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Pink Tea

Summary: Levi actually doesn`t like black tea very much. [Canonverse}

AO3 Version: Pink Tea

It was a known fact that Captain Levi enjoyed tea, some even thought his entire diet consisted of it. Because he liked tea, everyone who liked the Captain made it for him, in order to impress him and gain his praises, but they never did, it was always `thanks` in that flat tone of his that always insinuated `it`s not very good, try again`. Little did they know it wasn`t because they`d steeped it too long or used the wrong blend, or even the wrong tea cup, but because they all assumed Levi liked his tea black and bitter.

Levi loathed straight black tea, despite popular belief, and whenever someone made him a cup he`d make sure add about a hundred spoonfuls of sugar to it. It`s why no one ever saw him preparing his own tea, or drinking it after they`d served it to him, what would they think if they saw their war hardened Captain pouring all that sugar into his tea because he couldn`t have it black?

Drinking black tea in a plain white mug was manlier than sweet tea with lots of cream in his favorite baby blue tea cup, and he had an image to uphold. It was like if he asked for strawberry milk instead of a beer, like choosing a unicorn over a horse, you just didn`t do it. So Levi kept his little sweet tooth secret, never would anyone see him pouring half the bag of sugar into his tea, or the fact that the tea in the black tea tin was actually his favorite rose blend.

He`d sit up in his office, choose one of his favorite tea sets and drink his feminine choice in drink in peace, it`s where he thought he was completely safe from prying eyes and mocking gazes. He liked having his fluffy quilt of cotton and floral fabric, an old one he`d found, but was able to mend himself, and a good book, particularly romance novels where one couldn`t be with the other due to their age difference but somehow they would love one another anyway and live happily ever after.

No one ever dared disturb him during this time, everyone around knew they were his designated relaxation hours. Everyone who`d been with him for long enough knew that, everyone except Eren. Eren who looked up to him the most, Eren who would lose all respect for him if he knew how soft his Captain really was, Eren who never fucking knocked before coming in.

“Captain! I was looking all over for… you.” Eren shouted coming in, only to pause at the scene before him. Captain Levi curled up in his way too big desk chair bundled up in a rose patterned blanket that seemed to swallow him whole, a book with a romantic title, “To Love Him Is Wrong, But I Cannot Bring Myself To Be Right”, and was that two guys on the cover? But most of all he had a well made, pearly pink, china tea set with cherry blossoms and rosy branches painted all over it and a tea cup full of creamy looking peach colored tea, definitely not the dark black he usually drank.

“Captain what are you…?”

Levi looked like a cross between furious, embarrassed and ready to cry.

“You`re so…”

Here it comes, he`s going to cut into his ass and never respect him again. Levi would have to beat him harder than he had at the tribunal to get him to take him seriously ever again.



“Wow, seriously sir, you`re just adorable if you don`t mind me saying so!” Eren squealed, holding his own face in his hands. Levi blinked, technically, this was what he`d been dreading, to be seen in a soft, weak light, but… it didn`t feel so bad with Eren doing it.

“Is that so?” Levi had to be sure, Eren nodded eagerly at the question.

“Mh! It`s awesome you can be cute like this but still kick ass!” The boy praised. Levi hadn`t ever thought of it that way, but still…

“Ahem, thank you Eren. But you can`t say anything about this okay?” Levi said, Eren looked confused for a moment, like he wanted to ask questions, but then understanding filled his green orbs instead.

It looked like Eren was going to give him some lecture about pride or something so Levi shut him up quick, “It`s our special secret.” He whispered, immediately Eren`s face lit up like a Christmas tree, not just anyone got to know about the Captain`s special secrets so he must have really trusted Eren in particular! Aa, he wanted to brag about it but, if Levi trusted him to keep it a secret then he wouldn`t say a word.

“Yes sir! My lips are sealed!” Eren promised,

Levi had never been more relieved it was Eren who`d barged into his office.

Once Eren had found out about his little secret the boy had pestered him until he`d given him the recipe for his ideal tea, five spoons of sugar, three splashes of cream and use the rose blend on the top shelf of the pantry, and the shifter took it as his duty to prepare Levi`s tea from then on, because he knew Captain`s secret now so he could prepare what he liked, and Levi let him. Only because somehow the brat`s tea was a hundred times better than his own. When he made it, it was just sweet enough, always steeped to perfection, always had a creamy texture and was never gritty, sometimes he`d even put actual rose petals in for extra flavor.

No longer did Levi have to tiptoe about just to get a cup of tea, because Eren always seemed to know when he was craving it and would be at his door with a steaming pot ready for him. But it became more than tea too, he brought him warm sweaters, Captain always looks so cold in that blanket, new books, I didn`t know what you liked to read but this one has guys on the cover too, and kept him company.

Levi didn`t know how close they were becoming, how he would let Eren share his quilt because it was big enough for both of them, let Eren blush himself silly trying to read his romance books aloud, let the cadet lay his head on his lap when he got sleepy. And when he finally did notice, he didn`t mind as much as he should, at all really. He could admit it, if only to himself, he really liked Eren. In the kind of way his novels described, his heart would beat fast, his hands would sweat - disgusting - and he would feel light whenever he was near. Geez he really was turning into a girl wasn`t he?

Still, he should have guessed such bliss couldn`t last.

It had been another day, pretty slow in terms of training and such since there wasn`t anything urgent to learn so Eren had come to his office earlier than normal, baring his usual gifts of a large blanket and tea and cookies to share. Levi had looked up from his blasted paperwork to find the boy smiling down at him and he allowed himself a small one in return. He pushed his work aside, Eyebrows would get it when he finished dammit, and opened his arms to invite Eren over into the large chair like always. Eren had happily squeezed in next to him, draping the big blanket over their heads and shoulders and poured the two some of his delicious tea.

Right as they were settling in, Eren laying his head on Levi`s to read over his shoulder, they`d switched out romance novels for action/adventures, the door was flung open in a flurry of `I`m sorry for intruding` and bad undercuts. Oluo stood in the doorway bowing until he was almost in half and holding out more paperwork, seriously, more Erwin? Do your own damn paperwork! Straight out in front of him. Instead of jumping up Eren had pulled him closer protectively, not knowing who had been coming in at first and Levi sat completely still.

