home again. You and Luhan had known each other briefly from a young age but since 7th grade, Luhan has become your best friend.

“I wish that as much as you do. I’m going to miss you so much.” He squeezes you tightly, his tears threating to fall as he recounted everything you and himself had done today. You had visited all your favourite food shops, favourite places to hang out, you two even ate ice-cream on one of the coldest days of the year.

“Please don’t leave me Luhan.” You sob up against his chest, gripping into the old, red sweater you had given him on the first Christmas you shared with him as friends. You sounded completely selfish but you truly couldn’t have Luhan leave you for another 3-4 years.

Wet tears fall, pooling on his jumper, soaking a small patch that was created in no time. Your grip became firmer and so did his, the two of your shaking as Luhan attempted to calm you down, when realistically he himself couldn’t calm himself down.

“Please don’t cry ____.” He whispers as he rocks you in his arms gently. Your breathing becomes heavier as you sulk in desperation, needed him to stay by your side forever.

For a while, silence clears the air as you both calm down slowly as the time flies by, your room only growing darker and darker.

“I have something for you.” Luhan adds; his arm unravelling from your body as he shoves his hand into his pocket, searching for something.

“What is it?” The two of your sit up, you wiping tears from your soft cheeks.

Luhan shocks you with a silver ring that had sapphire blue specks throughout it. You shake your head; holding years back for as long as you could.

“Our friendship doesn’t stop here ____. Our friendship will only grow stronger, I promise. I will talk to you as often as I can. I promise to always spare a thought for you, to always be there for you when things don’t go right, because you’re my best friend and nothing can ever come between us. I will be back when we grow older I promise. This won’t be the last time you’ll see me in person. I love you.” Luhan had always told you he loved you, and you had always done the same but the two of you only remained friends, because that’s just how it was. Luhan was like and older brother to you. He always protected you and took care of you as you had only done the same in return.

Luhan slid the ring onto your right ring finger. You stared at it for a moment and exhaled deeply, clearing your throat.

“I love you too Luhan.” You sniffle as you wrap yourself around him and hold him in your arms one last time. It was your last few minutes with Luhan, and you didn’t know what to do other than hold him in your arms comfortably.

After a while, his phone sounded expectably as it was his mother calling him to come home and pack everything he could.

“I have to go.” He frowns as he rubs your back one last time before leaving your embrace.

Everything was dark in your room and you were going to keep it that way.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, my princess.” He whispers in your ear before shoving his shoes on and leaving your room for the front door. You heard him say goodbye to your parents casually and heard the door close behind him.

You couldn’t do anything other than quiver, crawl under your bed sheets and hold yourself ad try to hide from the ugly reality that was occurring.

More tears occurred as your conscience spoke for you. Even your conscience was broken and could barely even choke out the words coming to mind.

You can’t leave me; my guardian angel.


The trip to the airport took forever, as you had nobody to talk to except your parents. You didn’t really want to talk to them; you just wanted to be alone with your music. You tried to stay strong but just the thought of Luhan’s smile melted you into a crying mess.

As much as you wished that this were a dream, you wouldn’t believe that this were actually real.

“____, it’s time to get out of the car.” Your mother says as she opens the door, staring at you as you looked nowhere in particular. Eventually, you take off your seatbelt and look into her eyes deeply. She gave you a reassuring smile but you could see the tears in her heart as she also had to say goodbye to her best friend, Luhan’s mother.

The two of you walk together, both hand in hand as you walk towards and into a swarm of rushing people.

Luhan told you to meet him at the terminal, terminal 16. He promised to wait before he had to leave and you begged your mother to go early so you wouldn’t miss his departure. Your heart was breaking with every step you took. This was all becoming too much for ones self.

“____! ____! OVER HERE!” LUHAN! You shout to yourself, searching for him in the thick crowd of people awaiting the flight to China.

“____!” He yells again, and then you see him; waving his arms around, motioning you over to him. The tears in threaten to fall again, but you hold them back, running off to Luhan as he walked towards you. You couldn’t help but jump into his embrace graciously, him spinning you around over and over again.

“I’m so glad your here. We don’t have that much time and I was getting anxious.” He plots you down on the ground, holding onto your forearms, squeezing them with reassurance.

“How much time do we have?” You ask him, your eyes widening vastly as both your parents had greeted each other for the last time.

“Ten minutes before the gates open.” He says quietly, frowning as he swallows hard.

“I told her to leave earlier.” You scold your mother jokingly and smile back at Luhan as he chuckles lightly.

“I’m going to miss you so much.”

“You must call me when you arrive! Tell me everything when you arrive, promise?” Your smile was fading slowly, but you tried so hard to keep it up for Luhan’s sake.

“I promise I promise!” He reassures you patting your head softly. He usually did that when he promised you something, or when you begged him to tell you something he had kept secret only because he found you extremely adorable when you begged and ordered him around.

Both yourself and Luhan talked among yourselves, both staring at each other water filled eyes. Soon, time was up and Luhan had to leave. The gates had opened and everyone began to rush in, wanting to go through customs and all as quickly as possible.

