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Inktober day 31:  The Erlking’s daughter.  

(Some versions of Erlking tales refer to his daughter as the dangerous entity, such as in Johann Gotfried von Herder’s THE ERLKING’S DAUGHTER (1778).  According to Wikipedia:  "The story portrays Sir Oluf riding to his marriage but being entranced by the music of the elves. An elf maiden, in Herder’s translation the Elverkonge’s daughter, appears and invites him to dance with her. He refuses and spurns her offers of gifts and gold. Angered, she strikes him and sends him on his way, deathly pale. The following morning, on the day of his wedding, his bride finds him lying dead under his scarlet cloak.“)

Happy All Hallows’ Eve, everybody!

Amusement park with Joji

- you buying a funnel cake but having to share it bc its too big
- him trying to win you the stuffed animals you want but failing
- him convicing the managemnet to give him one by using his “influence”
- dragging him to see the shows/plays they have going on
- in return he drags you onto the ride you didnt want to go on
- actually enjoying the ride and riding it 3 more times
- sharing a pizza while listening to live music for lunch
- annoyingly stopping every now and then to take pictures with fans
- okay but romantic boat rides that neither of you pay attention to but instead makeout the whole time
- “Sir the ride is over”
- “Sir please if youre going to do that i suggest you get a hotel for the night”
- watching fireworks
- deciding to actually a hotel bc how the hell are you suppose to wait

Dark Fate Yuma Dark 04 Translation

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-Scene: Castle Bedroom-

Yuma: Ahh, hell. I’m bored… …

Hey, you got any way we can kill time?

Yui: I haven’t had time to think about it… …

Yuma: Agh… …so booored… ..

*Yuma Leans Up Against Yui*

Yui: (Why’s he leaning against me!?)

Yu, Yuma-kun! You’re a bit close… …!

Yuma: Because there ain’t nothing to do. I’ll just use you to kill time.

*Yuma Starts Touching Yui*

Yui: Agh… …! I-It hurts!

Yuma: You’re a bit hard, but you’ll make due for a cushion… …

Yui: If you lean on me like that, I’ll get crushed… …!

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