“F-forgive me sir! You weren`t answering your door so I…” Oluo had started up with his rambling apology and raised his head to do so properly, but he was met with the sight of Captain Levi looking terribly small wrapped in a giant fluffy blanket with… with the newbie! And what was with that tea? It was pink! Just what exactly was he seeing here!?

“What is all of this?” Oluo yelled, of course he bit his tongue in the process.

Eren`s eyes shot over to look at Levi who was still frozen with shock and looked ready to cry again, he had to do something to keep the Captain`s secret, as painful as this would be for him, he couldn`t let his Captain take this, it was time for him to repay all his kindness these past days.

“Ahem, this is all me.” Eren said seriously, his voice was really out of place in the fluffy scene. Levi shot him a look of disbelief but he didn`t stop, let me do this for you sir, he thought. “I… I like all this kind of stuff, and I dragged Captain into with me, and because he was kind he stayed, even though he doesn`t like this kind of thing at all!”

Oluo sneered at him, “Hah, should have known you were a weirdo, what are you some kind of girl? Hah! You`re lucky the Captain`s such a good man, I wouldn`t have let a rookie like you get away with it though, I`d-”

As Oluo continued to lecture Eren, Levi couldn`t tear his eyes away from him. This boy, with so little already, had taken such a hard blow to his pride, saved Levi from humiliation, without even being asked to. He was sitting through the harsh words hewas supposed to be getting, he was the one who liked all this, in fact, Eren was the one who liked his tea black without anything else between them. Eren had taken the bullet for him like it was nothing, he would have never imagined he cared that much.

“Enough Oluo.” Levi ordered, he couldn`t let this continue.

“But sir! He`s the one who dragged you into-”

“Hoh? Did I stutter? That was an order soldier.” He told the man darkly, and with a not manly at all squeak he scurried out of the room, making sure to close the door behind him so Levi wouldn`t give chase.

After he`d left Eren let out a nervous laugh, “Haha, that was close wasn`t it sir?”

“Why did you do it Eren?” Levi cut in, why would anyone, no matter how close, take that kind of pain for another?

Eren`s eyes darted around uneasily as he let out another laugh.

“W-well I promised to keep your secret didn`t I? And I-”

“Eren. Don`t lie, what`s the real reason? Even if you were keeping my secret you didn`t have to take the blame.”

Eren sighed.

“I-I guess there`s no hiding it then huh?” … “I-I like you Captain.” The boy admitted, ah, Levi`s heart was skipping every other beat again.

“And because I like you, I had to protect you sir. Please forgive me for having these weird feelings for you!” Eren pleaded, he pulled the blanket they`d been sharing over his head further to hide himself completely from view.

Eren liked him. Eren liked him. He could feel not only a burning blush covering his cheeks, but a big - big for him that was - smile spreading on his face as he let out a breathy laugh, there was nothing really funny about it, but it was more of a relief kind of laugh. If Eren was weird, Levi supposed he was too right?

He wiggled his way under the blanket with Eren, even as he tried to shift away and hide more, and pulled him into a soft kiss that stopped his struggling instantly. Levi wasn`t very experienced, he just sort of, held their lips together, but Eren hummed contently and it felt good, really good, even if they weren`t doing anything. When he could bring himself to pull back a minute or so later he whispered to the boy,

“I like you too, Eren.”

Eren gaped when his lip fell away from his, his eyes growing impossibly larger - because they were already so big - at his superior`s confession. Levi was a bit nervous, maybe he had read his words wrong and Eren didn`t like him that way. Maybe Levi had made a comeplete fool of himself and really made Eren lose respect for him that no beating would restore.

But then Eren`s dropped jaw formed a smile, a happy, joyful smile, like Levi had promised him the world in just one confession.

The grin on Eren`s face made his own small smile grow just that much more as the kid pulled him into a bear hug and laughed like he`d heard the funniest thing in the world. His laughter was deep and contagious and Levi started laughing too, his lighter, quieter giggles mixing with Eren`s well.

What were they even doing? Giggling like two teenagers - technically one of them was - underneath a blanket like it was their own little world. But Levi didn`t care, for once in a long, long time, he was just happy. The two eventually calmed down enough to form words, Eren`s first ones were thanking him for accepting his feelings. Speaking of thanks, now that they were technically together he could…

“Eren, I want to thank you for saving me before.” Levi said lowly, shifting himself closer to Eren`s lap. Eren looked at him strangely, reminding him he`d already said that. Sigh, this brat had no idea how to take hints did he? Figures he would fall for someone like that.

“No, I want to… repay your kindness Eren.” Levi purred, taking the boy`s face in his hands as it finally clicked for him, you could practically hear it.


“Mmhm, would you like that Eren?”

Eren nodded.

Taking that as the approval he needed, Levi pulled the blanket away from their heads and let it fall to the floor. Eren laid back on the plushy chair when Levi`s hands pushed him against it, using his shoulders as leverage to crawl over him and straddle his waist.

They looked at each other for a moment, breath quickening at what was to come, Eren made the first move with a noisy `gulp` and pulled Levi close by the small of his back with one hand and tilted his head forwards with the other, closing the gap between them second time. Eren was more forceful than Levi had been as he worked his lips against Levi own, loving the sound of his stuttering gasp when he dared dart his tongue out to slide across his plump bottom lip to coax them to part.

He let his hands wander down this body he`d admired for so long, caution slowly slipping from his mind, running along Levi`s back, his arms, his hips, before settling on his ass to give it a timid squeeze, causing Levi to let out a scandalized squeak, making the mistake of opening his mouth to let Eren enter it easily. Levi didn`t seem to understand at first, why his mouth was suddenly so hot, but he still moaned at the feeling of Eren tongue inside his mouth, against his own, rubbing against it and exploring every part it could reach.