“Luhan, it’s time to go now.” The terrifying words of his mother escaped her lips and you couldn’t help but die inside. A part of you felt like it was being taken away, and realistically it was.

Luhan looks at you, sighing before saying, “Well, this is it for now hey.” He smiles at you before pulling you into a deep and warm hug, just like every other one he had given you every other time.

“Don’t cry, okay?” He releases you quickly as his pain endures throughout him. He didn’t want you to see him cry; he wanted to stay strong for you. You just nod you head and watch him pick up hs back before waving at you, walking over to the gate.

You stare at him, your lip quivering again, tears hanging on the very end of your eyelashes, your entire body shaking.

Luhan lined up with his mother, not daring to look at you once. He couldn’t bring himself to do it at all, not even for one quick second; he knew he’d lose it if he did.

“Luhan.” You whisper his name, nobody being able to hear you over the announcements and the loud screaming and cries of others. “Luhan.” You croak just once more, this time a little bit louder. “Luhan!” You yell over passing people, but it was nowhere near loud enough for Luhan to recognize you. You give up instantly, and watch him move to re front of the line for the security to check his ID, ticket and passport briefly.

As he the man asks for his ID, Luhan shots a look over to you, his last goodbye.

“ID please.” The man demands. His mother nudges him in the hip as hisses his name softly. The two of your eyes lock together, holding onto the soft yet heartwrenching glance the two of you shared.

“Sir, I need to see your ID.” The man demanded, still not breaking the glance he was sharing with you.

“Give me a minute.” Luhan chokes out, the man rolling his eyes as his luggage and his mother were removed to the side, to let others through.

Luhan ran past the line of people, his eyes still glued on you. He ran over to you, brushing past many people and when he finally reached you, to your surprise his arms wrapped around you tightly. Luhan had had enough. The tears he built up had persuaded him to just let it all out right then and there.

Luhan’s warm was comforting, but the sobbing he produced was killing you. He broke down in your arms the way you had last night. His tears leaked onto your shoulder as he mumbled words that didn’t make any sense. You could calm him down as you burst out into tears as well.

Not words were exchanged, just tears. Either way, he had to leave sometime soon, but you needed to share this moment, this very last moment was vital. No matter how well you spent it or how many times you were going to be reminded of it, this was always going to be the last goodbye.

The last goodbye, to your one and only guardian angel.

Neighbors 2.19

AN: this is essentially the last chapter but there will be a epilogue. I hope you enjoy it…I’m pretty skeptical about it.



With the approaching weeks the couple was having less and less time for each other. Sasuke assured her they would have ample time together after they were married.

That was the thing actually…

Naruto rubbed his friend’s back as he vomited into the toilet. “Dude, you’re just puking air at this point.”

Sasuke still wiped his chin and sat back on his heels. “Shit…”

“You’re nervous, huh?”

Sasuke burped and gagged at the taste. He ran a hand through his hair. “I’m not nervous, dick.”

Naruto chuckled and nodded sarcastically. “Yeah, totally, I believe you.”

“Believe it,” he murmured Naruto’s old catch phrase.

Naruto’s smile faded a bit. “I can’t believe that this time next week you’ll be signing your life away.”

“If that’s your mentality never get married,” Sasuke took a deep breath before flushing the toilet and pushing himself to sit on the end of the tub beside his childhood friend. “I’m starting my life.”

Blue eyes closed. “You’re right. I just remember when we were kids– Hell, even teenagers talking about how we’d never get married. You have Hinata and I got Ino.”

“No, she has you.”

Naruto nudged him with a laugh. “Whatever, she just makes me better. I got a good job this time.”

“That’s all that matters,” Sasuke rubbed his neck. His stomach was twisting in anxiousness and excitement, slight fear too. It had been gradually become more sensitive as time passed.

“It’s weird…I don’t feel like anything is going to change, you know? Besides having another Uchiha around.”

Uchiha clutched his stomach again. That was it. That was the source of his pain. He was essentially starting his family name over again. “I wish she could have met them.”

Naruto stood and stretched inked arms above his head. “Why don’t you take her to meet them?”

Sasuke stared at the blond as if he had solved the largest riddle. “I will.”

Naruto extended his fist. “Do me a favor and don’t puke on Hinata.”

Sasuke fist bumped his friend. “I’ll try.” Naruto began walking to the door. “Oh, dobe.”

He looked over his shoulder. “Mmh?”



They stood there, holding hands. Hinata took a long sniff of the flowers before pushing them into Sasuke’s face. “They smell good, no?”

“No.” He grumbled.

Hinata shook her head and placed an equal amount of flowers in front of each name. “Uchiha-san,” she clasped her hands together. “Thank you so much for Sasuke. I wish… I would have loved to meet you, I mean…we will one day.”

“That’s morbid.” Sasuke put an arm around her. “Why are you– they’re dead.”


“What? They are,” he squatted down. “She’s clumsy and paranoid. She has this fainting problem and over talks in the worst situations. She dresses like grandmother but I like it.” There was silence. “You guys would have loved her.”