Eren pulled back, Levi`s lips chasing after his as he did so, to tug at the Captain`s shirt, his implications clear. Levi blushed harder but lifted his arms so Eren could pull the cloth away. Eren`s hands instantly stroked his sides and grabbed at his hips, muttering to himself `so smooth` and `pretty, you`re very pretty sir` as he was captivated by the newly exposed skin. Levi felt flatter but, also cheated. Eren was still fully clothed…

“N-now you.” He insisted, trying to sound firm. Eren held back a smile, he was being shy again. Either way Eren obeyed, taking his shirt from the bottom hem and slipping it over his head confidently, though he did feel a bit exposed now since Levi was no longer the only one like this and was staring at him so intensely. Silver eyes roamed his chest and abs shamelessly, but his hands were a different story, hiding themselves deeper into his brown locks, too frightened to venture down.

“Hey, it`s okay, go ahead.” Eren encouraged, wanting Levi to feel free to touch him as he pleased, and to feel those hands on his body. Levi nodded a bit, mostly to himself and placed both hands on his chest, biting his lip in concentration. He stayed in that position, unsure of what to do next, Eren couldn`t help himself as he reached out to cup his face with his hands.

“You`re so cute Captain, please do as you wish with me.” He cooed, Levi looked up at him through his black lashes, flushing at the compliment, before letting his own hands wander as Eren`s had been, carving out all the harsh edges and dips in his muscles, getting startled whenever Eren couldn`t hold back a shudder. Levi let his fingers trail back up over Eren`s body, tickling the back of his neck and… oh.

“Ah! Levi!” Eren gasped, Levi forced himself not to jump right off his lap in fright, he was nervous after all, but that passed all too quickly when Levi realized he was the one to make such a sound spill from Eren`s mouth so forcefully, it gave him quite the boost in his confidence and he boldly brushed the spot on the back of the brunet`s neck again, earning another loud pant.

It was something like a titan wasn`t it? The weak spot at the nape, and Eren was a titan too so… it made sense didn`t it? Idly Levi thought of Hanji having an out right fit at the information, but she wouldn`t be getting it, Levi decided this would be his own secret as he kept rubbing Eren`s nape, he was the only one who was going to know exactly what Eren liked. He felt like he had some kind of special position by knowing it, and he was selfish so he wouldn`t be letting anyone else find out.

“You like it, Eren?” The raven mumbled softly to the shifter, who had gone limp against his shoulder, shuddering every other second. He could feel him nod vigorously from where his head lied. To his surprise though, Eren pulled his head, and neck, away from Levi`s grasp suddenly. He shook his head, like he was trying yo convince himself, and told him,

“S-sir, I want to be gentle with you, but if you continue to do things like that… I don`t think I`ll be able to hold back.”

Levi blinked, then a blush took over his face when he realized what the cadet was implying.

“W-who said anything about that you idiot! Don`t get so ahead of yourself.” He hissed, Eren opened his mouth to apologize then, his eyes wide at the realization of his own statement and face looking a bit disappointed but Levi stopped him before he could say anything.

“B-but since, since I`m repaying you…”

Eren immediately perked up like some puppy. Tch. That was annoying.

“Don`t be so eager.”

Now he was a kicked puppy and Levi felt bad.

“Ahem, since I`m repaying you, please… do what you wish with me.” The captain forced out, repeating Eren`s own offer from earlier, looking away from Eren`s intense gaze as he took in what he was saying. But that`s all he was doing, just looking and damn it all if Levi wasn`t embarrassed enough already.

“Well? Say something you- AH!”

The moment he was fed up with the silence was the moment Eren pounced on him, pinning him to the desk in front of them - behind him? - and staring down at Levi with an animalistic glint in his vibrant green eyes. Levi`s silver slivers widened at the sudden, but slight, pain in his back from being slammed against hard wood.


“I really tried holding back sir, but when you talk like that… Please forgive me for this.”

With that Eren dove forwards, pressing their bodies together as tightly as he could, almost crushing Levi in the process with his weight, and began to rock back and forth, rubbing their arousals together. Levi covered his mouth to muffled the girly noises that were spilling from him, his other gripping Eren`s back for dear life as the boy grinded onto him.

Eren wouldn`t slow down, going full force the moment he was upon him, panting harshly like a dog into his ear, mumbling things like `captain`s skin is so soft` and `your voice is so sweet sir, let me hear it more`. The desk protested at the constant rhythm of back and forth, back and forth, creaking it`s complaint loudly beneath them.

“Ah! Eren, Eren slow down,” Levi panted, becoming overwhelmed with the sheer amount of contact. Eren growled lowly, like it was the worst thing to pull away from Levi even for a second.

“No.” He told him.

At any other moment Levi would have been furious, but right then he couldn`t possibly think of anything other than Eren caging him against the desk as he grinded his back against the smooth wood. It felt like hours Levi lied there, just taking whatever Eren had left, he didn`t notice his own moans rising in pitch, coming at a faster frequency, didn`t feel Eren`s thrusts becoming erratic as his own hips bucked with a mind of their own.

“Mmh, mn, I-I`m- ah!” For the love of Maria he couldn`t even warn Eren he was about to-


White spots danced across Levi`s tightly shut eyelids as he reached his high, Eren still frantically rubbing against him, before finding his own relief with a long groan, then plopping down onto Levi`s heaving form in exhaustion. They lay there, panting as they calmed down. Eren lifted his head from Levi chest to smile a dopey smile up at him, and Levi couldn`t do more than ruffle his brown locks lovingly in return.

He could chew him out for ruining two perfectly good pairs of uniform pants later.

Boo! Pt. 2 // Kim Taehyung


the prompt:i was wondering if you could write a 2nd part to it, cause there’s that one unanswered question that worries me. What’s gonna happen next because Tae is a ghost and the reader is human??? Is there a way to have them together in harmony as a very obvious couple to the world. Like gah. Thank you once again and i hope you answer my request.

words: 3079

category: fluff + comedy

author note: i love ghost tae. here’s part two, finally. although you guys are probably going to be surprised with the direction i took it haha. also, how did you guys like not today? everyone looked so good it was a masterpiece. pls enjoy this extremely wild and hopefully comedic boo part two ft. jimin!!

- destinee

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Liberty Pt.3

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Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

AU: Pirates of the Caribbean Universe

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Natalia Romanoff, Clint Barton, Tony Stark, Wanda Maximoff, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Peter Parker, Baron Zemo (mentiones briefly)

Warnings for this fic: Angst, eventual smut in future chapters (slow burn), running away, profanity, violence (future chapters).

Word count for this chapter: (2590)

A/N: So here’s chapter 3, it’s a little longer than the rest. I hope everyone enjoys it, I’m trying to make it as interesting as possible without droaning on. Any feedback is appreaciated!

I listened to this whilst writing

Part 1 / Part 2

Captain James ‘Bucky’ Barnes was a peculiar man, how he sailed the seas for most of his 27 years. He was born at sea, he would most likely die at sea. All pirates, including those in the farthest corners of the maps, had heard of the infamous Captain. You? You were the governor’s daughter, secretly hoping to be taken out to seas and to be set free.


He could feel the blush spread from your bust to the tips of your ears, he could feel your heart fluttering behind your ribs as he neared you. As he spoke his breath gently whisped across your forehead.

“Yet.. an innocent soul like you has never traveled the seas? Oh, darling, you will be of great use to me, I will show you the world beyond this one, just you wait.”


The boat that rocked…

That’s what you were going to call it, not the St. Brooklyn.

Of course, you wouldn’t speak a word of your nickname for the beautiful boat. As you both left the captain’s cabin, the rough water made the ship almost capsize, sending you tumbling everywhere. You wondered why the currents were so strong; for only the gods of the sea knew what creatures lay beneath the salty water of the Caribbean sea.

Bucky led you to the main deck, having you tailing behind him, watching as the crew eyes you suspiciously.

Stop the gawking and get back to your stations, we’re in rough waters, not a blasted paddling pool.” Bucky quipped. Everyone’s gaze shifted towards the ocean surrounding them and scurried back to their stations.

You didn’t look where you were going and bumped into the tall, bulky frame of a man. “See what I told you, Pierce? Bad luck having another woman on board, let alone one, get out of the way you feculent bitch-

Before you realised, he had raised a hand to swipe, you squeaked and waited for the impact, though it never came. You peaked your eyes open to see the Captain himself holding the wrist of the burly man.

The moment you raise your hand to a woman is the moment you seize to be a man. If I see or hear you speak ill of the two lovely women aboard my ship once more, I will personally throw you overboard, savvy?” The intimidation in Bucky’s voice left you weak at the knees. The man mumbled an ‘aye, captain’ as Bucky released his arm. “Don’t let the salt of the sea get to your head just because you haven’t gotten laid in 2 years, Brock, get back to your station.

You saw your captain smirk at you before gesturing for you to follow him to a lone crate. He rolled out the large map on the flat surface and pointed to 'España’.

This is where we are heading first, now the water is deceiving, it’s giving off the illusion that there is plenty of wind, but there is not. We aren’t gaining speed at all and the way the water is stalling movement, but I believe as soon as we leave the Caribbean the wind will pull us through to the Atlantic fast, probably about 35 to 40 knots every passing hour. What do you think, Y/N?

You watched as his lips moved with every word, curling over the syllables of your name.

Your fingers traced the lines and inking on the map.

Aye, judging by the contrast between these waters and the Atlantic, with the speed of 20 knots, I say we could arrive within… ten days- at least, if the wind pushes against us.” You smile up at the captain to find him already staring down at you, he seemed to be studying you and biting his lip.

Suddenly the ship hit a large wave and violently lurched up, sending you crashing into the man in front of you, he caught you with the ease.

S-sorry Sir! I uh-” You gasped, he rolled his eyes in a slightly playful manner as he whipped around.

Wanda! A little help with the waves would be nice, please!” Bucky bellowed, suddenly you saw a flash of red light and a woman appeared in front of both of you, you couldn’t believe.

Crow’s nest?” She questioned, there was a slight twinge to her accent that you had never heard before. She wasn’t from Britain, and she wasn’t from Port Royal, her skin was pale and her hair long, falling in brown waves along her slender shoulders and back. She was the replica of a mermaid, such beauty in her features you could barely believe she was human- you couldn’t fathom as you saw her levitate upwards towards the top of the main mast.

Needless to say, you were shaken, for the rumours and stories had been true all this time; there was another world just waiting to be discovered by man, you just hoped they wouldn’t destroy it.

You watched in awe as the witch’s hands were surrounded by red magic, and the sea had become less daunting and calmer. You had to admit- you felt slightly sick due to the constant bobbing and the shock.

You admired the woman as she floated gracefully down. You kept your distance, not because you were shy, because you didn’t want to say anything ridiculous that could probably tempt the witch to hex you.

Miss Y/L/N would you be so kind to follow me once more to the quarterdeck?” His voice snapped you out of your daze,  "Aye, sir-

You know darlin’, as much as I adore you calling me 'sir’, I wouldn’t mind if you were to call me Bucky.“ He cooed, the way he looked at you made you shiver, you shook your head and followed him up the steps to your destination, there stood Sam and another man you didn’t know the name of.

I’m astonished, sir- I mean, Bucky, at the power of such a woman, if she wanted, she could rule the seas and alter the tides for all eternity, it’s brilliant, yet terrifying.“ You made light conversation and heard Sam chuckle at your words.

Indeed Ma'am, though as wonderful as that sounds, Wanda isn’t as strong as she used to be, you see without her heart, her powers are fragile and can only be used to a certain extent, for she gave it to someone else, sacrificed maybe, I don’t know, but that person or being probably meant a hell of a lot.

You were deep in thought as his words processed through your brain, why didn’t she have a heart? Was she cursed? It explained why her skin was alabaster. ”It’s not my place to say, I’d rather you hear it from someone who deserves to tell you,“ Bucky whispered. You nodded in agreement and started looking at the charts again. ”hard to starboard, Sam.

Aye aye Captain!