Hinata put her hands on his shoulders. “S-Sasuke?”

When Sasuke stood, Hinata was the one crying. “What now?” He wiped her tears.

“I don’t k-know!” She confessed.

“Stupid,” he pulled her into his chest. “I understand.” He rubbed her back. “I understand.”


When the day finally came…they were a mess. Hinata fanned herself in the mirror. “Why is it so h-hot? Is it hot to y-you because it’s hot to me? I’m-”

“Calm down!” Ino grabbed her shoulders.

Temari shook her head. “Take deep breaths because we can’t have a wedding with the bride passed out.”

Hinata took a napkin and patted her face. “R-right?” She plopped down on the little couch. “I don’t think I can do this-”

“What the hell? I didn’t travel all this way for you to pussy out.” Hanabi adjusted her dress.

“L-language!” Hinata pointed.

“Bright-hey, bright side…imagine how calm and collected Sasuke would be.” Ino smiled.


“Stop vomiting!” Naruto shouted. “Are you going to kiss your bride with yuck mouth?”

Gaara nodded. “Stop being a little girl.”

Sasuke glared at them both. “Shut up!”

Kankuro smirked. “Sure you’re not pregnant, Uchiha?”

Did everyone know about his delirious fever episode? Sasuke was about ready to kick them all out the wedding until Hiashi and other opal eyed men came in the room.

“Uchiha, are you ready for this?”

Sasuke nodded smoothly. “Of course.” As if he wasn’t just an uncharacteristically ball of nerves.

“Very good. I remember how I was before the wedding. I couldn’t stop shaking.”

Sasuke nodded again.

Hiashi crossed his arms. “Can you speak, boy?” Sasuke shook his head and proceeded to run and vomit. “That’s a shame.”

Naruto shrugged. “He pukes when he’s nervous. Hard life.”

“Well, he needs to stop. It’s time to go,” Hiashi signaled Kō to retrieve his slump of a to-be son-in-law.


Hinata tried running away four times but was stopped. Thankfully. She heard faint music start just as her father took her arm. “Are you sure you want to marry him? The tattoos?”

“I love him,” she whispered harshly.

He straightened his posture. “Then act like it. No more shaking, hime.”

Hinata smiled at the man. “Yes sir.”

She stood there with a rather expensive dress, only because of her father. It was laced long sleeves, of course, and showing no cleavage but hugging the body she so desperately tried hiding. Sasuke stiffened in his spot when she began walking towards him.

She smiled at him. Sasuke loosened his tie when she stood in front of him and mouthed, “Then there.”

That’s when she started crying.


When Sasuke got home a few days later, Hinata sitting against the door with the contents of her bag everywhere. She looked distressed. “I s-swear I had them.”

Sasuke huffed and helped the newly Uchiha woman pack her tote bag again. “I’m going to attach the keys to you next time…” He trailed off while patting his pants.


He looked in his jacket pocket and wallet. “Ah shit…”

“Where are you keys, Mr. Responsible?” Hinata was smiling but she was actually starting to panic.

“I didn’t leave them…” He went to the car and searched high and low then high again. Nope.

He ended up pushing Hinata up so she could open the window to the kitchen…that was on the side of the house. She whimpered. “D-do all newlyweds go through this?”

“I doubt it.” Sasuke shoved her through just as an elderly couple came outside. He braced himself for their judgment.

Hinata ran out the front door with the keys and Storm in her arms. “Sasuke?” She walked out to see him walking to two senior citizens.

“Princess, come meet our new neighbors,” he motioned her over. Hinata smiled at them. “This is Noto, he was a school teacher.”

“Hello, I’m Hinata,” she shook his hand. “I just became an official teacher.”

Sasuke smirked. “And Yuki, she was a tattoo artist.”

Hinata’s mouth dropped a bit. The old woman was covered in tattoos. “What? Really? I…”

Noto held his wife’s hand. “You’ll be surprised where that little red string will lead you.”

Yuki laughed and patted her husband’s back. “Let them be, Ōji.”

The younger couple watched them go. Sasuke shrugged. That was weird. “I’m going to pretend that didn’t happen.”

“Yup.” She followed him into the house with a knowing smile. “You can’t pick your Neighbors.”

From the Beginning

This is a head canon I have had for about two years now.  I finally just had to get it out there, I hope you guys like it. Thanks to @xhookswenchx for beta and story counseling! I did go back and obsess a little more after final beta read through, so all mistakes are mine. This story will be about 5 or 6 chapters, my intent is to update each Sunday. This first installment is the prologue and chapter. Feel free to leave any constructive critiques, or comments!!! Also on ao3 and ffnet


Twin cries could be heard in the castle that day, though they were not twins at all.  One wail came from the Queen’s chambers, while the other floated from a lower chamber altogether, amongst the servant’s quarters. Yes, the queen and her own nursemaid, (and best friend)  had birthed their children on the same day.   The friends were cut from two different cloths, their children born of such different circumstance. 

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