As night fell and the waters were calm, you took a moment to observe the beauty of the open seas, the sky was black and speckled with the constellations. You wondered how many were out there, thousands? Millions?

I’d like to believe there are are at least 700 billion.“ You jumped at the voice behind you. It was Wanda. ”Hello, I’m Wanda, of course, you already know that. You are Y/N, correct?“ You nodded in response, offering a timid smile.

It’s a pleasure to meet you, Wanda.“ You held out your hand for her to shake and she took it with a smile. You found out she was 23, from a place called ’Sokovia’ a place on the map you had never heard of before, it was located somewhere in eastern Europe.

So, why did you run away- oh, lord forgive me I apologise for being so bold, I er, have abilities more than in my hands and my mouth seems to wag without my consent.. nevermind“. Wanda grumbled and you could tell she was embarrassed due to the red tinge in her cheeks.

"It’s okay, we all have things we can’t control.” You reassured her, she returned to smile and mumbled a ’yes, that much is very true’, you explained briefly why you boarded the ship in a few short bullet points.

Hey, Wanda!” You heard Sam shout from the forecastle. He was grinning and beckoning her to come over to him. “Excuse me, have a pleasant night, Y/N!” You could tell her mood was brightened instantly, you could tell there was something…

Goodnight, Wanda.” You peered around the main deck, there wasn’t a soul in sight, apart from a crew member everyone must be below decks having supper, you thought, and maybe Bucky was in his cabin, probably reading over some charts and preparing to show you the ropes for the morning.

You walked along the deck, fingers ghosting over everything you passed, you inhaled the gentle ocean breeze and breathed a sigh of relief.

You didn’t think liberty would be so tranquil.

You closed your eyes for a minute and let your other senses take over, the whisper of the wind dancing around your locks, the smell of the salt and gunpowder, hearing the water lap at the sides of the ship.

It was magical.

Captain Barnes was a well-mannered, intelligent man. His intimidating exterior disguised his emotions, you had an inkling that on the inside he was pure cotton, judging by how he had defended you against Brock. You wouldn’t mind sailing with him to the end of your days, the idea made the corners of your mouth curl upwards, only slightly, and you let out a light giggle.

And what are you giggling about, sweetheart?” You yelped in surprise at the voice.

Good evening, B-Bucky. I would have assumed you were eating supper in your cabin!

I haven’t eaten yet, I was going to ask if you would join me and then discuss the journey afterwards.” He regarded with a sweet smile.

O-oh! I wouldn’t pass up that offer, sir, I’d love to, may I wander the ship a bit longer until you beckon me?

Only if you allow me to lend you a coat, the wind is picking up and the only warm thing you’re wearing is that beautiful smile.

Flirting, was this it? He draped a heavy coat over your shoulders, his hands lingering just a few seconds longer than they should have.

Thank you, Captain, you can accompany on my little stroll if you would like.” It was more of a request than an offer, he nodded and walked along with you.

He pointed out many of the stars and told you what their names were, occasionally coming behind you and gently craning your neck so you could see what he was seeing. The gentle touch of his fingers sent a pleasant jolt through your body.

What is this feeling?


Crickey O'Riley, look at the time, shall we head back? I would assume supper is freshly cooked and ready to be eaten, and you could do with some food and drink?” Bucky suggested, he was right, now that he reminded you, your stomach made it clear that you needed some food, and your lips and mouth did feel a little dry, but that wasn’t just because you were dehydrated.

As Bucky lead you to the Captain’s cabin again, he held the door for you, you thanked him and then stood awkwardly as you waited to be told where you were to be seated.

Allow me,” Bucky beckoned you to sit in a chair, he tucked you in under the table and made his way to his own seat.

Rum, or water?

I’d much prefer water, thank you, I’ve never tried rum before and all I need right now is to be hydrated instead of intoxicated.” You sassed, you could feel his gaze on you as you ate what was on your plate.

So tell me, Y/N,” you watched as his lips wrapped around the fork he was eating from, “what do you think about the journey plans?

They’re reasonable, judging by the distance of the journey and speed of the wind, currently, we’ll probably arrive at Singapore in about 39 days… At the most.” You smiled, taking a swig of some water.

Bucky watched you as he ate his food, though you were deemed harmless, he was still weary; you didn’t know what the 'new feeling’ was, in your stomach. He could feel your emotions, all of them. He took a liking to you.

Oh shoot, er, Bucky, where am I to sleep? It has completely missed my mind until now-

Shit… you may I sleep in my quarters if you’d like until I can ask Wanda to conjure a cot for you at dawn tomorrow, would that be too bold?” Your skin flushed pink at his cursing and his suggestion, share a bed? With a man whom you had just met? It seemed absolutely ludicrous.

It’s a queen size, I will keep to my side if you keep to yours.” He was serious.

Thank you, is there a particular side that you would like to claim, Captain?”

Yes, the right side is mine, I hope you don’t mind.” You laughed lightly at his comment, even the most famous of pirates have their tiny needs.


You awoke to the sound of grunting and moaning. You slowly flipped to your opposite side to see Bucky writhing and covered in sweat. You were asleep by the time he had come to his chamber, so you didn’t know what he would be wearing.

The covers of the bed had slipped down to his ankles, you assumed this as because of the thrashing. You watched in awe as one of the mightiest Pirates was in a vulnerable state. His head kept twitching from side to side.

You leaned up and gently brushed a piece of hair from his forehead. “James, er, Bucky? Wake up, it’s okay, it’s just a nightmare.” You placed a gentle hand on his shoulder and slightly shook him, attempting to shake him from his slumbering state.

His eyes snapped open at the contact and he automatically grabbed your wrist, he rolled over and trapped your soft body between the mattress and his weight. His right hand had cuffed both your slender wrists as his left came to wrap around your throat. “Who are you?” He ground out, he was still in a state.

Why do you like to choke me so much? Bloody hell- Captain James- Bucky, wake up! It’s me, Y/N!” You pleaded, “it’s-It’s okay, you needn’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you.


Bucky snapped out of it and came back to reality, loosening his grip on your wrists, your hands instantly came to rest upon his face to stroke away the liquid trauma leaking from his eyes.

I, fuck, I’m sorry, Y/N…” He didn’t realise how the proximity between both your faces had slimmed. He licked his lips, and he felt your soft, sweet exhale fan on his lips and he leaned down, slowly, as if not to startle you.


You felt the slightest graze of his lips upon yours, and your eyes fluttered close, the feeling that burned in your chest could compare to a cannon fire and it felt so good. You pulled him a little closer and your lips pushed a little bit harder onto his, reveling in the softness. You felt his tongue swipe across your bottom lip and gasped, you had never been kissed like this before, and the burning sensation in your lower tummy grew larger and more intense.

You slowly broke apart, his hands leaving your body.

I’m sorry miss, I-

Go back to sleep, Captain. You’re delusional.


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Can I request Wreckers (your choice) reacting to their human friend admitting that they have had a crush on them for a while. Thank you :)

Thank you for giving me a chance to write about my BOY, anon! Honestly I could only think of some stuff for Kup (for now) so I hope this suffices

IDW Kup 

  • You shouldn’t tease an old mech like that, he tells you. He nearly thought you were serious for a second. When you insist that you are serious he falls somber. With a sigh he removes his cygar and pulls you up to sit on his knee. You can do so much better than a rust-bucket like him, he says. You beg to differ.
  • He tries to tell you that you’re too young for him, but you remind him you’re an adult. Kup reminds you that he’s nearly old as rust. You tell him he looks good for his age, and you swear he blushes.
  • It takes some convincing for him to agree to a relationship. He likes you- he wants to have a relationship with you- but he doesn’t think he’d be very good in one. He’s tired and war-weary, what good could he be for you? You have to assure him that you’ll be there for him no matter what.
  • When you do get together, Kup is an old-fashioned gentlemech. He calls you sweetspark, kisses your hand, and opens doors for you. When he introduces you to his Wreckers they are to show you the utmost respect. They even call you ma’am/sir until you insist they use your name. 
  • He adores slow-dancing. Many days he comes home with flowers and puts on your favorite song. He holds you close in his mass-displaced form, swaying you side to side as he gazes into your eyes. At the end of the song he always dips and kisses you.
  • Be gentle with him. He appreciates it more than you could ever know. On days he breaks down he finds solace in your arms, burying his face in your neck, trembling as you rub circles into his back; it’s a weakness he only shows you. 
  • There are times when he randomly kisses you, warm and soft and deep, and his smile glows like the stars. “Thank you for never giving up on me,” he says. “I love you so so much.”

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Questions: Draco x Reader Imagine Pt. 3

Part One HERE
Part Two HERE

Summary: Reader goes to lunch with Draco Malfoy and spends time with him for the first time, getting to know each other slowly but surely.

Word Count: 3377

Warnings: very light allusions to the deed

Originally posted by fallingforamalfoy

You woke up on Saturday morning at 7 AM, groggy eyed and exhausted, but you were unable to fall back asleep despite the previous late night.

Part of it was excitement; you had been on a date with the handsome Healer. The other part was also a certain nervous fluttering in your stomach, which you attributed to your agreement to have lunch that day with Draco Malfoy.

You lay there for twenty minutes before accepting that it was useless. Sighing and rubbing your eyes, you slowly swung your legs over the edge of the bed and hobbled to the bathroom to shower and begin getting ready for the day; there was no use in trying to sleep longer. You would simply have to function on copious amounts of caffeine instead.

As you showered, you thought about your plans for the day further, and specifically, the man they were with. You ran through all the things that you knew about Draco Malfoy in your head; or the things you thought you knew.

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Little Avenger - 2

Pairing: peter x reader

Summary: living with the avengers leads you to start a few new relationships. Bucky finds a family in you and peter, well he wouldn’t tell.

Author’s Note: this one is just plain cute. This part has the introduction of peter and Bucky finding the reader like a sister. It’s all fluff. it will have a couple of parts so, you’ve gotta be patient. hope you like it!

Warnings: swearing

Word Count: 1903

PART - 1, 3, 4, 5, 6

Originally posted by thorsodison

You were sleeping better than a baby. How long had been since you had slept? You had something soft to lie on? Since you had such nice warmth? The faint creek of the door made your eyes flutter open. You stood up the way you were taught to, your hands were at your back and you faced a startled Natasha.

‘at ease, soldier.’ She smiled. You scrunched your nose and changed your posture. ‘I am sorry, if I woke you up.’ She sat down and patted the space next to her.

‘no, you didn’t, mam. I am trained this way.’ You sat down and put on your glasses.

‘mam? Seriously? Call me by my name. you will be living with us now; you are a part of the team.’ She kept a hand on your shoulder.

‘old habits die hard, mam.’ You rubbed your arm and she chuckled. ‘you wanted something?’

‘yeah, but, I won’t tell you until you call me by my name.’ she crossed her arms over her chest.

‘okay,’ you rolled your eyes. ‘what do you need Natasha?’ you mumbled.

‘couldn’t hear ya.’ She teased.

‘why are you here, Natasha?’ you said properly.

‘great.’ She grinned. ‘I just came here to tell that dinner’s ready,’ she stood up. ‘let’s go.’ She opened the door. You fixed your appearance before following her.

Everyone was sat at the table. Thor and Steve were chatting and laughing while Clint casually chimed in, Sam and Bucky were kicking each other under the table, Wanda and Pietro were arguing about something in their tongue and Bruce and tony were debating over a piece of paper tony was holding. You smiled seeing the childish behaviour of the mighty heroes.

Your eyes suddenly fell on a boy sitting by himself, he was looking visibly awkward and bored. He seemed to be roughly about your age, maybe older. He was looking around until he locked eyes with you. you weren’t the one to shy away and smiled. He smiled a little before looking down again. You hadn’t realized how good looking he was until now.

‘welcome to the circus.’ Natasha whispered and snapped you out of your thoughts.

‘here’s the squirrel!’ Clint declared and everyone looked at you.

‘squirrel?’ you furrowed your brows as you and Natasha joined the others.

‘well, you know how you stuffed all those weapons in there.’ Wanda pointed at you.

‘oh,’ you blushed a little.

‘quit staring, peter.’ Natasha smirked and looked at the boy.

‘I was not!’ peter defended himself and you chuckled.

‘so, when can I get my stuff back.’ You looked at everyone.

‘whenever you want.’ Tony tossed the paper aside and Bruce shot him a glare.

‘I’ll take it after this then.’ You said as you drank some water.

‘what are you going to do with it so early?’ Steve asked.

‘I’ve got to train, with my powers and the weapons. I don’t want collect rust now, do I?’ you smiled.

‘ah, mighty little warrior we have here.’ Thor grinned and so did you.

‘can I ask something?’ you set your spoon aside.

  ‘hell yeah.’ Natasha drank some water.

‘you are iron man,’ you looked at tony. ‘you’re the black widow.’ You looked at Natasha. ‘who the hell are you?’ you looked at peter and received a bunch of laughs.

‘what?!’ peter chocked on his water. ‘oh, I’m Spiderman.’ He smiled.

‘ooh, that’s nice.’ You smiled. ‘what’s your name?’

‘peter parker, yours?’ he looked at you.

‘(y/n) (y/l/n).’ you smiled. ‘I guess I’ll leave.’ You stood up.

  ‘already?’ Natasha looked at you. ‘yup, I’m not sleeping right now though, I will practice with my swords first.’ You placed the chair back. ‘good night everyone.’ You smiled and left for the gym.

 ‘peter…’ Natasha said suggestively as she noticed him looking at you again.

‘oh god, I wasn’t’ he covered his face.

‘you were staring, spidey. Don’t lie.’ Sam grinned.

‘alright! Let’s just leave it aside, bye.’ He left.

You had lost the track of time and realized you had been training for two hours straight. You sat down and drank some water. You loved the feeling you got after training, you could feel a great energy surging through you.

‘you haven’t gone to bed by now?’ tony walked in as he rubbed his eyes.

‘I was just about to leave, sir.’ You looked at him.

‘no need to call me that, kiddo.’ He sat beside you. ‘this is pretty heavy.’ He picked your sword. ‘don’t you fall along with it?’

‘I did at first, but then I made it my bitch.’ You took the sword.

‘Steve would love to have you around.’ He muttered to himself.

‘why?’ you said as you packed everything.

‘you’ll know,’ he stood up. ‘go to sleep!’ he said a s he walked out.

You slung the bag and case and left the room. you were walking in your room’s direction until you heard someone noise. You shrugged it off at first but then heard a louder one. You walked in its direction and noticed it was coming from a room. you hesitated before you knocked.

‘are you okay, sir?’ you knocked.

‘go away, kid.’ You heard his voice and realized he had been crying.

‘I will once you tell me you are okay.’ You said through the door.

‘go annoy someone else!’ he shot back.

‘I won’t!’ you said in an irritated voice and sat cross legged in front of his gate. ‘I am not leaving until you open the gate, sir! I am fucking serious!’ you crossed your arms over your chest.

He took in a deep breath, wiped his face and opened the gate. The nightmares were plenty and now, you. He looked right and left with furrowed brows.

‘over here.’ You said with a smile.

‘what do you want?’ he asked in and irritated tone.

‘you all to be happy. I just wanted to know that you are okay. And if you are not then I can help you.’ you said.

‘go to sleep,’ he sat down with you. ‘no one can help me.’ He looked down.

‘that’s not true, time doesn’t heal but it does make you stronger.’ You tried to soothe him as you read him. he noticed your eyes had turned black.

‘don’t.’ he pointed a finger at you. ‘I don’t want anyone in my brain.’ He crossed his arms over his chest.

‘then just tell me, and if you don’t want to, come with me.’ You stood up.

‘I am not telling you anything.’ He stood up with you.

‘then follow me.’ You picked your bag and case. ‘and don’t try to lock the door or anything. I can pick locks with ease.’ You walked in the direction of your room.

‘ugh,’ he groaned. ‘be nice to everyone here, Bucky.’ He imitated Steve. ‘punk forgo to include a psycho teenage girl.’ He thought.

‘heard you.’ you faced him. ‘wait here, and don’t run away.’ You said before closing the door. He carefully tried to sneak away. ‘don’t!’ you shouted from your room. he groaned and leaned against the wall.

‘come,’ you came out with a giant box and changed clothes.

‘you are able to hold that?’ he looked at you.

‘I am hella stronger than I look.’ You held the box in one hand and flexed the bicep of you free hand with a fake proud face. he finally smiled a little. ‘yay, I made Mr. grumpy pants smile.’ you smiled and he shot you a glare. ‘uh-oh, I made him grumpy again.’ You muttered.

‘the hell are you taking me?’ he finally said. ‘I am really tired, kid. Can’t you just let me ‘help’ myself.’ He looked at you.

‘trust me, will you, sir? And my name is (y/n), please stop calling me ‘kid’.’ You walked in the common room. ‘aha!’ you set the box on the table. ‘please sit down.’ You turned to him. he rolled his eyes and sat on the couch. You took out your laptop and inserted a CD in it. you then took out two fluffy blankets and tossed one at him. ‘make yourself comfortable,’ you grinned as he examined the blanket. ‘I’ll be back.’ You headed to the kitchen. You came back after a while. ‘hot, hot, hot.’ you chanted as you left the cup and made it float. You landed it on the table.

‘what are you doing?’ he asked. 

‘shh..’ you hushed him and he rested his head on the couch. You started the film and sat back grinning. ‘this is ‘the hitchhiker’s guide to the universe’ I love this movie. I watch it whenever I need to laugh.’ You wrapped the blanket around you and over your head. Bucky snickered looking at you. ‘what? You’re the one who’s got it wrong. wrap it like this.’ You looked at him.

‘the fuck I won’t.’ he stated.

‘would you like a girl hitting you and making you wrap that damn blanket?’ you glared at him.

‘you won’t.’ he said deadpanned.

‘the fuck I will.’ You said innocently.

‘fine.’ He wrapped the blanket like you.

‘now, enjoy the movie.’ You grinned. ‘and here,’ you offered him the mug and a spoon.

‘what’s this?’ he took it.

‘pot brownie.’ You said and his eyes grew wide. ‘just kidding, its brownie in a mug, try it.’

‘it’s good.’ He said as he ate.

‘glad you liked it. know hush, the movie’s on.’ You both turned to the little screen in front of you. You heard him laugh for the first time, he seemed to be enjoying the movie and his thoughts were much calmer.

‘hey, kid.’ He nudged you.

‘what?’ You looked at him.

‘thanks.’ He smiled before turning to the screen again. ‘feels nice to be treated well.’ He mumbled.

‘get used to it, I am here for a while. You guys are my family now,’ you smiled.

‘what?’ he looked at you.

‘ohana means family, family means no one gets left behind.’ You grinned.

‘you’re an idiot.’ He muttered.

‘I am an adorable idiot, I assure your sir.’ You said.

‘stop calling me sir, it feels weird.’ He said in an irritated manner.

‘you started it by calling me ‘kid’ sir.’ You tried to suppress your laughter.

‘okay, (y/n) don’t call me “sir”.’ He said calmly.

‘then what shall I call you, sir.’ You grinned.

‘call me Bucky, dum-dum.’ He rolled his eyes.

‘okay, Bucky as long as you don’t call me kid, I won’t.’ You said.

‘deal, now shut up, I wanna watch this movie.’ He concentrated on the screen.

You both didn’t realize when you fell asleep. Bucky’s head was rested on your shoulder and yours on his head. Steve walked in the room to find you both passed out in the position. He couldn’t help but laugh. He quietly clicked a picture but the sound of the snap made you both wake up. You stood up with your hands at your back, while Bucky looked all confused sitting on the couch.

‘I slept here?’ he rubbed his eyes and yawned.

‘not only that, you both were looking like baby owls. Look.’ Steve shoved his phone in Bucky’s face.

 ‘you will delete this.’ He threatened him. Steve snatched his phone back.

‘nope, I will forward it to everyone.’ He grinned.

‘the hell you won’t, punk.’ Bucky stood up.

‘oh, I will.’ Steve ran away as Bucky chased him.

Trapped Inside A Haunted Playhouse With Got7 Part 1 (Reader X Got7)

Originally posted by imnevagonnameetgot7

part 1 ; part 2

It was that time of the year again. The amusement park,also known as “Creep Zone” opened it’s gate to welcome people, like it does every summer. The park was what kept the small village alive,someone would say. Every year tourists from all over the world would visit it, to ride on it’s crazy rollercoasters or just to see what all the fuss was about. Sometimes us humans let curiosity take the best of us, don’t we? And sometimes it could lead us into making, the worst decisions of our lives.. If you happened to drive by village during winter time,you’d think it’s a ghost town. But every summer it’s small vintage like hotels light up their signs, and stood among the woods full of life. Looking around the park for a while, you’d realize that the queue for each ride was endless, kids crying out of fear while on the rollercoasters or even of the excitement while waiting to get in.

“What are we even doing here?? Do you all realize we’re grown ups??”

Jinyoung sighed looking at all the kids who were running around. You just shrugged not wanting to irritate his already irritated figure even more. Maybe he was right.. Apart from the parents who were walking alongside their kids, you were the only adults here.

“Well we are not leaving..We didn’t drive all the way over here for nothing”

Jaebum said earning “yeah"s from the seven of you. Beginning to walk once more, you wandered around trying to find what to do. The atmosphere cold and impersonal, the light breeze making you shiver lightly. You looked up to see a sky, full of dark clouds that hid the starts and bright moon. The wind blew once more and you shivered again. Wearing a t-shirt might have been a bad decision after all.. A hand wrapped around your waist, pulling you closer and rubbing your sides gently to warm you up. You looked up to smile warmly at Mark who just winked at you and looked away after returning a smile.

Guys look!”

Youngjae exclaimed pointing at a sign.

The House of fear

The guys looked at each other smirking before starting to walking
to the direction the sign was pointing. If it wasn’t for Mark holding your waist tightly you wouldn’t be able to walk, fear taking the best of you. You never were a fan of spooky stuff to be honest and so this so called house wasn’t for you.

“Guys.. Can we do something else?”

You spoke up quietly, but loud enough for the boys to hear. And they all turned to look at you, finding your scared expression priceless and adorable.

“Oi oi lady..Don’t you worry! Sir Jackson will protect you!”

Jackson exclaimed coming behind you, lifting you, to place you up to his shoulders.

“You are going to protect her?

Bambam laughed sarcastically and Yugyeom joined him

“Hyung no offense..But you are afraid of your own shadow..”

“No I’m not shut-”


Mark screamed coming behind Jackson causing him to cry out in fear almost dropping you to the ground.

“Hey! Watch out!”

You said half,scared half annoyed playfully slapping Jackson’s arm.

“Sorry Y/N..”

He apologized before turning to look at Mark giving him the death glance. He just shook his head laughing before continuing to walk. Soon enough you found yourselves outside the playhouse. There was no queue but neither of you questioned it, being happy you wouldn’t have to wait. Some employee with his red bright uniform stood outside the entrance giving you directions.

“..You are not allowed to use your phones in any means so just leave them to me and I’ll return them to you within exiting. Have fun”

He tried to say in the most exciting tone he could master but non the less failed miserably. One by one you gave your phones to him and entered the house. The door slammed shut and in a matter of seconds the lights turned off, taking away the ability to see your surroundings

“I told you guys this wasn’t a good idea…”


You repeated your words once more. Only to realize..You were all alone

A/N: And this is the end of part 1!! I hope you all enjoyed it as much i enjoyed writing it and are eagerly waiting for more!! If you are then, send asks/ submit your ideas on what you think will happen next!! I will read throught all of them and my favourite(s) will be featured on Part 2! Let your imagination run wild, I’ll be waiting to see what you have in store for me!! Good luck to you all! -Admin VanillaKookie